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Okay, I am still not used to this blogging thingie and as seen with my last attempt (See Diva’s Dimension), I failed to crack the ways of the blogging. Well then, let’s see if this time is better than last time.Once again, I shall begin with introducing this blog and what is expected to be found here.

Some, or all, who know of a Demon Eyes, may already have guessed but I will continue anyway. The following is what you will unexpectedly be alerted about(in case you have lots of free time to visit me) from time to time via RSS (Or a less geeky way). In alphabetical Order;


Anime. Beautiful beautiful anime. I got into anime around 2001 and my first ever anime was Street Fighter. from then on, I went into more older anime like Akira and the like from then on. My life turned from novel reading to anime then.

Anyway, with the history out of the way,  I will be shairing my love for certain series or random episodes of shoujoai anime but be aware, my Yuri goggles are set higher than anyone else’s and to this I am confident.

My first series might actually be the one in the image above. It starts airing this month and its title is ” Umi no Monogatari”  or in English “Sea Story”. So, yeah, I will probably be rambling on about anime more than any other category since I don’t seem to get tired of it, like I do most things…


I love reading books but only from time to time. The last novel I read was Strawberry Panic Vol.2 and we all know when that came out. I haven’t read anything since then but I am hoping my favorite writer (Sarah Waters) gets me back into the game. I am waiting for your new book (hopefully a sequel to Affinity) dear my akogare.

And essentially, Fingersmith is my fav book of all time, in case anyone couldn’t tell, Kukuku.

Fan Fiction

Oh Kirika. As Sarah Waters is my favorite writer (novel-wise) you are mine as well (Fan Fiction wise). I can’t even remember how many times I’ve read Absence. And I love the length of it because as soon as I reach the end, I have almost forgotten the beginning and so it is much easier to read it again and again as if I have never read it before.

And as if that ain’t enough, you go and make a sequel of it already!

My love for you has no bounds.

Of course everyone loves fiction.  Whenever I see a movie, or read a book and I am not satisfied in anyway, relationship-wise, I can always get what I want through fiction. I dare say that fan fiction writers are my my genies in a bottle (If you know what I mean).

Not forgetting That Fan as well for he is like a mind reader as he/she writes about couplings that I am into (Which is rare seeing as I seem to be rooting for the less liked ones, sigh – I am talking about you Diva/Saya and Mai/Mikoto)

Sometimes (A Long long time ago) I attempt at this muse-ing  thingie but no happy ending here (See my FF.Net page)


Manga – Where characters come back to life a third time just to kill off poor Santa. LOL. BTW, that’s Yomi-nee-chan doing the disemboweling.

I love reading manga as well, in fact so much so that I actually buy them from Japan just so I can keep up with the story.

As a matter of fact, today my shipment of Zombie Loan Vol.11, las volume Knightmare Of Nunnally, Seikon no Quaiser Vol.6 & 7, LIFE Vol.18-20 and Mikarun X Vol.3 just arrived.

I will be talking about these more later.


I shall start by confessing that I absolutely love Asian horror movies. Recently, Korean mostly since they always have plot and a serious business twist at the end. And the one that rides the bus is none other than the Whispering Corridors Series. Of which the 5th movie is coming out soon this year. Boo yeah~.

I dig silly movies (que  The Masked Girl and Seifuku SurviGirl I) and Romance/Drama (Candy Rain, Spider Lilies) and only if there are girls (Lots of girls) in them with a kind of relationship to the other girls. Wait, these are all Asian, (Forgive me America).

And of course, I love action movies (Matrix, Dark Knight) but those won’t make in on this blog. No guys allowed.


Chinese pop (2R, S.H.E, TWINS), JPop (AKB48, Hello! Project, Eiko, Nana, Kotoko, Hikaru, Yuki) American, EU, African, you mention, I have listened to it all. I don’t have a favorite genre seeing as I like only random songs that I can play forever on my iPod and PC. But my Play Count for this month has Bella’s Lullaby – REMIX (Twillight OST) in No.1 and Koda Kumi’s Freaky – Remix (Freaky Single) as No.2 with Shimamiya Eiko’s Higurashi no Naku Koro ni in No.3 spot.

But I won’t be discussing my fav music here but rather, idol shows like AKBINGO, Hello! Morning and the like that are very relevant to the interests of this blog’s title.  by this of course I mean the likes of Meetan kissing Kasai or Korisu and Mikitty groping other members.

TV Drama

Oh Painter In The Wind, Last Friends, If you aren’t the best TV Shows I’ve seen, I don’t know what BEST means.

I will be following (And some times going back to the past) recent shows and commenting on them in case there are those who want to pass the time by watching a somewhat yuri-tastic show.

But be warned, again, that my vision is wide.

I am thinking of buying the DVDs for Painter In The Wind (The Taiwan Version) and hope that the English subs on those are better than the ones we have so far for the TV Rips. -_-

The shows I am following now include; BOSS (JDrama), Queen Seon Duk  (KDrama) and…that’s it!

TTSCC (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles) Season three where art thou?

Skins is still on my HDD and I still haven’t found the drive to watch it. (Too much XY chromosomes)


I ran out of interest in logo making so everything else that doesn’t fall into the above categories, will go in here as I might find something interesting to share like Monty Oum’s awesome vids or Za intertez.

Well, this is all this blog in a nutshell. All that is left is to actually put content into it and I think we are set.

Hope to see fellow shoujoai lovers here soon.

Yoroshiku ne.

106 thoughts on “About Blog

  1. I love Finger smith.

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  3. AFAIC that’s the best awnesr so far!

  4. It’s always a pleasure to meet other yuri nation members. The more the merrier I say. I’ll be keeping an eye on this site to check out what you have to say on ongoing anime and anything else yuri related.

    • Thank you very much for considering spending your precious life force on this lowly blog Overlord-G *bows*

      Totally going to start hanging out on yours too. I see you’re covering some I don’t which is very handy as it seems no one I know is covering those!

      Hope I can keep you entertained

      • No need to bow mademoiselle. I’m just happy to meet more members of the yuri nation. We must do what we can to increase the greatness of yuri and show the world yuri isn’t a bad thing at all contrary to spiteful beliefs.

        Please do check out more stuff at the castle as well. I know it’s shameful to ask for comments but I really like reading what others have to say about things.

        Also, check out the yuri awards to see what you missed out on in 2011. It was quite an impressive year for yuri fans believe it or not. You really missed out on a lot if Madoka was the only yuri show you paid most attention to last year.

      • Will do.

        I don’t think I missed much though but I will talk about that over there…^^

  5. >mfw ‘Mobies’. What’s a moby? 😛

    so anyways it’s time to REVERSE STALK you now. don’t have a twitter or nothing? :/

  6. Hello,I like you AKB48’s factions very much.
    especially “Attack Of The Revered Joker ” (^_^)

    I’m from Taiwan.
    Can I translate your fictions into Chinese to share with my friends in AKB48 fans club??
    If you don’t want me to do it ,it’s ok.

  7. Thank you ^^

    I’ll do my best !

  8. I will translate “Surprise” into Chinese first

    because I like Mayuki very much , haha

    I’m so happy !!!!

    Thanks again.

    BTW,your name is Black Gekikara ??

  9. I see
    ha,I just want to know your nickname ww

    A good name yaaa
    I like both Yuki and Rena www
    but I like Yuko the most haa

  10. Just found this blog when I searched for Marika x Chiaki on Google ww

    Interesting blog about yuri, by the way.

    And oh,


  11. BG you sneaky individual! 🙂 You used my shopped goodness to decorate your site ad you didn’t even tell me. 😛

    • It was my gift from you which meant I could use it however I liked.

      It’s not like I am sharing it or anything.

      Besides, I thought our relationship was way passed that.


      I guess I was wrong


  12. Hello buddy !!
    Do you know any info about this book? i loooove the photos but i don’t understand what the heck is this.. (i can’t read japanese nor chinese) maybe u can give me some info.. ^^;


    sorry i have to post this here, i dunno ur email !
    Thanks before…. 😀

    • Holy Shit!

      There is more it seems like these on the links there!

      Damn, I wish I had the cash to buy them right now!

      But I guess I have to save first >.<

      Damn it, I wish I saw this before the Family48 pre-orders!

      I am so going to hunt these down to the end of the earth!

      Sorry I have no info as this is the first time seeing these so I thank you very much!

      Rest assured, once I get my grabby hands on them, I will be sharing ^^

      Thank you very much Rick!


  13. you’re welcome! haha.. i dunno who else to ask, suddenly im thinking about you (lol)

    Please info me about the details later! 😀

  14. Hi!
    I’m Lin.
    I’m 13 years old.
    I’m new in this blog and I know no one in here.
    So please become my friends!!!

    • OH! MY! GOD!

      Run, Kim, ruuuuuuuuuuuuuun!

      Run before you get noticed, or you notice a couple more of my posts >..<

      Any way, I am working on the next and final instalment of Kataomoi FIINALLY so it's coming….not to promise that it will be in the next week or anything ^^

  15. well , notice something interesting lately on jdorama.
    just to let you know.

    Do watch the latest jdorama “KuroKochi” episode 2 ,
    you might stumble some cute scene.

  16. Do you have a section/page here wherein we can pinch in some suggestion? Or is here fine?
    I’ve searched your blog and nothing found on No One Killed Jessica.
    I haven’t watch the movie yet but I sense some kind of chemistry bet. the two leads, one bad-ass and the other one is her opposite. See? Who wouldn’t ship that? Here’s the trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iU6YHw4tdik and this is what caught my attention http://entertainmentrealm.files.wordpress.com/2011/04/no-one-killed-jessica.jpg

    Anyways, I’ve been your occasional reader, and I love your witty posts. I have watched some of your movie/drama recommendations and really, thanks Black Gekikara. may you keep supporting the yuri nation!

    • Hi Hue,

      I don’t really have such a place. You can put it anywhere when you comment really, I don’t mind.

      And thank you for the suggestion. I will be be checking it out for sure. This is going to be my first ever Indian movie to watch (and with yuri too?! Awesome!)

  17. Hey, it’s me again. i just searched your blog but you don’t have a review for the movie Pitch Perfect (2012). I’d just like to read your Bechloe fangirling toner! Here in case you haven’t seen it http://rebloggy.com/post/anna-kendrick-brittany-snow-m-pitch-perfect-beca-mitchell-bechloe-chloe-beale/41260489404 (though I’m sure you know Bechloe/Sendrick already 🙂 Hoping for your aca-awesome review of this movie.

    • Hey Hue, thanks again for getting out of your way to tell me about this but I have already seen it. I am sure I went into fan-mode over it in another un-related post before though. Any way, I don’t really blog about Hollywood movies and since I’ve already seen this one, chances are I won’t be blogging it though not to say I did not love it. It was glorious and being one that loves that light kind of yuri, it was to my tastes but its time is passed so…
      But since I usually re-watch my collection, I might blog about it when the time comes now that I know someone wants to see what I thought of it…

      Sorry again >.<

      • Maybe a year from now then. Hopefully Pitch Perfect 2 will be a treat to the yuri fans.

  18. New Danso is out! I hope you know your job, friend… XD

  19. Hi ^.^

    I was searching for upcoming yuri movies and see where google lead me to. Ur blog is really amazing. I always thought that I´m crazy about yuri, but you´re more than crazy about yuri (in a good way, of course). Sry for my poor english. It´s not my native language. I bookmarked your blog and can´t wait for your next post 😀

  20. Hey just posting a first comment here. I don’t know what all these pics are about but where can i watch these movies you have here on the site. And sorry but your guy right lol. Great site btw

  21. And how do I watch all idol episodes on youtube? Akbingo has everything or I need to search the different sister groups and so on.

  22. AKB48…



    and I’m dead…

  23. New post needed… MG4 cast has been revealed… 😛

  24. Not sure if its true or not but hhhmmm

    Not sure its a movie or wurt

  25. Watch out for this lesbian drama showing tomorrow – The Rich Man’s Daughter: Imagine Me & You x Hong Kong “ungay my daughter” tycoon controversy

    • Hi. I’ve been lurking at your blog for a long time already because of your awesome Mayuki posts. But I can’t help but add more to what Hue said about The Rich Man’s daughter because this one is a lesbian drama you shouldn’t definitely miss because almost all yuri reader’s dreams are put into life! Like a hardcore lesbian fanfiction being acted by these two beautiful girls madly in love!

      About the Summary of the Drama I recommend you to read this instead. It’s not the perfect summary of the story but the feelings of every Queer Filipino is spot on. https://beyondtropes.wordpress.com/2015/05/16/no-longer-the-best-little-girl/#more-748

      It has lots of angst but the fluff afterwards are more than we could ask for(really! we are spoiled by the management of the show!) so the pain from angst will blow away fast and also Jathea(Main Ship) is simply too adorable and believable.

      TRMD was mentioned before to have 80 episodes but was shorten to 65 due to the budget and other reasons. The latest episode aired is 16, the episode when the fandom had lost it’s sanity due to consuming too much corn, cheese, and fluff all at the same time. English Sub for the 1st episode is found here:

      And the rest of the episode sub is found in that tumblr account.

      The drama has 2 official music videos
      This video is on Jade’s POV

      And this one is from Althea’s POV and it is the gay ver.

      Seriously, the actresses playing as Jade and Althea has a very strong chemistry. You can feel that the characters are so in love with each other. Their ship name Jathea was even mentioned by Jade in the drama! Does any ship do that inside the drama/movie? Like totally NEVER! It is so hard not to ship these two girls! And what makes the shipping more fun is that the actresses playing Jathea ships themselves! They often reply at each other on twitter and sometimes acts like it is actually Jade and Althea tweeting on each other. They know how to tease the shippers and are very supportive of the ship.

      I’ll end this long message with some goodness of RaStro, Rhian Ramos’ RA as Jade Tanchingco and Glaiza de Castro’s STRO as Althea Guevarra

      They made it in the newspaper with that photo. Nobody has ever done that, right? A big and hot lesbian photo in your daily newspaper. And it’s a big company name of newspaper mind you. 😉

      Other photos from that photoshoot are piled here: http://trmdfangirl.tumblr.com/post/119176738716

      Might help you in the future.

  26. Never mind, I can’t seem to post it without the playlist but it is in the playlist. The songs are Til it’s Time and Be with You.

  27. I like your blog, it will give me new ideas for good anime that I havent yet discovered. Something abstract like Shigurui Death Frenzy.:)

  28. Hi there! I’m glad I stumbled across such an active and devoted yuri blogger–so many of the old ones disappeared without warning, sadly. And I appreciate that your interest is pan-Asian and in different types of media. If I may make one suggestion–and by all means, take it with a grain of salt–I was wondering if you could put your final/main thoughts into one paragraph or area of your post. Sometimes I have to scroll through pages of lovingly dissected scenes … only to find that you were underwhelmed by the final product. ^^; Like a conclusion or summary would be great. Whatever you do though, I’ll be reading. Please keep posting! 🙂

  29. found new korean drama – lily fever. i gonna bet u’ll like it

  30. hi there, wonder if you ever come across these:

    • Thank you very much for the heads up jp. I have actually seen two of these but I didn’t know about the 2nd one.

      Thank you. It looks to be the best out of them all actually, well, as far as personal tastes go ^^

  31. the kdrama Come Back Mister got my yuri goggles activated! ^^ long time lurker here lol cheers!

    check it out 🙂 http://tvcast.naver.com/v/795172/list/69408

    • The K-Drama “Come Back Mister” was A+, but even with its “yuri” moments, South Korea basically had to knock ’em off you. Still, it was a great drama! Literally you could ship everyone.

  32. Wow, totally just found your blog last night while looking for Condo/Barista/Architect. Never have I thought that my excitement over recent yuri media is very well expressed in such a nice blog. Let’s just say, I haven’t met anyone who seek out yuri matters as much as you do. And man, wished that I saw this blog when I crazed over Handmaiden all by myself.

    With that, I can give two recommendations, as a way of thanking by throwing more gl at you. I notice you don’t cover a whole lot of Chinese or Taiwanese films (I might be wrong, still making my way through your blog), but the Chinese web drama scene has been getting me excited, good films or not, it’s just refreshing to see something new every few months .

    Miss You Always (2016) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nawdV1hDRxc

    Make Up (2014): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_TXa9a7-Ve0

  33. Have you heard of this Filipino lesbian film? https://www.instagram.com/bakabukas/

  34. Hello~ ^^
    I was wondering if you ever came across this MV.

  35. Don’t know if the link works so I’ll post its name: カゲロウ-かわいえいじ(川合栄次)【Official】

  36. Ah;;; no problem☆

  37. Have you ever came across this MV? (I’m sorry for the links just felt like sharing because of the GL/Yuri going on in it;;;;) it’s a Thai MV from a band that goes by fellow fellow. Pretty interesting heh heh ;☆
    fellow fellow – จูบปาก https://youtu.be/lG77WK7yLi4

  38. Black Gekikara you have a weird and distinctively personal writing style and at times I can’t figure out what you’re talking about, but you have led me to some very enjoyable video watching, so I keep reading your blog and am starting to figure out your slang and abbreviations. Have you seen this new Chinese movie 七月与安生 “Soul Mate” about two women who were childhood friends? Not apparently yuri in the romance sense, and not yet subbed as far as I can see, but it looks like a wonderful movie as I scroll through the raw video.
    I see some of your other readers have asked for some more organization or even headings in your posts, so as to more easily find the crucial information. I have enjoyed reading several of your posts but by the end still didn’t wasn’t sure of the name of the movie/group etc. and then had to do some googling of some of the key words. Would you think of writing some lists of your favorite movies, just to condense all your info into a central place?
    Does it matter to you whether your readers are male or female? I sometimes wonder about your gender.

  39. Idk how to start…….Well in Age of youth 2 the tall, quiet tomboy they added has a friend who is a polar opposite of her and I’m not sure about it yet, but i think she has a crush on her. Like a a HUGE one I don’t know if its worth your time because you know with Kang Yi Na being gone etc. Sorry for any mistakes English isn’t my first language.

  40. Hello!

    Have you maybe seen the K-movie “Lover’s Concerto”? I checked your blog countless times and didn’t see anyone recommend it. I recently watched it and fell in love, but I got upset after reading reviews because most people gloss over the two female leads’ relationship. People seem to misunderstand a part of the plot and the characters’ intentions and in their confusion, they just focus to the hetero side of the story. Trust me, though, the relationship between the two girls is special and you don’t even have to assume anything (I really wish I could spoil right now, but it’ll be no fun for you). I’m really hoping you’d check it out because I’d love to know your take on it.

    Also, I’m a fan of your blog, and thanks for all the great movie recommendations!

  41. I just read this http://goboiano.com/sex-and-yakuza-the-dark-side-of-the-j-pop-idol-industry/. I just want to vent out for I’ve known this for a while. Maybe that’s why I never get the fever over idol groups. It’s really really heartbreaking everytime abuse of women and men, especially the young ones, are known but no definite action is taken whatsoever. And the fact that this happens around the world, in many other aspects of life (young girls hoping to work for a living abroad deceived and forced into prostistution and human trafficking, etc), and then when its happening in your (my) country and in the people we love (anime, idol, biz industry), I just don’t know how to feel anymore.

    • I see people coming out now realizing the dark side of the entertainment world and I am here like, I already suspected this.

      People need to pay attention to movies, especially those dramatic ones, the art-house ones. They reveal secrets that some just dismiss as fantasy but I always got the inkling that these stories are based on something and I was not naive enough to think it was all sugar and roses.

      Hell, even some anime, especially the aged ones, touch on these subject.

      It is very hard and inhumane but it is real, has been around for a long time.

  42. hello…check this out, the new lesbian movie from others country..
    1. Thelma
    2.UIO: take me for a ride
    hope you like it!!!

  43. anyone seen miss sherlock.

  44. Another gem for you

  45. ohh ya there’s another one i think is BTS

  46. New Korean movie!
    I hope you like it!

  47. Here’s some screen grabs of Seulgi and Yeri from Red Velvet’s live concert movie that you might like. Not sure how to get them to you, so they’re in my dropbox public folder: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/u3qwpg2zgharsp6/AAA1pfV-AnydfEdT0cauLUiFa?dl=0

  48. Hi I was so lucky to stumble upon ur blog and i would like to spread my lil happiness which is Sakura toshitai Oonishi which is basically a female seiyuu radio hosted by Sakura Ayane and Oonishi Saori. They are a hilarious duo and they sell pretty nice yuri to netizens like me. Hope you guys react or make a review of them in the future. Cheers!

  49. Hi! First, thank you for this blog, it was truly a life saver, and still is, from time to time, when I want information on something yuri(ish), in any media.
    I hope you can help me with this too: https://mydramalist.com/29952-the-substitute
    I am searching for this quite some time now, but just can’t seem to find it…
    (And sorry for my english, still learning how to properly use it. ^^”)

  50. Thank you!!!

  51. This blog is a blessing!!

  52. I was so worried when I read this blog started in 2010 but thankfully it seems it’s still active 🙂
    such a good blog! I love you reviews.
    Keep up the good work and kudos from Chile!

  53. Looks like you haven’t seen this yet:
    I’m in the process of hunting down the movie now.

  54. It’s hard to find a way of contacting you to let you know things! I couldn’t find Juliantina anywhere in your blog, so here is the Netflix trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QFRV76q16BY
    These are two women with great chemistry from the get-go, who always care for each other in the face of all kinds of opposition, and eventually prevail.
    There are also excerpts videos on youtube, the complete 19 episodes of Juliantina with English subtitles. Elsewhere can be found the full 87 episodes of Amar a Muerte, but I can’t find English subtitles anywhere.

  55. Here’s a good compilation that tells their story:

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