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Hitomaika III – Documentary 1-7

=LOVE Documentary - episode6 -【2017-debut year part2】.MKV - 00106
=LOVE Documentary - episode6 -【2017-debut year part2】.MKV - 00185T
=LOVE Documentary - episode6 -【2017-debut year part2】.MKV - 00059
=LOVE Documentary - episode6 -【2017-debut year part2】.MKV - 00189T
=LOVE Documentary - episode7 -【The Stage】.MKV - 00030
=LOVE Documentary - episode6 -【2017-debut year part2】.MKV - 00208T
=LOVE Documentary - episode5 -【2017-debut year part1】.MKV - 00128T
=LOVE Documentary - episode6 -【2017-debut year part2】.MKV - 00210T

Putting aside the fact that I am definitely going to hell for using Mirinyan’s pain in this way, the saga that is Hitomaika continues! Episode 03 already and believe me, we are not done yet!

Seriously, I have not been this obsessed with a ship since Black x Gekikara and even then, there was a great deal of lack of content of them other than Majisuka Gakuen, where they only had an episode or so of interaction. I guess it had to do with the fact that they were both my Kami’s of their respective groups because I don’t think I would have been as obsessed with them otherwise.

Ah but don’ confuse Maika and Hitomi as being my Oshi too. Maika, yes, Hitomi? No! When and if it does happen, a ship in here that is like BuraGeki, it would be Risa and Maika! Risa, who will be featured in this post too with caps, was the one that stole my heart first out of this group but unfortunately, Maika came along and took a big chunk of that heart for herself so Risa is protons behind Maika on the ladder!

Interestingly, I think someone in management there also ships these two but I have yet to see much to make me ship them too. Though it has to do with the fact that I just got into Hitomaika and I am like glue! When I ship, it rarely happens that I change ships unless the girl is my Oshi, then I could ship her with anyone. But so far that has only been Yukirin and no there. No Rena, no Maachun, no Sakura, with anyone else but Jurina, Sayanee and Meru respectively!

Anyway, onto the point at hand…

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A_8f4fcf99-c54c-43a4-946e-cc67941bf191_2048x B_bd8a70cf-46b5-42cd-8532-55f11d0c5c76_2048x
B_abd21c3b-500a-428b-ac44-9a1ec29615c8_2048x A_0f8f4dcd-2bac-4803-9d44-fb5fa639df01_2048x
B_ef31ea8c-54d6-4033-8d57-904c95a95f43_2048x 296c50f7f0968f494741b3d3e1787a17_299b05f8-9879-4bf1-a6de-18ac1ced7b64_2048x
8f5c112f81062b38c631efbacfd5fe2d_7c76436a-80a6-4b4a-87cb-1a1e16e88cfd_2048x 81070568b10ae181a2af7a3d6befdbbb_795d382c-a38d-442c-afe4-b5284de1265b_2048x
1c8f559a1cdb0a78442d1e54381bbc45_a67ba614-2bd0-4f7b-83fa-8a21e153a345_2048x c1f1b5cf3ce3fc0d3b8c6552af193ee2_a333e0e3-3306-4a4b-b274-a3b52fe751bb_2048x 63f46c13d79cdcc72724a492d0251f81_4141b206-de5e-47ab-9bd8-9088f11b1ba8_2048x
$160.00 (+ SP)!!!

Me: Madness…!





Also for crying out loud, took you long enough PLAIN ARCHIVE! I mean, if anything deserves to be perfected, the greatest lesbian movie of all time is it but everything on here better be in English or so Lord help me…

Who am I kidding, I am already salivating at the work that went into this! I haven’t seen this big a release from the get go like this! Usually variations come as time goes by but not The HANDMAIDEN!

Can! Not! Wait!

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[News] …I Don’t Believe It!


giphy (2)

We are not about to get a Negima show with Ikoma as Negima and my new Team 8 flame Utada Hatsuka as part of the cast! I don’t believe it! This is a dream! It gotta be!


I..I literally have no words


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Teokure CAUTION – Moving Picture Ver

tcm16 tcm20
tcm22 tcm26

I hope your Bandwidth is ready for some because as it says on the tin, this is a full on Moving Picture post!

And without further ado, jump over for the goodies… Continue reading

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No More Gaming! I Said…

The Last of Us Part II – E3 2018 Gameplay Reveal Trailer - PS4.MKV - 00102
The Last of Us Part II – E3 2018 Gameplay Reveal Trailer - PS4.MKV - 00048 The Last of Us Part II – E3 2018 Gameplay Reveal Trailer - PS4.MKV - 00138
The Last of Us Part II – E3 2018 Gameplay Reveal Trailer - PS4.MKV - 00027
The Last of Us Part II – E3 2018 Gameplay Reveal Trailer - PS4.MKV - 00081 The Last of Us Part II – E3 2018 Gameplay Reveal Trailer - PS4.MKV - 00131
The Last of Us Part II – E3 2018 Gameplay Reveal Trailer - PS4.MKV - 00151
The Last of Us Part II – E3 2018 Gameplay Reveal Trailer - PS4.MKV - 00002CVC

I swear to you dear Readers! I was so done with video games so hard I sold my console and swore to never play video games ever again! I was done with The Last Of Us and considered it the peak of gaming along with Tomb Raider (2013)! I thought I had all I needed from games!

I was wrong!

E3 just happened as we all know and probably as we all know a few saliva-inducing trailers were dropped including the sequel to one of the best games ever made! Hands down the best trailer of E3 2018 and I will fight whoever thinks otherwise!

Yes, KOJIMA’s Death Stranding was awesome but we can all agree that we spent more time trying to figure out what the hell was going on than actually enjoying it so The Last Of Us Part II trailer takes the cake!

Everything was literally perfect about this trailer! The editing, the game play, the soundtrack, the quality…Oh God the quality!!!! Of course it had to be one of the very few that the Sony YouTube channel released in glorious 4K! And I ate it all up like it was Caramel and banana flavoured ice Cream in this hot damn weather!!!

You could clearly see all the emotions in Ellie’s face during the cut scene, hell, I think I saw her dimples wink at me! Her eyes, Jesus! I haven’t even played the game, nay, don’t even know the release date yet but I am declaring this the Best Game Ever (Bring it on Death Stranding!”

But let’s talk about the actual content – and by that I mean of course the RAINBOWS!!!! Finally, after being teased in the first game, then being half fed in the DLC, now we finally get to explore Ellie’s relationship, or the GAY side of it! It’s five years later so no experimental bullshit, and really, having just NTR’d her Pal’s girlfriend (or Ex since they are broken up) there is no turning back and I hope to the good God that their relationship is explored in the actual game! Like, you can’t just steal someone’s girl, well, no one’s girl but you just told him they would get back together and seem to support them then you go and…

Though to be fair this was all on Dina! That girl was not playing!!! She just straight up walked over to Ellie, took her glass and drank the rest of her drink, then proceeded to drag her onto the dance floor, guided Ellie’s hands onto her hips, seduced the heck out of her with the ‘do I smell tactic’ (It works!?!) then straight up kissed her not once, not twice, but three damn times for good measure!

There is no ‘mistakes’ about those kisses!

And speaking of the new Flame…Dina straight up made this trailer with her dialogue! It had double meanings both literally and figuratively! But which is which depends on the context! if we are talking about the dance floor then the literal meaning would be that Dina says the people around them are afraid of Ellie because she just won the girl (and probably many more if she wanted)!

And I am jumping ahead so let me take a step back and explain!

You see as they dance, Ellie notices that everyone was staring at them which she concluded that they were staring at Dina, since she had been putting on a show that even Ellie could not resist (Seriously, there were stars in her eyes as she watched Dina dance)! But Dina says to her that maybe they were watching her instead. She says that they might have been jealous!

Ellie can’t comprehend why they would be? She was just a girl (She knew they were talking about someone winning Dina for the night)! Dina answers that they should be afraid of Ellie! She then does the thing and Ellie does the thing and when the answer is green they kiss, twice, and as the camera spans over around them, we transition (masterfully and beautifully) into the figurative side where Ellie straight up murders some fools with arrows, machetes and guns!

Yes, she is not only figuratively to be feared but she is also to be literally feared and then after the murder spree showing how frikkin Alpha Ellie is, we transition right back onto the dance floor where they go in for that one final kiss and the emotions in Ellie’s eyes…

I am sorry but these are game graphics, right?!


Excuse me Naughty Dog Studios but I don’t care if the game is coming out in five years, just put up that pre-order option and you have my money right now!


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Hitomaika II – Teokure CAUTION BTS

=LOVE - Teokure CAUTION Making.mkv - 00244
=LOVE - Teokure CAUTION Making.mkv - 00833 =LOVE - Teokure CAUTION Making.mkv - 00810
=LOVE - Teokure CAUTION Making.mkv - 00665
=LOVE - Teokure CAUTION Making.mkv - 00968 =LOVE - Teokure CAUTION Making.mkv - 01009
Kono Yubi S2 - 01.ts - 00009
=LOVE - Teokure CAUTION Making.mkv - 00164 =LOVE - Teokure CAUTION Making.mkv - 00968
sweating gif 2

The only thing that this group and its Management has done wrong so far is not releasing their LIVE performances either online or on physical media! Everything else is PERFECT!

As I said before I waited for the internetz but it let me down so I had to go and do it myself – and by that I mean I had to buy the CD myself to see if there was Making Of of this PV or not! Needless to say, yes, there was a Making Of, sweet 18 minutes of goodness!

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