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Fic – Strange Love [Sharp Objects]

strange love

Hi all,

So, there is great YouTuber that I follow, and if you aren’t then do it right now because they do lesbian MVs like no other, with the name of Victor Françoso. They go by a different username on the SPIRITFANFICTION.COM website where they originally published this story – DarthJones.

Victor is writing a SHARP OBJECTS story titled STRANGE LOVE, that’s one everyone never knew they wanted but one we all need! Especially if you are a Ammille (Amma x Camille) shipper like myself! It not only takes place right after the series’ ending but it throws a curve ball to where those that have read the book, are concerned. We do not know if what happened in the book is what happened in the show world after Camille discovers the truth about Amma’s dollhouse, so really, you could even call this story right here a kind of unreleased continuation to the TV Series.

I loved this story so much, even with my dismiss-able Google Translations that I just had to share it. I commented to Victor asking if it was okay to share it as an English Translation and I was given the thumbs up, which I took as the go ahead. So please, let it be known that this is not my story! I am only converting it into English for those who want in on the action but hate Chrome or something…I might have thrown in something there but only to flow the sentences not to change anything. Anyway I will give Victor the link so they can tell you all and I if a translation is wrong and they meant it a different way.

This is Fan Fiction based on SHARP OBJECTS and if you have watched the show you know how mature it is! Heck, even the UK Blurays are rated 18, and this being Fiction, you know that rating is going to be multiplied by over 9000 lemons! So it goes without saying that if you are under 18, close this tab right now and move on!

I repeat, Over 18s only!

Other warnings go without question: Violence, Incest, Underage, Gayness, Language, Tragedy, Alcohol, Drugs, Nudity and Self-harm.

If you have the stomach for all that, then by all means, jump ahead for the first chapter!

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Vid – Fetish [Gypsy]


A Jean and Sydney (Netflix’s Gypsy) Vid.

Yes, another one. I rarely do multiple videos on the same ship but this was requested by a User on YouTube and it has stayed with me all this time (REQ’d in 2017 >.<).

But better late than never, right?



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Vid – Wrapped Up [Thoroughbreds]


I have a confession to make! I just developed a spontaneous crush on Anya Taylor-Joy and I just couldn’t help it but just make a video about this movie which I already watched. For some reason it clicked a lot more the second time around so resistance was futile!

Now I am off to watch THE WITCH and SPLIT and soon her other movie NEW MUTANTS will grace us with its presence (hopefully soon)!

Anyway, enjoy!

Anya is Love, Anya is Life!


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[Pics] Team B – Kawaii dake ja nai Concert

teamb-13 teamb-63 teamb-60
teamb-19 teamb-29

Source of images @modelpress

So, yesterday Takahashi Team B (That would be Takahashi Juri to the newbies, welcome by the way) had their solo concert leading up to the Request Hour of this year. In case no one knows, Yukirin is everything to me and of course that would mean that Team B comes with the territory as my favourite Team.

This time around though there are a lot of girls and I have to confess that I am not yet familiar with all of them, especially the new Team 8 (I know the first gens) and the KKS girls! But I am getting there and having watched a few stages and the new Concert releases, I am getting there!

I am not sure if I talked about this new Team before. Usually I talk about all new Team B formations so I am going to briefly mention my thoughts on this new Team and might get back to it later once I have gotten to know all the girls. And sadly the team has already lost girls. Miyu is gone and Hiichan is off to Korea for two years as a member of I-ZONE but at least they left behind one performance with all the rest in that first performance during the ‘Jaabbajaatte nani?”  concert.

I was of course saddened too that Rei-chan left and that Sayaya did not come back cause I still don’t understand the reasons for the Team Ballots if the members we going to be shifted to different teams later on anyway! I guess it could be worse, Yukirin could have been transferred out of Team B, which as of now, that would be a crime against the Universe and I am sure that it would fight back to right that wrong and bring balance back to life!

What’s done is done so I loved on to appreciate the new Team and the first thing I was happy about was Juri! I really loved her and Yukirin’s interactions during, what I like to call Yukirin’s 2nd stage (after B5 – Theatre no Megami) which most know as SS7! Just search for SS7 on Aidoru!Online in case you want that stage! I really love SS7 and correct me if I am wrong but it is not over yet, right? There hasn’t been a Last Performance stage for it, right? I really love that stage, especially LOVE TRIP! Yukirin nails that song so hard!

So when Juri came over to Team B, and not only that but she is the captain, I was really happy. I wanted to see their continued chem and bickering! In terms of people, the other choice I was really happy about was Megu! I have a really soft spot for that girl! And especially when she is paired with Yukirin. Which of course means that you won’t be surprised when I say that I got into her after I saw her and Yukirin’s Temo Demo Namida. They have an energy to them that is kind of similar! Just look at the pics above!

Another great thing about this new team, is actually in the title they chose for this concert. They are not only cute (which is an image that has been long associated with Team B, no matter the members) but they are much more this time around! Not only do we have Oya Shizuka but we have Nakanishi Shiori as well! That there is the comedians and Yukirin and Juri fall a little in that department! In addition, a lot of the girls are mature which gives it that mature and sexy identity as well. In addition to that, they have also added girls to give it that cool factor, mostly from Team 8 but looking at the images from yesterday’s concert, most of them just need the reason and they have their game faces on!

Speaking of, they apparently performed BEGINNER, RIVER and NO WAY MAN! in succession! Talk about over-tuning expectations! Of course they are cute too, this is Team B we are talking about! It can turn anyone cute! To think that the eldest member on AKB48 is in this team, and that she is still the staple of Idol image…hehehe

I am loving this team as time goes by and I can’t wait for this concert to drop! Now if you will forgive me, I am off to watch their Stage that came with the Concert Blurays so I can enjoy Theatre no Megami 2.0 in full quality!


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Vid – Runaway With My Heart [Runaways]


Better late than never!

So here is that Runaways video no one was waiting for (if you were, why weren’t you asking for it?!).

It’s a good thing that I was working on this one along side another. That other video was supposed to be uploaded some days ago but I could not render it. Days and days spent on that video and I have to scrap it!!!!

If anyone wants to know, it was a multi…um…ship with three movie sources. These movies are A GIRL AT MY DOOR, FRAGILE and THE GIRL WITH ALL THE GIFTS! If anyone has watched them, you will probably understand when I say that maybe the render failing was a blessing? I am pretty sure it would have ruffled a bunch of feathers! But I did not care, the movies exist so I am not going to ignore them just because of ALT-RIGHTs!

Anyway I am lucky in that I was making this alongside it and only paused because I was waiting for the second season as the first one alone did not have enough material! And so I was able to finish it up sooner.

I hope you like.



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Hitomaika VII – A Goddess!


Dear Readers, not long ago I had a wish!

That wish was that someone would just point me in the right direction or share the special photo sets of =LOVE’s 3rd Gay Single Teokure CAUTION!

Since there was post on the matter since then (August), you can conclude that there was zero success…until now!

Well, Maika-sama just granted my Wish!

Maika is indeed the second coming! She brought miracles! She all but dumped all images I was looking for the most, her and Maika and her and Iori! Jump over for the proof of the tweets (I touched up the images a little obvi) and the images themselves.

Like, what did I do to deserve this girl! I don’t think I do!

A happy new month to a lovely new year you all!

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[Pics] Happy New Year!


To all my Favourite Idols and lovely Readers!

All the best wishes in the New Year of 2019!

Have a good night!

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