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Help Me~

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I have to be up for work in less than 4 hours and I can’t sleep! I am all over the internet literally like this right now…


Every site I visit, every corner I turn, there is gold everywhere! Nogiyuri, Mayukiyuri, Movieyuri, the freaking League!

And the weekend to end all weekends is not even here yet! God, I so should be asleep, I know I am going to regret this tomorrow but— No, tomorrow will be even more hype!! Adrenaline will save me from fatigue! This is going to be a weekend of a life time!

See ya…

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♫ I Feel Like Listening to Sad Songs! ♫

Me too Mayuki, me too!

I did not think the song would really be that sad but by the gods! Even with my half-assed Japanese I am already feeling choked up! But it is when thinking of Yukirin as a fan and all these past years and what has come that the FEELs really hit you! But then when you add in the possible future, in the case that this song is kind of telling (which I don’t think it is and don’t want it to) and my dearest Reader, you are a goner!

I am waiting for my people to translate the lyrics but in case some of you want to try Google translate (Do it verse by verse) then the Japanese Lyrics are after the jump! So are the songs too to those who don’t know where to find them!

Damn though, this is one sad song, and it is so good! I can listen to the instrumentals all day and then add in the fact that Mayuyu and Yukirin actually sing this seriously with feeling and if you do not get choked up even a bit listening to this then you my dear friend, are in need of dire help!

They are so good together here and I am still scratching my head with pure wonder as to why we have yet to have a Mayuki single! Like, WTF even AKS! like, this SSK Election single would have been the perfect chance, it being the 48th single and all but we are talking about AKS here! Actually listening to this song, I just realised how so appropriate the Green Flash Covers (See pic) would have been had this been an actual MAYUKI single! Type A with Mayuyu. Type B with Yukirin then Type C with Mayuki half put together and the image turning full Mayuyu or Yukirin with the trick of the light when you turn it one way or the other!

Get to this AKS!!!

Seriously, what a lovely song! it is so going on to my To-Go Playlist! In case you happen to see a sad person listening to music on the Bus dear Dubliners, you now know who!

Have a listen before you jump over for the lyrics and bytes!

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C4mR0eXVUAAy3Ag.jpg large
01_2 C4mVAZDUcAEKLyJ.jpg large

Like, what do you even do?! What can one do when presented with that…that first pic?!

Look at it everyone, just, look at it!!!

All I can say is…Happy Valentine’s everyone.

I am also pretty sure I am going to sleep less than 3 hours today. No way my mind is going to shut off any time soon!



[Pics] Is This Even For Real?!

IMG_20160701_081322 IMG_20160708_163505
IMG_20160708_163253 CmFdpZiUsAA3DdN.jpg large
CnAURjAUcAA9caw.jpg large
IMG_20160708_163310 Cm1LsErVYAAcDHU.jpg large
Mayuki_Yuki_Kashiwagi [2016.06.14-211320] 柏木 由紀(AKB48 チームB).mp4 - 00008

Like, SRSly!!

dear Mayuki, please just announce that wedding date as that is all that we are waiting for at this rate! Like, are you even kidding me? You know, I really want to meet anyone who knows of AKB48 but doesn’t know who Mayuki are! I really need to meet them as no place is safe! Anywhere they go Mayuki always happens! I mean they do say home is where the heart is so it makes sense for Mayuki World to follow them wherever they go but still!

Even Utage, the one place I thought was safe from Mayuki as Mayuyu seemed to be taking her job there seriously, was not spared! I am of course talking about…


Of course now that I actually have another look, it does look like unlike the other times, this time it is Yukirin who starts things off.

And speaking of this episode, is it only I that always get a smile when Ai-chan and Yukirin perform in these dance battles on the same team? I just, I am this close to starting to ship them two I swear!

But while all is good, the actual reason for this post isn’t actually Mayuki but rather, the meaning of the day before yesterday! By that of course I mean the 15th of July – a very special day as it is my Goddess’ day on which she came into being – Her Birthday! I am ashamed that I did not get to post this on that day but better late than never, right?

Before I go farther, I wish to say to all Yukirinians out there that I hope you are proud to bee a fan and if you are not, you should be! Despite everything Yukirin has reserved her spot in the history of AKB48! Sure it is not being one of the SSK Centres, or any other Centre but really, there are many of those!

What is even more important is that this memory she has created belongs to the people matter more and thus makes the achievement itself that much more important and these are the members themselves I am talking about. Yukirin has garnered so much love from the members that no other Senpai comes even close! I already said it but I will touch upon it again but whoever comes into contact with her, whoever she works with on a project or performs a stage with, those members are always usually affected by and see Yukirin differently.

This was from Shiichan herself if you think I am making it up but even then one is only selecting to ignore the evidence. I am not sure how many follow members’ lives but Yukirin is one of those members that new girls rarely look up to. After time passes, when they meet her then it starts. Think of all the Kashiwagi children (what we call members who Idolise Yukirin) – almost 70% of them did not have her as their Idol in the beginning. And yet now…

And I am going in circles, let’s take a step back in time on Friday. I think I posted last year’s over-whelming number of messages from members to Yukirin on her but if you thought that was a lot, well, try multiplying that by a factor of > 7!! NMB girls, who haven’t seen Yukirin, haven’t performed with her in two or more years, all sent Yukirin heart-warming messages. Girls from Team Bs of old from other sister groups all sent her messages. graduated members sent her messages. Poor NGT girls, who had the luck of being put with Yukirin from the get go, well, I am pretty sure the effects are plain as day! And all to these messages…

Yukirin wrote a personalised reply!!

Like, how can that not make you proud!! Oh yes, if more proof is needed, in the Documentary Book there were various Questionnaires for the members and Yukirin, by almost 40% of the votes, was the most respected member in the 48G by the other members!

We fans are only outside the lass not even looking inside but rather seeing only what is put on display. These members are in the inside. They go through the same everyday life like Yukirin does. They know what goes on in there than we will ever even wish to comprehend. I only recently got this through my thick skull because before I was actually letting what other people said about Yukirin affect me but these days, I see how meaningless those words were, how weightless.

No other member/Kami has touched so many members as Yukirin has. Be it her Kouhai or her own Senpai, everyone treats Yukirin like she was their comrade. There is no distance at all between her and the others.

The only distance that I see and feel is between Management and herself. Not Shinobu though, Shinobu is cool! And that makes me come off as being triggered but I won’t deny that conclusion!

There is more reasons to be proud of Yukirin but I am saving those for the relevant posts to come. For now don’t be brought down by the fact that Yukirin might graduate without ever dominating SSK or solo Centring an AKB single! The latter should have happened by now but I think it is safe to assume that will never happen. Hell, I can see Management approving the Mayuki graduation only because they can deny Yukirin that solo Centre!

But it doesn’t matter! Yukirin doesn’t have to be No.1! Maybe she has to if it means something special to herself but not to us, not to the members! She has already touched us. We will never forget her! The members already know her, see her for what she is and what she is capable of. So be proud!

Be proud.

Be proud to be a Yukirin Fan!

And I am done. Sorry for the rumbling. Jump ahead for the pics (Most of which are from this Friday by the members)…

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The Goddess Has Spoken!!

Cm1LsErVYAAcDHU.jpg large

A MAYUKI Graduation Might Be Happening!

Dear Readers, I really wish you were me right now, I really do! Because I wish for you to feel what I am feeling currently because I just can’t put these feelings into words!! Last year, especially 2H was just…forgive my language, completely hellish! I am pretty sure some fans left the fandom by the start of this year. Even with the unrelated stuff like mass graduations and what not, last year was just shite!

And so it goes without saying that optimism going into this year was on the low end of the spectrum! But then things began to happen that lifted me up and up until we got to the level that I just cannot see myself going any higher! The big part of the reasons for the ocean of hope and happiness is credited to none other than MAYUKI – The Ship to End All Ships!

If you are a regular, I am pretty sure that you have come across a post or a comment of mine where I have speculated, and even hoped for the miracle that MAYUKI would do a double graduation! Well guess what dear Readers…


In this interview of Yukirin connected to the 2016 Documentary Movie, whose title is even the very subject I am discussing right now, we hear straight from Yukirin’s own mouth that when it comes time to graduate, she hopes to graduate with Mayuyu!



I speculated, I hoped but never did I actually think that it might ever come true! I mean come on, that is some Fan Fiction Level of sugar right there! The very fact that Yukirin thinks of it, the fact that she actually shared that thought out loud just gives it another 0.89 probability of actually happening!

What’s even more intriguing is the fact that the recent Mayuki activities (seriously, there has been more Mayuki in the last six or seven months than the last five or six years combined!!! And that is no exaggeration!) all help in making the duo-graduation a very likely possibility! Yukirin would never just throw something like that out like that for no reason! She and Mayuyu have probably even already discussed it, decided on a date to graduate and only waiting on their Management to seal the deal.

I mean, just this SSK, we already heard that they were this close to not participating so really, the conversation has probably been going on for a while! The idea that the two will graduate together means that it is up to Mayuyu now. Yukirin is only waiting for her, in addition to her love for the group, which seems less and less as attractive as it was before because like she said in the interview, there are negative effects to all Senpai leaving the group but on the other hand, if they don’t then how would the young ones grow out of their shadows and carry the group with their own strengths?

Okay, she doesn’t have to actually leave the company, she can get another kind of job there but no longer a member and really, she might as well because while it is good that she is looked up to and is close with so many members, it also will make it hard for her to leave them behind and who knows the impact it might have on the group. We have seen members before graduating because their precious Senpai have graduated (eg Jo and Acchan) and with how popular with the members Yukirin is…well…

As to what I think of all of this, I used to support Yukirin in her decision to stay longer with AKB but after everything I can’t wait for her to ditch them and move on to finally be equally rewarded for the amount of work she produces. I feel bad for the Kouhai who might bee negatively impacted but I have already had enough of Yukirin’s treatment. Okay, so outside personnel have been good to her, Nabe has tried to award her, the fans have always are still and will always be with her but her priorities have always been with AKB. She has worked more for AKB and thus there is where she should have been more rewarded for her work but it is the exact opposite!

Well, screw them!

All I want is the date to the Mayuki Graduation! It will be the very first time I travel just to attend an event! No more college to restrain me! No more lack of money to have to wait months due to saving!

Bring it on!

Cm1O1BjVIAASNbV.jpg large