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Never Rarely Sometimes Always [Trailer]

Never Rarely Sometimes Always trailer official from Berlin Film Festival 2020.mp4 - 00;49;07.114
Never Rarely Sometimes Always trailer official from Berlin Film Festival 2020.mp4 - 00;22;21.134 Never Rarely Sometimes Always trailer official from Berlin Film Festival 2020.mp4 - 00;01;28.035
NEVER RARELY SOMETIMES ALWAYS - Official Trailer #2 [HD] - In Select Theaters March 13.mp4 - 00;03;46.776 Never Rarely Sometimes Always trailer official from Berlin Film Festival 2020.mp4 - 00;47;21.530
Never Rarely Sometimes Always trailer official from Berlin Film Festival 2020.mp4 - 00;29;48.937

Hmm, this movie apparently came out March 13th? Where? I can’t find it anywhere!

Anyway, I am a sucker for movies like this! Even when they turn out to be merely subtext they always leave an impression that I just have to keep them with me! These deep friendship movies where two people face life together are really life fulfillers! They just give me that much needed emotional boost that I crave from now and then!

This one seems to be just that kind of movie! And I don’t know about you all but I am getting major vibes from these trailers! I am not sure if our two main girls are really cousins or if it was just a cover (why though? It’s usually friends in these kinds of situations, no?) but no matter which way you slice it, tying pinkies while one of them kisses a boy just sends my gaydar into a frenzy!!!

And okay, there is another big elephant in the room that we can’t ignore, that being that the reason they are eloping is because one of them is prego! It still takes lots of love and dedication to run away with your friend so you could help them with their problem! It is basically major breaking! But really, what are rules in the face of love?

I would have loved a bit more hints in the trailer to be sure but that one kiss scene somehow seems like a major bomb drop so I am all in and I won’t even mind if things don’t pan out! Like I said, I am a sucker for friends that would go to hell and back for each other and if some lines are blurred in the mix, all the better!

Anyway, jump over for the trailer and caps.


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Frag-time [Trailer]

映画『フラグタイム』予告編.mp4 - 00;24;12.448
映画『フラグタイム』予告編.mp4 - 00;12;58.829 映画『フラグタイム』予告編.mp4 - 00;33;41.637
映画『フラグタイム』予告編.mp4 - 00;10;07.717 映画『フラグタイム』予告編.mp4 - 00;25;45.178
映画『フラグタイム』予告編.mp4 - 00;44;01.758
Frag-time フラグタイム

Frag-time is an upcoming animated movie based on a two-volume manga about a girl who can stop time for 3 minutes. Little does she know that there is another girl, one of her classmates, that is not affected by the abnormality.

I am so interested in this movie and its concept and I can’t wait for it to hit shelves. Sadly, that is a long wait away as it hasn’t even come out in cinemas yet! But what I am not going to do is read the manga before I watch the movie. I’ve learned my lesson quite a lot in that aspect. I have come to understand that it is better to get to adaptations first before going into the source material, unless of course there is no choice and you have already been acquainted with the source long before the adaptation.

The concept first of all, is intriguing in and of itself. A girl that stops time and there is another that is unaffected! Both having a crush on each other! Basically, they are spending those three minutes in a world of their own with no one else in it! And better yet, they are spending it wisely (read, looking under other girls’ skirts and all such), going on dates and basically doing whatever they would never do in front of other people!

I’m really intrigued!

And I haven’t read the manga like I said but this promises to be an actual to goodness pure yuri movie! I haven’t gotten that from Japan in a long while! Least of all one that might end on a happy note (if you have read the manga, don’t you dare!!)

Anyway, watch the trailer and more caps after the jump.


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Legacies Spoilers – I’m not ready!

The Spoilers, the image selected, the wait time before the episode drops…

How to survive!?

Here I was crying in a corner because we Hizzie fam have seemingly been neglected but then out of nowhere, BAM!

I had my reservations for season 2, s2s always spoil the broth, usually by introducing different characters that screw up things and Legacies has already done that.

And yet…

Oh to hell with it, I don’t care what happens. I don’t care why a Hizzie episode is titled “Screw Endgame”, actually scratch that, why is it titled as such?! Are they telling us something!

Cosmic odds, I know but what are wishes and dreams for?!

Can’t wait for this episode! Get here already Nov 14th!


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[SWAG] So, It’s been a while…


…Since I got some swag from Japan, huh!

Well, I thought it was about time and as you can see, there was quite some collection. Some in fact I have yet to buy (hey, Japan is expensive!) but that will come later! There is still Christmas to come and New Years…and I always treat myself!

Two of the books are manuals, so to speak, for manga artists which have poses of girls, of course in yuri situations, so you gotta believe me when I tell you they are fantabulous! You can see all these lovely scenes from a 360 degree angle! Seriously, only an Idol video can be better than this!

One of the books is pure yuri (middle top) and of course we have School Girl Complex Vol.5! There is nothing to be said about that series! I mean they made a movie about it for crying out loud!

Then there is that Seiyuu magazine! If you look closely on the left edge, you will know why I bought it! And if you know, you know I am a bit too late in getting it! Way too late in fact! I was planning on making a post about this later but…maybe I should wait some more!

The DVDs have no yuri (well, I don’t know yet, there will definitely be subtext) but I got it first and foremost for Asakawa Nana-chan! Besides, we shall see when I get to watching them anyway!

If you wanna have a sneak peek inside, jump over for more


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Meanwhile in France…

Portrait of a Lady on Fire [Official Trailer] – In Theaters December 6, 2019.mp4 - 00;50;48.198 Portrait of a Lady on Fire [Official Trailer] – In Theaters December 6, 2019.mp4 - 01;00;58.823
Portrait of a Lady on Fire
Curiosa (2019) - Trailer (English Subs).mp4 - 00;37;39.921 - 00001
Curiosa (2019) - Trailer (English Subs).mp4 - 00;46;38.872 Curiosa (2019) - Trailer (English Subs).mp4 - 00;37;02.786
Curiosa (2019) - Trailer (English Subs).mp4 - 00;35;51.313

Female Directors are feeding us good with these take me back to the old days of French cinema pieces! I tell you all, it is great to see that art is not dying, well, not in other countries, America though…

Any who, here be two trailers that caught my eye of upcoming French movies, well, one is already out and about on the interwebs (not officially though) so I will be covering that when I watch it. The other one, being the one that is most relevant (but of course, since when are things easy?) we will have to wait for until November and even then it will be only in cinemas. Oh well, I can wait for anything that’s relevant and Portrait of a Lady on Fire is 1000% relevant, well, from what I’ve seen so far.

Interestingly, both movies star the same main Actress (Noemie) and while Portrait of a Lady is looking to be super gay, Curiosa lives up to its name and this is just curiosity here but hey, this is French cine so of course I am going to watch it!

I am also not going to touch upon how these two movies remind me of Fingersmith because it seems every movie now reminds me of Maud and Sue’s story in some way. Eh, it can’t be helped, Fingersmith and The Handmaiden are the gold standards of Lesbian Stories.

As for the Portrait movie, another thing to note is the other co-star, Adele. You all with good memory might remember her from one old gem Water Lilies where she played girl in the closet Floriane. Yes, she is that girl. Oh how time goes by!

But enough bore, jump over for the trailers and some images…

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