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Teokure CAUTION – Moving Picture Ver

tcm16 tcm20
tcm22 tcm26

I hope your Bandwidth is ready for some because as it says on the tin, this is a full on Moving Picture post!

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No More Gaming! I Said…

The Last of Us Part II – E3 2018 Gameplay Reveal Trailer - PS4.MKV - 00102
The Last of Us Part II – E3 2018 Gameplay Reveal Trailer - PS4.MKV - 00048 The Last of Us Part II – E3 2018 Gameplay Reveal Trailer - PS4.MKV - 00138
The Last of Us Part II – E3 2018 Gameplay Reveal Trailer - PS4.MKV - 00027
The Last of Us Part II – E3 2018 Gameplay Reveal Trailer - PS4.MKV - 00081 The Last of Us Part II – E3 2018 Gameplay Reveal Trailer - PS4.MKV - 00131
The Last of Us Part II – E3 2018 Gameplay Reveal Trailer - PS4.MKV - 00151
The Last of Us Part II – E3 2018 Gameplay Reveal Trailer - PS4.MKV - 00002CVC

I swear to you dear Readers! I was so done with video games so hard I sold my console and swore to never play video games ever again! I was done with The Last Of Us and considered it the peak of gaming along with Tomb Raider (2013)! I thought I had all I needed from games!

I was wrong!

E3 just happened as we all know and probably as we all know a few saliva-inducing trailers were dropped including the sequel to one of the best games ever made! Hands down the best trailer of E3 2018 and I will fight whoever thinks otherwise!

Yes, KOJIMA’s Death Stranding was awesome but we can all agree that we spent more time trying to figure out what the hell was going on than actually enjoying it so The Last Of Us Part II trailer takes the cake!

Everything was literally perfect about this trailer! The editing, the game play, the soundtrack, the quality…Oh God the quality!!!! Of course it had to be one of the very few that the Sony YouTube channel released in glorious 4K! And I ate it all up like it was Caramel and banana flavoured ice Cream in this hot damn weather!!!

You could clearly see all the emotions in Ellie’s face during the cut scene, hell, I think I saw her dimples wink at me! Her eyes, Jesus! I haven’t even played the game, nay, don’t even know the release date yet but I am declaring this the Best Game Ever (Bring it on Death Stranding!”

But let’s talk about the actual content – and by that I mean of course the RAINBOWS!!!! Finally, after being teased in the first game, then being half fed in the DLC, now we finally get to explore Ellie’s relationship, or the GAY side of it! It’s five years later so no experimental bullshit, and really, having just NTR’d her Pal’s girlfriend (or Ex since they are broken up) there is no turning back and I hope to the good God that their relationship is explored in the actual game! Like, you can’t just steal someone’s girl, well, no one’s girl but you just told him they would get back together and seem to support them then you go and…

Though to be fair this was all on Dina! That girl was not playing!!! She just straight up walked over to Ellie, took her glass and drank the rest of her drink, then proceeded to drag her onto the dance floor, guided Ellie’s hands onto her hips, seduced the heck out of her with the ‘do I smell tactic’ (It works!?!) then straight up kissed her not once, not twice, but three damn times for good measure!

There is no ‘mistakes’ about those kisses!

And speaking of the new Flame…Dina straight up made this trailer with her dialogue! It had double meanings both literally and figuratively! But which is which depends on the context! if we are talking about the dance floor then the literal meaning would be that Dina says the people around them are afraid of Ellie because she just won the girl (and probably many more if she wanted)!

And I am jumping ahead so let me take a step back and explain!

You see as they dance, Ellie notices that everyone was staring at them which she concluded that they were staring at Dina, since she had been putting on a show that even Ellie could not resist (Seriously, there were stars in her eyes as she watched Dina dance)! But Dina says to her that maybe they were watching her instead. She says that they might have been jealous!

Ellie can’t comprehend why they would be? She was just a girl (She knew they were talking about someone winning Dina for the night)! Dina answers that they should be afraid of Ellie! She then does the thing and Ellie does the thing and when the answer is green they kiss, twice, and as the camera spans over around them, we transition (masterfully and beautifully) into the figurative side where Ellie straight up murders some fools with arrows, machetes and guns!

Yes, she is not only figuratively to be feared but she is also to be literally feared and then after the murder spree showing how frikkin Alpha Ellie is, we transition right back onto the dance floor where they go in for that one final kiss and the emotions in Ellie’s eyes…

I am sorry but these are game graphics, right?!


Excuse me Naughty Dog Studios but I don’t care if the game is coming out in five years, just put up that pre-order option and you have my money right now!


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Hitomaika II – Teokure CAUTION BTS

=LOVE - Teokure CAUTION Making.mkv - 00244
=LOVE - Teokure CAUTION Making.mkv - 00833 =LOVE - Teokure CAUTION Making.mkv - 00810
=LOVE - Teokure CAUTION Making.mkv - 00665
=LOVE - Teokure CAUTION Making.mkv - 00968 =LOVE - Teokure CAUTION Making.mkv - 01009
Kono Yubi S2 - 01.ts - 00009
=LOVE - Teokure CAUTION Making.mkv - 00164 =LOVE - Teokure CAUTION Making.mkv - 00968
sweating gif 2

The only thing that this group and its Management has done wrong so far is not releasing their LIVE performances either online or on physical media! Everything else is PERFECT!

As I said before I waited for the internetz but it let me down so I had to go and do it myself – and by that I mean I had to buy the CD myself to see if there was Making Of of this PV or not! Needless to say, yes, there was a Making Of, sweet 18 minutes of goodness!

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Hitomaika I – Maika’s Dream

Hi all,

First I wish to apologize for the lack of content lately but my days are crazy busy.

Anyway, prepare for some Hitomaika (Takamatsu Hitomi and Sasaki Maika of =LOVE) posts in the following days! This ship is my current jam and do I have some content!! It all started with a video I saw while I was on holiday in Japan around Christmas. It was of Maika, Hitomi and Emiri promoting the second (Christmas) single. I wanted to make a post about it with the title – 10 MINUTES OF SHAMELESS FLIRTING but after that more content kept showing up and U kept holding on saying I will do it all in one go and now it is too much for one post so split they will be.

Having de-throned Anrisa (Yamamoto Anna and Otoshima Risa) as my OTP, Hitomaika rules my =LOVE life now, in terms of shipping. And just like clock-work, thanks to the ship, Maika also dethroned Risa as my Oshi but this is nothing new. It has almost happened every single time! It did with the Oshimas and Yukirin for AKB, Sayanee and Maachun in NMB, Kuumin and Rena in SKE, Gatanee-> OgiYuka -> Hinata in NGT and so on and so forth.

Anyway back to the topic at hand, the video is an excerpt of the cooking showroom hosted by Maika and Anna with special guests. Iori and I think Kiara were present. In this part of the video Iori shares the story of Maika waking up crying, only the day before. That’s right, you all Iori/Maika shippers out there, those two had a sleep over, which I think they have often judging from all the showrooms they do together.

Iori tells the story of how Maika woke up in a complete mess of emotions, crying her eyes out and when asked what was wrong Maika tells her that Hitomi is dead! A point after which a crying Maika picked up her phone and called Hitomi to ask her if she was alive, all still in a teary mess! Poor Hitomi was apparently mortified and told her to stop it and how it was bad luck, which is an understandable reaction but it is not what the dream means but more on that soon.

I want to say that the reason we don’t get a lot of Hitomaika showroom content is because they live pretty far apart. And as Maika said here in the video, as for what might have been the cause of that dream, it is because she hadn’t seen Hitomi for a long while. Which reminds me that Maika wasn’t present in =LOVE’s recent showroom show with (with Anna, Risa and Mirinyan) because they were in (Osaka I believe?) for a handshake event and stayed longer for some radio shows.

I am pretty sure if they lived close I would be drowning in their showrooms and Maika definitely would have run to Hitomi’s house that very morning to make sure with her own eyes that she was alive.

Anyway, Maika says that she looked up the meaning of dreaming about a friend’s death and she found out that if you hadn’t seen that friend for a while and dreamed of them dying it meant that they were precious to you. Then she says that it sank in her that Hitomi was precious to her and closed it with a laugh but on my side of the world I was screaming…

IN GAY!!!!

Seriously, these two get better and better with the more content I find out about them! Which is really saying a lot because before this video, I had just watched the making of the third single “Teokure Caution”, the real making of which is on the DVD (I bought it because the internet seems hell-bent on holding onto =LOVE content and not sharing, seriously, where can one watch those FRESH TV episodes?!!! You let me down internet!)

Fear not though, you have me, your friendly neighborhood Black Gaykikara! That making of will probably be the next post!

Seriously, I can’t believe Maika dreamed of Hitomi, woke up crying, and even called her to make sure she was alive! I mean, who does that?! You know it is a dream, you are not a baby, one should be able to remember that she is alive in the real world. The only explanation is if your feelings are so strong that even a possibility is too much! Which means Maika’s feelings are….Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

Oh how I wish that the next time they first meet after this dream is on one of the live feeds >.<

And thanks a lot to Iori for bringing up the subject because I doubt we would have otherwise learned of it! If it means getting info like this, Iori, you have my permission to stay close to Maika! Keep bringing that delicious info to us!

Anyway, that’s it. See ya around

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[News] Maleficent 2 in Production!!!


I don’t into Disney but when I do, it’s either Elsa, The White Queen or MALEFICENT!

And almost on the clock Maleficent 2 is upon us! 2010 was Alice in Wonderland, 2014 was Maleficent and now we have ourselves a sequel (Through the Looking Glass didn’t happen, okay?!!) You all know how I feel about the first movie. I couldn’t shut up about it, from every single trailer to it coming out!

Maleficent and Aurora are back *Screams in gay* but they are not alone! Look at the set chairs above…That’s right, The Snow Queen is coming!!


Yes, I am with you. I too hoped it would the Elsa somehow coming to the Live Action but alas! Michelle though, I have no qualms whatsoever! I am already salivating at the prospect of the magic battle between the two (if Queen Ingrid does indeed have magic too, which then would make her Elsa so…)

What if it is over Princess Aurora?!

Ok, I got to stop making my brain puff steam! But I can’t help it! Either Queen Ingrid plays the card to turn Aurora against Maleficent, splits them up by insisting that she is family and Aurora should be with her family (that did not work out very well last time but the King was a dick so), or Queen Ingrid turns out to be evil.

Either way, I am there! And I know the core relationship will be between Aurora and Maleficent anyway.

Then again with the shit Disney pulled with Alice the Non-existent sequel…

No, stay positive BG!!!

Just looking at those pics of Angelina and Elle on set make are turning me back to 2014!


PS: Sorry about the top image. I just had a thought of The White Queen and Maleficent being in the same movie and I nearly wet myself (ahem)…


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