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Fic – 5 Shades of Black [Yukirin/?]

yukirin_sakuratan yukirin_maachun
yukirin_mayuyu yukirin_akarin
5 Shades of Black
A Yukirin/Rena,Sakura,Maachun,Mayuyu,Akarin Fan Fic

I found something strange on my HDD and I figured I might as well share it. I am not sure what it is exactly supposed to be. From what I know, there was supposed to be 25 of these but apparently there is only five of them. It seems they are drabbles of Yukirin with another girl. Seeing as three of them are my Kamis, it got my attention so  figured it might get your curiosity as well.

The first part seems to be with Matsui Rena, the next Miyawaki Sakura, the third Ogasawara Mayu, the fourth is Watanabe Mayu and the fifth is with Yoshida Akari.

It seems like they were written in a way that they are a part of a bigger picture. This means if anyone ever feel like it they might expand on them. We shall see, we shall see!

Anyway if interested, do read on…

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What is this?

MV】君と出会って僕は変わった_ NMB48 [公式] (short ver.) - YouTube.mp4 - 00012
MV】君と出会って僕は変わった_ NMB48 [公式] (short ver.) - YouTube.mp4 - 00009 MV】君と出会って僕は変わった_ NMB48 [公式] (short ver.) - YouTube.mp4 - 00003MV】君と出会って僕は変わった_ NMB48 [公式] (short ver.) - YouTube.mp4 - 00006 MV】君と出会って僕は変わった_ NMB48 [公式] (short ver.) - YouTube.mp4 - 00004MV】君と出会って僕は変わった_ NMB48 [公式] (short ver.) - YouTube.mp4 - 00007
MV】君と出会って僕は変わった_ NMB48 [公式] (short ver.) - YouTube.mp4 - 00005 MV】君と出会って僕は変わった_ NMB48 [公式] (short ver.) - YouTube.mp4 - 00008
MV】君と出会って僕は変わった_ NMB48 [公式] (short ver.) - YouTube.mp4 - 00010

A Shibuya Nagisa centre?! Get out of here!

What is this? It’ possibly can’t be their new single! Then what is it? Is it a coupling to the Janken single then? Either way I am super happy right now! Nagisa has really grown on me for a while now and Maachun being her Oshi totally puts her really up there on my list!

It’s too bad though that we didn’t get any chem between her and Maachun. Still the same old SayaMily +.


I am awaiting the day that Justice strikes down hard!

So, anyone know what this actually is?


Gifs – Sayacchun and NMB48


Their relationship…marvellous!

Sorry Mayuki, but you just got served! Sayacchu is now my No.2 ship after BuraGeki!

Words….I have none!

My God, these two girls!  Iwish they gave out awards for best bros!

Queen Maachun. Her feet…I would them!

Which kingdom is this!?! Tell me!

Samurai Sayanee!

Doing the Queen’s deeds no doubt!


I just spent my whole free time this past holiday week watching all these latest AKB releases on BDs and DVDs including the Nissan Senbatsu thingy and the Budokan! Jesus! To keep things simple I decided to focus on NMB but even that was just out of order! I think I have like 2000 caps from the NMB side alone! And everyone of them is worth talking about! Frankly, I have no idea where to even start doing a post like that. So I chose to go simplest route – The yuri route! But even that was just too long for a tired BG so I carved it some more down to Sayacchun, Maachun/? and the inevitable Ainyan/Airi!

I already said it but what the hell! I really, really love NMB48 performances! Not even Team B survives the fast forwarding, especially in the Goddess-less songs but that seems to not apply to NMB48! From N to BII to KKS, all NMB48 performances keep me hooked from the very opening to the end!

The Budokan Concert tho – DAT legendary Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shoujo! DEM Feels!

Ahhhhhhhhh >.<

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More Maachun pics

10 - 1 (4) 16 - 1 (3) 26 - 1 (4)
01 - 1 (3) 12 - 1 (16) 18 - 1 (8)
02 - 1 (2) 07 - 1 (1) 09 - 1 (6)

Kamonegix left me with a hunger that could only be quenched by raiding Maachun’s G+! But even then, the more I see of her, the more I want of her which makes all the efforts useless!

Bah! I will just have to get the tour Blurays and enjoy her then. It’s only one single any way so I guess I can survive. It will be hard but I will survive. I just hope this never happens again or..

Any way, pics…

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So…About Maachun and Kamonegix

maa1 maa2

You all know how I feel about Maachun, right? No? Well, this might give you an idea…

Clipboard01 (3)

And so, when I heard this…horror that is Kamonegix…No, no, don’t get confused. I love Kamonegix. Well, I loved it way more before I found out but I still love it. I just don’t love it as much anymore. I just can’t help it!

I mean I know it was too good to be true because there seems to be a thing with my Oshi, you know, being ignored by management, or wrongfully treated. Yukirin and Sakura-tan! So far Maachun and Rena have seemed to be the only two to miss that bullet! Well, it seems the curse is catching up because it has finally hit NaMBa!

All NMB fans will know the formula for their singles. They have the main senbatsu who are in the A-Side. Then there is three other teams to cover the couplings, White, Red and Teppoutai.

Maachun is of course in the A-side because, them shafting her after being the only few who ranked last Elections is just No, No! But even as she wan in it, I had to strain my eyes to see her….I HAD TO STRAIN TO SEE HER! *breathes heavily* Now granted I allowed this because there were a lot of girls ahead of her so it was expected! But even as expected as it was, she was too obscure!

[PV] (2013.10.02) NMB48 - Kamonegix (1440x1080i H.264 AAC M-ON! HD).ts_snapshot_01.43_[2013.09.21_12.07.57]
[PV] (2013.10.02) NMB48 - Kamonegix (1440x1080i H.264 AAC M-ON! HD).ts_snapshot_03.20_[2013.09.21_12.04.45] [PV] (2013.10.02) NMB48 - Kamonegix (1440x1080i H.264 AAC M-ON! HD).ts_snapshot_03.59_[2013.09.21_12.06.08]
[PV] (2013.10.02) NMB48 - Kamonegix (1440x1080i H.264 AAC M-ON! HD).ts_snapshot_04.02_[2013.09.21_12.06.24]

Let’s Find Maachun – The Game!

At first I was kind of blinded by the awesomeness (and flares) of Kamonegix so I hadn’t noticed. Not to mention that she kind of got some one-shots but then I remembered that all senbatsu got one! I guess another reason I wasn’t so bummed out was because I knew I would get to see her more in the couplings Red/White Team songs…


Maachun is in NEITHER of the Teams!!!! Le Shock! Le Blood! La Horror!!!!

And all this saying about there needing to be promotions for new Gen girls, though I kind of agree ( I love Aika, okay?) I think that’s fucking bulshit (forgive my language)! If it’s at the expense of already known girls that lesser-knowns are to be promoted, then start from the damn top and make your way down! Who still needs to know SayaMilky!?! The world won’t end if they aren’t in Aka/Shiro! It most certainly didn’t when Milky missed that one single! It still sold better than it’s predecessor! I mean the two already hogged all the A-Side screen time so why go for the middle!?!

Poor Akarin too…She too was sacked but really, Maachun is Maachun. It’s just can’t be my love that blinds me in thinking that if anyone has to be in every NMB single it’s her! Surely.

I believed in you NMB Management, I really did! Way to go to prove that everything AKS is pure ****! Really, if it weren’t for the girls themselves, you would be the worst frikkin company evar! I guess the theatre Management is all the support I have left for my Maachun. Well, to hell with this! The more I write about this, the more I feel very pissed off. If I don’t stop this might just be my first NMB single I haven’t bought! So I best stop. I am still angry though. Thankfully, I finally found a reaction pic to convey how I truly feel about Maachun and Kamonegix…