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JOKER [Movie]

joker_wqPcem joker_XYgmdE

Joker is not only the greatest origin movie I have ever seen, it is not only a villain origin movie, but it is also a great hero origin movie and thus by extension, it is also a great origin movie for the greatest antagonistic relationship in all of comic books!

For dear Readers who are scratching your heads wondering why this movie is here, it is no secret that I love comic books and CBM, I mean, I am only alive currently, right? In all seriousness, I do love comics, I think everyone grew up with some kind of comics. Yeah, sure I have more manga in my collection than DC/Vertigo/Titan comics but believe you me, I am a die hard fan of Batman and everything Batman! Well, not everything (see Batman/Catwoman relationship…bleh)

Which brings me to this movie JOKER. If someone is going to sit there and they are fans of Batman but don’t have this movie in their top movies of their CBM list, please don’t let me know because I will do everything to ignore you from now on!

Another point, JOKER is a true comic book movie! It is more movie than comic (like Batman v Superman, The Dark Knight) but that is more because the director (Mr Todd Phillips) actually gave a fuck about what they were doing and made a true to god film, based on a character from comic books!

There is no live action CB reality where this Joker can fit in except the original DCEU world. Hey, there is one point to add to my list as to why American beta critics hate this movie so much! Speaking of which, all this propaganda about the violence in this movie? Like WTF, you all need to watch more movies! If there was a list of violent movies, Joker doesn’t even make it in the top 20%! It is so tame all these loud mouths must be having their adult movie cherries popped or something! Seriously, like, it is even rated 16 here, that’s teen years like…

Any way, what a movie! It starts slow, and so blank that I gave up at one point looking for Easter Eggs because I surrendered to there being none. Big Mistake! If you have seen every Batman movie there is to see and you are a Batman fan, you are going to be grinning from ear to ear in that third act! It is not my character but I nearly stood up and fuckin hollered in the cinema at one point!

Speaking of hollering, this movie is actually pretty funny! Not in the *brunch* kind of funny but more like in the Snyder kind of funny! Yes, I am saying that you all fellow Cultists, this movie is basically for yous all! You have to go watch this movie if only to thank Mr Phillips for fighting the good fight! Hell, I shudder to think what kind of Batman this Bruce will grow up to be! Jesus!

Speaking of that, you can’t mention Joker without bringing up Batman! While I am lost as to what they did with the Batmobile that we saw on set of the movie, this movie had waaaay more Bruce than I was anticipating! And I don’t even mean to show off but when I watched the trailer and saw Arthur with that boy (the one he forced to smile), I fuckin knew it was Bruce Wayne! And yes, that was Bruce Wayne!

And yes, when I mentioned this was also a great hero origin movie, I was talking about Batman of course! Yes, they were killed, again, and I have to confess right here, I have always been lost as to why his parents got gunned down like so. All the previous reasons we got never quite clicked with me! There was always a vagueness about it! Also, I always had this urge to know why they were killed! I always had an inkling that maybe they weren’t such good people as they have always been made out to be! Billionaires like themselves in times like those, that money had to have been made on top of some skulls and I finally got that side of the story touched upon in this movie!

Perhaps it’s the saying that every person is a hero of their own story but scratch that, the world in this movie supported the theory that these Waynes were dicks! Bruce himself and even Alfred (I think that was him) were also proof that they were dicks! Bruce looked like what most movie rich kids look like, totally depressed and sad and lonely, something that always points to cold parents!

Speaking of the Waynes, there was this thread that ended up being left to the viewer to decide if it was true or not but at one point, it was made out to be that Arthur is actually Thomas Wayne’s son and that after some legal things went down, they decided to keep that life a secret! So his mother kept sending these letters to Thomas Wayne in order to get help in their hard times and one night Arthur opens one of the letters before it was sent out and finds out that he was an abandoned son.

I so fuckin wanted that to be true because can you imagine the implications of that when Bruce grows up to become Batman and has to fight Joker?!! But from the looks of things, I think they decided to go with it being a lie and Arthur’s mother being insane which I think is a complete waste! I mean it’s not like they were going to make a universe out of that so what if they were related? I could have read those fan fics so damn hard!

I still will, if there is some sane people that decide to do them!

And speaking of that, remember the Easter Eggs I was talking about? If you watch this movie and don’t get the connection with Batman v Superman, you failed! All I could think of was Wally Keith and his letters/checks from Bruce which were meant to help him while here Arthur’s mother kept sending letters to Thomas asking for help but either none got anything or the receiver kept rejecting them (MoSAnswers has the theory that Wally got the checks but kept sending them back)

Speaking of Easter Eggs, there are others, like Arthur’s name which we all know (A. Fleck as in Ben Afleck, get it?), then when Joker went on Robert De Niro’s Live TV and just before he was cut off, he almost said Ledger Joker’s line. Also when he was getting a ride on a police car afterwards, he looks like both Ledger and Let’s Jokers in cars! Heck, even the interview where he was asked if the chaos was his plan and he asked if he looked like a guy with a political agenda, almost like, yep, Joker asking Dent if he looked like a guy with a plan!

And then the McGuffin of all Easter eggs – The Death of the Waynes! Heck, that was no Easter Egg, that was the real shit! In fact that scene had two other BvS eggs, one being the Zorro movie showing, though I think it was coming soon in BvS? No, it was Now Showing and Excalibur was the one coming soon! Here though thehre was a twist. It wasn’t The Mask of Zorro but rather some title that went something like, Zorro; The Gay Something…I forgot the what the last word was. Believe you me, I want to watch that gay version of Zorro! And no, I am not making things up!

In fact the killing joke (heh couldn’t resist), I mean the last joke that made the Joker laugh was in fact the birth of The Batman! No idea how he would know or why he was 4th wall breaking but they made a point of showing Bruce standing over his parents’ bodies and to bring my point about the Waynes here back, he wasn’t crying over them like all the other interpretations. One can argue about it being shock of it all but I think there passed enough time for him to at least get on his knees and cry out in despair.

But he didn’t!

Hence why I am scared to think of what kind of Batman this Bruce would become! Just thinking about the Gotham he is going to grow up in…Jesus!

Which brings me to another thing, this movie is also the origin of the Gotham that we know, the Gotham that is a dumpster fire, the Gotham that will need a Batman unlike the one we have ever seen before, well, partially with BvS Batman after the Black Zero event! That Batman is the Batman that this Bruce will be since the moment he is born! But he will be necessary with the type of villains he will be dealing with if his Joker is this kind of Joker!

God, I love this movie! I love it so much it made it on this site! So forgive me dear Readers, I just can’t contain the love!

And let’s forget the comic book of it all, as a movie, this is the only competition everyone should worry about at the Oscars! Mr Phoenix slayed so hard, the cinematographer squinted so much and the director brain-stormed so madly, that the music composer died almost died trying to catch up!

I have a condition where I can love a movie just from its visual presentation and this movie dear Readers, my God! The fact that it filled the whole IMAX screen from minute 1 to minute last was so fuckin legendary and so worth it! My eyes, they fed good this evening dear Readers!

Just got my hands on that soundtrack so best believe it I am going to bed tonight blasting cinematic music through my ears!

Thank you Mr Phillips, thank you Mr Phoenix and thank you too you sons of a bitches Warner Brothers!

Best! Movie! Of! The! YEAR!



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Meanwhile in France…

Portrait of a Lady on Fire [Official Trailer] – In Theaters December 6, 2019.mp4 - 00;50;48.198 Portrait of a Lady on Fire [Official Trailer] – In Theaters December 6, 2019.mp4 - 01;00;58.823
Portrait of a Lady on Fire
Curiosa (2019) - Trailer (English Subs).mp4 - 00;37;39.921 - 00001
Curiosa (2019) - Trailer (English Subs).mp4 - 00;46;38.872 Curiosa (2019) - Trailer (English Subs).mp4 - 00;37;02.786
Curiosa (2019) - Trailer (English Subs).mp4 - 00;35;51.313

Female Directors are feeding us good with these take me back to the old days of French cinema pieces! I tell you all, it is great to see that art is not dying, well, not in other countries, America though…

Any who, here be two trailers that caught my eye of upcoming French movies, well, one is already out and about on the interwebs (not officially though) so I will be covering that when I watch it. The other one, being the one that is most relevant (but of course, since when are things easy?) we will have to wait for until November and even then it will be only in cinemas. Oh well, I can wait for anything that’s relevant and Portrait of a Lady on Fire is 1000% relevant, well, from what I’ve seen so far.

Interestingly, both movies star the same main Actress (Noemie) and while Portrait of a Lady is looking to be super gay, Curiosa lives up to its name and this is just curiosity here but hey, this is French cine so of course I am going to watch it!

I am also not going to touch upon how these two movies remind me of Fingersmith because it seems every movie now reminds me of Maud and Sue’s story in some way. Eh, it can’t be helped, Fingersmith and The Handmaiden are the gold standards of Lesbian Stories.

As for the Portrait movie, another thing to note is the other co-star, Adele. You all with good memory might remember her from one old gem Water Lilies where she played girl in the closet Floriane. Yes, she is that girl. Oh how time goes by!

But enough bore, jump over for the trailers and some images…

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LAIKA [R/J-Movie]

RAIKA.mkv - 04;01;05.866
RAIKA.mkv - 35;49;20.859 RAIKA.mkv - 17;48;23.522
RAIKA.mkv - 06;35;39.828
RAIKA.mkv - 11;13;54.635 RAIKA.mkv - 31;14;38.869
RAIKA.mkv - 07;23;07.333
RAIKA.mkv - 11;30;35.408 RAIKA.mkv - 16;38;57.253
RAIKA.mkv - 10;43;22.541

Laika ライカ

Admit it, you all but forgot about this movie too, didn’t ya!

I know I totally did. I have had this movie for years now and I am sure that there were those waiting for me to talk about it, so I apologize for keeping you all waiting. Unfortunately, there was a good reason for the delays.

The thing is that this movie is mainly in Russian with very few spoken words of Japanese. Yes, I bought this in Japan and thus it has an abundance of hard-subs for every Russian line spoke. And as such, the struggle was real! All I understood of this movie was from visual story reading and nothing else.

If you know how I tackle these things you will know that I was in the deepest of doodoo! I didn’t even want to write about it because really, what is there to write about? How can I talk about a scene which I did not understand the topic of?

Not understanding makes the ending that much more confusing and it is up to everyone to make out what it means. But like I said, it was a slice of life kind of movie, so summaries aren’t that hard. I must resist going in too deep to the point of needing what was being said!

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Fragtime [Teaser]

映画『フラグタイム』特報.mp4 - 00;20;13.946
映画『フラグタイム』特報.mp4 - 00;11;22.924 映画『フラグタイム』特報.mp4 - 00;06;30.970
映画『フラグタイム』特報.mp4 - 00;28;06.468

Moritani Misuzu (short light hair) is, is a girl who can stop time but for three minutes. Murakami Haruka is Misuzu’s very popular classmate and the only one that is unaffected when Misuzu stops time.

Misuzu learns of Haruka’s special case when she tries to stop time while wearing Haruka’s skirt (I don’t know how), and she finds that she can’t. In the midst of being intrigued by this phenomena, Misuzu will find herself drawn to Haruka and eventually fall for her.

Meanwhile Haruka will use Misuzu’s ability to her advantage by making some weird requests of her ability to stop time. Some of which will hopefully include the trailer line of ‘Let me do whatever I want with you for three minutes’.

Sadly, we have to wait for a while for this movie as it doesn’t release in theatres until November and then add six months on that for the physical and yeah, almost a year before we get to enjoy this.

Oh well, at least it’s coming. I don’t remember the last time we had a yuri anime movie so this is great!

And since this is an adaptation, there is a manga that we can still enjoy. First time I’ve heard of it though so I might buy it just in case I can’t wait. I have learned my lesson to never read or watch the original before the adaptation if I can help it. I will try to wait after the movie to buy the manga, like I did for the movie TELL IT TO THE BEES.

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