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C4mR0eXVUAAy3Ag.jpg large
01_2 C4mVAZDUcAEKLyJ.jpg large

Like, what do you even do?! What can one do when presented with that…that first pic?!

Look at it everyone, just, look at it!!!

All I can say is…Happy Valentine’s everyone.

I am also pretty sure I am going to sleep less than 3 hours today. No way my mind is going to shut off any time soon!


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Too Grande Yukirin!

C3aICZOVYAA1AKN.jpg orig
a84386d1029108d061d9d0afbf6b0f3c_o ca39f4c136fe4a559f270bef23f2b668_o

Like, look at her! Who wouldn’t want to follow her seeing her from behind like that! Aaah just looking at that top pic makes me want to cry! So good, so grande, I totally understand why the Kouhai flock to her!

Dear Photographer, thank you so very much! And hats off to you for you managed to capture THE Yukirin in your photos!

Thank you.

Yeah, I am writing just to say that but I couldn’t resist. I just came across these images on Yukirin’s thread from one of the Japanese boards taken during this year’s Request Hour, where NGT took No.1 BTW,  and I just had to share the feelings these images evoked in me.

I am just so proud to be a supporter of hers.


[Pics] Ah! My Goddess!!

002 011
Thank you for your creation God…

It has been a while since I sent a prayer to my Goddess, a very long while, so here is a post to show my love for her and to the members who love her with some pairing pics to feed my dear Readers’ souls.


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[Pics] Saki ~ Live Action Drama





To the Nationals!

Here be those pics from the small booklet that came with the Saki boxset I got a few days back. Speaking of which, it has four episodes, the ones that aired in December, which are kind of a prologue to the series come Feb. I say prologue but they are essentially the TV episodes up to the training camp in the show.

Of course that talk is for the actual episode posts but anyway, have some pics to those that are interested in knowing the girls a bit before the show commences next month.

I am so ready for this drama! Still blown away by this perfect casting! Anyway, see ya around…


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[Pics] Tokyo Girls’ Style MilleFeuille

Thank you blessed Avex and Co. We do not deserve your love but you keep on giving and giving! Thank you!

Such a small thing this PB is yet so awesome! I say small but only in the terms of the number of pages we got (at just over 30) but the size of the pages was A4!! I ain’t even mad at the poor quality of the photos, it was even probably on purpose! I am just so happy that once again they throw us fans a bone!

If only other Idol production companies followed your example! Know what your fans want (ship) and give them it! We got the ships we love in HitoMiyu and MeiYuri and even some crack yaoi in MiYuri and the inevitable threesome in HitoMiyuMei (Someone in Management ships MiyuMei hard).

It is so little a thing but oh so sweet! Indeed, great things come in small packages! Really, favourite JPop Group right here Ladies and gentlemen! And as promised, jump over ahead for the scans.


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[Pics] NGZ46 Holy Trinity & Ikominami

 utb031-18 utb023-11

God bless you UTB, God bless you!

Nott only did you give me something I have been craving for a while now in The original Three but you went a whole mile farther and gave me my Nogizaka Top Ship in Ikominami! Or is it that Ikominami gave us them!? Ahhh either way, what an awesome present this is?!

I wonder if this is a sign for the next single going back in formation? If it is not Reika or Kazumin for next Center, then my money is on Ikoma-kun, flanked by her right-hand man and waifu. Or maybe it will be a Minami center? Nah, there hasn’t been any signs in the front and you can usually tell who is going to be. Under Construction is a very spoilerly place actually if you pay attention.

Anyway, I am so happy this early in the year and unlike 2015, there is just nothing I can think of that will happen on the other side (bad karma) to negate my happies! That was the lowest blow I ever got dealt and I survived it so anything else is just cake walk!

What an issue though, this UTB volume! In addition to the Holy Trinity, I got my NGT48 Oshi (That’s Honma Hinata to those who did not know) and my Family 46 Kami Ikoma-kun appeared again, in another trio with none other than Nanasemaru and Kazumin! Talk about having your waifu in one basket! Yes, I am a huge shipper of Ikoma-kun and Nanasemaru! And so do I ship Nanase and Kazumin, especially after these recent episodes where they are just so pushed together. Who am I to resist?

If Girl Tears are my Kryptonite, Yuri is my Yellow Sun! It give me life, while Girl tears take it away!

In addition to those, the back cover was of none other than my Idol Goddess Yukir-I mean Black-sama, in her deadliest appearance yet for Lost in the Supermarket! Seriously, what a way to kick off the year!

Anyway, jump over for a few more scans…

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Wowowo Back up! Back up!!

百合的預告(レズの予告/Lesbian Trailer).mp4 - 00004
百合的預告(レズの予告/Lesbian Trailer).mp4 - 00009
 一天還有一天甜 _ What sweet everyday- _ 甘いの天然.mp4 - 00001
百合的測驗(レズの実験/Lesbian Test).mp4 - 00007
 百合的預告(レズの予告/Lesbian Trailer).mp4 - 00013
MWAM Teaser.mp4 - 00010

What in the name of all that is Holy, is this?!!

After some proud detective skills starting from those poor quality cap dumps on twitter, I finally found a meaningful keyword ‘moetage’ which led me to this YouTube channel.

But that turned out to be only an advertising channel so I went searching but I could not find something meaningful. Man, this is as frustrating as trying to find an online shop that ships internationally for Hasegawa-san’s yuri Mooks. I guess it is time to contact my old friend at JList.

And so if anyone knows something more juicy about this moetage, please do not hesitate to let us know. I am sure there is a site out there just waiting to be discovered that has a well of all those projects in their entirety! Man, if only I understood as much Chinese as I did Japanese, my world would be 100x better because no fandom is as wealthy in content as the Chinese fandom.

Man, finding this channel was like finding a pot of gold, only there was one coin inside! In other words, got so excited that it was impossible for my thirst to be quenched by the little bits that I found.

But really, I am very happy. All those kisses! Seriously, they could have saved those for the real deal but they chose to share them for free so I am very grateful. Thank you moetage and Trolling Worker Company (No, that is a real thing. There is even a major member named Troll. I kid you not)

Before I go back to re-watch these lovely short vids, here is some more caps from them…

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