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Vid – What is Love [Supercat]


I love, love, loved? this show dear Readers! I so loved this show, and it was all thanks to this ship! Cat and Kara, without a doubt the characters with the best chemistry on the show, kept me coming back for more ever since episode 2 and I haven’t looked back since, until now, maybe…

You see, I actually was pulled in by the Danvers Wincest from that Pilot episode but just the next episode, Supercat stole my heart and I have been in love ever since then!

Sadly things are not looking good anymore, which is why I have been forced to post something about it in the form of a short FMV. You see not only did we get the best Supercat episode this second episode of Season 2 but it is the last episode with Supercat! Hopefully not forever!

Cat just got replaced by another character and thus she is leaving the show for the foreseeable future! This all after CW took over from CBS as the show running company and I have been looking forward to upgraded Supercat a la CW and if this second episode was anything to go by, we were in the best hands!

God, I am so conflicted! I want to shout out with all my heart at the unfairness of it all but then on the other hand, CW went and sent off Cat Grant with a bang, feeding us Supercat shippers in the process and thus making hating them a no go!

I really hope she comes back! I mean she did promise Supergirl (The only person that puts stars in Cat’s eyes) that she would return and Kara finally did step up to the occasion and spilled how much Cat means to her (this is the second time BTW. First time she said ‘You mean more to me than you will ever know’ and this time she said ‘I don’t know how I will go on without you’) and she finally hugged Cat Grant!!! I mean Supergirl already did it but for some reason Kara doing it means that much more!

Anyway, I hope Cat comes back…soon. I don’t think I can watch this show without her! Not even Lex’s Sister, who it seems is going to be taking over Cat’s role as Kara’s motivator, makes me want to stay! And what is with all the sisters on this show anyway? First it was Lois’s and now Lex’s. Who is next, the grant sister we did not know existed?

Anyway yeah, just coming out and letting you know all that I am an avid Supercat citizen!

Ciao and let’s pray for Cat’s return soon.

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When Some People Make Fun of ‘Adolescence’…

Revolutionary Girl Utena Movie.mp4 - 00010
Revolutionary Girl Utena Movie.mp4 - 00007 Revolutionary Girl Utena Movie.mp4 - 00008
[GS] Hibike! Euphonium - 08 (BD 1080p 10bit FLAC) [FED28005].mkv - 00032 [GS] Hibike! Euphonium - 08 (BD 1080p 10bit FLAC) [FED28005].mkv - 00028
[GS] Hibike! Euphonium - 11 (BD 1080p 10bit FLAC) [7CE31C32].mkv - 00004

And I am here like…


Seriously, has the world turned to shit in the last few years or is it just me?! Every where I turn it seems there is negativity and ‘not muh’s and ‘that is not it’ and so on and so forth! But I did not awake early from my hibernating just to write about how broken modern society is.

I only came to remind people of the importance of adolescence. Speaking of the very word, have we all forgotten an animated feature with the exact word in the title?! Everybody and their grand child knows how so GAY that feature is considered by everyone. The actual story was on the very same subject but so wisely woven and hidden within that most viewers would never even guess the underlying messages!

Universally everyone knows that Utena and Anthy ae amongst the most beloved ship of all time but apparently most ignored the obviously hetero within the series! Hell, both Anthy and Utena ‘broke up’/betrayed one another for the boys (mostly Akio) hell, Utena was annoyingly hot for Touga (to the point that he almost took over Dio’s role as Anthy’s reason to become a Prince).

Oh, did I mention that actually both girls in fact slept with boys in the series but not with each other (and by sleeping I mean having sex!). We of course got our just desserts in the feature when we got a HAPPY END after all but to be truthful, that was kind of an alternate reality and kinda sequel. But the point remains.

So, taking all that into account, not to mention that BAD END of the series, how come Utena (the series) is considered super gay and yet Hibike! is being made fun of?! Is it because of the extreme ventures in the movie? But then one can argue that it doesn’t count because it is not part of the main series (Like how many dissed Homura and Rebellion like they know the character better than the creators)!

So what, if we get a kiss from Kumirei it is then considered yuri? Even if according you your novel WHICH IS NOT THE ANIME the two end up being straight? Oh wait, sorry, Kumiko ends up dating Shoe? We are supposed to ignore the legit feelings developing between Kumiko and Reina (whichever feelings you want to think they are having) because of ZA FUUCHIYA and also because they are adolescents now?!

Like, sincerely, What The Actual hell?!!

Have we all forgotten all the anime that have come before that are considered yuri, sorry, were considered yuri, that barely even had 10% of the yurific scenes between Kumirei? Seriously, if ShoujoAi.com was still alive today, the Master List on that site would have probably made all of these people weep!

And if Kumirei is considered absolute because of adolescence, then what about their supposed love for the guys?! If Reina loves Taki and Kumiko secretly loves Show, what of those feelings then? Why do they don’t get the boot because ‘ADOLESCENCE’?!

Wait, what’s that? you are arguing that since that is in the future (How far exactly in the future is that supposed true romance anyway in the novel?) they are grown up and are more mature and have better grasp of their feelings so there?!!

I am sorry, am I the only one who still thinks of youth days as my most happiest and free I have ever been and felt? Free as in you are free to do what you want, feel what you want, be true to yourself without caring about others’ view of you, your pride, your duties to your family and so on and so forth?

These adolescence years are the most precious because people are free and true to themselves! Grow up and life happens. You have no choice sometimes in the matter even in cases of whom you love. Crude example –> You are the only child, first thing you are going to bare is to carry on your family tree. Second will be what you want others to think about you and your life. Are you prepared to take that rough road over the other that is completely bump free? Oh how about making it easier and having some tarmac on that one (you have that boy that likes you and you don’t hate him so what could be worse, right?)

Any way the point is that no one should be making of ‘Adolescence’. That stage in very cherishable in people’s lives, many more so than some because of the responsibilities they are to face or they way they were nurtured! When you are young you can do things that you want, be free, be true to yourself. Many people fall in love the first time in their adolescent years. What, are we supposed to dismiss those moments because ‘adolescence’?!

Seriously, I am getting more mad the more I think about this! And that interview with the people in charge better have been mistranslated because if that person dismissed Kumirei and their feeling by using the adolescence word that triggered people, I am gonna be very disappointed in them! And if I am disappointed then my view and love of their work will also diminish.

This so-called grownup love is the most unreal love amongst all loves actually so I really did not understand some people’s view on this matter!

Anyway, thanks for putting up with this salty post and I hope that you continue shipping Kumirei, Lord knows we have shipped way crazier ships than this! And so what if Kumiko ends up with Shoe? Their chemistry will never be even remotely as interesting as Kumire otherwise they would have reduced Kumirei in favour of their ‘true romance’ and since when can people only love once?

Okay, that’s enough. Time to go dark again…until soon!

Have a nice day


[Ahgassi] The French Trailer Gives Zero ‘F’s!

MADEMOISELLE - Bande-annonce officielle.mp4 - 00010
MADEMOISELLE - Bande-annonce officielle.mp4 - 00006 MADEMOISELLE - Bande-annonce officielle.mp4 - 00011
MADEMOISELLE - Bande-annonce officielle.mp4 - 00019
MADEMOISELLE - Bande-annonce officielle.mp4 - 00016 MADEMOISELLE - Bande-annonce officielle.mp4 - 00020
MADEMOISELLE - Bande-annonce officielle.mp4 - 00022

They know you and your next of kin have already watched the leaks and they are right in thinking that! Everybody I know, and I mean absolutely everybody has already watched The Handmaiden!

So many spoilers in this trailer(watch it after the jump) and yet are they really spoilers? Only us who know the story already would know that they are spoilers. But it’s not about just the spoilers…That rating too >.< Then again, this is truer to the content of the movie than the original Korean Trailers! Nobody was prepared for the Adult-ness of this movie!

In fact this put a great deal of people off, who took it in the negative light and started accusing the film of some dubious problems only because the graphical nature of the movie was more extreme than perhaps the trailers let on. I am sure even those who know the story of Fingersmith were kind of taken by surprise, I know I was! This trailer is truer to the actual film because it hints at the sweet madness to come!

MADEMOISELLE - Bande-annonce officielle.mp4 - 00033
Heh, Jokers indeed!

And by the Gods…

MADEMOISELLE - Bande-annonce officielle.mp4 - 00032
MADEMOISELLE - Bande-annonce officielle.mp4 - 00014 MADEMOISELLE - Bande-annonce officielle.mp4 - 00017
MADEMOISELLE - Bande-annonce officielle.mp4 - 00024 MADEMOISELLE - Bande-annonce officielle.mp4 - 00031
MADEMOISELLE - Bande-annonce officielle.mp4 - 00023

Every time I see something about this movie I am blown away by the beauty of it all! Those TV rips wish they could capture the true beauty of this movie! Blu-rays are our only saviour. And I hope to God we get 4K HDR Blu-rays as well! With so many countries having bought the rights for distribution, I am pretty sure that at least a couple will give us the true quality of this movie!

MADEMOISELLE - Bande-annonce officielle.mp4 - 00026
God Bless You Mr Park Chan-wook! God bless You!

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Oh Look Who Finally decided to Grace Us With Their Presence!



Seriously YesAsia? Seriously?!!

A month! A Whole freakin month!! Well, to hell with you! And was this even worth waiting for? Was it worth making two separate orders?!


Okay, I forgive you for giving me a poster I already got since you have no control over that. But to give me the same poster twice?! Pls!

Well, rejoice dear Readers. I know some of you missed the OST so if you want them, I am putting these for order up on Ebay, with the posters of course. I will have to sell them separately since the posters are the same. Or maybe I should do the posters differently as well in case some just want the Soundtracks?

Anyway, I was ready to be disappointed but not like this!! I thought you were done with this stupid shipping lateness YesAsia! It’s been like, years since I last bought from you because your shipping sucked and yet you have not made any progress?!

I am disappoint!


So, About ‘The Girl With All The Gifts’

The Girl with All the Gifts Official Trailer #1 (2016) Gemma Arterton, Paddy Considine Movie HD.mp4 - 00014
The Girl with All the Gifts Official Trailer #1 (2016) Gemma Arterton, Paddy Considine Movie HD.mp4 - 00002 The Girl with All the Gifts Official Trailer #1 (2016) Gemma Arterton, Paddy Considine Movie HD.mp4 - 00000
The Girl with All the Gifts Official Trailer #1 (2016) Gemma Arterton, Paddy Considine Movie HD.mp4 - 00005 The Girl with All the Gifts Official Trailer #1 (2016) Gemma Arterton, Paddy Considine Movie HD.mp4 - 00010
The Girl with All the Gifts Official Trailer #1 (2016) Gemma Arterton, Paddy Considine Movie HD.mp4 - 00017 The Girl with All the Gifts Official Trailer #1 (2016) Gemma Arterton, Paddy Considine Movie HD.mp4 - 00018
The Girl with All the Gifts Official Trailer #1 (2016) Gemma Arterton, Paddy Considine Movie HD.mp4 - 00009

I touched upon this before but I have seen a trend of movies experimenting with age-gap yuri. By that I mean ‘ships’ with couples who are very far apart in age. In this particular case, it is the woman/child size of age gap.

Korea has done it already, multiple times, to great success (Dohee dear Readers, Dohee – or as most know it as ‘A Girl At my Door’). Japan has been doing it since forever, if you include anime (I’m looking at you Bee-Train, and I miss you. Please come back). Malaysia has done it (even though I have yet to get my hands on that movie) and hell, even Murica has got in on the action (Fragile – look it up. It even has a ‘Sleeping Beauty’ kiss and I so need to talk about this movie too).

So really, what does England go and wish for? A chance in on the action and it does get it in the form of apocalyptic thriller/horror – The Girl With All The Gifts. When I saw the trailer, the narration got to me and then that ‘She Loves You’ line drove my curiosity into attention territory. That was weeks ago and seeing the ‘Based off of a best Seller’ I wasted no time in going out and hunting for the book. I read the book. Then this week I just watched the movie.

Bad idea!

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So, About that aBandOned PB

img037 img065

You thought I had “abandoned” it, didn’t you! Not a chance!

I am still kind of disappointed that there was no such thing as an unrated DVD for the PVs but I have decided to boil it down to false information. What we got was great already and I refuse to be like some people that are just so ungrateful. it would have been so easy to make just another het PV but they went ahead and gave us this, especially in a country that is still very strict on content rating.

So thank you very much Malaysia. This MV is in the top two, if not my favourite yuri MV. I am pretty sure I have listened to the song more than 1000 times already, that is how great the song is in and of itself. Add in the very healthy dose of moving picture yuri, with an element of horror in there (my favourite genre) and this is an MV going straight for my very soul!

Actually scratch that indecision, aBandOned is my Favourite yuri Music Video as of right now!

And so I am very happy now and don’t care much anymore about that non-existent uncensored MV. I will think of this PB as the leau of that. Now the PB is mostly filled with scenes from the MV but there is something about having a physical thing that is all new and different bringing another feeling of appreciation for the already great fandom.

Yeah, I think of this MV’s world as a fandom. it is that good! it managed to create a world with just two 5min videos that to me I might as well have watched a TV series. Actually, why not do that Malaysia? I will even take a web-series! get to it!

Enough talk, jump over for what you came for…

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