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“Is This a Butterfly?”

2.06 million!!! 1.29 million!! 1.04 million views!?!!


Alright guys, this is not funny! Who hacked My YouTube Channel! Come on, confess! I just wanna talk! I promise!

This is all a dream, isn’t it!?! I mean where the hell are all these views coming from?! Just…just look up there! I don’t even have 10000 subscribers yet I have those many views?!

Na-uh, I ain’t having this Granny’s Peach Tea!

Seriously though, thank you all who have contributed to the clicks! Thank you to those that have spread the word! Sure I don’t have the subs (not that I demand any, I only do what I like and if others happen to like it all the better! You won’t see me asking people to subscribe or like a video because I think it should be up to them! If they like it they will leave a like, if they like you they will subscribe)

Anyway thank you so very much!


I guess I have to reward the views but getting back to making videos, not that I have been slacking off!

Anyway, good day to you all, I know I am having a great one!




A_8f4fcf99-c54c-43a4-946e-cc67941bf191_2048x B_bd8a70cf-46b5-42cd-8532-55f11d0c5c76_2048x
B_abd21c3b-500a-428b-ac44-9a1ec29615c8_2048x A_0f8f4dcd-2bac-4803-9d44-fb5fa639df01_2048x
B_ef31ea8c-54d6-4033-8d57-904c95a95f43_2048x 296c50f7f0968f494741b3d3e1787a17_299b05f8-9879-4bf1-a6de-18ac1ced7b64_2048x
8f5c112f81062b38c631efbacfd5fe2d_7c76436a-80a6-4b4a-87cb-1a1e16e88cfd_2048x 81070568b10ae181a2af7a3d6befdbbb_795d382c-a38d-442c-afe4-b5284de1265b_2048x
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$160.00 (+ SP)!!!

Me: Madness…!





Also for crying out loud, took you long enough PLAIN ARCHIVE! I mean, if anything deserves to be perfected, the greatest lesbian movie of all time is it but everything on here better be in English or so Lord help me…

Who am I kidding, I am already salivating at the work that went into this! I haven’t seen this big a release from the get go like this! Usually variations come as time goes by but not The HANDMAIDEN!

Can! Not! Wait!

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[News] …I Don’t Believe It!


giphy (2)

We are not about to get a Negima show with Ikoma as Negima and my new Team 8 flame Utada Hatsuka as part of the cast! I don’t believe it! This is a dream! It gotta be!


I..I literally have no words


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[News] Maleficent 2 in Production!!!


I don’t into Disney but when I do, it’s either Elsa, The White Queen or MALEFICENT!

And almost on the clock Maleficent 2 is upon us! 2010 was Alice in Wonderland, 2014 was Maleficent and now we have ourselves a sequel (Through the Looking Glass didn’t happen, okay?!!) You all know how I feel about the first movie. I couldn’t shut up about it, from every single trailer to it coming out!

Maleficent and Aurora are back *Screams in gay* but they are not alone! Look at the set chairs above…That’s right, The Snow Queen is coming!!


Yes, I am with you. I too hoped it would the Elsa somehow coming to the Live Action but alas! Michelle though, I have no qualms whatsoever! I am already salivating at the prospect of the magic battle between the two (if Queen Ingrid does indeed have magic too, which then would make her Elsa so…)

What if it is over Princess Aurora?!

Ok, I got to stop making my brain puff steam! But I can’t help it! Either Queen Ingrid plays the card to turn Aurora against Maleficent, splits them up by insisting that she is family and Aurora should be with her family (that did not work out very well last time but the King was a dick so), or Queen Ingrid turns out to be evil.

Either way, I am there! And I know the core relationship will be between Aurora and Maleficent anyway.

Then again with the shit Disney pulled with Alice the Non-existent sequel…

No, stay positive BG!!!

Just looking at those pics of Angelina and Elle on set make are turning me back to 2014!


PS: Sorry about the top image. I just had a thought of The White Queen and Maleficent being in the same movie and I nearly wet myself (ahem)…


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A Simple Favor [Trailer]

A Simple Favor - HD-Trailers.net (HDTN)_2.mov - 00005
A Simple Favor - HD-Trailers.net (HDTN)_2.mov - 00015 A Simple Favor - HD-Trailers.net (HDTN).mov - 00012
A Simple Favor - HD-Trailers.net (HDTN)_2.mov - 00001
A Simple Favor - HD-Trailers.net (HDTN)_2.mov - 00047 A Simple Favor - HD-Trailers.net (HDTN)_2.mov - 00041
A Simple Favor - HD-Trailers.net (HDTN)_2.mov - 00002

Wow, talk about bait!

Here we have Anna Kendrick, the Anna Kendrick, looking all smote with one hot and irresistible Blake Lively, the two having this thing going on that seems to be way beyond simple friendship, and you know fishes are gonna bite!

I am one of them!

Usually a trailer gives away how the movie will look in terms of vfx and cinematography and I tell you now, I am just salivating at what this movie will look like! I love artistic movies and this promises to be one of them first of all. I am also expecting a smoothly edited movie, that takes its time with scenes, lets you soak in everything before cutting away and this looks to be it too.

So, even without the one master reason, I am already going to watch this when it comes out!

Speaking of the main reason, which is of course GAYNESS, if you just watch the trailers you can’t help but ship Stephanie (Anna) and Emily (Blake). Even in those few minutes you can just sense something in the air and it is not one-sided! It sure as hell doesn’t help that Emily is perspiring hotness and Stephanie looks like a girl with her first crush!

If you don’t know more than that you might wonder then what I mean when I say BAIT. Well, first of all this movie is based off a book with the same title by Darcey Bell. I am of course going to be buying and reading it and while I have a feeling I might regret it, I will still watch the movie because these days you never know, adaptations have started taking liberties with the source material and the movie might go a different route or sprinkle in some stardust!

Anyway these two all have kids, which means husbands and boyfriends but what’s confusing, and perhaps might be telling of some changes from the book (only speculating), in the trailer Stephanie says that she only met Emily a few weeks prior but they consider each other Best Friends? That doesn’t add up!

But then again, the way Stephanie looks at Emily can only be from people that have only recently met (and smitten by).

The story is of course a thriller, which is funny since they both starred alongside Batman Ben Affleck in thrillers; The Accountant (Anna) and The Town (Blake), it is almost as if he rubbed off on them.

Anyway, there is going to be emotions and just seeing the two suffering in the trailers already has me choking up so I know I am in for a wild ride! I wonder if the story will turn out to be like Gone Girl, in that Emily…Okay, I need to get off Ben’s…er…you know what.

Anyway, I am getting that book, like I did Sharp Objects and The Girl With All The Gifts (a movie that took liberties too BTW) and I am also def going to see that movie!


Any who, that is all.


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LAIKA [Trailer]

映画「ライカ」今関あきよし監督作品―予告編 on Vimeo.MP4 - 00;08;52.703
映画「ライカ」今関あきよし監督作品―予告編 on Vimeo.MP4 - 00;20;05.308 映画「ライカ」今関あきよし監督作品―予告編 on Vimeo.MP4 - 00;22;14.591
映画「ライカ」今関あきよし監督作品―予告編 on Vimeo.MP4 - 00;10;42.965
映画「ライカ」今関あきよし監督作品―予告編 on Vimeo.MP4 - 00;06;21.234 映画「ライカ」今関あきよし監督作品―予告編 on Vimeo.MP4 - 00;34;17.515
映画「ライカ」今関あきよし監督作品―予告編 on Vimeo.MP4 - 00;44;13.937 映画「ライカ」今関あきよし監督作品―予告編 on Vimeo.MP4 - 00;47;03.499
映画「ライカ」今関あきよし監督作品―予告編 on Vimeo.MP4 - 00;49;17.224


Another collaboration between Japan and another country?! You betcha I am so there for this! The last time we had a similar collab it was with France and as you remember we got ourselves a hidden gem in FLARE! I already know this is going to be good! I already know I am going to cry like a baby! I already know this movie is going to look absolutely stunning! And I also already know the chances of a Blu-ray of this are very slim…


Just like FLARE, LAIKA is also titled after our main girl and in this case it is Laika, played by Miyajima Sae who went from a theatre actress to winning best Newcomer Award for this movie. Our other girl meanwhile is played by multi-talented Kseniya Alistratova – skilled in dance, piano, skating, skiing and so much more.

Also just like FLARE there seems to be promise of some real serious drama in this movie that is so desperately missing in most Hollywood movies but really, I guess that is why Indie Films like this one exist – To keep Art alive!

But really, those two words ‘TABOO’ and ‘LOVE’ already had me salivating at this movie so…

Any who, this just basically finished its cinema run so the wait for that DVD is going to be torturous! But you know how the saying goes – Good things come to those who…

I’ll be waiting!

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Nacchan wa Mada Shinjuku [Trailer]

「なっちゃんはまだ新宿」予告編 - YouTube.MKV - 00050 「なっちゃんはまだ新宿」予告編 - YouTube.MKV - 00036
「なっちゃんはまだ新宿」予告編 - YouTube.MKV - 00039 「なっちゃんはまだ新宿」予告編 - YouTube.MKV - 00058
「なっちゃんはまだ新宿」予告編 - YouTube.MKV - 00048

Oh, hi there Yuu-chan, it’s been so long! We missed you!

Actually she is quite active on social media. She is ln LINE, she is on YouTube, she is on Instagram. She is on Twitter…Jesus, the girl is everywhere. SO I guess it is on me for not finding out sooner!

But anyway, there is new movie of hers that just raised my curiosity. It seems to be something we have seen before a lot of times already and it is probably not gonna have a GOOD END but once again, I commend effort, even if in the end that effort is thrown out when they realise they can’t go in the intended direction but have to conform to some unseen force field.

Please Art, come back!

Anyway Yuu-chan (Sugimoto Yuko, ex-HKT48 1st Gen member BTW to those who don’t know) plays Nacchan, who I am pretty confident is going to turn out to be a figment of our main girl Aino/Ai-chan’s imagination (played by Ikeda Natsumi). Meanwhile I can see Ai-chan and her other friend having this thing where they are in love with the same guy and with a little chance, one of them having a crush on the other. Yeah, it’s little but if there is even a 1% chance…you know the rest! Besides, if Schoolgirl Complex could do it (albeit without a guy but with three girls) so can this one!

But, as you know I hate threesomes, no matter what combinations they come in! So I guess I shouldn’t be wishing for one here!

Anyway the meat of everything is between Nacchan and Ai-chan! Even if it turns out to be just Ai-chan’s imagination, in which case there has to be a strong basis for it anyway, I am good. I have seen a good deal of ‘all in my head’ type of movies, one actually like last night, so count me in.

The DVD is set to be released sometime in May so you best believe it I a going to be getting it. Sadly for now it seems you can only pre-order it on those Japan-only sites but I am pretty sure the closer we get the international stores will be listing it as well.

Anyway, jump over for some pics, caps and the trailer…

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