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Fic – A Wish Granted [Miki/Miria]



So, any Fairies fans out there that might remember Miria mentioning wanting to go to the movies with Mikimiki in one of the Kira Kira Gakuin episodes….Well guess what!

Miki just granted that wish for Miria.

But since these are idols and cannot be left to their own devices for so long, only three hours was spent together but three hours is enough time for some feels.

Anyone interested in what the two wore on their short date, see end of fic.

BTW, I guess this completes my fandom , right? I am not missing any Oshi pairs, am I? If I am, do let me know.

And Oh, don’t mention the Kumin x Non because it’s already due noted!

And one last thing, I am not yet well but well enough to sit and by the gods if I am to sit any where, it’s in front of DIVA! So I am typing away both my hana-mizu and WORDs.


Any way…yeah…Here you go…

A Wish Granted

Black Gekikara

A Fairies, Mikimiki and Miria Story


“Hi Miria”

A girl’s voice called as she made her way to the one she had called attention to. There was a wide smile on her little face as always that showed her charm-full dimples and unnaturally large teeth. The one she was walking towards examined her fully. From the bottom, she had on large-soled comfy canvases that went greatly with the tight long black pants that were decorated with little white bats. For the top, she had on a creamy leather jacket that covered a faded black t-shirt. Over her wild pig-tails rested a green woollen hat. The get-up made her stand quite a ways taller than she usually was.

“Hiya Mikimiki”

Fujita Miria greeted her fellow Fairies members and good friend back. She didn’t bother batting an eye brow when she had to ‘lookup’ in order to meet eyes with Miki because the girl who usually was at the same height as her now seemed way taller. Miria herself went with the casual get-up of simple black leather shoes that would look better on a high school boy, a washed-up blue jeans mini skirt that complimented the simple white and black patterned blouse. A red belt and handbag complimented the clothes while her hair that was done in such a way to resemble a kitty’s head brought everything together.

“Sorry, did I keep you waiting long?” Mikimiki asked with a little worry when she now stood right in front of Miria.

“Not at all Mikimiki and don’t worry, it’s not like I am going to dump you or anything like that” The two laughed a little at that.

The time was around four in the afternoon, the agreed time of meeting between the two to go and catch a movie. They both loved manga and anime, especially Detective Conan and would talk about it non-stop whenever they had the chance. After weeks of Miria mentioning how she had wanted to go to the movies with Mikimiki to watch Conan, she was surprised when not she but Mikimiki proposed for them to go out finally, this day, to see the movie.

“So, how is your family?”

“They are the same as always. We went out for dinner actually for a change instead of eating in, which was real nice. My little brother is still a pain though. I can’t wait for him to grow up already. He kept me up late last night asking me this and that about things he doesn’t even want to know.”

She whined on as Mikimiki only listened with a smile on her face because while mean words were spoken, Miria’s face had only smiles plastered all over it. She loved her family after all and just like the rest of them, she had missed them these last three months of living away from them.

“That’s enough about that. How was your day with your family?”

Mikimiki’s smile fell a little as she answered

“-too short. It was made that shorter because Daddy got back home very late and we didn’t get to spend enough time as a whole family.”

“How could I forget? He is a Docto, right? It is not easy to get sudden days off especially when you are that important.”

“But, this was the first time in three months. At least he could have…he could have…”

Seeing that her friend was starting to get a bit melancholy, Miria got a little closer and taking Mikimiki’s left hand in hers, she placed her right over the slightly taller girl and squeezed gently in comfort.

“Hey now, no gloomy clouds on our beautiful day out okay? Besides, it’s only a month or so till Halloween then you will see them again. I doubt your Dad will be working then.”

Mikimiki turned her head and pinned Miria is place with those big pleading cutesy eyes.

“You really think so?”

Miria couldn’t handle the cuteness anymore so she looked away with a fake cough to cover her evidence of entrapment.

“Of-Of course. It’s a national holiday and you went back last year so he has to know you will be going back this time too.”

“That makes sense. Uhn. You’re right Miria. Thank you.”

She suddenly pulled Miria into a bone-crushing hug, that is if Mikimiki had the power. That didn’t stop Miria from melting in the other girl’s arms as if she was being crushed though. Her face felt warm all of the sudden when she felt two little soft pressures that were unmistakeable. She didn’t understand why it suddenly felt awkward hugging her friend. They had hugged so many times that Miria couldn’t even begin to count and yet now…Feeling even more uncomfortable the more time passed, Miria gently disentangled from the now happy Miki.

“Well, what are friends for? Anyway, how about we get going before it gets too late and we miss that movie, huh?”

“Oh! That’s right, I almost forgot.”

And with that, Mikimiki reached into her jacket pocket and pulled out a small note book. She flipped through it all serious like, then lifted up her left arm, checked her watch, that Miria hadn’t seen until now – which looked very cute with its oversized pink frame, then a sigh escaped in the air before Miria. She returned her gaze to Miki’s face.

“Don’t worry Miria, we still have some time. How about we grab something to eat first like ice-cream?”

“Is that….Did you plan this whole thing out?”

Miria could only stare at her friend in wonderment.

“Of course. Time planned is time well spent.”

Miria stared still…

“Mikimiki, we only have three hours.”

“Exactly my point. Now then,” she grabbed Miria’s arm and started off in one direction “no more time to waste. First we have some ice-cream then we hit the cinema.”

“Speaking of which, where are we going exactly…to see the movie I mean”

“Roadshow of course”

“Oh ho? I didn’t know you were into fancy stuff. You trying to impress?”

Mikimiki turned without stopping and gave Miria such a queer look that she momentarily lost her step.


“Re-really? Well…I…um..”

Mikimiki turned back forward and let out an amused laugh…

“I chose it because it’s the closest, silly. That way we can have some more time to ourselves.”


Miria didn’t know whether to feel disappointed or what!

“Ah, here we are.”

Indeed, the ice-cream shop was just metres in front of them. When her eyes caught sight of the advertising pics of treats inside, all other thoughts left Miria’s mind because – sweats, hello! Forget diamonds, sweets were this girl’s best friend.

“Wow Mikimiki, how did you find a shop like this? I can’t believe it’s been so near and I haven’t been here before!”

Miki smiled at her friend that would have been drooling, literally, hadn’t she been an Ojou-sama. Her friend’s bright eyes beamed back at her that were filled with so much happiness at the simple prospect of sweets that Mikimiki couldn’t help feel a little pride at the accomplishment.

“It’s not a new shop, is it? I mean I would definitely have noticed it.”

“Actually, we have been here a couple of years. But please, the blame is all mine for poor advertisement.”

A voice cut into their conversation.

“Welcome young ladies, what would you like to have today? We have everything but the choice, which is yours”

“But….But there is so much to choose from? I don’t know where to start!”

Mikimiki chuckled at the look of almost painful agony at the choices laid out before Miria.

“Leave everything to me Miria.”

She turned to the shop keeper and addressed him.

“We shall have two of ‘that’ please.”

“Fantastic choice ma lady. Two Keyholes to Heaven’s Door coming right up”

When the shopkeeper turned his back to get to work, Miria raised an eyebrow at Mikimiki.


Miki just laughed lightly back at her friend.

“Once you taste it, you will understand.”

The two chatted some more about sweets as they waited for their treat to be ready and not long after, the shopkeeper returned to the counter.

“Sorry to keep you waiting ladies. That’ll be 890 altogether.”

Mikimiki and Miria reached for their money. Mikimiki saw this and placed a hand over Miria’s arm to stop her.

“It’s alright Miria, I got this.”

“But you already took care of the tickets at least let me take care of the rest.”

Miria didn’t feel it was right to leave everything to Mikimiki. She was the older of the two for crying out loud.

“It is okay Miria. I asked you out so I have to provide for the day.”

At the look of ‘you aren’t going to win this one so give up’ on Mikimiki’s face, Miria sighed in defeat but she wasn’t going out lying down.

“Okay, but can I at least get the popcorn?”


“Fine, but next time we go out, I am buying everything”

Mikimiki laughs softly


“We are not even half way through our first date and you’re planning the next one already? You’re such a guy!”

Miria could feel her face light up as if a match had just been struck…She almost dropped the wrapped cone of the mysterious treat in her hands at her friend’s words.

“Wha-wha-what…I wasn’t…I..You..”

Another hug came her way and Miria soon found herself wrapped up in warm and deceptively strong, arms as Mikimiki tried to calm her down. She only partially succeeded though, what with the recent awkwardness that came with the Mikimiki hugs.

“I was only just teasing Miria. Really, I thought you were an expert at these things.”

“Yeah well, forget anything you hear about fashion idols. Also in case you’ve forgotten, I am only four months older than you.”

Miria released a breath when Mikimiki pulled away from the hug, though she didn’t let go yet.

“But you act more mature than the rest of us. Even the others think so.”

“Oh ho? Are you guys talking about me behind my back?”

“What? No! I was just…”

She was interrupted by the shop keeper guy breaking once again into their conversation.

“Um, sorry to interrupt but those are ice-creams so you had best eat them before they start melting and lose all the flavours.”

The two quickly let go of each other, or Mikimiki let go of Miria, and started working on their treats.

“Ah, thank you Matsumoto-san, we better get going.”

“You’re welcome young lady, and thank you for bringing your friend over as well.”

Miria bowed to the guy before the two turned and started walking towards the cinema. She un-wrapped the ice-cream and raised the tip to her lips.

“Mmm….That’s so good! No matter how many times it always feels like the first time I’ve tasted it. Isn’t it delicious Miria?”

Mikimiki turned to her left where she thought her friend to be but she only found air. Looking around, she found Miria standing a few paces back, staring at the cone in her hand as if it were bomb about to go off.

“Um Miria, are you okay?”


“Sorry, I can’t hear you”


There were tears trying to make their way out of the corners of Miria’s eyes. Mikimiki walked back over so she stood right in front of her friend.

“This is…what is this? This is the first time I have tasted this kind of soft cream. It’s so…so…”

“…almost heavenly?”

Mikimiki grinned at Miria who could only nod and commence attacking the cone in her hands and its content. Seeing as she had forgotten to do anything else, Mikimiki took hold of Miria’s hand in hers and led the way to the cinema.

By the time they got there, the lines for tickets were maddening so it was a good thing that Mikimiki had asked her parents’ help and bought tickets online so all they had to do was go to one of the machines and enter the code to get their tickets.

“Wow, this place sure is packed.”

“Well, it’s after school so all the students are usually out and about.”

Indeed, when Miria paid attention, almost six in seven people was in a school uniform. Miria wasn’t that great with crowds so she made sure to hold onto Miki’s hand tightly at they made their way through the mass of people.

“Here we are. Let me just find my receipt…”

Miria had to let go of Mikimiki’s hand in the search so she settled for holding onto the girl’s jacket. She looked around nervously as Mikimiki did her thing with the machine and she was never gladder when her hand found its way back into the warm of Mikimiki’s after the thing with the machine was done.

“Are you alright Miria?”

Miki had noticed her friend’s unease.

“Yeah, I just can’t stand crowds”

“An Idol who can’t crowds?”

“That’s different!”

“How so?”

“It just is, okay?”

“Fine, fine…Well then, we better get out of here. It’s ten or so minutes before the movie starts so we can start taking seats.”

Miria gladly followed behind Mikimiki as he weaved her way through people and hallways like she owned the place. Miria wondered how many times a girl like her had come to the movies and who she came with. It was most probably her parents. Not that it had to be many times. Mikimiki had a very good memory so she might even have been here only once or twice.

“There it is…Screen 17.”

They made their way to the entry and it was then that Miria noticed something off. There was a small screen on the side of each door which shows the screen information like movie playing, screen size, projector type, seat quantity and sound quality and type. What grabbed Miria’s attention was the big letters of the movie showing. The letters read…

Evangelion 3.0: You Can (Not) Un-do

“Um Mikimiki, I think you got the wrong showing”

The other girl didn’t even pause in her entry into the dark room.

“No I didn’t. Miria, the detective Conan movie has been out for like, four months now. Do you expect it to still be on the big screen?”

“It shouldn’t?”

Miria didn’t know what Mikimiki was going on about.

“There are lots of new movies being released every other week. If each movie stayed on for four months, how could they manage? The Case of the Mysterious Coffin is coming out on DVD in two months so we will get that and watch it at home. Besides, I didn’t say we were going to see Detective Conan, did I?”

That was true. Mikimiki had only asked Miria to go to the movies. She hadn’t specified what movie to see.

“Oh, well, I guess I just assumed that we would be seeing Conan since I mentioned it last time.”

“That was the plan but I was too late. Sorry….”

Mikimiki did pause then to give an apologetic look in Miria’s direction. Miria sent an assuring squeeze through their joined hands as she beamed a comforting smile back.

“It’s alright. Besides, I love Evangelion a lot too, you know that.”

“Yes I know. Come on, our seats are on this row”

“Wait, aren’t we forgetting something?”

“What, you mean popcorn?”


“You saw the amount of people out there, can you imagine the length of the line for snacks?”

“Point taken…”

“Besides, hot popcorn after ice-cold cream? Not the best combination.”

“When did you get so clever? Wait, you are not just making up that tennen chara, are you?”

“Hey, I am not air-headed!”

“For now”


The two girls relaxed in their seats as the cinema slowly but surely filled with other people and soon the movie was underway with some adverts picking off things.

Two hours and fifteen minutes later, found the two girls on the escalator down to the ground floor and Mikimiki taking in all the excited musings of Miria on her lovely Kaoru.

“You really like him, don’t you?”

“Are you kidding? Only Conan is better than him. He is just so…perfect! I want to go and stay with him forever on the moon. He must be so lonely, don’t you think”

“Heh, I would almost be jealous of he wasn’t a fictional character”

Miria placed a playful arm over Mikimiki’s shoulders.

“Sorry Miki-chan but you have no chance. He is practically and Angel.”

They were outside the cinema by then and Mikimiki pulled out her phone to turn it on.

“Is that so? Well forgive me for I am only human.”

As soon as it was on, the vibration and tune for mail went off. It was from their manager. The message was asking them to call her as soon as they could. Mikimiki almost squeaked when she felt her friend’s lips, then breath then words, right in to her ear.

“So am I Miki-chan”

The two awkwardly turned and stared at each other for s few silent moments. Something was somehow off and when Mikimiki felt that she could not stand staring into those dark orbs before her any longer, she coughed nervously as she excused herself.

“I…um…I have to call Fujimoto-san”

“R-right, you do that”

Miki fumbled with the phone and she was soon speaking to their manager. Miria heard just the lines from Mikimiki but even though she could have put the conversation together, she didn’t give it much thought as her mind was on the few hours spent with her friend.

“She said she will pick us up at the shop she dropped us off. We better head over there”

Miria was brought back to the present when she felt her hand being taken hold of.


The two walked on in silence until it was broken by Miria.

“Thank you for asking me out today Mikimiki. I had a wonderful time”

“Really? I am glad. Sorry we couldn’t make it while Conan was still showing.”

“It’s alright. Besides, I think it will be more interesting watching it in our own comfort.”

Miria brought up her free arm to run on the upper side of the other one for a little warmth. It was already dark and this being September, the chill was already starting to pour in. She really should have brought a jacket along.

“Are you cold?”

“Yeah, a little. I didn’t think it would be this cold though”

Mikimiki let go of Miria’s hand and began to take off her jacket.

“Here…You can have mine”

“But, what about you?”

“I will be fine. I have enough heat to last me to the café shop”


“It’s okay Miria-chan. Here….”

Mikimiki gently placed the warm jacket around Miria’s shoulders and around her to hold it in place. The other hand returned to holding Miria’s. They were so close now that they reduced chances of the other getting cold because of the shared heat. They managed to walk on like that, all the while looking like a young couple to everyone else.

“Thank you…”

Miria finally said after some time. It was a deeply felt ‘thank you’.

“You are welcome…”

…As was the reply


…The END…


The get-up

awg-1 awg-5
awg-2 awg-6
awg-4 awg-8

Cute, aren’t they?

Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Hail Yukirin, Batman and Zack Snyder Long Live Horror

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  1. Can you please post Sora X Miria fic? I’m on YouseiKiss. I hope you would post it there. I love this pair ❤

    • Oh hi DudeOhno,

      Welcome and thank you for reading my fic (at least I hope you did LOL)

      Any way, sorry but I can’t make promises. I only write who I ship because otherwise that work would be souless.

      And worse is that it’s Miria. I already screwed my brain into pairing her with MikiMiki so I just can’t betray MikiMiki like that >.<

      But Sora x Miria are hot, there's no denying it ^^

      But we shall see, we shall see.

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