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Fic – Strange Love [Sharp Objects]

strange love

Hi all,

So, there is great YouTuber that I follow, and if you aren’t then do it right now because they do lesbian MVs like no other, with the name of Victor Françoso. They go by a different username on the SPIRITFANFICTION.COM website where they originally published this story – DarthJones.

Victor is writing a SHARP OBJECTS story titled STRANGE LOVE, that’s one everyone never knew they wanted but one we all need! Especially if you are a Ammille (Amma x Camille) shipper like myself! It not only takes place right after the series’ ending but it throws a curve ball to where those that have read the book, are concerned. We do not know if what happened in the book is what happened in the show world after Camille discovers the truth about Amma’s dollhouse, so really, you could even call this story right here a kind of unreleased continuation to the TV Series.

I loved this story so much, even with my dismiss-able Google Translations that I just had to share it. I commented to Victor asking if it was okay to share it as an English Translation and I was given the thumbs up, which I took as the go ahead. So please, let it be known that this is not my story! I am only converting it into English for those who want in on the action but hate Chrome or something…I might have thrown in something there but only to flow the sentences not to change anything. Anyway I will give Victor the link so they can tell you all and I if a translation is wrong and they meant it a different way.

This is Fan Fiction based on SHARP OBJECTS and if you have watched the show you know how mature it is! Heck, even the UK Blurays are rated 18, and this being Fiction, you know that rating is going to be multiplied by over 9000 lemons! So it goes without saying that if you are under 18, close this tab right now and move on!

I repeat, Over 18s only!

Other warnings go without question: Violence, Incest, Underage, Gayness, Language, Tragedy, Alcohol, Drugs, Nudity and Self-harm.

If you have the stomach for all that, then by all means, jump ahead for the first chapter!

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Vid – Fragile [Anthy/Utena]


So, we just celebrated Revolutionary Girl Utena’s 20th Anniversary just recently. I of course have to do something to let it be known that I was celebrating! I love this anime so much! It is so full of whack, but underneath all the wackiness and madness, there is a strong message within! Like, how many people around the world were represented by Himemiya Anthy?! Women, POC, Bully Victims, Domestic Violence Victims to mention but a few!

And more than that, just like the title of this song (I wish it was longer so I could fit more into the video but alas), Tenjou Utena our hero wasn’t all sunshine and roses! Just like the video she was fragile too! What is interesting to me now that I am thinking about it, Utena did not save Anthy! In the TV she failed! In the movie she failed again! But she gave Anthy enough for her to save herself and also to save Utena in the movie! Yeah, I am grinning just thinking about that! The tables were totally flipped! It wasn’t Anthy that was the weak one! Far from it, she was the strongest character in the show! Going back to their childhood where she was standing up for her brother from the villagers armed with swords and torches, to her being the physical weapon used in the duels, to her finally saving herself and Anthy!

Oh yeah, I remember reading a very good continuation fic back then that picked up right in between the TV and the movie! I have to hunt it down again and re-read it!

Anyway, if Utena is no on your Anime List, I don’t wanna talk to you!



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One Clexa Vid to Rule Em All!!

Rarely do I post others’ videos on here but MY GOD! That’s Beautiful!

Clexa – Clarke and Lexa from the CW show The 100 is and will always be one of the top ships of TV! Forget it being part of infamous Burry-Ur-Gays trope collateral, forget it being down-played in the latest season, Clarke and Lexa deserve to put added to the Hall of Gay Fame!

Speaking of the latest season, I am probably the only one on this and now that I think about it I am questioning my optimism levels, but man, did I think that CW were getting the balls to bring in Madi into the mix! Yes, yes, I know all about the age thing and all that but come on! At one point I honestly thought they would have Madi have fantasies of Clarke and Lexa together given that she experienced getting lit on fire!

I guess gayness is still a much worse impact to the society than being burned alive!

But as usual I was giving shows more credit than they deserve as they avoided that route harder than WB is avoiding the JL fallout. But not only did they get cold feet but they went all out with that trope of using Madi to push Clarke and Dick (In case you are new here I am talking about that Bell-something Dude) together!

Oh well, at the very least we got some good stuff from Clarke and Madi since the very first episode. And really, I am sure someone will write that fic! I mean I am still surprised they did not go there! it was right there! Madi was always wondering why Clarke would look at her weirdly sometimes or why she was so against her becoming the new Commander. The only way would have been for Lexa to show her why, like all the other Commanders showed her their lives.

Ah well, no use crying over spilled milk and once all is said and done, Clexa is still the Master Ship of the show!

Anyway, enjoy this lovely vid but somehow I think all my Readers have already seen it.


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Excuse You, Netflix!!

And yet another one bites the dust!

Dear Netflix, this is me pretending to be shocked that you went and cancelled yet another gay show after the first season!

At this rate they are going to be dishing out rep shows every other season so they can get recognition, only to cancel them after one season!

This reminds me of fan fiction that hooks you until you realise they were on hiatus for eternity right as you reach the climax

Oh well, at the very least they give us great ships to work with.

Still, disappointing Netflix


Vid – Gravity of Love [Hideko/Sook-hee]


Sorry to keep you waiting!

It begins…

Seeing as this song is one of the Top 3 lesbian video songs (seriously, you can’t call yourself a yuri video maker if you haven’t used either of these songs: Gravity of Love, Everything She Said and Bring Me To Life!)

Obviously, if I was going to use one of them, especially Enigma’s Gravity of Love, then it had to be for a special fandom! And really, The HANDMAIDEN is the holy grail of Lesbian movies!

It is THE lesbian Movie!

Which made it nigh impossible to try and make a somewhat PG video of it >.<

Anyway, enjoy!


Nogizaka Danso Returns

Ikuchan! Miona!! Nanase!!! >.<

But something is very wrong with this video. I can’t put my finger on it but something is wrong and stopping me from losing my mind over this CM/Next Single?/Making of!

A Cookie to who knows what’s wrong…