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[Trailer] LIZZIE Didn’t Take Just An Axe!

Lizzie - Still 1
Lizzie - HD-Trailers.net (HDTN).MOV - 00012 Lizzie - HD-Trailers.net (HDTN).MOV - 00011
Lizzie - HD-Trailers.net (HDTN).MOV - 00043
Lizzie - HD-Trailers.net (HDTN).MOV - 00059 Lizzie - HD-Trailers.net (HDTN).MOV - 00068
Lizzie - HD-Trailers.net (HDTN).MOV - 00007
She took Kristen Stewart too!

Finally, a take on the Lizzie Borden legend that is worth my time!

And Kristen Stewart is back at it! I am not afraid to admit it that she came on my radar thanks to Twilight movies but she really didn’t steal my heart until she made out with the one and only Dakota Fanning in The Runaways (Sorry the post has no images anymore, but you know of it by now anyway so…)!

Unlike all the other wannabes, this one actually looks like it has soul and someone put in the effort to make it feel artistic! The camera work, the wardrobe, the acting (gone are the Twilight jokes), seriously, Chloë Sevigney (playing Lizzie) looks set to win awards! You can already see her range from innocent waifu, to axing maniac!

I am so ready for this! Not going to bore you anymore as this is just a trailer so jump over for caps and the trailer…


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BLUE MY MIND [Trailer]

BLUE MY MIND - Official Teaser - YouTube.MP4 - 00003 Blue My Mind - BIFFF 2018 - YouTube.MP4 - 00065
Blue My Mind - BIFFF 2018 - YouTube.MP4 - 00109
BLUE MY MIND - Official Trailer (Optional Subtitles EN & ES).MP4 - 00099 BLUE MY MIND Bande Annonce (2018) Adolescent, Fantastique.MP4 - 00000
BLUE MY MIND Bande Annonce (2018) Adolescent, Fantastique.MP4 - 00019

I think someone was going for “Blew My Mind!” but they made a typo and it was too late to change it!

But if we are going for Blue, could this be a sequel to Blue is the Warmest Colour? Sadly I doubt it very much! First of all different countries of origin in addition to different directors in addition to the fantastical element present in BLUE.

Where Blue was French, BLUE is Swiss. Where in Blue our girls were in College, here they are in High School. Where Blue was exactly 3 hours of lesbianism, BLUE is only an hour and 37 minutes (which doesn’t cut it anymore for artistic movies) of teenaging…by which I mean drugs, alcohol and hormoning!

I only pray that they don’t take the “Water Lilies” route! I choose to believe that people nowadays are about that kind of phobia, especially the young Gen! And the trailers being two of a kind, one seemingly straight and the other completely gay, I have missed feelings here but I am going to be there day 1 when it gets released to the public!

This movie has already been released, well, partially released but just like all other arthouse movies, it hits Festivals first then makes its way to the public, especially since this is a new director! But just like “Water Lilies”, this new shining female director also apparently kicked ass and took names! BLUE MY MIND has already won 5 trophies out of the 11 it was nominated for, in the span of 1 year. The wins include Critics Choice Award (Best New Director), Golden Eye (Best Film In Focus), Swiss Film Prize (Best Film, Best Lead Actress – Mia AKA Luna, and Best Screenplay).

So you betcha that this is going to be a treat, well, to those of us who enjoy art house movies! I know they are not for everyone, especially how usually unapologetic they can be but that is the main reason why they have my heart!

And speaking of awards, I just saw that Blue is the Warmest Colour is at 85 Wins out of 94 Award Nominations!!! Like WTF?!

Anyway, back to the movie at hand, I can already see people saying how Mia’s transformation is metaphor for adolescence! because you know, we just can’t have an honest to God fantasy where a girl can actually be a Mermaid…I hope Ms Lisa, our new shinning Director whips their projection to the stratosphere and Mia ends up actually being a real mermaid! But even then I know reviews will still use coming of age in context!

Anyway, this movie to me looks like a mix of SKINS (the UK version of course), Water Lilies and Blue is the Warmest Colour! I am also very intrigued with Mia and Gianna’s relationship (obviously) but I don’t mean in their get together! On the surface it seems pretty cliché, Gianna looks like all those popular kids that get close to the weird girl, only to fuck her over during the course of the film but here in the trailers something is different (for example Mia seems to be the Alpha in this relationship) so we shall see.

Now then, the question is, when are we to get access to this movie?

Jump over for caps and trailers…


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Vid – When I Found You [Pim/Pat]


I just realized I never talked about this movie! So I instead made a small video about Pim and Pat.

Still to this day I am surprised at seeing Apinya in this role! That took me by surprise! Kind of like Mizukawa and Fumiyo in Shinku (The Deep Red) movie! And so with that I have the Bluray on hand (The only Thai movie I have on physical!)

Anyway I remember too how surprised I was with the movie itself! I have to say that I never saw that ending coming! From the beginning the movie baits you to think that it was Pim that would be biting the dust and that beginning where they start off with a wedding had so many red flags I was watching this movie with a heavy heart!

But forget about the death, that wasn’t the most depressing thing about this movie! It was Pim and Pat’s relationship and what they had to go through because of it! Jesus, if you thought the concept of homophobia was bad, you have not seen anything yet if you haven’t seen this movie! Our girl were being beaten even as they were already down! There was no relenting!

This is such a sad, sad movie, which is why I chose to go the happy route in this video I made! Yeah, don’t be fooled by it, the movie is really, really, really DARK (as the current Gen like to say)!

Anyway, enjoy…


Teokure CAUTION – Moving Picture Ver

tcm16 tcm20
tcm22 tcm26

I hope your Bandwidth is ready for some because as it says on the tin, this is a full on Moving Picture post!

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Vid – Always You [EMISON]


So so sorry for the wait but here it is – the reason for that last poll where I asked my Readers to vote for a song out of two, either Charice’s Always You or Leona Lewis’ Angel!

Thank you to all who voted and this is the reason for that. Those who were Emison shippers would have already figured out that I was talking about them because MY GOD! This is the only time, and I mean the only time, that the fans won out against the studio when it came to ships!

Seriously, this is a post that I put up  way back in 2014 aptly titled – For EMISON!  I was a shipper of EMISON since episode 1 of season 1, in 2014 I was still a shipper of EMISON! SEVEN seasons later, I was a dead ass shipper of EMISON!

Dead because we WON! After seven seasons of hell, countless obstacles of love interests and even DEATH!!!!! Not to mention the fact that the frikkin book was against all of us in that it had no ENDGAME EMISON, you can bet your cute Butt I was dead by the end of the series!

And EMISON did not just get a mere ENDGAME! Not only did they propose, and thus definetely getting married, but they have babies…BABIES!!! And no, this is not a scenario where Alison got pregnant without wanting to and Emily being there for her helping her raise her babies!

No, Emily having given up her eggs (that’s how gay she is), those fertilized eggs ended up in Alison because A was into cosmic jokes like that so as it stands actually Alison is just a carrier of Emily’s Babies!

Yeah, that shit was so wack but also so frikkin awesome! I have never seen nor would I have ever conceived such a thing but it makes scientific sense and even if it did not, fuck logic!

Seriously though, seven seasons! And not that that long, as the series starts Emily is always smote with Alison and now when you go back having known everything, it is clear that Alison was also already taken with Emily way before we met the two in Season. And no, I do not mean the flashbacks, I mean before the flashbacks!

Seriously, I can’t believe we won even against the damn source material!



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Only 1 Queen


of reactions

I mean of course the one that dethroned her is already graduated so there is that (Oh God, Miki-chan is already graduated. I feel old) but still, even with her still around Yukirin was still the Queen!

Anyway, this is a short clip from one of the NGT48 3rd single extras about Kitarie. The time was during the 2018 Request Hour as they announced the Top No.2, and thus the girls knew who the No.1 was – which was NGT’s 2nd.

Yukirin’s reaction was of course priceless.

And speaking of that clip, Yukirin’s side sure was over-powered as opposed to Kitarie’s. I mean it’s no competition but still! And I have to say that I would totally be down for this ship…


No no, not Yukki (YukiYuka), that ship has already sailed, but rather the other two – YukiAya. Speaking of Aya, that girl is the epitome of sexy, isn’t she? I don’t know why but just looking at her makes me attracted to her! Those are some attractive facial features she has! Now I want a sexy Unit with her and Yukirin, and maybe throw Mahohon in there since those two are almost like they are Sisters from different fathers.

Now then, lets return to that reaction…

NGT48 3rd Type-A.chapter03.mkv - 05;57;19.364NGT48 3rd Type-A.chapter03.mkv - 05;57;49.092