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Never Forget


Dear Yukirin Fans out there, never forget that one time that Yukirin got to stand in front of the Elite, in front of Yuko-senpai (who was No.1 at the time during the Everyday Kachu period), in front of all the Kami 7 (she wasn’t yet a Kami at the time, man now that I think about it, this should have been such a spoiler for her new title of God Slayer but really, no one was expecting it!), Mayuyu and Sashiko on the last line with Yukirin at the front alone!!!

I shall never forget! Now I am only waiting for that moment to happen again (which I doubt it will because if she is to centre again, I am betting it will be with someone else again but if it is Mayuyu, no complaints whatsoever! If it does happen though there will be tears! Probability of Yukirin centring as single at the time was way higher than it is right now and the wait too long compared to the first time! And if this time it is not a TV performance but a single, then all that much more delicious. Though actually centring on TV is actually also quite powerful in and of itself. But then again, the feeling won’t be the same as say being in front of the likes of Yuko and Acchan.

Ah, the trifles of being a Yukirin fan…


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A Good Death…

logan-bilde-4…Is It’s Own Reward!

Time for a confession dearest Readers! Today I have cried more than I have ever cried watching a movie in a long time! That movie is of course ‘Logan’. This is the final time we will ever get to see Hugh Jackman play this wonderful character, hell, I think even Mr Stewart!

The very first movie I watched in cinemas was 2000’s X-men! Since then I have watched every movie because of Wolverine. If there are others too who grew up with these characters then  I warn you before hand if you have not watched this movie yet. Take some tissues with you! Do not be embarrassed when you break down while watching this movie! Everyone who is not new to these characters (and even those who are) will not even put up a fight! You are all going to cry your eyes out!

Why old fans, well, for me I was not crying because of what I was seeing on the screen but rather what the consequences and implications of what was being said and shown is what made me completely break down!

If you are only into this now, you will not appreciate Professor X and Wolverine’s relationship. You will not understand what they are feeling in the events of this movie. You will not fully grasp their inner conflict or the hidden meanings in their words they exchange!

For example, the moment that hit me the most was during a certain scene when the WTF moment happened and we finally saw what the evil organisation’s ‘success’ experiment was that saw them give orders to terminate the kids. What will make most, especially the new ones cry is not why I was crying. It was the implied and the unfortunate!

Okay, this is a spoiler so stop here if you do not want to know.

When Xavier died, it was not his death that broke me but rather what he implied just before the ‘success’ killed him and then the fact after. I never read the books so I had no idea but we find out (it is implied) that Professor X is the one that killed off all the mutants. Yeah, let that sink in your brains! If you are attached to these characters as I am then you think of all those people that Xavier cared for, all those people that believed in him, loved him and he snuffed them all out just like that!

Like, what even…

Logan survived obviously because of his abilities and physicality.

So all this time they have been surviving while Logan tried to both protect Xavier and the world because his brain was now a weapon of mass destruction! Seriously, when Professor X lost control I was truly terrified. They showed off his un-surpassed abilities perfectly.

And all this time he did not know what he had done. Both is own mind and the medicine that Logan had been giving him made him forget and prevent him from remembering what he had done because, man, can you imagine what he had done if he had remembered?

But he did remember, and just as he was confession to Logan, just as they were about to get that respite especially Logan, who had to live with this secret all by himself, the truth being spoken would have saved them both at least a handful of trauma but guess what happened…Xavier was talking to the wrong Logan. It was another clone of his and just as Xavier had finished his confession that would have been able to surely give Logan some much needed peace, he took three adamantium claws to the chest!

So Logan still doesn’t know that Charles knows. He did not get to hear his confession and Charles did not get to lift that burden off his last pupil. They were robbed off that! But at least Charles did not die thinking that Logan was the one to kill him. That would have been completely savage!

To close up, it was not that Charles died  that made me cry but the fact that he had killed all of the mutants off, the fact that Logan knew and was saving him from finding out. The fact that Logan knew and he still cared for the Professor so much. The fact that they were robbed of the chance to leave this heavy burden aside between them.

And this is just one example!

So yeah, I cried so much I was wiping my face in the cinema like I was six or something. This movie was so good. So good that it totally failed at what it went out to do! That is that it was supposed to let go of Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine but now I want him even more than I have ever wanted him! Looks like this is it for me! Without him I have no more interest in this universe.

God, this is just like Idol graduation! I mean the man has been playing the character for 17 years!!!! I should give him some slack. But hey, five more fans will take my place when I leave as they follow these new Gens but for me Hugh is Wolverine, Famke is Jean, Patrick is Professor X, Ian is Magneto, Halle is Storm, Anna is Rogue, James is Cyclops! These are my X-men and if this really is Wolverine’s last stand, then I am done too.

Thank you Fox, you got me into action movies with your first X-men movie but without Hugh, I have no business being here either, so, goodbye. We had a nice ride together, you and I!


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TGS Got Me Like…

I was so not ready for that Pre-Dawn PV!

Thank you Avex, only other ship that hasn’t let me down yet other than Mayuki is HitoMiyu and OKAY that’s it! HitoMiyu are getting their own fan-vid!


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I am a Hero [J-Movie]

アイアムアヒーロー.mkv - 00029 アイアムアヒーロー.mkv - 00071
アイアムアヒーロー.mkv - 00048 アイアムアヒーロー.mkv - 00066
アイアムアヒーロー.mkv - 00076
I am a Hero アイアムアヒーロー

So, there is this zombie apocalypse movie (yes, another one) that recently came out from Japan that got my goggles re-assessed to find out if they are still doing their job right! It has occurred to me that I have been posting about a lot of legit yuri that doesn’t require goggles at all so I figured they needed some re-calibration!

Who am I kidding, the only reason I got this movie was because Nagasawa-kun was in it along with Kasumi-chan. Also the fact that it is a horror movie. Horror is my favourite genre after all, until yuri is made an official genre that can have award nominations that is. And so I went and checked it out.

The movie seems to be based off of a Manga but I am not going to go checking it out, unless someone who has read it tells me otherwise. Movies usually take liberties and in this case I can tell that I would regret checking out that manga so I am going to stick with the movie, thank you very much.

Nagasawa Masami plays Yabu, a woman who used to be a nurse that feels regret at her earlier actions when the breakout first happened. She ran away saving only her self and no one else. Arimura Kasumi on the other hand plays Hiromi, a high school girl that runs into our protag and redeems him and Yabu along the way, while she on the other hand was turning less and less human. We don’t run into Yabu until a bit later into the movie when Hiromi is already turned!

Basically the movie is about a breakout and then surviving in the post-apocalyptic world. There are many mysteries left to solve, which are really making me want to go read that Manga but I am going to resist! No matter how much I want to know the fate of Hiromi and her powers, or how the relationships progress, I am going to resist! Let’s just stick to the movie…

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[X21] Miho and Manami

X21 - Magical Kiss Making.mkv - 00247
X21 - Magical Kiss Making.mkv - 00123 X21 - Kagami no Naka Making Of.mkv - 00075
X21 - Yakusoku no Oka Making.mkv - 00005
X21 - Magical Kiss Making.mkv - 00036 X21 - Kagami no Naka Making Of.mkv - 00054
X21 - Natsu Dayo Making.mkv - 00108

So, if you remember in one of my welcome to 2017 self-gift, there was an X21 CD+DVD item in there as well and I mentioned the reason why I bought it. That reason is that in most, if not all the Making Of videos for their PVs, there is always some Izumikawa Miho and  Igashira Manami loving going on in there.

As you know, from the very beginning during the early days (See this post and this post and this one) I was (still am but not the main ship) Miho/Mai (Suenaga) shipper but then the more PVs I watched the more I fell in love with Miho/Minami.

It hasn’t been until one of the recent Making Ofs that I realised the reason why. I mean I know the reason, it is because there was a great lack of Mai/Miho in the Behind the Scenes videos but then in the latest ones I finally understood why that was. From her own mouth Mai explains that she is doesn’t like being filmed unless it is for the job. Seems she hates talking on camera.

Meanwhile Manami is a whole other beast. She is like the exact opposite of Mai. So energetic, so talkative, so active, so much so that I am wow’d that Miho can keep up with her. But then I am reminded of the way Yukirin always puts up with Mayuyu’s antics no matter how silly and then it hit me – It’s love. You can do anything for the one you love and viola, so begun my shipping of the two!

And so, knowing that there were gems hidden in the PV making of videos, I begun to collect them and dear Readers am I glad I got that Magical Kiss DVD (It is the one I was missing). If I were going by the level of yuri as others judge it, then the Magical Kiss DVD was the one to have! It has the ultimate gay moment between Miho and Manami and also in it I learned that there was a hidden gem I had missed in that the thing I am talking about that happened in this DVD seems to be a series of something bigger – something I did not know of until now!

I am planning to go back in the very beginning and start digging up graves for all of that juicy hidden treasures but for now, let’s talk about the Making Ofs for ‘Kagami no naka no Parallel Girl’, ‘Magical Kiss’, ‘Yakusoku no Oka’ and ‘Natsu da yo’! I am still collecting the rest of the videos in order to go over them with a brush so that post will have to wait.

With that said, let’s jump into the action…

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