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Vid – Mizugeshiki Hoshi Moyou [Shoujo Kaikou]


This movie is so sad that the actors and director actually cried on set! No lies! Other than the dumb main character, I really love it and bought a limited bluray for it for my collection!
I couldn’t find a fitting English song for this movie and I have always wanted to use a Rurutia song (I have many favourites of hers) and this movie totally fits her world and so here we are.
Those who want to know more about the movie I wrote my feelings about it way back. You can read it -> HERE.

I did not include a certain plot point because I hated it that much, just in case anyone is wondering! And I am of course talking about Miyuri’s decisions!


Vid – Antidote [Araburu Kisetsu no Otomedomo yo]


So, in a time where Japan is going in the opposite direction to the rest of the world in regards to acceptance, well, in media other than anime, you would be right to think I would not have anything to write about anymore. But alas, while it is still painful to still live in the past, I had to touch upon this drama and so I made a little vid of it.

Why? Because our dearest Momoko-chan (Hata Mei ~ pigtails) is a true lesbian and seeing as this was all her coming to that conclusion, I just couldn’t put her in the trash with the rest of the series and the way once again Japan just stops like always, a mile from the goal post!

What makes it worse is that there was a way! Niina (Tamashiro Tina), the banger of a beauty she is in love with, would have used the delicate love from Momoko to overcome her troubled life but noooo, they had to go for the love interest of the main character (Yamada Anna) despite the fact that the Guy loved Anna’s character and not Niina!

And even sadder still is the fact that Momoko actually fought for that love! She really did! But…I guess culture got in the way!

And as I am getting angrier the more I type, I have to stop here before I go off the rails.


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Vid – Enchanted [The Last Of Us Part II]


If you did not see this one coming…

Seriously though, I know it has taken me like, a year now I think, to make a vid of them but I just like most, was totally left in a…state, let’s call it…And so it has taken me this much time to get over it enough to revisit the game and finally make a video about these two!

The song was a hard choice though, nay, the whole video was a challenge!

You know I love horror and action and this video game has both plus lesbians of course, so you can imagine the time spent on deciding which route to go with! A Horror video? An action video? A romance video?! In the end I decided to go for the romance because of the difficult that came with choosing a song that represented all three!

Anyway, love them and I hope you enjoy.


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≠ME – Kimi wa Kono Natsu Koi wo Suru [MV]

≠ME (ノットイコールミー)_ 1st Single『君はこの夏、恋をする』【MV full】.mkv_snapshot_01.27.576
≠ME (ノットイコールミー)_ 1st Single『君はこの夏、恋をする』【MV full】.mkv_snapshot_02.07.878 ≠ME (ノットイコールミー)_ 1st Single『君はこの夏、恋をする』【MV full】.mkv_snapshot_02.07.000
≠ME (ノットイコールミー)_ 1st Single『君はこの夏、恋をする』【MV full】.mkv_snapshot_02.43.889 ≠ME (ノットイコールミー)_ 1st Single『君はこの夏、恋をする』【MV full】.mkv_snapshot_02.42.346
≠ME (ノットイコールミー)_ 1st Single『君はこの夏、恋をする』【MV full】.mkv_snapshot_00.57.628
≠ME (ノットイコールミー)_ 1st Single『君はこの夏、恋をする』【MV full】.mkv_snapshot_00.55.740 ≠ME (ノットイコールミー)_ 1st Single『君はこの夏、恋をする』【MV full】.mkv_snapshot_01.08.386
≠ME (ノットイコールミー)_ 1st Single『君はこの夏、恋をする』【MV full】.mkv_snapshot_05.02.124 ≠ME (ノットイコールミー)_ 1st Single『君はこの夏、恋をする』【MV full】.mkv_snapshot_04.54.742
≠ME (ノットイコールミー)_ 1st Single『君はこの夏、恋をする』【MV full】.mkv_snapshot_04.44.466


Like I said…Life is back on the menu Boys and Girls!

What do we have here? To the new Bloods who aren’t in the know, this is a Sister group to =LOVE, you know, that group that I have dedicated the most post about a ship to in the shortest period of time! Yes, I am talking about Hitomaika!

Sadly, they haven’t given us a yuri MV since the very first and apparently last (3rd single – Teokure Caution) But really, who has energy to waste on the loss of potential? It comes with the territory!

Anyway, this is =LOVE’s sister group, it too of course produced by Sashiko. Yes, I have been following them since inception but we all know it can’t be helped for the little sister to be over-shadowed by the bigger (Unless you are Team B *drum roll please*!

Jokes aside, my condition kicked in with this MV too so now you know the reason for the wait since it came out for me to finally write about it! Again to the newly initiated, I have this condition where I ship couple before the fact and when the time comes for the shipping to begin and they turn out to be the wrong ones, I rarely like those wrong ones, no matter how good they may turn out to be!

The example I always get back to is Yuru Yuri. It was so bad that to this day I have yet to watch that series passed episode 4 of the first season! Yeah, it is pretty bad!

Noimi (short for Not Equal Me / ≠ME) has been here for a long while so of course I already have ships made up for myself and as you guessed it, none of them panned out, like, when they finally gave us a yuri MV in their latest! Now, not to say I wasn’t into them, for example the Miyuki/Shiori got me by surprise but I guess it made sense.

Saya and Hana stole the show of course though I have to say that making Natsu-chan the third-wheel totally didn’t settle well with me. Yeah, in case you can’t tell, she is my Oshii of this group! Sadly no love for her…weh! The flagship of the MV is the Leader and the Center, totally bringing back those AtsuMina days, huh…

Sadly they didn’t even give us a kiss!

Like, you think you can go head to head with your big sisters with that weak fighting spirit?! I guess they win points for not having any Guys in here unlike Teokure Caution! But still, this weak ass sauce has nothing on Hitomaika!

That being said, this is a grand start! Let’s see where things go from here!

Jump over for the MV and caps…


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