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Fragtime [Teaser]

映画『フラグタイム』特報.mp4 - 00;20;13.946
映画『フラグタイム』特報.mp4 - 00;11;22.924 映画『フラグタイム』特報.mp4 - 00;06;30.970
映画『フラグタイム』特報.mp4 - 00;28;06.468

Moritani Misuzu (short light hair) is, is a girl who can stop time but for three minutes. Murakami Haruka is Misuzu’s very popular classmate and the only one that is unaffected when Misuzu stops time.

Misuzu learns of Haruka’s special case when she tries to stop time while wearing Haruka’s skirt (I don’t know how), and she finds that she can’t. In the midst of being intrigued by this phenomena, Misuzu will find herself drawn to Haruka and eventually fall for her.

Meanwhile Haruka will use Misuzu’s ability to her advantage by making some weird requests of her ability to stop time. Some of which will hopefully include the trailer line of ‘Let me do whatever I want with you for three minutes’.

Sadly, we have to wait for a while for this movie as it doesn’t release in theatres until November and then add six months on that for the physical and yeah, almost a year before we get to enjoy this.

Oh well, at least it’s coming. I don’t remember the last time we had a yuri anime movie so this is great!

And since this is an adaptation, there is a manga that we can still enjoy. First time I’ve heard of it though so I might buy it just in case I can’t wait. I have learned my lesson to never read or watch the original before the adaptation if I can help it. I will try to wait after the movie to buy the manga, like I did for the movie TELL IT TO THE BEES.

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Yukirin no Natsu ga Hajimaru [Stage]

yukirin stage

June 30th START

So, another Yukirin Stage is on the way to us and shockingly, sooner than expected. The new stage, titled Boku no Natsu ga Hajimaruyo, which roughly translates to My Summer has begun or as I prefer, My Summer is Here, will start this month.

That’s June 30th.

That’s in like a week! And it’s not like they have just been keeping it a secret or anything. No, they have only begun and in fact Yukirin says that they have only practiced just two songs. The stage starts in approximately 10 days and they have only begun?

So, even though we won’t know what songs the stage has, it is Yukirin, so I am ready for another hit. She not only has great taste, but she’s got experience as well, having produced the 9th KKS stage before, whose setlist was hit.

We also know what the concept and the why of the stage. The why is that all AKB48 members can participate and that means all five teams of the group. The members will basically rotate out all the time until every member has performed. This is not about replacing the member that is out sick or busy, no, this is about everyone having a piece of that pie.

Members that would otherwise never have met on stage other than group concerts will meet in this stage. Like, this is a one of a kind stage and what better person to come up with such a selfless idea!

Yes, Yukirin took this idea to management herself and being such an awesome idea, they had no choice but to give the stamp of approval. Useless hacks, can’t even come up with new interesting concepts to the point of the members going to them.

Seriously, it’s been so long since I was excited about anything from this group. It’s now a shadow of its former self and that’s just sad. Their reality shows are boring, there are scarcely any outside projects. Concerts are a rarity and don’t get me started on those single lineups!

Something new and different like this Boku no Natsu stage is what we have been missing and while there won’t be new songs to go with that, it still puts some excitement into us elite fans.

The line-up for this stage is like this:

· Kashiwagi Yuki

· Oguri Yui

· Mukaichi Mion

· Yokoyama Yui (Might not make it for the 1st performance)

· Iwatate Saho

· Okabe Rin

· Okada Nana

· Komiyama Haruka

· Murayama Yuiri

· Asai Nanami

· Kurano Narumi

· Omori Maho

· Taniguchi Megu

· Fukuoka Seina

· Nishikawa Rei

· Yasuda Kana

· Suzuki Kurumi (Replacement for Yuihan in case)

And there you have it – the first batters of this new and intriguing stage!

I of course am more looking forward to Yukirin mingling with all these other girls, especially with YuiYui and Asai Nanami. Heh, what can I say? She got to me When I saw her in that AKBINGO special where she went on a drive with Yukirin, YuiYui, Shiichan and that other new Fisher girl. Her height first of all! She is I think even taller than Yukirin and she has that likeable soft personality on her that I just… She does remind me of Yukirin of the old too.

YuiYui is a no brainer. She is currently my crack ship with Yukirin. My previous was Matsui Rena so you can imagine what a big deal this is to me. Too bad AKS can’t even think of making another unique drama where their new Face is playing off their Best Elite.

But what’s new? Really?

Good thing this stage is only 10 days away because I can’t wait for it..


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Where We Belong [Trailer B]

Where We Belong (Official Trailer).mp4 - 00;14;11.400
Where We Belong (Official Trailer).mp4 - 00;25;03.140 Where We Belong (Official Trailer).mp4 - 00;23;45.138
Where We Belong (Official Trailer).mp4 - 01;03;28.379 Where We Belong (Official Trailer).mp4 - 01;02;37.902
Where We Belong (Official Trailer).mp4 - 00;21;09.427 - 00001 Where We Belong (Official Trailer).mp4 - 00;22;09.753
Where We Belong (Official Trailer).mp4 - 00;18;26.302

So, it turns out it was a marketing decision after all, that the first trailer was from Sue’s POV (if you read my first trailer post). As we can see here, this trailer is from Belle’s POV and it is about Sue where as the first trailer was from Sue’s POV and it was about Belle!

And while we are still on the first trailer subject, I got something wrong then and that is that there was no boy issues here and while I don’t think they are fighting over him, there is still one and it looks like there will be a fight in that department too. The question is, does Belle know?

This might be a marketing ploy but it makes me intrigued by how exactly the movie is structed! Maybe it won’t have any POVs at all and this is just for marketing purposes! Or maybe it will be a three POV story like Fingersmith? In that we will have a part from Sue’s (Jennis) POV, then off to Belle’s POV and finally the third POV? Either way  I will take it!

The way the trailers are cut is really very refreshing and interesting too. It is interesting to see the two sides of the coin! Like, 99% of stories you always get one side of the story so I pray that this movie subverts and gives us two different perspectives! Just from the trailers alone it was really enjoyable to see how different the two think of each other!

Like, Sue is like, Belle is my best friend but everyone thinks us a couple, but Belle on the other hand is like, Me and Sue are more than friends! Yeah, Belle definitely has it bad!

And that means this is going to be brutal and painful, that is if executed truthfully because these trailers are promising one heck of a rollercoaster! What are the actual feelings between them? I mean their actions are kind of questionable but while Belle seems to think there is something more between them, Sue on the other hand only thinks them best of friends and seems to have something going on with a guy!

Yeah, this is going to be painful and I can’t wait for it to appear on physical!

Anyway, jump over for the trailer and some pics…

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Where We Belong [Trailer]

Where We Belong (Official Teaser).mp4 - 00;47;33.370
Where We Belong (Official Teaser).mp4 - 00;15;05.473 Where We Belong (Official Teaser).mp4 - 00;16;01.458
Where We Belong (Official Teaser).mp4 - 00;20;20.668 Where We Belong (Official Teaser).mp4 - 00;43;00.349
Where We Belong (Official Teaser).mp4 - 00;23;41.808

First ever BNK48 post?

That it is! But as someone once upon a time said – Better Late Than Never, am I right? Especially since the other 48 sisters aren’t doing anything for me as of late unless Yukirin is involved.  I am sure you have noticed the lack of posts about them, surely!

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[News] Tomorrow…

Marvel's Runaways Season 2 Trailer (HD).mp4 - 00012
The Runaways Hold The Power Now in New Season 2 Trailer for 'Marvel's Runaways' - News - Marvel.ts - 00002 Marvel's Runaways- Season 2 Trailer (Official) - A Hulu Original - YouTube.mkv - 00007
Marvel's Runaways Season 2 Trailer (HD).mp4 - 00015 Marvel's Runaways Season 2 Trailer (HD).mp4 - 00005
The Runaways Hold The Power Now in New Season 2 Trailer for 'Marvel's Runaways' - News - Marvel.ts - 00024
Marvel's Runaways- Season 2 Trailer (Official) - A Hulu Original - YouTube.mkv - 00014 Marvel's Runaways- Season 2 Trailer (Official) - A Hulu Original - YouTube.mkv - 00015
The Runaways Hold The Power Now in New Season 2 Trailer for 'Marvel's Runaways' - News - Marvel.ts - 00035 The Runaways Hold The Power Now in New Season 2 Trailer for 'Marvel's Runaways' - News - Marvel.ts - 00041
The Runaways Hold The Power Now in New Season 2 Trailer for 'Marvel's Runaways' - News - Marvel.ts - 00022

Our Magical HandsTM Alien Baby Lesbian and her short-tempered Gothic Badass with a Cape Girlfriend are back in Season 2 of HULU’s The Runaways to end the year in lesbian style!

Good, good, Now I can finally make a video about them since I’ll have enough material to work with! I was taken by surprised in the first season and while I was one of the very few that saw the signs, I was still left in a dream-like state, not believing that they actually did it!

Now I am ready!