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FES☆TIVE _ ゆらゆらゆらり恋心 - YouTube.mkv - 00106
FES☆TIVE _ ゆらゆらゆらり恋心 - YouTube.mkv - 00133 FES☆TIVE _ ゆらゆらゆらり恋心 - YouTube.mkv - 00128

FES☆TIVE _ ゆらゆらゆらり恋心 - YouTube.mkv - 00151
FES☆TIVE _ ゆらゆらゆらり恋心 - YouTube.mkv - 00149 FES☆TIVE _ ゆらゆらゆらり恋心 - YouTube.mkv - 00066
FES☆TIVE _ ゆらゆらゆらり恋心 - YouTube.mkv - 00136
FES☆TIVE _ ゆらゆらゆらり恋心 - YouTube.mkv - 00148 FES☆TIVE _ ゆらゆらゆらり恋心 - YouTube.mkv - 00020
FES☆TIVE _ ゆらゆらゆらり恋心 - YouTube.mkv - 00113

FES☆TIVE – YuraYura Yurari Koigokoro / ゆらゆらゆらり恋心
omfg shit is lit!



Is this real? Am I dreaming this MV right now?!! Somebody pinch me!!!!

Sweet Baby Jesus!

I literally have no idea where to begin! It’s close to midnight but I don’t want to even wait a few hours to post about this Music Video, because My God! I haven’t been this smacked since Kataomoi FINALLY! And I just like, literally just talked about that SKE48 Music Video in the very last post!

Like, how astronomical are these odds!?!!


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Vid – Heaven [Chasing Life]


So, I was planning on making a multi-ship video and Chasing Life’s Brenna and Greer was one of them ships but as I was looking for clips in the studio already, I found that these two’s were over an hour long!

That was more than enough for their own video and so this is the result!

Yes, I am aware this show was out like, 8 years ago or something but hey, as my mother always says, better to be late than never! I really loved Brenna and Greer and don’t ask me what the heck happened with Season 2 because I did not even get to quarter way through it!

A season without Greer? No thanks ABC, you can keep it! Anyway, hope you enjoy and wish you a lovely night and day depending on where you are (It’s 1 am here so…)


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Vid – Fragile [Anthy/Utena]


So, we just celebrated Revolutionary Girl Utena’s 20th Anniversary just recently. I of course have to do something to let it be known that I was celebrating! I love this anime so much! It is so full of whack, but underneath all the wackiness and madness, there is a strong message within! Like, how many people around the world were represented by Himemiya Anthy?! Women, POC, Bully Victims, Domestic Violence Victims to mention but a few!

And more than that, just like the title of this song (I wish it was longer so I could fit more into the video but alas), Tenjou Utena our hero wasn’t all sunshine and roses! Just like the video she was fragile too! What is interesting to me now that I am thinking about it, Utena did not save Anthy! In the TV she failed! In the movie she failed again! But she gave Anthy enough for her to save herself and also to save Utena in the movie! Yeah, I am grinning just thinking about that! The tables were totally flipped! It wasn’t Anthy that was the weak one! Far from it, she was the strongest character in the show! Going back to their childhood where she was standing up for her brother from the villagers armed with swords and torches, to her being the physical weapon used in the duels, to her finally saving herself and Anthy!

Oh yeah, I remember reading a very good continuation fic back then that picked up right in between the TV and the movie! I have to hunt it down again and re-read it!

Anyway, if Utena is no on your Anime List, I don’t wanna talk to you!



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Vid – Dakota Johnson LOVES Cailee Spaeny

Just watched the movie Bad Times At The El Royale this weekend I can’t get these two out of my head! So I went about Youtube to get more of them and I found a goldmine of some very delicious interview videos!

Above is one of a kind vid that I have never done before! Enjoy the quirkiness!


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Snogging [Short Film]

Snogging - Lesbian Short Film.MP4 - 00235
Snogging - Lesbian Short Film.MP4 - 00001 Snogging - Lesbian Short Film.MP4 - 00040
Snogging - Lesbian Short Film.MP4 - 00071
Snogging - Lesbian Short Film.MP4 - 00123 Snogging - Lesbian Short Film.MP4 - 00057
Snogging - Lesbian Short Film.MP4 - 00182

I don’t get the kinda negative reception for this short film. Sure it took its time to get there but these days it seems no one appreciates patience! And it’s not like we did not get anything until the very last minute! There were a lot of signs from the get go that would be appreciated by those used to subtext!

Seriously, I was surprised that no one seemed to pick up on the vibes between our girls in that world! They were inseparable! If they were not wearing the same clothes, they had their hair done the same way, the exact same way! In some cases it was both their clothes and hair done in the exact same way!

They walked almost shoulder to shoulder, ate the exact same food, god, I think even their lockers where next to each other! I can excuse the girls themselves for not seeing the signs between them sooner but not the other people! So when the guys and their friends caught the two making out at the party and shouted ‘LESBIANS’ I was like, took you long enough you oblivious fools!

And it was not just the aesthetics, there were moments where our to girls would get lost in one another, in the usual scenes – like the make-up scene, or the first step of getting laid – making eye contact! Sure this whole thing would have been majorly improved if the creators did what everyone was expecting, like, instead of seducing the guy, the girls actually ended up seducing themselves. Or had a practice session in kissing and following what the instructions were telling us about sticking tongues in the other’s mouth or kissing other parts of the body other than the mouth or something.

But really, how clichéd would that have been? There would have been substance but would have lacked finesse and where is the fun in that? We have seen it all and if you can think of it then why make it? You know it already so why not be given something you aren’t expecting?

Anyway, I loved the build up and that made the payoff that much more glorious! Those kisses were wonderful and I know they meant more to the girls because they got to have them at that time. If they had already kissed before the party then there would have been less impact! In fact I am sure they would have gone farther with the guys because the writers had an excuse to take them that far then.

But other than the yuri, the film really looked great, professional even! Hell, there is even a soundtrack for it, something that I have never seen before! I will link the soundtrack video too after the caps.

Really, I am not saying the film as it is missed anything but I wish it was a full feature film! I think there is potential there and I kind of want some drama between the girls because of the crush one has on that guy! Or both being jealous of the other because of the guys.

But, time was short and we got the best that we could have gotten in the given time so I have no regrets!

Anyway, jump over for caps and vids and I’ll be seeing ya


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Tenny 테니 – 159cm [MV]

Tenny(테니) - 159cm MV - YouTube.MKV - 00153
Tenny (테니) - 159cm MV _ NG, B-roll, Black and White.Ver - YouTube.MKV - 00068 Tenny(테니) - 159cm MV - YouTube.MKV - 00047
Tenny (테니) - 159cm MV _ NG, B-roll, Black and White.Ver - YouTube.MKV - 00054 Tenny(테니) - 159cm MV - YouTube.MKV - 00083
Tenny(테니) - 159cm MV - YouTube.MKV - 00105
Tenny (테니) - 159cm MV _ NG, B-roll, Black and White.Ver - YouTube.MKV - 00071 Tenny(테니) - 159cm MV - YouTube.MKV - 00072
Tenny(테니) - 159cm MV - YouTube.MKV - 00040 Tenny(테니) - 159cm MV - YouTube.MKV - 00080
Tenny(테니) - 159cm MV - YouTube.MKV - 00126

I have never seen so much kissing in a music video as there is in Tenny’s 159cm!


Yeah yeah, I know it’s late but surely no one thought I wouldn’t write about this awesome MV! But I am not going to lie to you too when I say I did not have a moment where I threw my hands up in the air with eyes rolling, ready to ditch it towards the end of the MV!

Yeah, they got me good there!

I am of course talking about that suicide fake-out! Seeing that gun wash up on shore, followed by the shot of ‘gay shoes’ lying there all wet and covered in sand…Yeah, I thought we were going to get another BAD END! But the joke was on me when the girls, looking all happy, came and swept up their shoes and ran off, to where, only God knows!

Though I would like to think that they went back to their homes and faced their monster parents and fought for their love! If I were our glasses girl, I would so like to see what my Dad had to say about my Mom having an affair with the Priest! Pretty sure hers is the worst of the two ‘crimes’!

As for the story and our girls, I am very curious as to what their connection is! Judging from their uniforms, they are going to different schools and yet they are almost inseparable meaning that the most logical conclusions would be them being childhood friends! Though if they were, glasses Girl’s mother would not be so toxic towards the other girl, right? If they grew up together, she would have been used to their closeness and in support of their friendship so question mark there!

From what I gathered, they hadn’t really gone that extra mile in the time before this MV and while she ended up making it seem playful, I am sure sailor Girl was really taken aback by that first kiss. Interesting too, in the beginning, it was glasses Girl that was the confident one, the one that made the moves onto Sailor Girl but after her parents caught them, it was then the sailor Girl that took the lead and was the confident one!

I mean glasses girl did show confidence when she faced down her father but the moments after showed that she was reflecting, probably even questioning if she was doing the right thing! A period most of us goes through and is usually either makes you or breaks you and ends a many true love stories!

Thankfully she had sailor Girl to be there and remind her of their love and from what it seems like, they have chosen their love over society and the norm! Now, I so would have loved to see the sequel but some times things are better left ambiguous! Sometimes that makes all the difference! Example being how I loved the ending of Sharp Objects in the series much more than I did for the Book!

Anyway, there are two versions of this MV, one normal and the other a Black and White with some B-roll footage. Jump over for caps and links…


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Vid – Save You [Kiss Me First]


God, I am such a sucker for stories where our girls dedicate and endanger their lives to save their lovelies! I just can’t not love such series, no matter what else is going on it it!

Netflix’s Kiss Me First is another such series (and just like its comrades, I doubt we will be seeing anything more from them, but then again, their story was kind of done….) as our girl Leila (Tallulah Haddon) is basically out here to save our other girl Tess (Simona Brown) and that is basically the whole series!

Yeah sure there are others that needed saving but most of them did not make it and the one that did, let,s just say she is lucky Leila did not kill her too!

Sadly it is only six episodes but I commend the show-runners in managing to write a coherent and somewhat complete story. Sure the other major part of the show (The game itself) was not that much touched upon but rally, who gives a tick about that! It’s what is going on inside the game, and our girls, that matters.

Gotta say though I wasn’t expecting the high rating in this. Tried my best to keep the video PG12 but in doing so sacrificed some yuri bits. Oh well, sometimes the yuri has to be sacrificed to tell the story (the music video story)

Anyway, enjoy…