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FES☆TIVE _ ゆらゆらゆらり恋心 - YouTube.mkv - 00106
FES☆TIVE _ ゆらゆらゆらり恋心 - YouTube.mkv - 00133 FES☆TIVE _ ゆらゆらゆらり恋心 - YouTube.mkv - 00128

FES☆TIVE _ ゆらゆらゆらり恋心 - YouTube.mkv - 00151
FES☆TIVE _ ゆらゆらゆらり恋心 - YouTube.mkv - 00149 FES☆TIVE _ ゆらゆらゆらり恋心 - YouTube.mkv - 00066
FES☆TIVE _ ゆらゆらゆらり恋心 - YouTube.mkv - 00136
FES☆TIVE _ ゆらゆらゆらり恋心 - YouTube.mkv - 00148 FES☆TIVE _ ゆらゆらゆらり恋心 - YouTube.mkv - 00020
FES☆TIVE _ ゆらゆらゆらり恋心 - YouTube.mkv - 00113

FES☆TIVE – YuraYura Yurari Koigokoro / ゆらゆらゆらり恋心
omfg shit is lit!



Is this real? Am I dreaming this MV right now?!! Somebody pinch me!!!!

Sweet Baby Jesus!

I literally have no idea where to begin! It’s close to midnight but I don’t want to even wait a few hours to post about this Music Video, because My God! I haven’t been this smacked since Kataomoi FINALLY! And I just like, literally just talked about that SKE48 Music Video in the very last post!

Like, how astronomical are these odds!?!!


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NGT48 4th Single Team MVs

NGT48 - Curtain no Gara (M-ON! HD 1440x1080i H264 AC3).ts - 00030
NGT48 - Curtain no Gara (M-ON! HD 1440x1080i H264 AC3).ts - 00002 NGT48 - Curtain no Gara (M-ON! HD 1440x1080i H264 AC3).ts - 00075
NGT48 - Curtain no Gara (M-ON! HD 1440x1080i H264 AC3).ts - 00014
Team G – Curtain no Gara
NGT48 - Kokoro ni Taiyou (M-ON! HD 1440x1080i H264 AC3).ts - 00153
NGT48 - Kokoro ni Taiyou (M-ON! HD 1440x1080i H264 AC3).ts - 00098 NGT48 - Kokoro ni Taiyou (M-ON! HD 1440x1080i H264 AC3).ts - 00106
NGT48 - Kokoro ni Taiyou (M-ON! HD 1440x1080i H264 AC3).ts - 00048 NGT48 - Kokoro ni Taiyou (M-ON! HD 1440x1080i H264 AC3).ts - 00060
NGT48 - Kokoro ni Taiyou (M-ON! HD 1440x1080i H264 AC3).ts - 00081
Team NIII – Kokoro ni Taiyou

Yes, yes, I know it is late, waaay late but these caps have been in my Pictures folder (the queue for posts) for so long that I just had to get rid of them, now that I am thinking of reinstalling Windows to freshen up my PC, and I don’t feel like deleting, resizing and then recopying all over again.

So here we go. I love these MVs a lot! First of all they are so different from one another, from the songs to the stories to the themes of the videos! While Team G have a really moody song with an equally heavy story and a dark themed MV to match, Team NIII’s on the other hand is so happy go lucky, everyone is having a great time and the MV is as bright as they come! It’s almost a comedy compared to the angst of Team G’s one!

And thus it is a bit hard to decide which I love more! Personally I am more into the darkside and thus love heavy stuff! But on the other hand Team NIII has the trap card – Yukirin! But on the flipside Team G has the yuri!

Decisions, decisions!

What’s worse is that lately I have gone back to Ogiyuka (Ogino Yuka) as my NGT48 Oshii. To those who missed it, at first, she was my Oshii, then I switched to Hinatan (Honma Hinata) and now I am back to Ogiyuka! So, while Team G has the yuri and the tone I love, Team NIII has My Kami in addition to my NGT Oshii, and I have been falling in love with Katomina more than usual too! So as you see I can’t decide here which Team’s MV I like best!

Not only about the members but the Team NIII MV is so much fun that it is enough to take on the yuri in the G MV. But there is also the fact that most of the yuri is unrequited! Hell, even the centers Hinatan and Rika wasn’t as straight a romance. It was apparent from Rika’s side that she liked Hinatan. Even to the present time when they meet in the streets years since their school days, there is still something there but just like those years ago, Hinatan is still afraid and in denial but Rika has accepted the reality of things.

Back in the past, there is a moment where Rika leaves, after a bout of jealousy and we see that Hinata’s eyes follows her, telling us that she knows what is happening but either she really did not feel the same way about Rika or she did but was to afraid.

Meanwhile we have a canon ship going on with Ayutaro (Nakamura Ayuna) and Tsugumin (Oguma Tsugumi). I call it canon because in both the present and the past they were legit and the others it seemed knew of their relationship as they didn’t seem to have a problem with their intimacy! This, this ship is why I am actually writing about this MV in the first place! Seriously, those have moments similar to =LOVE’s Teokure CAUTION and the only thing missing was the kiss! Kind of too much to expect but hey, 6 years ago Kanon was like 13, when she kissed a 16 year old Kuumin (SKE48’s Kataomoi FINALLY single)

God, has it really been 6 years since then?! And yet not another 48G MV has managed to get close to that level of GAYNESS! Does anyone know where to purchase a time-machine please?

Meanwhile on the other side, Katomina makes you break ribs with her antics that totally reminded me of Takamina! She was like someone possessed by the 1st Soukantoku! Seriously, she was like her to the T! I totally see why she was chosen as the next Captain of the whole NGT48 (and Team NIII).

Also of course there was some good moments between her and Yukirin, in both the dance parts and the other parts of the MV. Like when she jumped into Yukirin’s solo takes, or when Yukirin had her hands on Katomina’s butt trying to straighten her posture with the help of Ogiyuka and Gatanee.

And the girls were all so lovely! It is the sexy MV, which is where the comedy came from as we know Takamina did not do sexy at all and here Katomina was channelling the perfect takamina (I love how their names rhyme by the way)!

Yeah, Team G also did sexy, in the present timeline where they are grown-up but I only found Ayutaro and Mihachan (Nara Miharu) to fit the bill good enough. Speaking of Mihachan, is she turning into a looker or is it just me?

Anyway, that is all I have to say about this 2 months old single. The A side this time around wasn’t that grand, well when compared to the others. And I am still awaiting a true A side yuri MV! Skip for all the caps…

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TRUTH or DRINK [Short Film]

TRUTH OR DRINK - short film - YouTube.MKV - 00123
TRUTH OR DRINK - short film - YouTube.MKV - 00021 TRUTH OR DRINK - short film - YouTube.MKV - 00019
TRUTH OR DRINK - short film - YouTube.MKV - 00054 TRUTH OR DRINK - short film - YouTube.MKV - 00063
TRUTH OR DRINK - short film - YouTube.MKV - 00045

Well hello and good evening!

Nothing major, just another wonderful, wonderful lesbian short film, this time courtesy of the wild, wild West! So short in fact, it puts the ‘short’ in short film, at a mere 0:04:49 of runtime!

You would not expect anything from something so short, I mean, this is Music Video levels of runtime and we all know how those never make sense at all! They are like visual poems and less than 10% of people know what the story is outside of the creator themselves!

But fear not. The one who came up with this short knew what they were doing and what had to be done! In less than 5 minutes you get all you need to get! You understand that our two girls are best friends, and probably since childhood. You understand that Jessie (Kelsey, dark hair) has been harbouring strong romantic feelings for Mimi (Diane, blonde), for Lord only knows how long! You understand the naivete of Mimi and how she’s been so oblivious to Jessie’s feelings but also having deep lost attraction for Jessie. Continue reading

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Writers Retreat [Movie]

W.R.2015.1080p.AMZN.WEB-DL.DDP5.1.H.264-NTG.mkv - 00262
W.R.2015.1080p.AMZN.WEB-DL.DDP5.1.H.264-NTG.mkv - 00052 W.R.2015.1080p.AMZN.WEB-DL.DDP5.1.H.264-NTG.mkv - 00053
W.R.2015.1080p.AMZN.WEB-DL.DDP5.1.H.264-NTG.mkv - 00165
W.R.2015.1080p.AMZN.WEB-DL.DDP5.1.H.264-NTG.mkv - 00105 W.R.2015.1080p.AMZN.WEB-DL.DDP5.1.H.264-NTG.mkv - 00142
W.R.2015.1080p.AMZN.WEB-DL.DDP5.1.H.264-NTG.mkv - 00265
Writers Retreat

Let me tell you dear Readers, watching this 2015 movie and seeing Poppy Drayton in a lesbian role was pretty shocking! Shocking, because I had just seen her play a Disney Princess role as a mermaid in the Live Action version of THE LITTLE MERMAID! There was literally only a week apart from me seeing the Little Mermaid and then watching Writers Retreat! It was almost as weird as seeing Chloe Grace Morez in THE MISEDUCATION OF CAMERON POST!

And I told you I don’t go out looking for movies with this type of ships! They just seem to find me these days! It is not an easy pill to swallow, especially since this is a 2015 movie, way before even SHANNARA Chronicles (*winkwink*) but believe me, they just find me!

There are some roles you don’t expect actors to take and Chloe and Poppy taking on lesbian roles is one of them! I mean, we all dream of them taking such roles but we dream because they seem unlikely, well, these days apparently everything is possible! Now if only that extended to my life! I am in need of that lotto win!

Anyway back to the movie at hand, I have mentioned it a couple of times already but I am a huge sucker for couples that save one another, especially those who are willing to give up their lives for their loved ones! I mean, there is no higher respect or stronger love than that which would make anyone do anything in their power to save their Loves, even if it cost them their very lives!

This is the case here! Sorry to dump this on you just like that but hey, this movie has been out since 2015, even though that’s no excuse as I have only just discovered it as well! But yeah, Jo (Poppy’s character), had a BAD END but this does not mean the movie was shit or if this is just another bury-your-gays cliché! I mean okay, we buried a gay but it is much more than that! It made sense here in the story and it wasn’t just thrown in just ‘cause!

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