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Vid – Dakota Johnson LOVES Cailee Spaeny

Just watched the movie Bad Times At The El Royale this weekend I can’t get these two out of my head! So I went about Youtube to get more of them and I found a goldmine of some very delicious interview videos!

Above is one of a kind vid that I have never done before! Enjoy the quirkiness!


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With A Kiss I Die [Movie]

With.a.Kiss.I.Die.2018.1080p.BluRay.x264.DTS-CHD.mkv - 00658
With.a.Kiss.I.Die.2018.1080p.BluRay.x264.DTS-CHD.mkv - 00321 With.a.Kiss.I.Die.2018.1080p.BluRay.x264.DTS-CHD.mkv - 00573With.a.Kiss.I.Die.2018.1080p.BluRay.x264.DTS-CHD.mkv - 00295
With.a.Kiss.I.Die.2018.1080p.BluRay.x264.DTS-CHD.mkv - 00424 With.a.Kiss.I.Die.2018.1080p.BluRay.x264.DTS-CHD.mkv - 00229
With.a.Kiss.I.Die.2018.1080p.BluRay.x264.DTS-CHD.mkv - 00651
With.a.Kiss.I.Die.2018.1080p.BluRay.x264.DTS-CHD.mkv - 00675 With.a.Kiss.I.Die.2018.1080p.BluRay.x264.DTS-CHD.mkv - 00744
With.a.Kiss.I.Die.2018.1080p.BluRay.x264.DTS-CHD.mkv - 00653

I love art!

It’s really as simple as that! And when it comes in the form of moving pictures, well, multiply that by a whole lot and you know how I feel when I come across hidden little gems like WITH A KISS I DIE.

Seriously, it’s like the makers of this movie saw KISS ME FIRST and were like, ‘Fine, I’ll do it myself!” because this short, well, if you count a movie at 1:13:35 short. Actually speaking of that runtime, this is what most ‘artistic’ Japanese movies run at! Hmm, someone is taking lesson, and good ones at that!

Anyway, this short is like taking KISS ME FIRST and concentrating on the relationship that mattered – Leila and Tess! In fact, I can even see those two as a different version of Juliet and Farryn! Juliet is the POC, who should be the main but this story is written in such a way that it is hard to tell who the main heroine is between her and our blonde Farryn and I guess that is the point! Or if you want to really pick a side, you could say that Juliet is the Hero of the story while Farryn is the Heroine, but even that doesn’t make sense because…Ah, we are getting into spoilers here so let’s jump over… Continue reading

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Snogging [Short Film]

Snogging - Lesbian Short Film.MP4 - 00235
Snogging - Lesbian Short Film.MP4 - 00001 Snogging - Lesbian Short Film.MP4 - 00040
Snogging - Lesbian Short Film.MP4 - 00071
Snogging - Lesbian Short Film.MP4 - 00123 Snogging - Lesbian Short Film.MP4 - 00057
Snogging - Lesbian Short Film.MP4 - 00182

I don’t get the kinda negative reception for this short film. Sure it took its time to get there but these days it seems no one appreciates patience! And it’s not like we did not get anything until the very last minute! There were a lot of signs from the get go that would be appreciated by those used to subtext!

Seriously, I was surprised that no one seemed to pick up on the vibes between our girls in that world! They were inseparable! If they were not wearing the same clothes, they had their hair done the same way, the exact same way! In some cases it was both their clothes and hair done in the exact same way!

They walked almost shoulder to shoulder, ate the exact same food, god, I think even their lockers where next to each other! I can excuse the girls themselves for not seeing the signs between them sooner but not the other people! So when the guys and their friends caught the two making out at the party and shouted ‘LESBIANS’ I was like, took you long enough you oblivious fools!

And it was not just the aesthetics, there were moments where our to girls would get lost in one another, in the usual scenes – like the make-up scene, or the first step of getting laid – making eye contact! Sure this whole thing would have been majorly improved if the creators did what everyone was expecting, like, instead of seducing the guy, the girls actually ended up seducing themselves. Or had a practice session in kissing and following what the instructions were telling us about sticking tongues in the other’s mouth or kissing other parts of the body other than the mouth or something.

But really, how clichéd would that have been? There would have been substance but would have lacked finesse and where is the fun in that? We have seen it all and if you can think of it then why make it? You know it already so why not be given something you aren’t expecting?

Anyway, I loved the build up and that made the payoff that much more glorious! Those kisses were wonderful and I know they meant more to the girls because they got to have them at that time. If they had already kissed before the party then there would have been less impact! In fact I am sure they would have gone farther with the guys because the writers had an excuse to take them that far then.

But other than the yuri, the film really looked great, professional even! Hell, there is even a soundtrack for it, something that I have never seen before! I will link the soundtrack video too after the caps.

Really, I am not saying the film as it is missed anything but I wish it was a full feature film! I think there is potential there and I kind of want some drama between the girls because of the crush one has on that guy! Or both being jealous of the other because of the guys.

But, time was short and we got the best that we could have gotten in the given time so I have no regrets!

Anyway, jump over for caps and vids and I’ll be seeing ya


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A Simple Favour [Movie]


If you are thinking of going to watch this because I had it on my blog, please don’t!

If you are thinking of watching it because of some gifs on tumblr, please don’t!

Actually, as I was preparing to go out in town I kind of wanted to cancel my plans but I did not, because I remembered seeing a certain gif. Well, I will let you know now that from now on I am not going to ignore my subconscious anymore. It was trying to tell me something I believe, especially now that I have seen the movie and I haven’t felt this time wasted to the movies for a long time!

And that is all I am going to say about that! I don’t pretend to be a movie expert but I felt what I felt, which was…nothing!

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1 in 10,000 [K-Movie]

1 in 10,000 (Korean Lesbian Short Film) [4K].MKV - 00063
1 in 10,000 (Korean Lesbian Short Film) [4K].MKV - 00001 1 in 10,000 (Korean Lesbian Short Film) [4K].MKV - 00002
1 in 10,000 (Korean Lesbian Short Film) [4K].MKV - 00084

According to Science (*chuckles*) 1 in 10k are the odds of you finding your soulmate. No, no no…Not 1 in 10,000 people! That’s 1 in 10,000 life times!

Yeah, good luck with that! I think Chikane and Himeko are the only ones who have a chance! Or you can just be lucky and your first life is that one magic life where you find them!

Anyway, here we have yet another lovely short-film from the now Master Race of short-films – Korea! It is so short but Oh so lovely! Like, how do they do it? I just can’t get it! The only way you are supposed to pack this much into a piece this short is impossible, outside of poetry!

But Korea do it like it’s a breakfast ritual!

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The Handmaiden Bluray [PA Ver]

_DSC0241 _DSC0242

Took them only about a month to arrive but hey, all good things are worth waiting for, right?

So then, how is the best ever version of the Blurays you will ever get for the Handmaiden? Well, it could have been better, way better, by first of all including an English version of the storyboard and finally adding in the script too. But really, it is still the best version of The Handmaiden you will ever get…until Plain Archive does the thing it does with big titles where they keep releasing better versions that is!

Kind of hurts though that the storyboard, the COMPLETE storyboard, was only in Korean! It’s kind of like a cave man being given 2 billion bucks! He has it but it is kind of no value to him! Okay, maybe crude comparison and while I don’t understand a lick of written Korean, there are still illustrations that tell the story anyway and I great value in it!

Kind of surprised though that almost every scene in the storyboard is in the movie – the extended version of course. I guess there really was no 3 hour version of the movie. 

Anyway, I bought the mega pack which contained all three variations of the release! The first one is this one that contains the holy bible of the movie, aka, the complete storyboard! The discs are encased in a really awesome looking steel-book! The outer cover of which has Hideko chasing Sook-hee out of her room (after slapping her).

The second one also has the discs enclosed in the same styled steel-book but instead of the storyboard, it has a collection of covers and posters from all corners of the world. There is really some creative covers in there!

The last one of the pack is a fold-in casing which is also not to sneeze at! These pictures do not do the actual products justice as I took them at night inside with unnatural light. It has a small booklet with photos and a review from Time Magazine by Stephanie. The cover of the booklet looks really elegant with its golden patterns!

As for the data itself, there are three discs in each version; The Theatrical Cut, The Extended Cut and The Extra Features! The extras are a cool 141 minutes, which is almost the same length of the movie itself, and I am of course talking about The Extended Cut! Best believe it I am about to watch it and see what more I can get from this already bestest lesbian movie in existence!

Jump over for the scans…


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The Miseducation of Cameron Post [Movie]


giphy (1)

Forgive me dear Readers, I am still trying to process this movie! Those damn first ten minutes are still stuck in my head and I bet you they will for the rest of the week! Definitely lack of sleep tonight!


Like, I literally still don’t even know where to begin!

Maybe we should start at the beginning? Because the surprises hit me from the very get go before the movie even started! All the way back to the title card, you know, the one with the signature and rating for the movie on it?

Actually, forget that, we need to go even farther back in time! Let’s skip a day back and there I was, looking up show times for The Nun movie – a movie that I saw yesterday and loved it by the way in case you don’t follow me on twitter! But anyway, as I went to get my tickets, lo and behold, I see a title I wasn’t at all expecting to make it into my life anytime this decade – The Miseducation of Cameron Post!

I couldn’t believe my eyes! I only had plans, and time, to watch only one movie this weekend but you know what the deal is! Yuri is Love, Yuri is Life! Anything, no matter what it is, takes a backseat when it comes to yuri! And so I went and saw the movie today…

My God!

Like I said, I was surprised from the very title card of the movie when the rating showed a cool indigo 16! 16 is pretty high rating for Ireland and if it is for this type of movie, there can only be one reason for it! But I was skeptical! I mean come the hell on, this is Chloe Grace Morez we are talking about here! I was thinking this because for some reason I thought she was way young than she actually is, which is 21!

Yeah, our Kick Girl is already 21! How they grow up so fast….

Anyway, even with the age thing aside, this is still Chloe! There is no way I thought she would be in a scene that is rated 16! And it had to be her, the book is all her so that 16 rated scene, which had to be a sex scene, had to involve her!

Girl, was I in for a major schooling!

I think I am losing touch with reality these days because I have been shocked by many things lately to count! I am still shooketh from what Rachel Weisz and Rachel McAdams did in their sex scenes in Disobedience!!!!! I know I shouldn’t have been. You all know my rap sheet when it comes to movies! The HANDMAIDEN is my favorite lesbian movie for crying out loud!

Anyway, back to the movie at hand, I was so shocked, still shocked by the make out scenes that I completely forgave (still hasn’t sunk in yet maybe) the movie for its many, many digressions! And they are some big digressions, on the surface anyway! Actually let’s start from those…

First I need to confess that I only stopped at page 207 of the book. This is in the middle of Cameron and Coley relationship! Before this there had been two already, the first with her childhood best friend, whom she did everything first with and loved her so much I couldn’t help but also love her most. That was Irene! Their relationship ended after Cameron’s parents died! They got split, with Irene moving!

This whole section, my favorite in the book, was not in the movie! Her parents were not in the movie! Irene was not in the movie! She wasn’t even mentioned, or even a picture, FFS! But I understand. Cameron and Irene were like not even in junior high yet so I understand…I try to understand!

The second relationship, where things really get super steamy with Lindsey, the wild out of town girl that released the beast that lies within Cameron, that was also not in the movie! We are talking about a quarter of the book here already! A 400-something pages of a book!!!! And it’s not those big letter books! No, this is the legit, spend more than a few seconds on the page type of book!

Then we come to the third girl, the girl that actually stirs Cameron’s heart almost as deep as Irene did! They have the longest relationship out of the three! This relationship goes on until the part where the movie starts when Cameron is sent to rehab for her gayness disease! This is half way through the book we are talking about here!

The movie started from halfway through the book!!!

Ah but we are not even done yet! The movie does not finish up the book! That’s right, even the last arc for Cameron with her two friends she meets in Rehab (Adam and Jane) doesn’t get to be finished!!!!

I knew this leaving the theater even without finishing the book and when I got home and looked through the book I was like…what…!

You know those make out scenes in the trailers? That was Coley, played by Quinn Shepard. A girl I was surprised to find that had already made a Directorial debut and that critics ate up her first movie at screenings! She is 23 years old!!!!

Anyway, those scenes were of Coley and Cameron. That was the relationship I am in the middle of reading in the book! But even those were scarce! We started out with them and then we got some flashbacks and they were the best damn scenes in the whole movie and probably what everyone wanted to see out of the whole book to be turned into the movie! I don’t even care for the clichéd ending I would have preferred that to what we got to be the primary story!

But despite those bad decision, they did make it up for in what they ended up doing for that Rehab story! In the book, as I screened through the latter pages to confirm my suspicions, I stumbled upon some disturbing scenes like Cameron making out with Adam, Adam a gay guy, who went to rehab for his gayness, made out with Cameron, a gay girl, who went to rehab for her lesbianism!

Fuck that!

Thankfully there was no such tomfoolery in the movie!

But on the other side of that sword, we did not get any Jane (the girl with the braids in the trailer) and Cameron action either so…Oh well, I guess you win some, you lose some!

So you see, I have plenty to hate on this movie but I am still reeling from the shock of those delicious, delicious, Cameron/Coley scenes!

Oh! My! God!

I mean, you don’t get to see Chloe’s…anything but I am still shooketh that she was in those scenes anyway! Even if she did not show off, she still fondled and sucked on sexy, sexy Quinn’s boobs, got fingered, twice, and made sounds that are going to keep me awake for a good few nights…doing….stuff…um…to my….self


I haven’t felt this so out of touch with my body in cinema since The HAMDMAIDEN! You would think I was 14 years old again seeing me in that theater! Like, seriously, I am embarrassed of myself reacting that way! Like, it’s dark, it’s not like anyone would even see my face but I kept hiding it for some reason!

God dear Readers, if this is coming out in your cinemas, you gotta watch it! It is definitely going into my collection! The movie as a whole sucks ass (if you have read the book) but damn, those Coley moments are so worth it!

Though I have a feeling many are going to hate on her! In fact I think I might when I finish reading her arc in the book too but I will have those movie scenes to hold my hate back, I just know it!

God, I can’t wait to own this on Bluray! Actually, since I have Unlimited, I might revisit it on the big screen again soon!

Anyway, ja Continue reading