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♫ I Feel Like Listening to Sad Songs! ♫

Me too Mayuki, me too!

I did not think the song would really be that sad but by the gods! Even with my half-assed Japanese I am already feeling choked up! But it is when thinking of Yukirin as a fan and all these past years and what has come that the FEELs really hit you! But then when you add in the possible future, in the case that this song is kind of telling (which I don’t think it is and don’t want it to) and my dearest Reader, you are a goner!

I am waiting for my people to translate the lyrics but in case some of you want to try Google translate (Do it verse by verse) then the Japanese Lyrics are after the jump! So are the songs too to those who don’t know where to find them!

Damn though, this is one sad song, and it is so good! I can listen to the instrumentals all day and then add in the fact that Mayuyu and Yukirin actually sing this seriously with feeling and if you do not get choked up even a bit listening to this then you my dear friend, are in need of dire help!

They are so good together here and I am still scratching my head with pure wonder as to why we have yet to have a Mayuki single! Like, WTF even AKS! like, this SSK Election single would have been the perfect chance, it being the 48th single and all but we are talking about AKS here! Actually listening to this song, I just realised how so appropriate the Green Flash Covers (See pic) would have been had this been an actual MAYUKI single! Type A with Mayuyu. Type B with Yukirin then Type C with Mayuki half put together and the image turning full Mayuyu or Yukirin with the trick of the light when you turn it one way or the other!

Get to this AKS!!!

Seriously, what a lovely song! it is so going on to my To-Go Playlist! In case you happen to see a sad person listening to music on the Bus dear Dubliners, you now know who!

Have a listen before you jump over for the lyrics and bytes!

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NGT48 Debut Single

NGT48『青春時計』MUSIC VIDEO _ NGT48[公式].MKV - 00077 NGT48『青春時計』MUSIC VIDEO _ NGT48[公式].MKV - 00076
NGT48『青春時計』MUSIC VIDEO _ NGT48[公式].MKV - 00040
NGT48『青春時計』MUSIC VIDEO _ NGT48[公式].MKV - 00009 NGT48『青春時計』MUSIC VIDEO _ NGT48[公式].MKV - 00092
NGT48『青春時計』MUSIC VIDEO _ NGT48[公式].MKV - 00081

Seishun Tokei 青春時計

So the covers and full PV for NGT48’s debut single are out and I totally love it! Such great amount of Yukirin it’s almost shocking! Seriously, it’s even more than what she gets in a frikkin AKB single PV it’s madness! I’m not sure if they are making up for the 315 incident or if I have to thank Sony for getting shit done but either way I am very happy and thank whoever is responsible!

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2016 Idol Earnings!

money money money

Redone and Translated from the original Magazine article for your comprehension (see after the break for the original scans), here be your answer, to all those who are wondering why girls are still auditioning for the Yasusu Movement!

That right there is the money earning rankings for all Idols in Japan for last year and 10 of the Top 11 earners on that list are all from Team Yasusu!

Now, I am not sure on what basis exactly is this being evaluated but the results are very surprising indeed! Only 10 million difference between Yukirin and Sashiko?! Like, how?! What did Yukirin do last year other than her tour and Majisuka Play compared to all the TV shows, all those HKT tours that Sashiko was in! Seriously, every single day until this very moment whenever you go on these sites to grab your vids, there is like 80% of files with Sashihara Rino in the title!

Girls from other groups who have been appearing in Dramas and Movies are not even in the top 20! Like, I don’t even know what is going on but I am happy for Yukirin. Evidence suggests that it is because of Yukirin TIME but many other girls do radio shows regularly as well so…

Either way, I am happy for her, and the Team Yasusu girls! See kids, hard work and patience pays. Hang in there and you shall be rewarded in the long run.

Anyway, saw this yesterday searching for some daily Yukirin bread and found it quite interesting, in more ways than one, like how low last year’s earnings were compared to 2014 where the 11th ranker (who was actually Matsui Rena), earned more than Sashiko did last year!

Jump over for the scans and have a lovely day you all…

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C4mR0eXVUAAy3Ag.jpg large
01_2 C4mVAZDUcAEKLyJ.jpg large

Like, what do you even do?! What can one do when presented with that…that first pic?!

Look at it everyone, just, look at it!!!

All I can say is…Happy Valentine’s everyone.

I am also pretty sure I am going to sleep less than 3 hours today. No way my mind is going to shut off any time soon!



[Pics] Ah! My Goddess!!

002 011
Thank you for your creation God…

It has been a while since I sent a prayer to my Goddess, a very long while, so here is a post to show my love for her and to the members who love her with some pairing pics to feed my dear Readers’ souls.


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What’s This Feeling of Deja vu?

ClWZlduUoAEsEFa.jpg large
160614 AKBINGO! ep394.ts - 00065 ClWhoXjUYAApiPl
13422867_835678039910131_1584581793_n crowsblood_2_kashiwagi_large

Damn you AKB48 Show and your expected but still hurtful betrayal!!

Yeah,  just watched AKB48 Show to catch quick summaries of Kami speeches as I am short on time to watch the whole 6hr video and guess what, no Yukirin!

Yes, Now I remember! This is no Deja vu! More like, Deja usual! I did not watch last year’s episode during the SSK but the year before that, I think I actually posted about it here, showing Mayuyu’s subtle reaction to the matter, but during the 37th single elections episode, they skipped Yukirin’s speech like it it was nobody’s business!

Well, that happened again this time too! Then again, they cut Sayanee too so maybe I should feel less, I don’t know, salty? Well to hell with AKB! From now on I am going to be looking to the outside parties for my Yukirin respect! Like in the case of CROW’S BLOOD where the director even went out of his way to tweet to Yukirin letting her know he appreciates her hard work by actually showing appreciation!

And speaking of CROW’S BLOOD, hot damn Yukirin is looking super fine! From what I hear she is the leader of the school’s Mean Girls that includes Yuria, Miion, Katorena, to mention but a few! AND, she is going to be a kind of regular so suck on that AK-you know who you are!


「Majisuka Gakuen] SHE’S BACK!!!


I don’t believe this! I literally have a post on Tumblr predicting Black-san (Yukirin’s Majisuka Gakuen character) having her own project as the lead and while I was talking about the anime world, this is just phenomenal!

I am so happy that I am not even going to question the decisions surrounding this theatre play (a la Gekikara and Otabe’s last year) in that we have Black…and the rest! Yukirin is a magician but even she isn’t that good! Come on, bring in other major Majisuka Gakuen characters to level things out. There are still characters left that haven’t graduated yet! Surely they aren’t planning to have Black fight the other members?!

Oh wait, maybe it will be just a drama thing! They did the fighting with Gekikara so they can do something else with Black. Surely, hopefully! But I just know that won’t be the case.

Either way, whatever happens, I am very happy! I have been crying out for the return of Black since forever, it seems, and while I don’t know why they didn’t go for a series instead of a play (How are they going to handle Black’s power without CG?!), I am happy!

Who knows, if the play is a success, maybe they will consider a series come next Winter. Then again if it is a success, they might have no more use for Yukirin and thus no more Black in the new series.

I just don’t know any more with this Organisation! Oh well, I might as well enjoy all this Yukirin we are getting lately. No need to waste the happy!