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【柏木由紀×BiSH】プロジェクトメンバーとの顔合わせ第1弾!柏木の”WACKっぽい名前”が、遂に決定!?.mp4 - 05;31;51.812
【新プロジェクト始動!】柏木由紀、WACKプロデュースのイケナイ内容とは!?.mp4 - 07;45;18.137 【柏木由紀×BiSH】プロジェクトメンバーとの顔合わせ第1弾!柏木の”WACKっぽい名前”が、遂に決定!?.mp4 - 00;27;27.884
【柏木由紀×BiSH】プロジェクトメンバーとの顔合わせ第1弾!柏木の”WACKっぽい名前”が、遂に決定!?.mp4 - 01;16;12.670
【柏木由紀×BiSH】プロジェクトメンバーとの顔合わせ第1弾!柏木の”WACKっぽい名前”が、遂に決定!?.mp4 - 03;55;19.575 【柏木由紀×BiSH】プロジェクトメンバーとの顔合わせ第1弾!柏木の”WACKっぽい名前”が、遂に決定!?.mp4 - 02;56;28.063
【柏木由紀×BiSH】プロジェクトメンバーとの顔合わせ第1弾!柏木の”WACKっぽい名前”が、遂に決定!?.mp4 - 05;31;18.807 - 00001

This is WACK!

Like, seriously…What is happening?!!! What did I just wake up to!!? Yukirin joining BiSH?!!! What?!!

Okay, let’s condense this down to a quick snap –> Yukirin’s latest single “CAN YOU WALK WITH ME” (after so many damn years!!!) was produced by WACK, the one-man company that owns BiSH, BiS, ‘GO TO THE BEDS, PARADISES’ and more! And apparently that collab went so well they are signing a long-ass deal and Yukirin will be joining the company for future SOLO releases!

I feel ya, my brain shut down for a second there! When I made that one post about BiSH way back then (Interestingly, the same year Mayuyu Graduated!)…I never knew we would be getting this kind of development in the future!

But here we are! In a future where Yukirin might collab with BiSH!! I say might collab because I did not quite understand if she was going to be another one-person group under WACK or if she will be joining the other groups as an exchange member! I don’t know much about the other groups and thus if they have the same naming conventions but Yukirin has already gotten herself a special name from the producer – REISORE·YUKI  in the form of the other BiSH members’!

Yeah, it’s serious! At first I too thought it was a prank, given this is April but this video was released yesterday and from what I found out Reisore Yuki already even has her own official YouTube channel…Yes, it is separate from her AKB48 channel as they put, she has to become two different Yukis, the AKB48 Yuki and the WACK Yuki!

Heh…WACK Yuki…I love it!

I for one I am all over this, even though I have to be honest, hearing the short history lesson from Watanabe-P (The damn coincidences keeps on coming) about WACK and how they fought their way up by not trying to do what AKB48 did but the opposite, I was starting to sweat!

Yeah sure Yukirin is a woman now, almost 30 but goddamn, this is such a different leap in image! For crying out loud, she has already said the word DICK multiple times (BiSH’s motivational word) and this is just the beginning!

I mean beggars can’t be choosers but Watanabe-P warned us and Yukirin that her single was going easy on her and that she should be prepared because things are going to be much more intense from now and and this one little video of her meeting BiSH and getting the history lesson has showed us that yeah, maybe we did not think this through!

But what is growth if not getting out of your comfort zone, right? I mean sure this is such a huge leap but it is something! And I for one, and I have seen some other Fans are too, I have been looking for a full on cool Yukirin and we are sure to get her with WACK!

So, I am all in!

It was great seeing her and BiSH talk and we found out something things about them that made me love the possibility even more, Like Chittiii and Atsuko having attended AKB48 handshake events, Chittiii basically being a Fan and Ayuni turning out to be the perfect family member the way she has potential in being the one to always tease Yukirin and we know Yukirin isn’t herself if not Kouhais are making fun of her!

And of course my personal dream of seeing Aina and Yuikirin in the same room!! Basically, this is a wet dream come to life as far as I am concerned!

Looks like Yukirin might be meeting all the groups under WACK and the next one up will be ‘GO TO THE BEDS, PARADISES’, given that the tease shows them saying the AKB motivation chant!

Damn, what a world we live in!


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Finally? Is it finally here?! After all these years!!!

Yeah, it’s here! And of course I was wrong when I thought I was ready to handle these two without shedding more tears! I was a mess while editing this! Yeah, that means all this time since I started on it like, over a year ago!!!

MAYUKI…The God ship that all other Idol ships look up to and respect! They are the best and will never ever be topped!

Anyway, enjoy and I hope that you all will handle this better than I did!

And to think that this video contains just about 10% of all MAYUKI content out there…It’s madness! Who knows, maybe there will be a still picture version?

We shall see…


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210329 Tokumei Pekopa#18 AKB48 Kashiwagi Yuki Oguri Yui.mp4_snapshot_02.26.242 210329 Tokumei Pekopa#18 AKB48 Kashiwagi Yuki Oguri Yui.mp4_snapshot_21.13.152
210329 Tokumei Pekopa#18 AKB48 Kashiwagi Yuki Oguri Yui.mp4_snapshot_08.59.001 210329 Tokumei Pekopa#18 AKB48 Kashiwagi Yuki Oguri Yui.mp4_snapshot_16.40.408
210329 Tokumei Pekopa#18 AKB48 Kashiwagi Yuki Oguri Yui.mp4_snapshot_05.24.362
210329 Tokumei Pekopa#18 AKB48 Kashiwagi Yuki Oguri Yui.mp4_snapshot_09.23.693 210329 Tokumei Pekopa#18 AKB48 Kashiwagi Yuki Oguri Yui.mp4_snapshot_09.17.001
210329 Tokumei Pekopa#18 AKB48 Kashiwagi Yuki Oguri Yui.mp4_snapshot_24.46.301
 210329 Tokumei Pekopa#18 AKB48 Kashiwagi Yuki Oguri Yui.mp4_snapshot_03.54.739
210329 Tokumei Pekopa#18 AKB48 Kashiwagi Yuki Oguri Yui.mp4_snapshot_07.12.626

What do you get when you combine Yukirin + YuiYui + Maika-chan?!

My death of course!

Yukirin is a no brainer, to those who have been with me for a while. I mean, just look at the side bar in the tag cloud and see what the biggest name in there is…I love Yukirin like I love no other! And with that tendency comes the ability to virtually ship her with anyone, well, except the rivals for example, Sae-chan or Haruka-chan. Only Veteran AKB48 fans will recognise those names!

As for Maika, she is like the current Gen crush that I have. She is my favourite in the group =LOVE, produced by Sashiko. I have already made various posts about her on here, mostly with her other significant other Hitomi-chan!

As for YuiYui, hey, I am not made of stone! And as things go, she is like that secret passion ship that is standing in for Sakura-chan until she returns as the forbidden ship with Yukirin!

Seriously, I crave content of the two like I crave no other! In these desperate times for content we should really have another series with these two as the mains, Veteran Kamis vs New Favs!

Seriously, I thought AKS was revamped, or was that false news?! I mean, it was on April 1st so…

Ah, that aside, this particular point of discussion is about ep18 and a bit of 19 of the show Tokumei Pekopa! these particular episodes, the only ones that I have watched to tell the truth, were narrated by Maika herself!!! Maika narrated a YuYuYu episode!!! Like, how in the name of all that is possible did this happen!?!

Moore/s Law really is legit! Something that can happen will happen? Yeah, this did just happen!!

I just get these weird feelings that I can’t explain when I see these two together! It’s just…they are somehow very compatible despite appearances and logic pointing to the contrary!

I just want to write a fic about them so bad!

Why not…maybe I will…maybe I will!


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AKB48 15th Anniversary Highlights

AKB48 201208 15th Anniversary Live Streaming LOD 1800 1080p DMM HD.mp4_snapshot_01.28.44.925 AKB48 201208 15th Anniversary Live Streaming LOD 1800 1080p DMM HD.mp4_snapshot_00.36.43.209
AKB48 201208 15th Anniversary Live Streaming LOD 1800 1080p DMM HD.mp4_snapshot_01.27.45.114 AKB48 201208 15th Anniversary Live Streaming LOD 1800 1080p DMM HD.mp4_snapshot_00.41.29.547
AKB48 201208 15th Anniversary Live Streaming LOD 1800 1080p DMM HD.mp4_snapshot_00.14.55.497
AKB48 201208 15th Anniversary Live Streaming LOD 1800 1080p DMM HD.mp4_snapshot_00.34.02.155 AKB48 201208 15th Anniversary Live Streaming LOD 1800 1080p DMM HD.mp4_snapshot_01.20.46.623
AKB48 201208 15th Anniversary Live Streaming LOD 1800 1080p DMM HD.mp4_snapshot_00.09.49.827 AKB48 201208 15th Anniversary Live Streaming LOD 1800 1080p DMM HD.mp4_snapshot_00.37.31.551
AKB48 201208 15th Anniversary Live Streaming LOD 1800 1080p DMM HD.mp4_snapshot_01.54.54.948

So, yesterday was the 15h Anniversary of AKB48 and while usually we would get a LIVE performance with all 301 girls, sadly we are living in a pandemic world (not a twilight world, sorry Nolan)

And as such the event, that was streamed everywhere ( I watched it from YouTube) was held over Zoom calls with only five girls actually in the AKB48 theatre, each one representing the five teams (A, K, B, 4 and Team 8).

I always look forward to this anniversary stage because we get some much needed member interactions that we rarely get. But alas, nothing can be done about the state of things but that did not mean that the event was one to be missed!

Here are some highlights I loved about the event…


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