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Help Me~

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I have to be up for work in less than 4 hours and I can’t sleep! I am all over the internet literally like this right now…


Every site I visit, every corner I turn, there is gold everywhere! Nogiyuri, Mayukiyuri, Movieyuri, the freaking League!

And the weekend to end all weekends is not even here yet! God, I so should be asleep, I know I am going to regret this tomorrow but— No, tomorrow will be even more hype!! Adrenaline will save me from fatigue! This is going to be a weekend of a life time!

See ya…

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Never Forget


Dear Yukirin Fans out there, never forget that one time that Yukirin got to stand in front of the Elite, in front of Yuko-senpai (who was No.1 at the time during the Everyday Kachu period), in front of all the Kami 7 (she wasn’t yet a Kami at the time, man now that I think about it, this should have been such a spoiler for her new title of God Slayer but really, no one was expecting it!), Mayuyu and Sashiko on the last line with Yukirin at the front alone!!!

I shall never forget! Now I am only waiting for that moment to happen again (which I doubt it will because if she is to centre again, I am betting it will be with someone else again but if it is Mayuyu, no complaints whatsoever! If it does happen though there will be tears! Probability of Yukirin centring as single at the time was way higher than it is right now and the wait too long compared to the first time! And if this time it is not a TV performance but a single, then all that much more delicious. Though actually centring on TV is actually also quite powerful in and of itself. But then again, the feeling won’t be the same as say being in front of the likes of Yuko and Acchan.

Ah, the trifles of being a Yukirin fan…


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Thank you Nogizaka!

161205 NOGIBINGO!7 ep09.ts - 00038
161205 NOGIBINGO!7 ep09.ts - 00138 161205 NOGIBINGO!7 ep09.ts - 00130
170320乃木坂工事中【17枚目のシングルキャンペーン】.ts - 00302
170320乃木坂工事中【17枚目のシングルキャンペーン】.ts - 00066 170320乃木坂工事中【17枚目のシングルキャンペーン】.ts - 00057
170320乃木坂工事中【17枚目のシングルキャンペーン】.ts - 00055 170320乃木坂工事中【17枚目のシングルキャンペーン】.ts - 00017
170320乃木坂工事中【17枚目のシングルキャンペーン】.ts - 00285 170320乃木坂工事中【17枚目のシングルキャンペーン】.ts - 00063
Nogizaka Under Construction ep98

You all have no idea how much I so wanted what just happened in this week’s Under Construction! Ever since last year, when during the episode where some girls were asked to come up with club ideas and the members had to choose which club to join, though Ikoma-kun’s Mountain Climbing Club did not have the most members, it sure had most of my favourites!

Ikoma-kun (as the president), Minami-chan and Manatsu returning (from the Mount Fuji event way back during the 10th single promotion in 2014), Asuka-chan, Miria and Ranze , two of my 2nd gen biases! Like, how more perfect could this even have been?! Too bad Miona did not get to vote as she was also a pitcher of club ideas but I have a feeling if she were not she would so be on Team Ikoma!

I have been praying for Management to do something with that club ever since then because it was just too good to pass up! Seriously, as of the latest single, all members of this club have been centres before! Ranze and Miria, in fact got their centres after the club idea! Coincidence that they go to centre Undergirls soon after? Maybe, maybe not!

Okay, so Mana-tan was more like a unit (with Nanase) than a Centre but somehow I think now that is a better deal, right?

But anyway, I can’t believe this has finally happened! I have just so been hooked on Miria and Ranze lately from the 2nd gen and seeing them getting Centres (Ranze for the 16th single Undergirls and Miria for this 17th Undergirls) feels so good but finally getting them all together with my Nogizaka Kami Ikoma-kun and her waifu Minami-chan, in addition to my first loli complex Asuka, well, this is a cause for celebration!

But first I have to mention that love letter from Miria-chan to Ikoma-kun during the 7rh season of NOGIBINGO…

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♫ I Feel Like Listening to Sad Songs! ♫

Me too Mayuki, me too!

I did not think the song would really be that sad but by the gods! Even with my half-assed Japanese I am already feeling choked up! But it is when thinking of Yukirin as a fan and all these past years and what has come that the FEELs really hit you! But then when you add in the possible future, in the case that this song is kind of telling (which I don’t think it is and don’t want it to) and my dearest Reader, you are a goner!

I am waiting for my people to translate the lyrics but in case some of you want to try Google translate (Do it verse by verse) then the Japanese Lyrics are after the jump! So are the songs too to those who don’t know where to find them!

Damn though, this is one sad song, and it is so good! I can listen to the instrumentals all day and then add in the fact that Mayuyu and Yukirin actually sing this seriously with feeling and if you do not get choked up even a bit listening to this then you my dear friend, are in need of dire help!

They are so good together here and I am still scratching my head with pure wonder as to why we have yet to have a Mayuki single! Like, WTF even AKS! like, this SSK Election single would have been the perfect chance, it being the 48th single and all but we are talking about AKS here! Actually listening to this song, I just realised how so appropriate the Green Flash Covers (See pic) would have been had this been an actual MAYUKI single! Type A with Mayuyu. Type B with Yukirin then Type C with Mayuki half put together and the image turning full Mayuyu or Yukirin with the trick of the light when you turn it one way or the other!

Get to this AKS!!!

Seriously, what a lovely song! it is so going on to my To-Go Playlist! In case you happen to see a sad person listening to music on the Bus dear Dubliners, you now know who!

Have a listen before you jump over for the lyrics and bytes!

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Michi te iku [J-Movie]

MICHI TE IKU Main.mkv - 00796
MICHI TE IKU Main.mkv - 00589 MICHI TE IKU Main.mkv - 00592
MICHI TE IKU Main.mkv - 00539 MICHI TE IKU Main.mkv - 00545
MICHI TE IKU Main.mkv - 00693
 MICHI TE IKU Main.mkv - 00837
MICHI TE IKU Main.mkv - 00002
Michiteiku みちていく

And yet another great little project from Japan that manages, somehow, to hit all the right points with barely a single BGM for support! Like, how do they do it?! Even more impressive is the fact that this movie was written and directed by a graduate!! Yeah sure, one can argue that this is no regular graduate being a Todai graduate (Tokyo University graduate) but still, a graduate is a graduate!

You know I have come to the conclusion that if you want real characters in movies, especially female, you want a female director! Women directors really know how to push for emotions! They rarely rely on BGM to enhance emotional scenes but rather on the characters! Yes, this is directed by a woman (Takeuchi Lisa)! ‘A Girl At My Door’ – another great movie that relies mostly on its characters, was directed by a woman (Jung July).

Women directors know how to conceal emotions and knowing what level of yuri I prefer, you best know it that I am praying for more female directors to make more yuri movies in the future! Now of course there are plenty of good male directors who also understand characters but even then when it comes to female characters, there is something missing there. There is a bit of realism missing and though sometimes it takes a female assistant to help bridge the gap (a la ‘The Handmaiden’ and ‘As One’) it is just not the same!

Back to Michiteiku, Japan is still plenty relevant and only in 2nd place because South Korea has given us more better home-runs, because they are very good at these silent movies! By this I do not mean those early 1900s style movies! I mean that there is very little BGM if it is even used! Only Japan seems to have the guts for these movies where they rely mostly on the actors, script and nature! I really love these movies! No emotion gets passed you because there are no distractions! Directors and Writers can hide little meanings within actions and you will pick them up easily if you know what you are looking for!

Michiteiku is that movie I got with my Christmas swag and it is now time to talk about it. If you haven’t yet watched it and you do not want to be spoiled, you know what to do, or not to do. But really, I am no critic so it should be expected that there are going to be spoilers in my posts, especially the way I write about stuff!

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