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[Pics] NGZ46 Holy Trinity & Ikominami

 utb031-18 utb023-11

God bless you UTB, God bless you!

Nott only did you give me something I have been craving for a while now in The original Three but you went a whole mile farther and gave me my Nogizaka Top Ship in Ikominami! Or is it that Ikominami gave us them!? Ahhh either way, what an awesome present this is?!

I wonder if this is a sign for the next single going back in formation? If it is not Reika or Kazumin for next Center, then my money is on Ikoma-kun, flanked by her right-hand man and waifu. Or maybe it will be a Minami center? Nah, there hasn’t been any signs in the front and you can usually tell who is going to be. Under Construction is a very spoilerly place actually if you pay attention.

Anyway, I am so happy this early in the year and unlike 2015, there is just nothing I can think of that will happen on the other side (bad karma) to negate my happies! That was the lowest blow I ever got dealt and I survived it so anything else is just cake walk!

What an issue though, this UTB volume! In addition to the Holy Trinity, I got my NGT48 Oshi (That’s Honma Hinata to those who did not know) and my Family 46 Kami Ikoma-kun appeared again, in another trio with none other than Nanasemaru and Kazumin! Talk about having your waifu in one basket! Yes, I am a huge shipper of Ikoma-kun and Nanasemaru! And so do I ship Nanase and Kazumin, especially after these recent episodes where they are just so pushed together. Who am I to resist?

If Girl Tears are my Kryptonite, Yuri is my Yellow Sun! It give me life, while Girl tears take it away!

In addition to those, the back cover was of none other than my Idol Goddess Yukir-I mean Black-sama, in her deadliest appearance yet for Lost in the Supermarket! Seriously, what a way to kick off the year!

Anyway, jump over for a few more scans…

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[Nogibingo] Minami-chan’s Confession!

There is a God and s|he’s awesome!

That’s right Ladies and Gentlemen, this actually happened!

But before we go ahead and talk about this moment in history, I just wanted to say that yes, I am still alive and kicking! Just actually had my Grad this weekend (YAS! No more studies…I hope!) and before that I was on holiday so most of my action was a re-tweet and a reblog here and there. If anyone was worried, do not be.

And so there I am trying to catch up on what I have been missing and you won’t believe it! As I was watching the 16th Single and saw Ikoma-kun and Minami-chan next to one another (albeit on the 3rd row), memories began to pour out of me – Memories of those first five singles when Minami-chan was always on the left of Ikoma-centre and was wishing and wondering when we will ever get another single of the three at the front (Iku-chan –> Ikoma-kun <- Minami-chan).

I was just thinking of that when that Nogibingo episode ended and Nogiroom started and then BAM! Minami-chan goes and drops the bomb! And not just dropping it, she talked about exactly what I was reminiscing about! Like, how awesome is that?! And all this with a dose of Hime-tan’s love letter to Ikoma-chan, also touching upon the subject of Ikoma-kun’s position!

Like, I knew that as soon as I finish this episode, I am so writing about it. Like, is there even any better way to get back to active duty here? Maybe, but I chose you IkoMina!

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[NOGIBINGO] Danso Couple Battle!

160502 NOGIBINGO!6 ep04.mp4 - 00138
160502 NOGIBINGO!6 ep04.mp4 - 00021 160502 NOGIBINGO!6 ep04.mp4 - 00006
160502 NOGIBINGO!6 ep04.mp4 - 00090
160502 NOGIBINGO!6 ep04.mp4 - 00041 160502 NOGIBINGO!6 ep04.mp4 - 00278
160502 NOGIBINGO!6 ep04.mp4 - 00176
160502 NOGIBINGO!6 ep04.mp4 - 00272 160502 NOGIBINGO!6 ep04.mp4 - 00076
160502 NOGIBINGO!6 ep04.mp4 - 00068

Nogibingo is at it again – Taking the best of AKBINGO and making it even better! I feel like the 46G is the place to be right now. Keiyakizaka’s girls are so much fun (Ozeki, Neru, Fairy-chan, Shiida and Rika being the personal favs), as for their Senpais, really, what needs to be said?!

Only thing that stopped this episode from that top 10 star is the lack of Ikoma-kun but even then, it scored a 9.7 from me so all is good.

I just love it when Nogibingo, the show you would think would just copy-pasta Nogibingo, takes only the best, when it is borrowing, and putting an awesome spin on it. When we were showed the shopping center I thought they would do the date thing Akbingo did but nope. It was so basic, just taking purikura photos, but it was oh so satisfactory. Time just flew by and I found myself wanting more. Too bad there is no part 2. Oh well, best things come in small packages.

For me this time around, my favorite was actually the winners – That is the Misao-kun/Minami pair. Minami-chan was just so on fire! I guess she is right at the middle of that time in life, you know it all too well.

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Nogizaka46’s 14th Single Senbatsu

160131 Nogizaka46 – Nogizaka Under Construction ep41.mp4 - 00061a

OMG Look at that front line!!! What is even happening?! I don-

160131 Nogizaka46 – Nogizaka Under Construction ep41.mp4 - 00061

But of course. What illusive dream was I having for a second there?

160131 Nogizaka46 – Nogizaka Under Construction ep41.mp4 - 00133
160131 Nogizaka46 – Nogizaka Under Construction ep41.mp4 - 00120
The Senbatsu and New Centre, Ladies and Gentlemen

Very many congratulations to MaiMai to getting her very first and definitely very last chance to Centre a single! I am still not sure how I personally feel about the fact that she is only getting it before she graduates but she can at least have that on her resume!

Yes, I am sure many girls would kill to have to Centre before they graduate but MaiMai is just one of those girls that should have been a Centre already so in that way I guess I might think of it as being in the works and might have happened eventually especially since Centres don’t appear out of the blue. Usually you have to be teased as a No4-2 before Centring and MaiMai was on the front line the last single so it was close but still doesn’t get rid of that little bit of bitter taste in my mouth.

And congratulations to Hocchan making it back to the Senbatsu. Yes, yes, I know some have the illusion that Centring a coupling is better than being in the back line of the Senbatsu but your coupling song Centre won’t be appearing on MJ, MS, or MF! The girl in the last row of Senbatsu will though! So cheers are in order for Hocchan, also because she is my 2nd Gen Oshi of course!

Speaking of 2nd Gen, i have asked it already but I will again anyway, why do they even bother showing up at these events anymore? It has become to be painful watching them just sitting there and their hopes disappearing from their faces when the announcer hits the Deities! They should just create two singles at this point, one for 1st Gen and the other for 2nd! Hell, the 2nd Gen even have their own Face in Hoochan and also some power hitters, even though they are not as tough as the Mai/Nanami combi!

And speaking of Faces, yet still they insist on calling Ikoma-kun the Face of NGZ! Would you guys like, make up your damn minds!? Then again, the same thing is happening in AKB with Mayuyu , a fact that makes me even more confused as to why groups that obviously have the same people in charge can produce music on levels so different from the other!

And yet despite the similarities, some things they just put the stamp of NOPE on them! If they had used the same formula in AKB like the one they use for Senbatsu in Nogi, I wonder how many times Yukirin would have centred…Ah nice to have dreams…

Seriously, raise your hand if you were surprised at any of the announcements in this single?! I already had a feeling about who would be the Centre this time around so really, all the emotion I felt was when MaiMai cried and I was like…

160131 Nogizaka46 – Nogizaka Under Construction ep41.mp4 - 00127
Nope, not gonna cry. NOOOOPE!

Ended up shading anyway because really, this is MaiMai and also because…

160131 Nogizaka46 – Nogizaka Under Construction ep41.mp4 - 00125
the Husbando was also crying

How could I resist much longer!?

And while we are on the subject of couples…

160131 Nogizaka46 – Nogizaka Under Construction ep41.mp4 - 00027
160131 Nogizaka46 – Nogizaka Under Construction ep41.mp4 - 00083

When one part of the heart can’t resist sneaking a peek at their other half, you know what it means ^^! Now, if only Ikoma-kun was next to Minami-chwan like Wakatsuki-sama and Reika then all would be right in the world. But the far away glance is some how more full-filling so I don’t mind either way.

And this is just spec on my part but I found it nod worthy because last single single somehow was lighter than this and I can only think of Ikoma-kun. She took everything in stride last time and everyone followed. But here, even with Cap starting off with a chuckle inducer, when Ikoma-kun changed the game but going emo, everyone followed, Asuka, Minami, my God, Minami cried! I can’t remember the last time I saw her or Asuka do that in an announcement!

Yeah, probably total B but I just couldn’t help but say my thoughts on it. Anyway, onto the senbatsu girls…

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Nogizaka46 – All Yurific PVs with FHD Caps

Nogizaka46 - 無口なライオン.m2ts - 00068
Nogizaka46 - おいでシャンプー.m2ts - 00020 Nogizaka46 - ポピパッパパー.m2ts - 00008
Nogizaka46 - シャキイズム.m2ts - 00127
Nogizaka46 - 太陽ノック -Long ver.-.m2ts - 00031 Nogizaka46 - 太陽ノック -Long ver.-.m2ts - 00037
Nogizaka46 -ぐるぐるカーテン.m2ts - 00004
Nogizaka46 - 月の大きさ.m2ts - 00061 Nogizaka46 - 月の大きさ.m2ts - 00063
Nogizaka46 - 立ち直り中.m2ts - 00015
Nogizaka46 - 狼に口笛を.m2ts - 00028 Nogizaka46 - 狼に口笛を.m2ts - 00030
Nogizaka46 - 嫉妬の権利.m2ts - 00066
Nogizaka46 - 春のメロディー.m2ts - 00048 Nogizaka46 - 涙がまだ悲しみだった頃.m2ts - 00024
Nogizaka46 - 失いたくないから.m2ts - 00006

So, since Nogizaka released a collection of all their PVs in true awesome Blu-ray Quality, I figured that I might just as well post something about those PVs that were somewhat relevant Some I have already written about here, others I might not have.

Lost post is long though…You’ve been warned!

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