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YUKIRIN x WACKi Project Update

柏木由紀、TIF2021に潜入!!.mp4_snapshot_04.16.368 柏木由紀、TIF2021に潜入!!.mp4_snapshot_04.17.459
柏木由紀、TIF2021に潜入!!.mp4_snapshot_04.39.337 柏木由紀、TIF2021に潜入!!.mp4_snapshot_04.41.822
柏木由紀、TIF2021に潜入!!.mp4_snapshot_07.57.923 柏木由紀、TIF2021に潜入!!.mp4_snapshot_08.06.347
柏木由紀、TIF2021に潜入!!.mp4_snapshot_03.16.814 柏木由紀、TIF2021に潜入!!.mp4_snapshot_04.51.976

kisses kisses

Though I am not sure if it’s AKB48 or just Watanabe Ent but I am sure AKB Management had a say in the matters (They just didn’t come up with the idea, that’s for damn sure) but anyway, to the un-initiated, Kashiwagi Yuki AKA Yukirin AKA YUKI-REISOLE (her name in WACK), my Goddess and Kami of Kami (seriously, I have stan’d since 2009!), just up and decided to challenge herself and do a transfer position into WACK company (coincidentally owned by a Watanabe…coincidence? I think not!)

Again, if you don’t know, WACK is the company that groups like BiSH, BiS, GO TO THE BEDS, PARADISES, etc, belong too! In otherwards, an out of the ox kind of company that is on the other end of the idol spectrum compared to groups like AKB48 or H!P! I am still trying to wrap my mind around Yukirin belonging to such a group!

And it’s not just one but she is joining all of them!!! I know some fans were probably lost but I am not one of them! In fact, this surprise was a god send! Why? Because I have been clamouring for cooler Yukirin since BLACK-san from MAJISUKA GAKUEN! In fact, she spoke of this in one of her recent YouTube videos where she states that while she did not understand the character of Black and her being very different from the real person, she got lots of messages from people who became fans of hers because of the character of Black!

It is probably also another reason why she decided to challenge herself and try something different and change herself, which just happened to be the cool kids in the Idol world and those are the WACK groups!

But we knew all this, what I am writing this post for is the new information we got! First off are the new release dates now for the singles from all groups, which had to be postponed because of Yukirin emergency spinal surgery she underwent in Taiwan in the month of July! The singles will be released next month at a mere small price of less than 600 yen each! That’s less than €6 here! Simply unheard of!

Yeah sure they will be releasing 7 different singles at the same time but groups sell different versions every time and they charge over 1000 even for CDs only! Not sure what they are up to but all I know is that this is the first time I am buying any WACK single, but I am buying all 7 of them and the special collector’s box, which I believe will be around 40. So that’s 42+40 = 10000 yen including shipping!

That’s nothing for my Oshi!

Next up is the other shocking news that Watanabe-san announced along with the prices and release dates! First off, Yukirin is bringing the Sousenkyou with her to WACK! That’s right, there is going to be elections to choose the top 7 out of all the seven group members of WACK! In other words – The WACKVII!

Okay, that’s not the actual name (if they will have one) but WACK are getting their own Kami7 thing going soon, but why?! If your first thought was that it has something to do with Yukirin…

goddamn right

No, it wasn’t Yukirin’s idea! She doesn’t have that much power…yet! As we know WACK is run by one and only one person – Watanabe-san alone! But seems like he’s looking to expand and I mean, he has gotten help before from other people (like KURO-chan – who will be writing Yukirin’s new single) but here Yukirin is getting a bit more power!

Those WACKVII selected members? Well, Yukirin will be their producer!!!! You heard that right! I was shocked to say the least! If there are salty people who think she came to take over…well, why I would laugh at that (I don’t think Yukirin is there to stay! She’s just trying to get out of her comfort zone and change her image), this is sure to be fuel for their fire!

I just hope it doesn’t get bad! NMB48 Kennin was bad enough, I don’t want those days to come back again! And that was even within the 48 family! While I haven’t seen any fires, I sure haven’t been looking for them but I am not going out of my way to look either! I am tired of negativity!

Anyway, I am here for this wacky project and what it’s bringing to us! Almost release month! I am so buying all those singles! I wonder if it will be one Yukirin solo or if she will have multiple foe each group! Probably one but I really can’t wait!

She’s basically going to have seven different personalities because all these groups in WACK are all different! I can’t wait to see what she does! Seriously, 7 different cool Yukirins at the same time! How to handle all that awesomeness!

And finally, Yukirin went to this year’s TIF, even getting a VIP room for herself even though she was just a guest (THE POWER!) and funnily enough, the fans didn’t miss the number they gave her room (345) which of course if you are one of us, you know that number is most known for Sashiko (Sashihara Rino) Even Sasshi commented on it on twitter (LOL)!

Anyway, while there she watched all WACK performances like a hawk, almost like research and really, it definitely was and she says as such when she says she was inserting herself into their performances in her mind in kind of a mental exercise! I wonder how she went on, because I still can’t picture her into any of those group…well…maybe PARADISES!

This is kind of like a reversal and return of favour to when three members of BiSH came to watch her self-produced AKB48 concert way back in May! The members were Chittiii, Atsuko and Momoko!

After the performances, the last of which was BiSH’s (where they sang the same song six times!!!) the girls went to take some pre-cure photos! Like, even if Yukirin seems to have favs from other groups, she’s definitely bonding more with BiSH!

I mean, shipping her with Aina-kun doesn’t help in the least and even she knows it and probably Aina-kun will definitely make it into the WACKVII and we might get couple performances from that project (make it happen Watanabe-san!)!

Anyway, that’s the little bit of update from that YUKRIN x WACK one of a kind project!

I am really looking forward to this!


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Yukirin x Aina The End ~ Part 1

【柏木由紀×アイナ・ジ・エンド】緊張の初対談!!<後編>.mp4_snapshot_06.43.311 【柏木由紀×アイナ・ジ・エンド】緊張の初対談!!<後編>.mp4_snapshot_07.46.587
【柏木由紀×アイナ・ジ・エンド】緊張の初対談!!<後編>.mp4_snapshot_03.12.760 【柏木由紀×アイナ・ジ・エンド】緊張の初対談!!<後編>.mp4_snapshot_03.20.514
【柏木由紀×アイナ・ジ・エンド】緊張の初対談!!<後編>.mp4_snapshot_03.16.920 【柏木由紀×アイナ・ジ・エンド】緊張の初対談!!<後編>.mp4_snapshot_03.24.460
【柏木由紀×アイナ・ジ・エンド】緊張の初対談!!<後編>.mp4_snapshot_11.47.097 【柏木由紀×アイナ・ジ・エンド】緊張の初対談!!<後編>.mp4_snapshot_12.09.488

It’s Happening!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAS!

Well, it ‘happened’ as these videos are like more than a month old and I am just late to write about it because I was in a sort of a slump as a Yukirin Fan but you know what I mean!

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【柏木由紀×BiSH】プロジェクトメンバーとの顔合わせ第1弾!柏木の”WACKっぽい名前”が、遂に決定!?.mp4 - 05;31;51.812
【新プロジェクト始動!】柏木由紀、WACKプロデュースのイケナイ内容とは!?.mp4 - 07;45;18.137 【柏木由紀×BiSH】プロジェクトメンバーとの顔合わせ第1弾!柏木の”WACKっぽい名前”が、遂に決定!?.mp4 - 00;27;27.884
【柏木由紀×BiSH】プロジェクトメンバーとの顔合わせ第1弾!柏木の”WACKっぽい名前”が、遂に決定!?.mp4 - 01;16;12.670
【柏木由紀×BiSH】プロジェクトメンバーとの顔合わせ第1弾!柏木の”WACKっぽい名前”が、遂に決定!?.mp4 - 03;55;19.575 【柏木由紀×BiSH】プロジェクトメンバーとの顔合わせ第1弾!柏木の”WACKっぽい名前”が、遂に決定!?.mp4 - 02;56;28.063
【柏木由紀×BiSH】プロジェクトメンバーとの顔合わせ第1弾!柏木の”WACKっぽい名前”が、遂に決定!?.mp4 - 05;31;18.807 - 00001

This is WACK!

Like, seriously…What is happening?!!! What did I just wake up to!!? Yukirin joining BiSH?!!! What?!!

Okay, let’s condense this down to a quick snap –> Yukirin’s latest single “CAN YOU WALK WITH ME” (after so many damn years!!!) was produced by WACK, the one-man company that owns BiSH, BiS, ‘GO TO THE BEDS, PARADISES’ and more! And apparently that collab went so well they are signing a long-ass deal and Yukirin will be joining the company for future SOLO releases!

I feel ya, my brain shut down for a second there! When I made that one post about BiSH way back then (Interestingly, the same year Mayuyu Graduated!)…I never knew we would be getting this kind of development in the future!

But here we are! In a future where Yukirin might collab with BiSH!! I say might collab because I did not quite understand if she was going to be another one-person group under WACK or if she will be joining the other groups as an exchange member! I don’t know much about the other groups and thus if they have the same naming conventions but Yukirin has already gotten herself a special name from the producer – REISORE·YUKI  in the form of the other BiSH members’!

Yeah, it’s serious! At first I too thought it was a prank, given this is April but this video was released yesterday and from what I found out Reisore Yuki already even has her own official YouTube channel…Yes, it is separate from her AKB48 channel as they put, she has to become two different Yukis, the AKB48 Yuki and the WACK Yuki!

Heh…WACK Yuki…I love it!

I for one I am all over this, even though I have to be honest, hearing the short history lesson from Watanabe-P (The damn coincidences keeps on coming) about WACK and how they fought their way up by not trying to do what AKB48 did but the opposite, I was starting to sweat!

Yeah sure Yukirin is a woman now, almost 30 but goddamn, this is such a different leap in image! For crying out loud, she has already said the word DICK multiple times (BiSH’s motivational word) and this is just the beginning!

I mean beggars can’t be choosers but Watanabe-P warned us and Yukirin that her single was going easy on her and that she should be prepared because things are going to be much more intense from now and and this one little video of her meeting BiSH and getting the history lesson has showed us that yeah, maybe we did not think this through!

But what is growth if not getting out of your comfort zone, right? I mean sure this is such a huge leap but it is something! And I for one, and I have seen some other Fans are too, I have been looking for a full on cool Yukirin and we are sure to get her with WACK!

So, I am all in!

It was great seeing her and BiSH talk and we found out something things about them that made me love the possibility even more, Like Chittiii and Atsuko having attended AKB48 handshake events, Chittiii basically being a Fan and Ayuni turning out to be the perfect family member the way she has potential in being the one to always tease Yukirin and we know Yukirin isn’t herself if not Kouhais are making fun of her!

And of course my personal dream of seeing Aina and Yuikirin in the same room!! Basically, this is a wet dream come to life as far as I am concerned!

Looks like Yukirin might be meeting all the groups under WACK and the next one up will be ‘GO TO THE BEDS, PARADISES’, given that the tease shows them saying the AKB motivation chant!

Damn, what a world we live in!


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BiSH Please…

BiSH _ 本当本気[OFFICIAL VIDEO] - YouTube.MKV - 00006
BiSH _ オーケストラ[OFFICIAL VIDEO] - YouTube.MKV - 00005 BiSH _ オーケストラ[OFFICIAL VIDEO] - YouTube.MKV - 00002
BiSH _ オーケストラ[OFFICIAL VIDEO] - YouTube.MKV - 00035 BiSH _ オーケストラ[OFFICIAL VIDEO] - YouTube.MKV - 00049
BiSH _ オーケストラ[OFFICIAL VIDEO] - YouTube.MKV - 00047

Late to the game?

I know, but better late than never!

And once again I repeat, BiSH, please! How about making a commoner better acquainted with your pieces of art next time, eh? How have I not known of your awesomeness until now?! Just when I think I have seen there is to see, something like this pops up and bitch slaps me!

Like, that bottom MV (Orchestra) was out last September! That’s like, a whole year! Should I be proud that I just noticed it in September when it came out in the same month last year?

I don’t think so!

Actually the MV from which I took the first cap (Hontou Honki) came out just a month later in October! I guess it was a good thing I took my time! I mean imagine having gotten a web rip of The Handmaiden, then these two MVs in succession!

A heart can only take so much!

The second PV (Orchestra) is the one that takes the cake for me, even though the first PV (Hontou) is the only with a real kiss! For the second we only got to see the idea of a kiss from behind heads whereas the other we actually got to see their lips meet!

The second wins because it had a story behind the yuri! For the first PV the kiss came out nowhere, without context, and out of the context of the other visual story aspect. Sure it supports the theme of the song but not the visuals!

But as always, I will be in the minority here (if not the only one) that prefers it to the first because most want their lips meeting to justify it as yuri! As for me, the second is miles ahead and I would take that any day of cheap kisses! Emotion is where it is at! You see the innocence of their love and how it is affected by the harsh reality and the real reactions to that happening! The get caught, one girl transfers schools and the other is to scared to say something in that last chance! it is only natural. Not many have that much courage! When faced with such harsh reality the flight side always wins over the fight side!

And so, while it was heart breaking (a good thing, I love me all emotions) to see the other girl leave without the other saying something, anything, despite having the time to say it but got too scared, while it is maddening to see one of the girls be pulled away as she reached for the other, crying out for her to do something, grab her hand, anything, but the other is too scared to do anything…

All real and all sweet, in all its bitterness!

Favourite MV, obviously, from BiSH, I mean!

And now if you will excuse me, time to go get to know more about these girls. I am already eying their concerts and have grabbed all PVs i could find of them! In the mean time, enjoy more caps and the PVs…

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