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Vid – Glassheart [Gentleman Jack]


Just as promised, it’s here! And once again Leona Lewis at the rescue!!

Gentleman Jack is one of the hardest series to do a video on, especially those who only do one per canon! Not in the sense that there is lack of content but more of the opposite in fact!

There is just too much content! Seriously, if the series had ended at episode 6, things would have been much easier but the last two episodes complicated things too much!

One can easily make more than five different videos of Anne and Ann and those videos would be all different genres and tone and so it makes choices really hard if you are only looking to do one video and be done with it, like I usually do. Rarely do I make two videos of the same couple!

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy…


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Yuridano Kandano Ep04

Yuri da 04.mp4 - 01;50;52.263
Yuri da 04.mp4 - 06;32;26.934 Yuri da 04.mp4 - 01;34;18.282
Yuri da 04.mp4 - 09;46;52.999
Yuri da 04.mp4 - 04;14;13.657 Yuri da 04.mp4 - 01;14;21.155
Yuri da 04.mp4 - 01;32;47.743
Yuri da 04.mp4 - 08;44;17.831 Yuri da 04.mp4 - 09;52;10.650
Yuri da 04.mp4 - 01;34;15.212


Basically, my reactions through out this episode! I don’t know how but this show keeps out-doing the episodes with each new one and I am all here for it! Forget about the kisses, that is like, 99% of all dramas so basically, it is normal and thus shouldn’t be taken as a negative unless we are considering all other dramas failures.

I expected this conquest to be a long-winded one but apparently that is not the case! Kairi’s game was just too strong that it rendered my musings about Yuri not wanting her last episode, basically, irrelevant! The Teacher’s impact on Yuri’s life, though it will still be there, looks like it is going to be the opposite, not of the good kind! And I am still confused by Yuri’s relationship with Shiho and Tomomi!

Anyway, my mouth was left hanging from the very beginning, then during that climax and again at the end! Three shocks to the system in a single episode is not healthy!!!!

And I am here for it 100%!!!

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Yuridano Kandano Ep03

Yuri da 03.mp4 - 11;03;23.681
Yuri da 03.mp4 - 09;12;27.082 Yuri da 03.mp4 - 09;17;19.314 - 00001
Yuri da 03.mp4 - 03;26;59.726
Yuri da 03.mp4 - 03;22;04.668 Yuri da 03.mp4 - 03;34;06.607Yuri da 03.mp4 - 10;08;24.747
Yuri da 03.mp4 - 10;05;12.770 Yuri da 03.mp4 - 03;38;23.191
Yuri da 03.mp4 - 09;58;15.371

True Love!

That’s the kind of love that our girl Kairi is after and it was kind of touched upon during the last episode, but I did not mention it I believe. Though to be fair I did not expect it to play into the story but now that I think it will, I might as well start touching upon it. In the last episode it was mentioned in passing when Kairi called the love the Teacher has for his wife True Love and the kind that Yuri respects.

But so far it doesn’t seem like Yuri understands what that is and I believe this series is about her learning what that it. Meanwhile Kairi knows what it is but she has yet to attain it and if this series is to deliver, then she will, on her part, finally get to have it in parallel to Yuri both understanding it and attaining it.

That is, if everything goes according to plan.

And now that we are on the third episode, I think we can surmise what the structure is going to be like going forward. Now sure the overall story will pick up steam as time goes by like usual but as per episode, I think we are going to have both light and heavy moments within each episode. Like this one, started out silly like usual but then it took a sudden turn for the serious, which I admit had me worried there for a second, but then ended on another light note, just in time to start off the next episode light.

And did I mention I loved Kairi last episode? I am out right smote by her after this episode! If you don’t want her Yuri, don’t worry, there is a line for her, and I am at the front. Shiho is behind me, interestingly, and so is Reader piilottaa!

But before we begin, I want to say THANK YOU all who have stayed with me for ten years and those who came after and kept coming back thus keeping me going. Yes, it’s been ten years as of this weekend, surprisingly, turns out I joined twitter at the same time. So, I am celebrating two decades on social media. Thank you!

Untitled-1 Untitled-2

Now then, let’s move on…

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So, Hinatazaka 46’s HINAYAKA!

190521 HINABINGO!小籔驚き全力3本SP理想の姉妹決戦!腹筋対決!メンバー激おこ [日テレ1].ts - 01;37;23.715
190428 ZIP! Haru Fes 2019 Day 2 - Hinatazaka46 Part.ts - 01;44;11.660 2C Tokimeki Sou (ときめき草) [1080p.h264.24fps].mp4 - 01;31;52.023
190415 日向坂で会いましょう【オードリーに知ってもらおう!「日向坂46年表」後半】 [テレビ東京1].ts - 08;09;53.506
190415 日向坂で会いましょう【オードリーに知ってもらおう!「日向坂46年表」後半】 [テレビ東京1].ts - 08;02;59.741 190521 HINABINGO!小籔驚き全力3本SP理想の姉妹決戦!腹筋対決!メンバー激おこ [日テレ1].ts - 06;32;33.618
190521 HINABINGO!小籔驚き全力3本SP理想の姉妹決戦!腹筋対決!メンバー激おこ [日テレ1].ts - 01;50;17.664
190415 日向坂で会いましょう【オードリーに知ってもらおう!「日向坂46年表」後半】 [テレビ東京1].ts - 09;23;28.387 - 00001 190521 HINABINGO!小籔驚き全力3本SP理想の姉妹決戦!腹筋対決!メンバー激おこ [日テレ1].ts - 01;42;12.811
190521 HINABINGO!小籔驚き全力3本SP理想の姉妹決戦!腹筋対決!メンバー激おこ [日テレ1].ts - 00;17;14.276

Takamoto Ayaka x Kawata Hina (Hinayaka)

I never thought the day would come but here were are! My Hinatazaka46’s (previous known as Hiragana Keyaki) OTP just got such a major rival they might as well be dethroned with the amount of content we have gotten in such a sort period of time! Worse still, even their ship name rhymes with the new group name! Like, how more perfect could they be!

Oh wait, they could have the perfect height-difference, WHICH THEY DO!! Or their feelings could be mutual, WHICH THEY ARE!!! Like, they are practically perfect!!!! The only reason they are not OTP yet is just my stubborn inner shipper still pinning over Ayouko (Ayaka and Saitou Kyouko)! Those first OTPs are like first loves, very very hard to get over and in some cases one could never!

But even that as it may, I just was no unprepared for these two! Like, look at them! Just…look at them! I can already read the none existent hundreds of fics about them in my head because they are just so shippable! And they have rivals all around! Forget about Kyouko, there is Katoshi (Kato Shiho) who is also pinning after Hina, then there is Ayaka’s BFF Mei (Higashimura) who is also very shippable with Ayaka! I tried those mentioned but other than Kyouko, this ship is in a league of unheardofness!

Seriously, within the span of about a month we have got; them two now being paired in MVs (RIP Ayouko), getting featured in both Hinatazaka’s shows currently running; with Hinatazaka de Aimashou bringing us first the battle of Hina – where members had to fight for her by playing a game where they stood at a distance from her and had to claim her by being the first one to get to her and by process of elimination, the one with the least grip on her looses! Suffice to say, Ayaka and Shiho were of course the ones with the most claim but while they were declared draw, I am sorry Shiho but to us you obviously lost that battle!

Then the other show HINABINGO gave us a two parter where the girls chose who their most favourable sister was. Even the battle of Fates couldn’t keep Ayaka and Hina apart as they managed to pick other other and while it was the battle of the sisters, somehow I doubt it these two were on the same wave-length! And from such fates, we got the battle of ‘closeness’ where  Ithink this might be the first time I remember seeing symmetrical docking on these types of shows!

Yes, I remember that MAYUKI episode but somehow their height difference, especially at the time, doesn’t quite cut it for the term!

But things don’t even stop there! It seems things extend to back-stage (or real life as I like to call it). In one of the special broadcasts of one of their lives, we got to see them backstage and were they not only lovey-dovey, but they were doing it right next to Kyouko! Really ayaka!?!

Needless to say, I am ALL IN for Hinayaka and will be on the look out for more so expect content in the future!

And wit hthat, I leave thee with more caps…


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Nogizaka46 – Noyouna Sonzai [MV]

[2A] Noyouna Sonzai (のような存在) [1080p h264].mp4 - 01;23;48.176
[2A] Noyouna Sonzai (のような存在) [1080p h264].mp4 - 00;30;57.944 [2A] Noyouna Sonzai (のような存在) [1080p h264].mp4 - 00;34;40.576
[2A] Noyouna Sonzai (のような存在) [1080p h264].mp4 - 00;19;22.656 [2A] Noyouna Sonzai (のような存在) [1080p h264].mp4 - 00;22;20.856
[2A] Noyouna Sonzai (のような存在) [1080p h264].mp4 - 02;05;13.154
[2A] Noyouna Sonzai (のような存在) [1080p h264].mp4 - 00;27;23.977 [2A] Noyouna Sonzai (のような存在) [1080p h264].mp4 - 00;49;43.927
[2A] Noyouna Sonzai (のような存在) [1080p h264].mp4 - 00;53;02.021 [2A] Noyouna Sonzai (のような存在) [1080p h264].mp4 - 01;37;02.914
[2A] Noyouna Sonzai (のような存在) [1080p h264].mp4 - 01;40;06.282

For Yuri!

You know, I am not sure who I am more disappointed in; myself, or you dear Readers!

Like, why am I just now finding out about Nogizaka 46’s NOYOUNA SONZAI Music Video?! I am pretty sure that I follow their official YouTube channel so how did I manage to miss this? They did post it there, right? I mean they usually post their MVs there!

Okay, sure, I have kind of been avoiding Nogizaka since my Oshimen left (Ikoma-kun to those who don’t know), but even still! This is yuri we are talking about here! How did I miss this?! Like, there are probably even subtitles already out as I type this, which I need to hunt down BTW, because the song too sounds super gay!

But on the other hand, why did nobody tell me about this? I sure don’t remember making it known that I was taking a break from Nogizaka and that I shouldn’t be disturbed with content from them! So, why did nobody mention this to me?

Oh well, I guess we all are to blame here but hey, in the end we got to it, right? Better late than never, right?

As for the Music Video at hand, visually it is magnificent, but really, aren’t all 46G MVs just so beautifully shot and made! But even amongst them there still are those that stand above and beyond and this is one of them! This, is the kind of quality I want in my videos! Seriously, AKB needs to take major lessons from whatever company handles the 46G MVs! And AKB hasn’t always been this bad! You should see the RIVER, BEGINNER, SAKURA and UZA MVs (to mention but a few)! Strangely while anyone else would be up-ing their game, AKB just got worse!

Anyway, back to NOYOUNA SONZAI, the visuals are great, and I love the song that accompanies it as well and its subject of the complexities of Love! But even if it is true, that Love is complicated, that doesn’t mean that I am going to let the shenanigans slide! Like literally the rest of the story was about Mai pinning after Asuka. Like, her love was blatant and while one can argue that it might have been playful affection, the ending says otherwise! She really loved Asuka.

So then why the hell did she just so brutally reject Asuka when she finally returned those feelings by going in to kiss Mai?! Like, I think it is the worse kind of rejection, when the mood feels right, you both have feelings for one another, and then when you feel it is the right time and lean in to kiss your love, they turn away from you!

Like, that is the worst kind of rejection! And what’s even worse is that it isn’t an actual rejection! She does love Asuka so like, why the fuck!?!

And then she goes and kisses a sleeping Asuka and I am like, so the fuck what?! Then again, seeing as it was on the cheek, maybe she really did not LOVE love Asuka and it was more of a familial affection! That being said we don’t even know the context of them! Are they best friends? Are they Senpai/Kouhai? Are they Teacher/Student? Hell, is it Mai-nee-san?

We don’t know but then again, MVs are always like this! They are like poems! You have to feel in your own blanks and come up with your own interpretation of what the fuck is what!

Either way, if they were trying to convey how complex love is, they did not succeed! Here it’s more like, Love it simple but it is the people that make it complicated for no apparent reasons! Yeah like I said the relationship to each other might be what makes things complicated but even then, they sure didn’t leave any grey areas in what their feelings were, well, Mai certainly didn’t!! And yet she went and just denied Asuka the kiss, after she finally showed her cards in this relationship!

Listen to me losing it over a music video…Hahaha!

I really loved these two here too. Asuka totally reminded me of Techi, especially from the movie HIBIKI, and Mai was total fun to watch in this! Like, I could totally be down for a full series of these two! Do it Nogi, what are you waiting for!?

Anyhow, jump over for the MV and more caps…


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Yuridano Kandano Ep02

Yuri da 02.mp4 - 10;11;24.563
Yuri da 02.mp4 - 09;40;56.331 Yuri da 02.mp4 - 09;24;30.475Yuri da 02.mp4 - 07;14;58.666 Yuri da 02.mp4 - 05;29;27.605Yuri da 02.mp4 - 00;56;42.164
Yuri da 02.mp4 - 01;12;16.020 Yuri da 02.mp4 - 04;37;48.229
Yuri da 02.mp4 - 10;10;34.525 Yuri da 02.mp4 - 10;35;00.407
Yuri da 02.mp4 - 06;17;05.677

Master of the Craft!

This episode hit me like the train from Inception! There was like, 10% of things I expected to happen but the other 90% took me by surprise! First of all I did not expect the kiss to happen so soon! I mean, sure there was an inkling that we would get something early on given the ‘L’ question but surely that could have come after another thing Kairi did? Then again with how ‘open’ Yuri is I guess it had to be something extreme like a kiss to finally get her to start asking questions.

Next, I did not anticipate things going dark so soon. That’s what the kids these days call serious tones in stories – dark! And just like Gentleman Jack they chose the route that is less thorny in that though they mentioned our very own AKB, it was the other kind of Idol industry that they went after – The Gravure Idols, or more specifically in this show, the Junior Idols. Everyone that knows of this side of Japan must have had certain questions about it and the show does touch upon it, albeit lightly.

Yeah, I wasn’t expecting the way things turned! And this is not all…Seriously you all, remind me never to be on Kairi’s bad side! Jesus Christ that girl is scary! And she wasn’t even in anger mode! I can only imagine when she is pissed enough for it to show on her face! The person at the receiving end would probably surrender their lives!

Even the Stalker story seemed to have changed, that is if what we heard from this episode was more than speculation and spite! Add in the little details we learned of Kairi’s mysterious life, especially her past and yeah, this seems like it is going to go ways I did not think it would. Speaking of, this reminds me that we know nothing of value about Yuri too other than her current present self!

So much we have yet to discover, so much we have yet to learn about our girls and they too about each other and their feelings. But one of them has started to shape their future and love life from this episode and she is so good at the chase she has already overcome the first hurdle.

Let’s see what that is, shall we… Continue reading