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Hitomaika IX – Her Existence!


Quiz: What she (Hitomi) loves about Sasaki Maika?


Hitomi: Her existence!


Maika: Thank you~

髙松瞳のことを一番良く知るのは誰?第1回髙松王!!.mp4_snapshot_13.43.544 髙松瞳のことを一番良く知るのは誰?第1回髙松王!!.mp4_snapshot_13.44.872

Hitomi: That HA in Diamond Lily (Maika’s answer)…I Love it!

髙松瞳のことを一番良く知るのは誰?第1回髙松王!!.mp4_snapshot_13.50.366 髙松瞳のことを一番良く知るのは誰?第1回髙松王!!.mp4_snapshot_13.54.645

But I love that you more…Just you existing is enough!


Maika: Totally happy!

Excuse me, police? I wish to report a crime!


Like, how is that allowed!?!

I swear, if the answer to her most memorable =LOVE moment was Maika’s comeback 2nd Anniversary concert, I would have been so deaded! And it still might be! She said she forgot and that all she remembers is crying a lot so my money is on that! I mean, it could have been easy to pick Anna’s answer (their first TIF – Tokyo Idol Festival – appearance in 2017) but she did not!

Very suspicious!

Seriously though, who gives that kind of answer?! Liking somebody because they simply exist is…is..like there is nothing else that it could be!!!

My week has been slow and this definitely put some spice into it! As to what this is, it’s a small video on =LOVE’s official YouTube channel and the theme was to find out who is the Hitomi King! AKA, who knows more about Hitomi!

I already knew Maika would not win, and kind of surprised Anna lost! My money was on her! During the last episode of Maika’s radio where Risa was a guest (fuckin finally!!!) she had a similar quiz about Risa and she failed it miserably so I figured she would do the same here!

Speaking of Risa and Maika, they are like my Yukirin/Rena version of =LOVE but for some reason they never got to do anything together! You know this Ikotaimu series they do where two members host an episode together? For some reason these two seemed cursed by the universe itself! They could have met at least three times but for the first two fate was against them! The first one Risa was sick so she could not make it (even though we got Maika/Kiara goodness instead) and the second time of course it was the pandemic so they had to do it remotely! Here’s to hoping they get another chance now that things are back to normal and I have learned that Maika is having a Risa boom currently so all is good I guess!

But that makes things a bit exciting given that now Hitomi is back and she had brought a damn bazooka to a knife fight damn it! I knew I was in for some goodness now that she is back but this is too much too soon! Damn, I hope Sasshi and the Managers are watching this and writing down tips for the next single! It’s been forever since we got a yuri themed single!

Please God!


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SF8 Ep01 – The Prayer [K-Drama]

SF8.s01e01.HD1080p.WEBRip.Ukr.BaibaKo.tv.mkv_snapshot_06.36.967 SF8.s01e01.HD1080p.WEBRip.Ukr.BaibaKo.tv.mkv_snapshot_06.20.993
SF8.s01e01.HD1080p.WEBRip.Ukr.BaibaKo.tv.mkv_snapshot_04.36.901 SF8.s01e01.HD1080p.WEBRip.Ukr.BaibaKo.tv.mkv_snapshot_04.54.282
SF8.s01e01.HD1080p.WEBRip.Ukr.BaibaKo.tv.mkv_snapshot_35.45.716 SF8.s01e01.HD1080p.WEBRip.Ukr.BaibaKo.tv.mkv_snapshot_10.10.357
SF8.s01e01.HD1080p.WEBRip.Ukr.BaibaKo.tv.mkv_snapshot_20.21.098 SF8.s01e01.HD1080p.WEBRip.Ukr.BaibaKo.tv.mkv_snapshot_20.24.827

Finger-sucking shall never not be hot!

Right about now, I feel like the stupidest person on earth! Why? Because I did not fully realise it that these two characters were played by the same actor until I got to writing about this episode right now and I went to search for their hangul names!

Yeah, I am a complete idiot!

But in my defence, I had suspicions towards the end when Sister Sabina went to visit Jung-in to check up on her and also to find out where she could find Ho-joong and Jung-in had dyed her hair black or un-dyed it and then she looked like Ho-joong! But even then something stopped me from accepting the truth!

Now I know and you have my permission to laugh at me!

Anyway, let’s jump into the first entry of this futuristic series from South Korea that is considered the Korean version of Black mirror!


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Tokyo Ghoul [J-movie]

tokyo.ghoul.2017.1080p.bluray.x264-regret.mkv_snapshot_00.55.30.098 tokyo.ghoul.2017.1080p.bluray.x264-regret.mkv_snapshot_00.55.34.760
tokyo.ghoul.2017.1080p.bluray.x264-regret.mkv_snapshot_00.55.46.265 tokyo.ghoul.2017.1080p.bluray.x264-regret.mkv_snapshot_00.55.51.052
tokyo.ghoul.2017.1080p.bluray.x264-regret.mkv_snapshot_00.55.09.920 tokyo.ghoul.2017.1080p.bluray.x264-regret.mkv_snapshot_00.56.02.167
tokyo.ghoul.2017.1080p.bluray.x264-regret.mkv_snapshot_00.56.34.145 tokyo.ghoul.2017.1080p.bluray.x264-regret.mkv_snapshot_00.56.40.886

So, girlfriends then…

I want a girlfriend that brings me a lunchbox at work (even if I work at a café shop) damn it! Life is so unfair!

Seriously though, these two are def girlfriends, huh! At the very least Yoriko (Furuhata Seika – you might remember her from SAKI) is totally in love with Touka (Shimizu Fumika)!

I haven’t watched the anime nor read the manga, sources this movie is adapted from, but you damn believe it I am going to watch the anime now, even if it is nothing like the movie! I did not come into the movie for yuri and neither did I stay for it (since Yoriko came and went like the wind) but who knows, maybe we will get to see them interact at school. That is assuming that the stories are the same!

Yuri aside, my horror loving heart totally fell in love with the story I am definitely checking the anime out and if there is more of these two, then all the better! And speaking of the movie, that cast though! Sasaki Nozomi is in here (and works at the café too so possibilities people!) and then there is Yuu Aoi, the absolute legend. Gods, that woman is damn beautiful! In addition we also have yet another girl from SAKI – Sakurada Hiyori (Episode of Side A Series and Movie) like, talk about a killer cast!

Anyway, my mind is going places tonight it seems and those places will have human eating monsters in them with lots of yuri does, if I know my mind!

Also it seems there is a sequel, which while I doubt there will be anything in it, hey, it doesn’t hurt to try, right? Who knows, Japan might just surprise. I doubt it but there is nothing to lose, right?



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A Midsummer Night’s Dream [J-Movie]

A Midsummer Okinawaian Dream.mkv_snapshot_00.33.20.953
A Midsummer Okinawaian Dream.mkv_snapshot_00.36.58.661 A Midsummer Okinawaian Dream.mkv_snapshot_00.55.05.097
A Midsummer Okinawaian Dream.mkv_snapshot_01.27.54.324 A Midsummer Okinawaian Dream.mkv_snapshot_01.27.14.791
A Midsummer Okinawaian Dream.mkv_snapshot_00.49.06.563 A Midsummer Okinawaian Dream.mkv_snapshot_00.49.37.681
A Midsummer Okinawaian Dream.mkv_snapshot_00.31.31.370
A Midsummer Okinawaian Dream.mkv_snapshot_01.27.31.227 A Midsummer Okinawaian Dream.mkv_snapshot_00.38.27.581
A Midsummer Okinawaian Dream.mkv_snapshot_01.22.41.570 A Midsummer Okinawaian Dream.mkv_snapshot_01.26.25.446
A Midsummer Okinawaian Dream.mkv_snapshot_01.30.09.406 A Midsummer Okinawaian Dream.mkv_snapshot_01.30.18.014
A Midsummer Okinawaian Dream.mkv_snapshot_01.19.11.863


Oh, hi there movie I totally forgot about for over 10 years!

No seriously, it was 11 years ago when I wrote about the trailer for this movie and despite having bought it the moment the DVD was released (in fact I remember pre-ordering it) and having watched it, I totally forgot to write about it.

Maybe it was because the story was very difficult to understand given the strange dialect the characters were using, especially the Spirits/Fairies/Gods, or maybe it was because of the ending, which again, like MY SUMMER OF LOVE, it now doesn’t seem nearly as bad as I think I remember it! Nay, it wasn’t bad at all, it just didn’t have the ending we all wanted!

But speaking of that ending, it plays well into the subject of the movie and what one is willing to do or not do for love! The story too is very different from what  I remember, which I guess is because now I understand it better so let’s start from the laydown of that!

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Vid – Flora’s Secret [My Summer of Love]


Ah yes, MY SUMMER OF LOVE! I remember not liking this movie for some reason but when I was re-watching it for this vid, as the movie went on I was wondering why that was. It seemed to be going according to plan, which was very rare back in its day!

Until the ending reminded me with a luke-warm bucket of water!

Maybe it’s the time passing or maybe it’s me getting older but it did not seem as bad as I remember. First off, Tam was to leave no matter what by the end to go back to school (boarding) so a happy ever after ending was already out of the question and they are still young which also puts that love on a time bomb!

So the fact that they seemed to break up before the movie’s end shouldn’t have hit as hard as I remember that time long ago I first watched this movie. And now that I am over crying over spilt milk, I can see that it was actually kind of a clever ending where the movie kind of started with Mona breaking up with the man she was having an affair with and ending with Mona breaking up with Tam!

Yeah, sure it wasn’t verbally stated but I think we can all agree that trying to drown Tam kind of counts as a IT’S OVER BITCH moment, no? Even if Tam was to come back more summers for breaks I doubt they would get back together, or maybe they would, there are a lot of relationships based on pain so…

Anyway, enjoy some young Emily Blunt gayness is this little video.