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TGS Got Me Like…

I was so not ready for that Pre-Dawn PV!

Thank you Avex, only other ship that hasn’t let me down yet other than Mayuki is HitoMiyu and OKAY that’s it! HitoMiyu are getting their own fan-vid!


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I am a Hero [J-Movie]

アイアムアヒーロー.mkv - 00029 アイアムアヒーロー.mkv - 00071
アイアムアヒーロー.mkv - 00048 アイアムアヒーロー.mkv - 00066
アイアムアヒーロー.mkv - 00076
I am a Hero アイアムアヒーロー

So, there is this zombie apocalypse movie (yes, another one) that recently came out from Japan that got my goggles re-assessed to find out if they are still doing their job right! It has occurred to me that I have been posting about a lot of legit yuri that doesn’t require goggles at all so I figured they needed some re-calibration!

Who am I kidding, the only reason I got this movie was because Nagasawa-kun was in it along with Kasumi-chan. Also the fact that it is a horror movie. Horror is my favourite genre after all, until yuri is made an official genre that can have award nominations that is. And so I went and checked it out.

The movie seems to be based off of a Manga but I am not going to go checking it out, unless someone who has read it tells me otherwise. Movies usually take liberties and in this case I can tell that I would regret checking out that manga so I am going to stick with the movie, thank you very much.

Nagasawa Masami plays Yabu, a woman who used to be a nurse that feels regret at her earlier actions when the breakout first happened. She ran away saving only her self and no one else. Arimura Kasumi on the other hand plays Hiromi, a high school girl that runs into our protag and redeems him and Yabu along the way, while she on the other hand was turning less and less human. We don’t run into Yabu until a bit later into the movie when Hiromi is already turned!

Basically the movie is about a breakout and then surviving in the post-apocalyptic world. There are many mysteries left to solve, which are really making me want to go read that Manga but I am going to resist! No matter how much I want to know the fate of Hiromi and her powers, or how the relationships progress, I am going to resist! Let’s just stick to the movie…

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[X21] Miho and Manami

X21 - Magical Kiss Making.mkv - 00247
X21 - Magical Kiss Making.mkv - 00123 X21 - Kagami no Naka Making Of.mkv - 00075
X21 - Yakusoku no Oka Making.mkv - 00005
X21 - Magical Kiss Making.mkv - 00036 X21 - Kagami no Naka Making Of.mkv - 00054
X21 - Natsu Dayo Making.mkv - 00108

So, if you remember in one of my welcome to 2017 self-gift, there was an X21 CD+DVD item in there as well and I mentioned the reason why I bought it. That reason is that in most, if not all the Making Of videos for their PVs, there is always some Izumikawa Miho and  Igashira Manami loving going on in there.

As you know, from the very beginning during the early days (See this post and this post and this one) I was (still am but not the main ship) Miho/Mai (Suenaga) shipper but then the more PVs I watched the more I fell in love with Miho/Minami.

It hasn’t been until one of the recent Making Ofs that I realised the reason why. I mean I know the reason, it is because there was a great lack of Mai/Miho in the Behind the Scenes videos but then in the latest ones I finally understood why that was. From her own mouth Mai explains that she is doesn’t like being filmed unless it is for the job. Seems she hates talking on camera.

Meanwhile Manami is a whole other beast. She is like the exact opposite of Mai. So energetic, so talkative, so active, so much so that I am wow’d that Miho can keep up with her. But then I am reminded of the way Yukirin always puts up with Mayuyu’s antics no matter how silly and then it hit me – It’s love. You can do anything for the one you love and viola, so begun my shipping of the two!

And so, knowing that there were gems hidden in the PV making of videos, I begun to collect them and dear Readers am I glad I got that Magical Kiss DVD (It is the one I was missing). If I were going by the level of yuri as others judge it, then the Magical Kiss DVD was the one to have! It has the ultimate gay moment between Miho and Manami and also in it I learned that there was a hidden gem I had missed in that the thing I am talking about that happened in this DVD seems to be a series of something bigger – something I did not know of until now!

I am planning to go back in the very beginning and start digging up graves for all of that juicy hidden treasures but for now, let’s talk about the Making Ofs for ‘Kagami no naka no Parallel Girl’, ‘Magical Kiss’, ‘Yakusoku no Oka’ and ‘Natsu da yo’! I am still collecting the rest of the videos in order to go over them with a brush so that post will have to wait.

With that said, let’s jump into the action…

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[Pics] Tokyo Girls’ Style MilleFeuille

Thank you blessed Avex and Co. We do not deserve your love but you keep on giving and giving! Thank you!

Such a small thing this PB is yet so awesome! I say small but only in the terms of the number of pages we got (at just over 30) but the size of the pages was A4!! I ain’t even mad at the poor quality of the photos, it was even probably on purpose! I am just so happy that once again they throw us fans a bone!

If only other Idol production companies followed your example! Know what your fans want (ship) and give them it! We got the ships we love in HitoMiyu and MeiYuri and even some crack yaoi in MiYuri and the inevitable threesome in HitoMiyuMei (Someone in Management ships MiyuMei hard).

It is so little a thing but oh so sweet! Indeed, great things come in small packages! Really, favourite JPop Group right here Ladies and gentlemen! And as promised, jump over ahead for the scans.


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[Vid] You Lost Me [Shishunki Gokko]


So, I love Christina Aguilera’s ‘You Lost Me’ so much that I have been struggling for a long while to find a fitting ship. Then about two or so weeks back, I was re-watching Shishunki Gokko (AKA Finding the Adolescence), because I want to get back to my old self that loved every little thing and wanted to love this movie way more than I originally loved it, if I did at all. To read more about my feeling on it, there is a post about it of course.

And so while I sat there, actually finding that my mission is succeeding in that I am actually loving the movie more this time around (though to be fair, that spinoff short helped tremendously) it just clicked with me! Takane and Mika are the embodiment of this song! And that is all she wrote.

Hope you likey…


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Come to me ma Precioussss


Dear 2017…

Seriously, this year is starting off at a pretty great start as far as I am concerned! There I was thinking that the drama version of Saki would be starting next month (it is still officially starting/commencing next month) when BAM!! not only do I find that there are Blurays already on sell, making think that they would be doing the Netflix thing and dump the whole series on Bluray (Bluray people!!!!) but then I found out that four episodes had already aired!!! Three of which had been subbed already (as of yesterday)!!?!

God bless you Japan! Seriously, God bless you!

On top of that, Avex decided to finally make available the Premium Set of TGS’ gey movie and right then I was totally sold! Me believes, dear Readers, that 2017 might just give 2016 a run for its money. Now of course there is no beating the year that gave us ‘Ahgassi/  The Handmaiden’ but really, that is not a fair fight. But when we talk about who is coming close, then I have a feeling that 2017 is looking pretty promising!

I of course already binge watched the Saki subbed episodes but 720p is so five years ago! If a better quality exists you bet ya I’ma gonna be getting it and I did! Not only do I get to enjoy the gayness in super awesome raw quality but I get to enjoy the behind the scenes that come only with the special editions (which I got, duh).

And with that, if you will excuse me, I need to go feed my soul (It feeds off yuri and quality).