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Chaleeda – Cigarettes [MV]

Chaleeda - Cigarettes [Official Music Video].mp4_snapshot_01.15.439
Chaleeda - Cigarettes [Official Music Video].mp4_snapshot_00.33.448 Chaleeda - Cigarettes [Official Music Video].mp4_snapshot_00.33.528
Chaleeda - Cigarettes [Official Music Video].mp4_snapshot_01.48.949 Chaleeda - Cigarettes [Official Music Video].mp4_snapshot_02.11.323
Chaleeda - Cigarettes [Official Music Video].mp4_snapshot_02.39.323
Chaleeda - Cigarettes [Official Music Video].mp4_snapshot_03.23.145 Chaleeda - Cigarettes [Official Music Video].mp4_snapshot_00.48.450
Chaleeda - Cigarettes [Official Music Video].mp4_snapshot_03.28.260 Chaleeda - Cigarettes [Official Music Video].mp4_snapshot_03.53.241
Chaleeda - Cigarettes [Official Music Video].mp4_snapshot_00.55.492

It’s a phenomena known as Déjà Vu!

You know, that thing you are feeling right now! That? That’s Déjà vu! You are feeling like you know these girls from somewhere else, right? At the very least you recognise one of them, right?!

Well, that is because…


the.stranded.s01e03.the_.code_.1080p.nf_.web-dl.ddp5_.1.x264-ntg.mkv-183514.945-1 the.stranded.s01e03.the_.code_.1080p.nf_.web-dl.ddp5_.1.x264-ntg.mkv-183429.141-1


That’s right, these two are none other than our girls Arisa and Ying from that Thai drama THE STRANDED, which I have already written about!

I was expecting a second season instead but I think I speak for everyone when I say this is probably the better of the two options, given the nature of that show!

But why settle for one though?! I mean, I don’t mean to fill that glass but I am taking this as a sign that we about to see a trailer or something related to the series soon enough!

Seriously though, this was such a great surprise! And oh, how our girls have changed since 2019! Well, more where Chaleeda is concerned because Ticha is still rocking that fantastic Cleopatra look that is to die for!

The MV itself is of course not all sunshine and roses but really, when are they ever! It’s about their great times they had which were the past as we see that the aspect rations tell us the difference in timeline but since the bar scene is in the current aspect ratio, I guess we can take it that they made up by the end, so I guess it isn’t all bad!

First we got the girls from #TheUnderwear taking their sexuality off screen now we have these two?! Yeah, no one does it like Thailand, like seriously!

Anyway, jump over for the MV and more caps…


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【柏木由紀×BiSH】プロジェクトメンバーとの顔合わせ第1弾!柏木の”WACKっぽい名前”が、遂に決定!?.mp4 - 05;31;51.812
【新プロジェクト始動!】柏木由紀、WACKプロデュースのイケナイ内容とは!?.mp4 - 07;45;18.137 【柏木由紀×BiSH】プロジェクトメンバーとの顔合わせ第1弾!柏木の”WACKっぽい名前”が、遂に決定!?.mp4 - 00;27;27.884
【柏木由紀×BiSH】プロジェクトメンバーとの顔合わせ第1弾!柏木の”WACKっぽい名前”が、遂に決定!?.mp4 - 01;16;12.670
【柏木由紀×BiSH】プロジェクトメンバーとの顔合わせ第1弾!柏木の”WACKっぽい名前”が、遂に決定!?.mp4 - 03;55;19.575 【柏木由紀×BiSH】プロジェクトメンバーとの顔合わせ第1弾!柏木の”WACKっぽい名前”が、遂に決定!?.mp4 - 02;56;28.063
【柏木由紀×BiSH】プロジェクトメンバーとの顔合わせ第1弾!柏木の”WACKっぽい名前”が、遂に決定!?.mp4 - 05;31;18.807 - 00001

This is WACK!

Like, seriously…What is happening?!!! What did I just wake up to!!? Yukirin joining BiSH?!!! What?!!

Okay, let’s condense this down to a quick snap –> Yukirin’s latest single “CAN YOU WALK WITH ME” (after so many damn years!!!) was produced by WACK, the one-man company that owns BiSH, BiS, ‘GO TO THE BEDS, PARADISES’ and more! And apparently that collab went so well they are signing a long-ass deal and Yukirin will be joining the company for future SOLO releases!

I feel ya, my brain shut down for a second there! When I made that one post about BiSH way back then (Interestingly, the same year Mayuyu Graduated!)…I never knew we would be getting this kind of development in the future!

But here we are! In a future where Yukirin might collab with BiSH!! I say might collab because I did not quite understand if she was going to be another one-person group under WACK or if she will be joining the other groups as an exchange member! I don’t know much about the other groups and thus if they have the same naming conventions but Yukirin has already gotten herself a special name from the producer – REISORE·YUKI  in the form of the other BiSH members’!

Yeah, it’s serious! At first I too thought it was a prank, given this is April but this video was released yesterday and from what I found out Reisore Yuki already even has her own official YouTube channel…Yes, it is separate from her AKB48 channel as they put, she has to become two different Yukis, the AKB48 Yuki and the WACK Yuki!

Heh…WACK Yuki…I love it!

I for one I am all over this, even though I have to be honest, hearing the short history lesson from Watanabe-P (The damn coincidences keeps on coming) about WACK and how they fought their way up by not trying to do what AKB48 did but the opposite, I was starting to sweat!

Yeah sure Yukirin is a woman now, almost 30 but goddamn, this is such a different leap in image! For crying out loud, she has already said the word DICK multiple times (BiSH’s motivational word) and this is just the beginning!

I mean beggars can’t be choosers but Watanabe-P warned us and Yukirin that her single was going easy on her and that she should be prepared because things are going to be much more intense from now and and this one little video of her meeting BiSH and getting the history lesson has showed us that yeah, maybe we did not think this through!

But what is growth if not getting out of your comfort zone, right? I mean sure this is such a huge leap but it is something! And I for one, and I have seen some other Fans are too, I have been looking for a full on cool Yukirin and we are sure to get her with WACK!

So, I am all in!

It was great seeing her and BiSH talk and we found out something things about them that made me love the possibility even more, Like Chittiii and Atsuko having attended AKB48 handshake events, Chittiii basically being a Fan and Ayuni turning out to be the perfect family member the way she has potential in being the one to always tease Yukirin and we know Yukirin isn’t herself if not Kouhais are making fun of her!

And of course my personal dream of seeing Aina and Yuikirin in the same room!! Basically, this is a wet dream come to life as far as I am concerned!

Looks like Yukirin might be meeting all the groups under WACK and the next one up will be ‘GO TO THE BEDS, PARADISES’, given that the tease shows them saying the AKB motivation chant!

Damn, what a world we live in!


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Vid – It’s Still You [Dickinson]


Oh come on! You knew it was going to be done! This is history here! Hailee Steinfeld in a lesbian role and you think I, or anyone for that matter, is going to sleep on that?!!

No! Chance!

I still can’t wrap my mind around that fact! Thank you God. Thank you so very much!

Anyway, enjoy…



Aimer – Ref:Rain [MV]

Aimer - Refːrain.mkv - 00;22;19.240
Aimer - Refːrain.mkv - 00;16;57.329 Aimer - Refːrain.mkv - 01;17;18.745
Aimer - Refːrain.mkv - 01;10;10.804 Aimer - Refːrain.mkv - 01;58;28.910
Aimer - Refːrain.mkv - 01;29;24.739
Aimer - Refːrain.mkv - 00;08;41.118 Aimer - Refːrain.mkv - 02;18;29.906
Aimer - Refːrain.mkv - 02;12;38.108 Aimer - Refːrain.mkv - 02;20;27.576
Aimer - Refːrain.mkv - 00;58;07.654
Aimer – Ref:Rain

So, you thought you had seen the last of me?

tenor (14)

Anyway, I totally missed you all! Those who follow me on twitter will know I’ve been alive all this time. So why no posts? Well, my PC died on me a while back and I just got it back so we are good now.

I have so much content that I had no idea where to even start and so I went for the easy one – The latest find! This is of course Aimer’s Official Music Video to the single that is the Ending Theme of the anime – After The Rain.

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Nogizaka46 – Noyouna Sonzai [MV]

[2A] Noyouna Sonzai (のような存在) [1080p h264].mp4 - 01;23;48.176
[2A] Noyouna Sonzai (のような存在) [1080p h264].mp4 - 00;30;57.944 [2A] Noyouna Sonzai (のような存在) [1080p h264].mp4 - 00;34;40.576
[2A] Noyouna Sonzai (のような存在) [1080p h264].mp4 - 00;19;22.656 [2A] Noyouna Sonzai (のような存在) [1080p h264].mp4 - 00;22;20.856
[2A] Noyouna Sonzai (のような存在) [1080p h264].mp4 - 02;05;13.154
[2A] Noyouna Sonzai (のような存在) [1080p h264].mp4 - 00;27;23.977 [2A] Noyouna Sonzai (のような存在) [1080p h264].mp4 - 00;49;43.927
[2A] Noyouna Sonzai (のような存在) [1080p h264].mp4 - 00;53;02.021 [2A] Noyouna Sonzai (のような存在) [1080p h264].mp4 - 01;37;02.914
[2A] Noyouna Sonzai (のような存在) [1080p h264].mp4 - 01;40;06.282

For Yuri!

You know, I am not sure who I am more disappointed in; myself, or you dear Readers!

Like, why am I just now finding out about Nogizaka 46’s NOYOUNA SONZAI Music Video?! I am pretty sure that I follow their official YouTube channel so how did I manage to miss this? They did post it there, right? I mean they usually post their MVs there!

Okay, sure, I have kind of been avoiding Nogizaka since my Oshimen left (Ikoma-kun to those who don’t know), but even still! This is yuri we are talking about here! How did I miss this?! Like, there are probably even subtitles already out as I type this, which I need to hunt down BTW, because the song too sounds super gay!

But on the other hand, why did nobody tell me about this? I sure don’t remember making it known that I was taking a break from Nogizaka and that I shouldn’t be disturbed with content from them! So, why did nobody mention this to me?

Oh well, I guess we all are to blame here but hey, in the end we got to it, right? Better late than never, right?

As for the Music Video at hand, visually it is magnificent, but really, aren’t all 46G MVs just so beautifully shot and made! But even amongst them there still are those that stand above and beyond and this is one of them! This, is the kind of quality I want in my videos! Seriously, AKB needs to take major lessons from whatever company handles the 46G MVs! And AKB hasn’t always been this bad! You should see the RIVER, BEGINNER, SAKURA and UZA MVs (to mention but a few)! Strangely while anyone else would be up-ing their game, AKB just got worse!

Anyway, back to NOYOUNA SONZAI, the visuals are great, and I love the song that accompanies it as well and its subject of the complexities of Love! But even if it is true, that Love is complicated, that doesn’t mean that I am going to let the shenanigans slide! Like literally the rest of the story was about Mai pinning after Asuka. Like, her love was blatant and while one can argue that it might have been playful affection, the ending says otherwise! She really loved Asuka.

So then why the hell did she just so brutally reject Asuka when she finally returned those feelings by going in to kiss Mai?! Like, I think it is the worse kind of rejection, when the mood feels right, you both have feelings for one another, and then when you feel it is the right time and lean in to kiss your love, they turn away from you!

Like, that is the worst kind of rejection! And what’s even worse is that it isn’t an actual rejection! She does love Asuka so like, why the fuck!?!

And then she goes and kisses a sleeping Asuka and I am like, so the fuck what?! Then again, seeing as it was on the cheek, maybe she really did not LOVE love Asuka and it was more of a familial affection! That being said we don’t even know the context of them! Are they best friends? Are they Senpai/Kouhai? Are they Teacher/Student? Hell, is it Mai-nee-san?

We don’t know but then again, MVs are always like this! They are like poems! You have to feel in your own blanks and come up with your own interpretation of what the fuck is what!

Either way, if they were trying to convey how complex love is, they did not succeed! Here it’s more like, Love it simple but it is the people that make it complicated for no apparent reasons! Yeah like I said the relationship to each other might be what makes things complicated but even then, they sure didn’t leave any grey areas in what their feelings were, well, Mai certainly didn’t!! And yet she went and just denied Asuka the kiss, after she finally showed her cards in this relationship!

Listen to me losing it over a music video…Hahaha!

I really loved these two here too. Asuka totally reminded me of Techi, especially from the movie HIBIKI, and Mai was total fun to watch in this! Like, I could totally be down for a full series of these two! Do it Nogi, what are you waiting for!?

Anyhow, jump over for the MV and more caps…


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