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Yuri Movie Recommendations!

Eun-ju & Hye-jin 3
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Okay, so one of my lovely Readers asked me on Twitter to recommend them some other yuri movies to watch after I posted My Top Ten. It turned out that we have the same taste (too many things we both love) and since they have watched My Top 10 movies already (That’s what they are telling me and I believe them, same taste and everything), I figured that I might as well recommend something not yet discussed.

With that and the fact that I might never get the chance to discuss them, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to post those few recommendations here on the blog. So jump over for the short list and remember, this site s ‘yuri goggles’ meaning that you will need them goggles for some of these movies! I know I have said it before but I love light ‘yuri’ (or subtext as it was known before) and I am aware to most that is a not so good thing so I am warning you.

You will need to crank up your visors to >9000 for some of these movies. If you are looking for 100%, there are some in here but not all of them. I want to particularly warn you about ‘The Twins Effect’ and ‘Naked Weapon’. Some of the ‘Tomie’ movies also aren’t ur yuri so go into these without expectations.

And yes, I am aware of the amount of Korean movies, especially horror  but what can I say? Korea knows their movies and Horror is my favourite genre so, um yeah!

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[KKZ46] Ladies, You Now Have My Attention!

160813 徳山大五郎を誰が殺したか? ep05.ts - 00065
160723 徳山大五郎を誰が殺したか? ep02.ts - 00003 160723 徳山大五郎を誰が殺したか? ep02.ts - 00048
160813 徳山大五郎を誰が殺したか? ep05.ts - 00036
160806 徳山大五郎を誰が殺したか? ep04.ts - 00001 160813 徳山大五郎を誰が殺したか? ep05.ts - 00024
160806 徳山大五郎を誰が殺したか? ep04.ts - 00006
There’s been a Gay Force awakening. Have you felt it?

Seriously though, I have tried to not pay too much attention to this show, seeing it only as an obligation to my Keyakizaka46 Lord and Saviour Ozeki and a bit of sprinkled shipping suggestions here and there but the latest, 5th episode totally took me from curiosity to full on attention. I am now fully invested.

Obviously this is another of HIS shows and this latest development might just be one of HIS whims that might end up going nowhere (damn you Crow’s Blood, damn you!!!!) but I don’t care! Even if gets lost in the Yasusu void I will still watch for the same reason I started it in the first place. That being said, this new development does bring some much needed fire to the show.

Yes, I have actually been following Keyakizaka since its debut and I already have favourites, like, that is a given, amirite? I might dedicate a post to them later but here are my Furious 6:

  1. Ozeki Rika
  2. Watanabe Rika
  3. Shida Manaka
  4. Uemura Rina
  5. Nagahama Neru
  6. Imaizumi Yui VS Suzumoto Miyu

That 6th spot is a hard one. Actually it’s like the opposite of the the 1st one and how with ease Ozeki trumps everyone else. The gap between the love I have for that girl and the next in line W-Rika is almost at the same ratio as the one between Yukirin and Sakura-tan (Now my 2nd Kami in the 48G after Rena’s Grad). Yes, I am aware I might have done it again, drawing the wrong straw, but I don’t care! Ozeki is love, Ozeki is life! Which of course means that every Keyakizaka post from now on will be Ozeki bias but really, what’s new when it comes to Oshi, eh?

And am I getting off topic here or is it just me?

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9th – Miao Miao

miaomiao_p_06 miaomiao_p_10

Ah Miao Miao, the movie that intensified my fetish for hand-sex! Hands, hands, hands!! For the love of hands I love this movie, despite the FEELs induced by watching it.

If you are not new here you know what hands mean to me. if you are new here then let me tell you now that I would rather have hand-sex than actual sex or make-out scenes! That’s how crazy  I am for hands! With what Miao Miao did with hands, well, let me just say that the reason this movie isn’t No.1 is because I am a Martyr, deciding to sacrifice for the greater good, which is logic, my logic, because this is my list but my heart and my mind conflict when it comes to this movie so…

I don’t know, seeing couples holding hands seems way more romantic to me than kissing or sex. It comes off as more emotionally effective. But that’s just me.

Sandrine Pinna as Xiao Ai
Jiayan Ke as Miao Miao

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[Ahgassi] OST Out For Pre-order NOW!

2016-08-15_05-06-12 2016-08-15_05-05-13
2016-08-15_05-20-16 2016-08-15_05-20-41

Yes! YES! Oh Goodness yes!

Dear Readers, the OST is on for pre-order and before you even read further, Go OUT RIGHT NOW AND GET UR COPY!!

Now that the important bit is out of the way, let’s talk about this! Like, I was so not expecting there to be two versions of this, let alone them to be both Hideko and Sook-hee!! That took me by surprise! The power of yuri dear Readers! Is it safe to call this the ship of the century? Probably but this movie is receiving much love than never before seen for a yuri movie and all that even before most foreign countries have gotten their chance to see it in cinemas!

I was a little disappointed to find that they did not use that leaked cover from before but once I saw the actual products that feeling is history! I will take this two-faced versions over that single one! The fact that we get Hideko version, that has Sook-hee inside it!!! And meanwhile the Sook-hee version also has Hideko inside it!!! Like, what even!!!!!!

Ah but that is not all! If you pre-order your copy you get a chance to receive a poster picked at random among these awesome posters…


Like, think of me how you will but I am so this movie’s bitch now! I am of course looking to get the Hideko/Sook-hee posters and in order to increase my chances I have ordered from both GMarket and YesAsia. Cost me just over 70 for the GMarket and about 90 for the YeAsia because I decided to do separate orders for the Sook-hee version and the Hideko version. Why? because you never know how sneaky those people are! They might give you one poster when you bought two CDs and later tell you it was a poster for every purchase! I am so not getting into that shit so I decided to dodge that bullet before the trigger was pulled!

Seriously, how awesome is this?! I so forgive the guys in charge for delaying the release of this soundtrack because now I know why! They were doing their very best to extend the power of Hideko and Sook-hee’s love all the way into the Soundtrack! Like, how much better could they have done? Seriously!!

If they do this as well for the Bluray’s, I am so going to Korea and kissing that holy ground! And with that said, time to save up for that inevitable holiday! Like, seriously, what a movie this is! Oh yeah, the script-book is also out for order and I bought that with my purchase from GMarket. It is in Korean and thus won’t understand shit but I know, I am pretty sure 100% that someone out there will translate it! If you are listening you awesome Korean Anon, if you want scans, you know where to get them, you hear?

This movie dear Readers! first they played with the titles by having the titles of the movie around the world be either about Hideko or Sook-hee. Like for example the Korean and French titles refer to Hideko – ‘Miss’ while the English title refers to Sook-hee – ‘The Handmaiden’! Now they go and do this for the Soundtrack, like, how not to lose it!!

Now to wait for the good to arrive (Officially releasing on the 26th according to YesAsia)! Way to go Ahgassi, who knew waiting for the Soundtrack too would be as torturous and nerve-wracking! because now I have to pray that I get at least one Sook-hee/Hideko poster among the four!


Anyway, jump over for the posters in HQ…

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10th – Wishing Stairs

C5628-05 C5628-16

‘Wishing Stairs’ is the third in the South Korean Schoolgirl Horror Series of five – Whispering Corridors. The first, names the series ‘Whispering Corridors’, then there is ‘Memento Mori’, ‘Whispering Corridors’, ‘Voice’ and finally ‘Blood Pledge’. This series is of course my favourite movie series, even outside yuri. Yes, it beats ‘The Dark Knight’. That’s the power of yuri but really, what’s new?

Why ‘Whispering Corridors’ over the others in the series? Why did I choose this over ‘Memento Mori’ – the factually gayest of them all? Why not the first and original (because as we know the first is most usually the best in the series)?

I did say during my last post that I would be expanding and explaining my choices and this post is to answer those questions. Let’s go…

Park Han-byeol as So-hee
Song Ji-hyo as Jin-seong

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