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Frozen (2013)


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Are you seriously?!

Yes, yes, I am aware that everybody and their grandma along with Uncle have watched this movie and and that the same number of people have written about it not to mention the raeping tumblr is going through with all those pic-spams that seem as endless as time itself. For crying out loud, there are even general threads on 4chan even in /u/. I know all that but I just cant not talk about this as well.

While I am pretty sceptical about all the awards this movie has won and all the records it has broken, I completely agree with almost everything else said about it…within the community! Confession time first, I am one of those few that did not watch this movie in theatres and with all the hype and spoilers that could not be avoided even if one was a master in ninja arts, I went into this watching with a pretty deep bag of feelings! Amazingly, disappointment, that is a sure result from all the hyping, was not among the feelings I went away with at the end of the movie!

This movie people, seriously! I’m sorry, I know you have all watched it already, probably,  but my mind is still blown! On the surface, even the plot if read in summary show nothing at all different from any other Disney movie. The Queen runs away after just being coroneted leaving her country in peril and prompting her sister to go after her and bring her back with the help of some charming guy that she is so obviously going to fall for in that sickly sweet over-used romance shenanigans. And the start was oh so Disney too but I knew things so I simply ignored that and then things started to go all kinds of rainbow levels of awesome!


Queen Elsa
Princess Anna

frz-149 frz-148
frz-154 frz-155
frz-001 frz-002
frz-004 frz-003

Yep, the description and character designs is where the usual Disney formula ends! Everything else is just grand! Let me start with the most important aspect to me – the characters! Now, let me tell you that I have seen a good deal of Disney movies in my time and until before I saw Frozen, I thought I could just figure out the characters from the very first minutes of watching them! And that fact had proven true a good few times to be a fact, well, that is until Frozen happened!

No character, and I repeat, no character was as easy for me to read in this movie as they usually are! For crying out loud, even Olaf totally slapped me on the left cheek, then the right, especially towards the end there! I mean who here did not think he was a goner after that ‘Some people are worth melting for’ line! No, seriously! What is a death flag if that ain’t one! I was so expecting him to go that even when he didn’t, the tears that were built up for the moment came out anyway! This time there was a little twist of happiness to them! Stupid awesome director!

Villain? What villain?! yeah, even the stupid Prince was out of the left field for me! I mean I he wasn’t on my list just because of the fact that he was in the way but not because he gave me bad vibes! There were no bad vibes from Dick! (hence forth known as)! Seriously I almost felt for the guy with his brother problems! And in the end what happened? You all know it!

I think I was half-way through the movie when I decided to just give up! There wasn’t a villain to be seen. That Duke-son raised some flags but he wasn’t so bad as for me to label him as a villain. Sure he had shady ambitions and seemed like a catalyst for trouble but he was up against THE Queen! Seriously, I was expecting some kind of supernatural villain to show up just so we could get a damn villain!

Which was of course making me cry on the inside because I was dreading the reveal that Elsa-sama was the villain all along! Elsa, a character that came out of nowhere and totally stole my heart! My god, how could a woman like her look so alone!?! What the hell are the people in the world smoking! How could they choose Anna over Elsa?! It’s madness!

Now, don’t get me wrong, Anna, is almost as awesome as Elsa in that she is so an alternate Disney female character! Seriously, watching Anna I kept reminding myself that this is Disney I am watching, this is indeed Disney because she is so unique and new…Yes, there is the words I have been searching for, Disney dared to experiment with something different with Frozen and it is no wonder that it was such a huge hit! We can all agree that if the story was just another generic Disney movie, with the generic villains and Prince and Princess endings, they might as well only be dreaming of 90% of those awards they got!

First of all, normally Elsa would be the one that Princes from all over lined up for to marry and the one to get a Prince charming coming to her rescue and un-locking her heart. That is the formula. But Disney kicked that stale shit out of their system and to their reward, and ours, they are sleeping on beds of green as we speak!

But the change in story and interesting curious characters are not the only things that made this movie shine, I am willing to bet. We attracted me in like bees to nectar and many others I think was the awesome, awesome subtext that is so sub, text should be left out! Seriously everyone, let me ask you this, Why was Kristoff (Dick2) in this movie?! Not that I don’t like him, God forbid I love every single character in this movie, even the annoying Duke (Dick3)!

Was Dick2 supposed to be Anna’s real love? Was he supposed to kiss her  and save her from the deadly ice sickness that was turning her into solid ice? Whatever happened to that?! Whatever happened to the power of a true gentleman’s kiss that has been following Disney’s works for ages and ruled a many children’s fantasies?! Well, apparently it was about damn time everybody got with the programme, so says Frozen!


For crying out loud, look at that scene! Even the character himself knows that he doesn’t belong! Look at that face! That is the face of a man who is feeling as awkward as all hell wandering WTF he is doing there! But of course Disney let him stay there because they don’t want anyone deluding themselves that they were seeing things! It’s like they are telling us to deal with it and that the message is clear and we should deal! I dealt pretty good, to the point of re-watching the movie a second time, this time my eyes in full yuri mode!

Firs of all, a Princess that is the fairest of them all, a Princess that is sure to succeed as the Queen eventually seeing as the King only had daughters and no sons! That Princess did not have a single Prince love interest that we know of! Seriously, that logic is like minus figures of wrong! And yet it is what it is! One could argue that people were afraid of her but no one knew of her gifts for like, years! And even then, they eventually found out how great a person she is by the end and yet still, I couldn’t see anyone even side-glancing her way!


I have no idea and I don’t want to know really. All I know is that I am grinning like a damn clown! But is only a small single digit percentage of the awesomeness of things that are Queen Elsa! Not gonna even touch on her beauty because really, what is one to more on? It is so un-worldly that either Elsa was given the same gift of beauty by the famed three fairies or she is an alien! Her parents were pretty shady people with their secrecy so really, who knows! Just kidding!

No, the thing that takes the cake is Elsa and Anna’s relationship! That dear Readers is why this movie got 90% of the awards it got! No one can make me believe otherwise! People have written great scripts with awesome twists before and haven’t won awards! Disney has already released awesome looking animations before so that isn’t new. We have heard of catchy movie themes before as well (Titanic, Avatar, to mention but a few) so really, there is one thing left that is the reason for the success and this is it!

Anna, will you marry me?
”I thought you would never ask”
”I love you!”
”Um actually, I was kind of thinking right now…?”
”Um…I thought I already said yes!”
frz-009 frz-010
“I now pronounce thee, Queen and Queen”
And they lived happily ever after

Jesus Christ!

I think I am starting to understand all the obsession with this movie! it really does things to a person! I can’t look at a cap without having scenario after scenario going through my mind! I couldn’t sleep last night because my mind could not rest from all the loops after loops of alternate ways that the movie went into after the credits! These two’s relationship is really one for the books!

Seeing the way the two look at one another when in each other’s presence! The way Elsa pulls and pushes and tickles every single of Anna’s buttons, feelings and everything that is Anna is just so mind-bending! Their uniqueness is also great factor in their relationship. Sure Anna was a bit maddening, like that scene in the ballroom after the coronation! When she was all in Elsa’s face and then taking her glove I was screaming in my seat wondering what the hell she was doing!

But of course that was just in the neat of the moment which made me understand why she was like that too but they are both so awesome because of their unique qualities. It was just so plain as day and night who was to be Queen/Who deserved to be Queen/Who had the qualities of a Queen. Not that Anna is bad or anything but she is just too loose for the role!

This was clear from even when they were just ducklings. The time when the fates got into their business for the very first time when Elsa nearly killed Anna! Yeah, nearly killed! Not once too but twice! The first time they were little and Anna was lucky then because the target was not as deadly and she was saved by simply taking away her memories of the incident and the knowledge of Elsa’s gifts. But the close was much worse than that. From what I gathered, Elsa and Anna never got close again since that day and I wonder if they even ever saw each other again. Were they implying that Elsa was forbidden contact with Anna all those years? I mean their conversation and actions towards each other when they meet again suggests as such.

frz-013 frz-016
Anna: It’s warmer than I thought

That scene man, that scene! And the way that Elsa was milking it for all its worth! Seriously! That was how two people that have not seen each other in a very long time act like towards each other. or how the groom and bride feel after seeing each other for the first time in their wedding clothes!


And the way Disney animated those emotions beautifully on their faces was a very major plus! Yes, Frozen is one of the most expressive movies I’ve ever seen but it is a different welcome if I do say so myself! If a character was happy, you felt they were happy. If they were angry, you felt it too. if they were in love, I most definitely felt that as well!

Speaking of love…

frz-084 frz-088
frz-091 frz-093
frz-094 frz-096
frz-097 frz-103
Anna: I Love you

Yeah, Olaf’s and my face wore the exact same expression!

Let’s just think of this scene a bit more. Anna and everyone believed that she would be saved if she was kissed by a true love, that true love supposedly being Dick2! Above, Elsa was on her way to meet Dick 2 so they could kiss and she would be saved. But on the way, just as she is only a few metres away from Dick2, she sees the blasphemy that is Dick1 raising a sword to attack Elsa who is crying out in sorrow thinking that everything is over for her without Anna.

Anna has to make a major decision. She literally doesn’t have even minutes to spare! Her salvation, her only salvation is only meters away from her. She only has to walk forward and be saved but doing so means Elsa has to die. Either choose her supposed true love and her life or choose Elsa. I am using the word supposedly here because we aren’t really sure that Dick2 is Anna’s true love. Until then we had though Dic1 was her true love but his kiss did not save her.

Who is to say that if she had chosen Dick2 over Elsa that his kiss would have failed as well? I feel like Disney did a great job dodging that bullet all together and at the same time covering up the very powerful meaning behind the choice they made her by making Anna choose Elsa and also saving her in the process. Let’s face it, the usual formula would have been something like Elsa being saved but Anna freezing still until they saved the past part of the climax for the supposed true love coming to the rescue by kissing Anna right there in front of Elsa and saving her and the world rejoicing and in the process stepping on all the hearts of us shippers!

Thank the Lord for the person in charge over at Disney who put their foot down and put a stop to that nonsense. I really doubt that the conference for deciding the movie’s plot went over smoothly. there had to be some nay-sayers in there! I would argue that they were even in the majority but the BOSS said No and that was that and now they got fired if they still hadn’t gotten with the times, hopefully!

So yes, Anna wasn’t saved by some stupid true love’s kiss! No, she was saved by a simple hug! Showing the whole world that love comes in all kinds of different forms and hopefully showed some of the good citizens that say something is not yuri if there isn’t physical intimacy! Like, hello!

Sure there might still be those that argue that this is a different kind of love but IT IS STILL LOVE!  They made Olaf say it again one last time at that scene to make sure that nothing had changed. Anna was to be saved, well, everything was to be saved by pure love and all was saved, by a pure love of Anna and Elsa. Elsa was saved by Anna’s love for her and the world and Anna were saved by Elsa’s thawed heart! Then there was Olaf’s reaction as an extra deal breaker! There are many different ways to take it but I don’t need to voice what my view is on that, is there?

This movie dear Readers…and did Anna just display another power there in that very same scene?! She did just slow down time, right?! I wasn’t seeing things, right?! I mean there was no way that Anna would have made it by her side in time otherwise, even without all the blatant slow-motion snow-falling and the silence! Oh God, not only did they lure me in with yuri but now that chained me to the fandom with one of my favourite powers! Damn you Disney, Y U so awesome!

Seriously Readers, if there is a person that hasn’t watched this yet, like, get to it right now! This is a movie for the records! I have already seen it twice in less that two days and I am already craving another re-watch! It is so good!

That’s right, I too am aboard the hype train…

See ya…

Author: Black Gekikara

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3 thoughts on “Frozen (2013)

  1. Hm. I didn’t saw it yet. Everybody speak about it, screen about it, spoil about it even my classmate told me that it’s a good movie. It’s like I already saw the movie and I don’t like that feeling x_x.

    But I guess i’ll try later xD.

  2. The important thing is you’ve seen Frozen and gave it your “vintage Blackie freakout” treatment. That is all.

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