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Is it July 1st yet?


Because I can’t wait for this show to drop on Netflix anymore!

These pics of Naomi and Sophie behind the scenes are just killing me! You know, I really didn’t even think they would be this important actually! Hell, Naomi’s character is married (to Dr Manhattan no less) and Sophie is just a patient so I figured it would only be lingered on but won’t be that main a focus.

Well, these pics are telling me otherwise and I can’t help but get real pumped up for their time! The last time I was this gaga over BTS pics was Dakota and Kristen in their under-rated The Runaways movie.

Dear Jean (Naomi Watts) and Sydney (Sophie Cookson), Imma ready for you!


[Pics] Ahgassi KR Sp PB


So, the Korean version of The Handmaiden released as the 3Disc DVD set had a special photobook that was completely different from the one that was sold separately and released Q3 last year.

Though I guess the last one was less about was we would expect from a PB because it was more like some tid-bit info on locations and such about the movie from the director himself. This one is the one you would expect and while I was a little disappointed with the first one, this was took all my disappointments away because it is so good. It has both photos of scenes from the movie and those you haven’t seen too.

And don’t get me started on that cover! Just when you thought this movie couldn’t possibly get any gayer!!! And as such, while I would have a bunch of pics here before the jump, this time the cover deserves all the attention because it is that grand! But even with that awesomeness, even as they did not have to, the back cover even goes a step farther by zooming out and showing us the faces of our girls, like anyone had any doubt as to who were these two people holding hands!

Anywho, you can just download the zip from MF or jump ahead and get the ones you want…But before I go, I wish to express the unfairness of it all that Kim Min-hee did not get all the awards possible for her lead role in The Handmaiden! Seriously, she was beyond acting in this movie. if you have seen her previous roles and know her true personality, you have to realise what an incredible job she did as Izumi Hideko! Seriously, so sad and so unfair!

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Weirdest Ship I’ve Ever Shipped!

Drag Me to Hell  2009  1080p.DTS-WIKI.mkv - 00032
drag-me-to-hell_f883014d Drag Me to Hell  2009  1080p.DTS-WIKI.mkv - 00011
drag-me-to-hell_f4932dae drag-me-to-hell_d11d76
Drag Me to Hell  2009  1080p.DTS-WIKI.mkv - 00020
Drag Me to Hell  2009  1080p.DTS-WIKI.mkv - 00025

I have shipped all kinds of ships but there is one ship that still holds the cake and that is Christine/Ms Ganush, from one awesome horror ‘Drag Me To Hell’.

This movie holds a special place in my heart and I always find myself watching it again from time to time. It is bloody disgusting but for some reason I just can’t have enough of it! I do not know who to commend more, the director (Sam Raimi) or the lead actresses (Alison and Lorna) especially the lead Alison (who plays Christine)! Poor Christine, probably kissed Ms Ganush more than she did her boyfriend! She definitely got to know Ms Ganush more intimately than her boyfriend!

Like, this movie takes those spoofy Scary Movie series and puts them in their place! Seriously, the fact that I haven’t talked about this in full is a crime in and of itself. We shall have to do something about that. For now though, you will have to settle for some pics after jump…

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Germany Ain’t Playing Around!


So, I mentioned that a certain version of The Handmaiden was on the way, well, it’s here and dear Readers, is it grande!!!

Germany went all commando on this one! Not only did they pack a full 5 Discs into the box (BD and DVD versions of the Theatrical and Extended cuts of the movie, and an Extras DVD), but they also managed to pack in the condensed version of the photobook that got released first all those months ago last year! In addition to all that goodness, they also included some cards!

For now, they are the winners but the only reason that they won over Korea was because they had the Blurays, which the Korean version did not have. But that means that Korea will be releasing a Blu-ray version and are probably leaving it up to Plain Archive! You know that release is gonna be bananas!

The Germany version did not win because of the extras because I already own a bigger version of the PB while Korea gave us a completely different PB with their Boxset. France too has a win though, for being the first one to give us a Blu-ray of the Extended Version!

Up next is the English Blu-ray coming in two months! Sadly I do not think that is going to be winning any awards, only if it has extras that are translated. Be it only the Commentary of the Extended Version or the making ofs, whatever they have translated will see a win for them. Really, they better have them translated, otherwise I am giving them a minus for taking so long to release the BDs when they aren’t doing anything productive for it!

Any way, that’s that. Jump over for more photos of this lovely Boxset of The Handmaiden from Germany…

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H’ya Everyone. Been a while


Hi all, it’s been so long! Reason? Well, if you were following me on twitter, you know but the reason is that I was avoiding anything that would have taken my enjoyment of Wonder Woman away and also I had probs with my PC. Yes, I am talking about the new movie that just came out last weekend.

It’s been covert but most of you probably can tell I am a huge DCEU fan. After what happened with the first three movies, even though I enjoyed them all, I can’t deny that my first viewings were ruined by what was going on through my mind, as a result of me reading all the reviews, reactions and posts about said movies before  I got the chance to watch them myself.

It took me three viewings to finally start enjoying BvS on my own terms because all I saw were the flaws that people had pointed out and that took a lot out of it. Eventually of course I got over it but the sour taste still remains. I wanted to enjoy those movies the first time with the rest but alas.

And so for Wonder Woman, I decided to hide away from the interwebs as much as I could. It was hard but I managed it and I have never been so glad! Yesterday was my 5th and final viewing of Wonder Woman but as for what I thought about it, that is for another post.

For now I am just letting you know I am back and sharing some of the SWAG I got in these past few weeks while away. Other than this, a lot of other great things happened in this period. My birthday happened, a 7 year old ship finally delivered the good for all involved, making my forever happy I stuck with them all through these challenging seasons, yuri is everywhere, seriously, a lot of things happened while I was in hiding. Hopefully I get to write about all of them!

Anyway, jump over for pics of the interesting of SWAG I got. As for DIVA, I just replaced the parts that died but I am planning on a full upgrade soon. I also grabbed a new camera (see twitter) that I used to grab these pics. Yes, my S8 camera is not bad but come on! A phone camera is still a phone camera. Or maybe it was because I got hooked on cameras after re-watching the Pang brothers’ ‘Ab-normal Beauty’ (We need to talk about this BTW)? I don’t know.

The collection includes my very first Plain Archive purchase The Silenced Blu-ray, The special 2disc French Handmaiden Blu-ray, the Korean 3Disc Handmaiden DVD, and the Netherlands 2Disc Fingersmith DVD. The Germany version of Handmaiden is on the way and the English version of the Special Extended Blu-ray coming in Aug is already on pre-order.

You all know what this means, right? Why I have all medium of The Handmaiden? Well, you will soon find out!

For now, it is great to be back. So jump over for the pics of what comes in these lovely boxsets…
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[Pics] TGS’s predawn PB

tgs-predawn-009 tgs-predawn-027
tgs-predawn-022 tgs-predawn-030

Beautiful Small PB is beautiful! Not small as in size but in pages. This is a full A4 sized PB but sadly just like the one from Mille fuille, this is a 40p one. It is to be expected of course seeing as they are sold along with the CDs and usually you get little booklets with those.

If only other groups followed this trend as well. CDs would be flying off the shelves, especially those theatre editions that don’t have DVDs with them.

Anyway, this time around there was a lack of yuri but I guess it is to balance out things from the Mille fuille PB as, while that had plenty of yuri, the quality was way below average! Like someone was drunk while they took those photos or something. This time we don’t have much yuri but the quality is top class! I guess what I am trying to say is that I am not complaining. I am not into TGS, they are not my favourite Idol (excusé, former Idol group) just because of the yuri!

Also HitoMiyu, I am disappoint this time around! MeiYuri has beaten you in this round! Come on, do something! I can’t believe you let MeiYuri get away with such a killer combo (hand-holding)! Sure they have ‘yuri’ in their ship name but still, you are supposed to be the IT!

Enough talk, jump over for the other few pages of these lovely girls women. Hiichan, the youngest has already graduated from High School, like, how time flies!

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