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Yukirin x Aina The End ~ Part 1

【柏木由紀×アイナ・ジ・エンド】緊張の初対談!!<後編>.mp4_snapshot_06.43.311 【柏木由紀×アイナ・ジ・エンド】緊張の初対談!!<後編>.mp4_snapshot_07.46.587
【柏木由紀×アイナ・ジ・エンド】緊張の初対談!!<後編>.mp4_snapshot_03.12.760 【柏木由紀×アイナ・ジ・エンド】緊張の初対談!!<後編>.mp4_snapshot_03.20.514
【柏木由紀×アイナ・ジ・エンド】緊張の初対談!!<後編>.mp4_snapshot_03.16.920 【柏木由紀×アイナ・ジ・エンド】緊張の初対談!!<後編>.mp4_snapshot_03.24.460
【柏木由紀×アイナ・ジ・エンド】緊張の初対談!!<後編>.mp4_snapshot_11.47.097 【柏木由紀×アイナ・ジ・エンド】緊張の初対談!!<後編>.mp4_snapshot_12.09.488

It’s Happening!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAS!

Well, it ‘happened’ as these videos are like more than a month old and I am just late to write about it because I was in a sort of a slump as a Yukirin Fan but you know what I mean!

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Vid – Red Lips [Crow’s Blood]


I can’t believe Sakura-tan is gone too! That literally leaves just the last one standing out of all my Kamis – Yukirin! Rena is gone, Macchun is gone, Ikoma-kun is gone, and now Sakura-tan is gone too!

This pain, I will never get used to it!

Yes, yes, I know she’s still signed on in South Korea but I am not into IZONE for reasons beyond my understanding so really, the only way I will be seeing her again is through her YouTube channel!

And Yukirin too is having a life-threatening crisis, not a very good year 2021!

Anyway, a Crow’s Blood bonkers vid to take the edge off! And yes, I turned it into a CBS vid so what!!


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[News] Yukirin Diagnosed With a Intractable Disease

No! No! This is not fair!!!

Life is very cruel sometimes! Why God, why?! Why her!!!

I saw this video on my Subscription Timeline and I was bracing myself for the worst news we Idol lovers can expect – Yukirin announcing her graduation. Yeah sure, so far there has been no signs of her graduating and she has been pointing to her staying around for a bit longer still but we all know when someone says ‘announcement’ it can only mean one thing!

The actual announcement turned out to be worse!

No, she is not graduating even with this news but even still, this is much worse! If you have been a fan and following her you will remember that a while back, months back actually, Yukirin was having problems with her hand muscles. A fan of hers that is a Nurse helped her out and that issue seemed to have been resolved but it turns out that moment was an alarm bell!

During a health checkup she took part in a few weeks back, she found out that she had early stages of a Spinal-cord Tumor that is left to escalate would result in her being paralyzed! That issue with the hand a few months back was connected to this disease, which is categorized as an Intractable Disease – which means that it is either rare, lacks effective treatment or requires long-term treatment.

Yukirin found this out days before the 15th anniversary concerts! But she refrained from making it publicly known because she did not want to worry anyone, especially given the importance of those three concerts, one being Miichan’s graduation, the other Team *’s final tour concert and finally AKB48’s 15th anniversary concert, which in case anyone did not know, Yukirin was fully in charge of…fully!

I can assure you 100% that no one watching her during that concert or around that time could tell that she had this heavy cloud over her head…no…her entire life! Like, I can’t even begin to fathom how she managed to handle all this and went on to do those concerts like it was just another fine day in her life!

I never thought I would have any more room for love towards her as she is practically God level to me but here we are, my love for Yukirin just tripled! She is now my Idol for life!

I cried watching that video even as she is still taking everything so well. Just thinking about the future is…No, I gotta stop. I have to think like Yukirin. She is not letting this affect her life and she is committed to continuing as an Idol for a while yet.

As for the condition, they caught the signs pretty early so there is a great chance or recovery if she begins treatment as soon as possible. Yukirin says she is feeling super healthy and normal and she will continue her activities along with the treatment so warrants a few breathes of air but still…I feel so heavy!

And not to mention that the last time we heard of Mayuyu she was also sick.

I really can’t…

Have a good day you all.

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The Wack-ness Continues…

【柏木由紀×PARADISES_GO TO THE BEDS】プロジェクトメンバーとの顔合わせ第2弾‼今回もまた自主規制あり⁉.mp4_snapshot_08.32.741
【柏木由紀×PARADISES_GO TO THE BEDS】プロジェクトメンバーとの顔合わせ第2弾‼今回もまた自主規制あり⁉.mp4_snapshot_05.07.471 【柏木由紀×PARADISES_GO TO THE BEDS】プロジェクトメンバーとの顔合わせ第2弾‼今回もまた自主規制あり⁉.mp4_snapshot_08.40.921
【柏木由紀×PARADISES_GO TO THE BEDS】プロジェクトメンバーとの顔合わせ第2弾‼今回もまた自主規制あり⁉.mp4_snapshot_05.09.100
【柏木由紀×PARADISES_GO TO THE BEDS】プロジェクトメンバーとの顔合わせ第2弾‼今回もまた自主規制あり⁉.mp4_snapshot_00.35.415 【柏木由紀×PARADISES_GO TO THE BEDS】プロジェクトメンバーとの顔合わせ第2弾‼今回もまた自主規制あり⁉.mp4_snapshot_00.24.272
【柏木由紀×PARADISES_GO TO THE BEDS】プロジェクトメンバーとの顔合わせ第2弾‼今回もまた自主規制あり⁉.mp4_snapshot_06.25.269 【柏木由紀×PARADISES_GO TO THE BEDS】プロジェクトメンバーとの顔合わせ第2弾‼今回もまた自主規制あり⁉.mp4_snapshot_05.34.810
【柏木由紀×PARADISES_GO TO THE BEDS】プロジェクトメンバーとの顔合わせ第2弾‼今回もまた自主規制あり⁉.mp4_snapshot_06.05.060
【柏木由紀×PARADISES_GO TO THE BEDS】プロジェクトメンバーとの顔合わせ第2弾‼今回もまた自主規制あり⁉.mp4_snapshot_01.10.629 【柏木由紀×PARADISES_GO TO THE BEDS】プロジェクトメンバーとの顔合わせ第2弾‼今回もまた自主規制あり⁉.mp4_snapshot_01.09.243
【柏木由紀×PARADISES_GO TO THE BEDS】プロジェクトメンバーとの顔合わせ第2弾‼今回もまた自主規制あり⁉.mp4_snapshot_07.31.060 【柏木由紀×PARADISES_GO TO THE BEDS】プロジェクトメンバーとの顔合わせ第2弾‼今回もまた自主規制あり⁉.mp4_snapshot_08.19.798
【柏木由紀×PARADISES_GO TO THE BEDS】プロジェクトメンバーとの顔合わせ第2弾‼今回もまた自主規制あり⁉.mp4_snapshot_07.10.356

Wait, I have a gif that is a better representation of this whole thing…


There we go!

Looks like Cult activities are back on the menu Girls and Boys! Just when you thought BiSH was the end of the line, here comes the main course in the forms of PARADISES and GO TO THE BEDS!!

To the none initiated, Yukirin – AKB48’s Kashiwagi Yuki and my favourite Idol of all time, seriously, she is like God status while the others are only mere mortals! Anyway, Yukirin is joining the WACK Agency, after the successful collaboration on Yukirin’s last single – CAN YOU WALK WITH ME! He name under the Agency is YUKI-REISOLE, as let’s be honest, she needs to have a dual identity in order to survive, which she thankfully as, along with even a different YouTube Channel under WACK!

I wasn’t so sure in the last episode where she met BiSH but it seems like she will be joining all groups of WACK, kind of alike an inter-Idol Group Kennin! As part of the initiation process, she is meeting all the groups under WACK beginning with BiSH, which I already wrote about, and now she has met two other groups; PARADISES and GO TO THE BEDS!

As you can imagine, the news was quite the shock and even more so when you know what Groups she is joining! I mean, this is Yukirin we are talking about here! But while the BiSH episode was a shock of itself, that was just the appetisers!!

This time she gets to meet the seemingly most innocent of the groups under the Agency (PARADISES) and the worst of them all (GO TO THE BEDS).

It was so bad this episode that both groups got censored! Like, I have never seen voice censoring on YouTube videos until now! It’s serious business! At one point you could see Yukirin’s soul leave her body!

Yeah, she and I might not have thought this through!

For being the seemingly most innocent, and in fact the looks back up that claim, also they are the youngest group in WACK and hence their insecurity of being the underdog, when you think ‘Idol’ they might actually be the farthest from the concept, since apparently Love is allowed in this group and one even apparently has herself a boyfriend!

But that’s not even the gotcha part of the group! No, that is saved for their Battle Cry, which while at first it might sound like they are yelling out their group name, in fact there is a hidden NO-NO in there! It’s so well hidden Yukirin did not even catch it and she was gang-ho about doing it but just like her, I too totally missed it!

That is, instead of saying “PARADISES” it’s actually “PARADI-SEX

That’s right, they yell out sex as their motivational cry!

Like, I can’t even…

When Yukirin got to join them, they had to censor that part because…um…hello!

Yeah, I am still not over that one!

Moving on to GO TO THE BEDS, as some might be aware, they are a sub-group of GANG PARADE, which was broken up into two group and the members who had been in that group the longest are the ones who make up GO TO THE BEDS!

The group is apparently so bad the Producer himself thinks that for Yukirin, it would be the group she least wanted to be a part of! And they do bring a plate of madness to back up the claims when Meganekko – I love those, which is why Atsuko is my favourite in BiSH and now YUi GA DOCKSON is my favourite in GO TO THE BEDS – Anyway, YUi gets herself not only voice-mosaic’d but face mosaic’d too, when she was explaining the worst thing she did (Because this is a BAD group, get it?).

I was so shocked I even forgot to be pissed that I did not find out what she had done due to all the censoring! Seriously, if anyone knows what she is referring to, you have my permission to let me know, ASAP!

Thank you!

But, like I said in the beginning, this is all seemingly! Just like PARADISES is seemingly the most Idol-like under WACK, GO TO THE BEDS is also seemingly the worst, well, at least where this video is concerned!

First off their ‘CALL’! It is the purest of all that we have heard so far! There is no horniness here and all there is is pure passion, and just like Yukirin, I too found their call the most motivational! Sure it was the most cult-like but damn, I wouldn’t mind joining this cult! Let’s play that gif…



Truly…Chef’s Kiss!

Yeah, I think I am liking Yukirin in GTTB more and more, almost as much as her in BiSH! I think CoCo was onto something there when she was yelling ‘At HOME AT HOME’ when Watanabe-sensei was saying that Yukirin wouldn’t want to join this group the most! It actually seems like she would fit in best in here! And really, if she is to fulfil her goal of changing, what better way than the most WACK group of them all!

But that’s not all, just like BiSH, Yukirin has fans here! So much so in fact that they even could perform TEMO DEMO NO NAMIDA! On in fact even went to the Handshake and unlike before, it was for Yukirin!

Yeah, the seeds are already in place!

This truly is going to be madness! Yukirin in these groups!! Like, that is something no one could have ever seen coming! This is like one of those 1 in a billion chances!

Seriously, I never knew I could love Yukirin any more than I already did but here we are! My Goddess is out there pulling power moves on top of supporting her own group, and speaking of which, in case someone did not know…

AKB48 are having a concert, an actual concert, first in a long time, to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the group and guess who is in charge? That’s right, Yukirin! And she’s in charge for more than just choosing the setlist!

Seriously, AKB doesn’t deserve her! She’s done so much already and still not even a solo centre single to her name!

For shame!

Anyway, life finds a way and just like Zack Snyder is finally getting his Justice from all the WB injustices, Yukirin too is getting her justice outside the group!

You love to see it!


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【柏木由紀×BiSH】プロジェクトメンバーとの顔合わせ第1弾!柏木の”WACKっぽい名前”が、遂に決定!?.mp4 - 05;31;51.812
【新プロジェクト始動!】柏木由紀、WACKプロデュースのイケナイ内容とは!?.mp4 - 07;45;18.137 【柏木由紀×BiSH】プロジェクトメンバーとの顔合わせ第1弾!柏木の”WACKっぽい名前”が、遂に決定!?.mp4 - 00;27;27.884
【柏木由紀×BiSH】プロジェクトメンバーとの顔合わせ第1弾!柏木の”WACKっぽい名前”が、遂に決定!?.mp4 - 01;16;12.670
【柏木由紀×BiSH】プロジェクトメンバーとの顔合わせ第1弾!柏木の”WACKっぽい名前”が、遂に決定!?.mp4 - 03;55;19.575 【柏木由紀×BiSH】プロジェクトメンバーとの顔合わせ第1弾!柏木の”WACKっぽい名前”が、遂に決定!?.mp4 - 02;56;28.063
【柏木由紀×BiSH】プロジェクトメンバーとの顔合わせ第1弾!柏木の”WACKっぽい名前”が、遂に決定!?.mp4 - 05;31;18.807 - 00001

This is WACK!

Like, seriously…What is happening?!!! What did I just wake up to!!? Yukirin joining BiSH?!!! What?!!

Okay, let’s condense this down to a quick snap –> Yukirin’s latest single “CAN YOU WALK WITH ME” (after so many damn years!!!) was produced by WACK, the one-man company that owns BiSH, BiS, ‘GO TO THE BEDS, PARADISES’ and more! And apparently that collab went so well they are signing a long-ass deal and Yukirin will be joining the company for future SOLO releases!

I feel ya, my brain shut down for a second there! When I made that one post about BiSH way back then (Interestingly, the same year Mayuyu Graduated!)…I never knew we would be getting this kind of development in the future!

But here we are! In a future where Yukirin might collab with BiSH!! I say might collab because I did not quite understand if she was going to be another one-person group under WACK or if she will be joining the other groups as an exchange member! I don’t know much about the other groups and thus if they have the same naming conventions but Yukirin has already gotten herself a special name from the producer – REISORE·YUKI  in the form of the other BiSH members’!

Yeah, it’s serious! At first I too thought it was a prank, given this is April but this video was released yesterday and from what I found out Reisore Yuki already even has her own official YouTube channel…Yes, it is separate from her AKB48 channel as they put, she has to become two different Yukis, the AKB48 Yuki and the WACK Yuki!

Heh…WACK Yuki…I love it!

I for one I am all over this, even though I have to be honest, hearing the short history lesson from Watanabe-P (The damn coincidences keeps on coming) about WACK and how they fought their way up by not trying to do what AKB48 did but the opposite, I was starting to sweat!

Yeah sure Yukirin is a woman now, almost 30 but goddamn, this is such a different leap in image! For crying out loud, she has already said the word DICK multiple times (BiSH’s motivational word) and this is just the beginning!

I mean beggars can’t be choosers but Watanabe-P warned us and Yukirin that her single was going easy on her and that she should be prepared because things are going to be much more intense from now and and this one little video of her meeting BiSH and getting the history lesson has showed us that yeah, maybe we did not think this through!

But what is growth if not getting out of your comfort zone, right? I mean sure this is such a huge leap but it is something! And I for one, and I have seen some other Fans are too, I have been looking for a full on cool Yukirin and we are sure to get her with WACK!

So, I am all in!

It was great seeing her and BiSH talk and we found out something things about them that made me love the possibility even more, Like Chittiii and Atsuko having attended AKB48 handshake events, Chittiii basically being a Fan and Ayuni turning out to be the perfect family member the way she has potential in being the one to always tease Yukirin and we know Yukirin isn’t herself if not Kouhais are making fun of her!

And of course my personal dream of seeing Aina and Yuikirin in the same room!! Basically, this is a wet dream come to life as far as I am concerned!

Looks like Yukirin might be meeting all the groups under WACK and the next one up will be ‘GO TO THE BEDS, PARADISES’, given that the tease shows them saying the AKB motivation chant!

Damn, what a world we live in!


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