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Shinku ~ The Deep Red [JMovie]

Shinku~Deep Red~ CD2.mkv_snapshot_00.56.38_[2012.08.31_15.00.26]

深紅 Shinku

Rina_Uchiyama_07 2010cl-98 16505_5_122_565lo
Uchiyama Rina as Kako Mizukawa Asami as Miho Horikita Maki as young Kako

A little tid-bit about the cast in this lovely movie first,

Interesting with Maki as the centre, these three have appeared in other subtext projects other than this one. Asami was cast along Maki in the Locker movie series (Shibuya Kaidan) where she played as a college student that was tutoring junior High scholar Maki. Their relationship was kind of interesting…with goggles at max it was plain as day. As for Rina, she was in that nice drama that is one of my favourite JDramas – Seito Shokun, where she plays a new homeroom teacher to a very troubled class (sounds familiar?). The class was run in the shadows by non other than the quite girl Maki who later goes all commando on us and gives us some nice moments between her and Rina. Now, I am not saying you go out and watch this because they aren’t 100% yuri (but really, only 1 in 1000 is ) but if you place your goggles to over 9000, what are you still doing here?

So yeah, there is that history between these ladies and while Maki only appears at the start and in flashbacks, she did a very good job of setting the gripping atmosphere of this movie! I swear this movie really grates the nerves. If I were asked to explain what the Thriller genre is…This would be it! There i little violence but moods…The moods!!!! I can’t count how many times I swallowed nervously when watching this…seriously. There is that scene where Kako and Miho are alone and Miho finally lets lose the true meaning of her words when she had said she wished she was able to kill back then. It turns out she wanted to be the one to kill Kako’s family for what they did to her father (I will explain later don’t worry). The air I swear could be cut with a finger!

By the way, I don’t know if anyone still remembers, but I blogged about this movie on my first attempt at it on Live Spaces but that blog went burst. So here we are again.

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Son…I am disappoint!




One cannot simply…

Describe the level of disappointment I am feeling right now!

Usually I would be throwing a childish tantrum at the gay of it all (and not in a good way)  but not today!


I guess Acchan’s graduation took more feels out of me than I had originally thought.

Or maybe it was simply the fact that….

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Cracked or Broken [Jiyeon/Areum]


jiyeon areum
Ji-yeon A-reum

Thaaaat’s right Ladies and gentlemen,

A T-ara fan fic!

I sure hope there are no haters here because I don’t wanna go all expendable on you so please keep all ur thoughts to yourselves.

For those who still love T-ara and will still no matter what, like I, and yes Ji-yeon is still my Oshi, I have done a short fic that might be added on later, about Ji-yeon and A-reum.

At first, I was thinking of a Ji-yeon/Dani fic but having seen A-reum already LIVE, twice, she won over Dani. But not to say that route is ruled out…nope! Come December, when Dani comes forth in all her loli-glory, do expect some deflowering…ahem! That came out so wrong!

Also when I began this fic, I had a completely different vision in mind (which included bad bad Ji-yeon and XXX-rated scenes) but as I went along, I opted to keep that out and maybe slot it in in a sequel, if it happens…again we shall see.

So for now…let’s take things slow, ne?

It had been days that she had heard it. Days of sobbing from across the hallway and through her already un-restful slumber. Perhaps the simple fact that in a house of eight, no one had gotten up and try to confront the one that was breaking would have been a sign. Eight friends, with one of them depressed enough to cry so loudly that they could be heard from the disjointed bedrooms and yet Lee A-reum had not seen anyone go to her comfort. At the time she figured that they either didn’t hear the crying due to the distance or they were asleep.

Now though, after seven days spent at some remote mansion that was supposed to be time away from all the chaos that was going on back home, A-reum was going crazy herself, with maddening thoughts. After the last three night’s happenings she felt like she didn’t know of anything after all. True she was just a new member of this Idol group ‘T-ara’, having only officially joined two or so months ago but she figured she had a grasp on all the members. Now though, her mind was filled with doubts. How had she been so stupid? Where was her ‘brilliant’ mind that graduated her in first position at her last school? Where was it last night?

Cracked or…Broken

Black Gekikara

A T-ara Ji-yeon and A-reum Short Fic

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Pics–Yurisako [Yurina/Risako]






Almost just like my Kami-Oshi, I was into H!P first before I got into AKB and I clearly remember how little the Berryz were….I can’t believe how grown-up they are now….

And other than MikiReina, Yurisako was my H!P ship, yes, even then…and now! Okay, I confess that I rarely get into H!P fandom these days but I still am lurking over there every once in a while and it pleases me greatly to see that these two are a little closer than they were…

Well, they had over ten years so…

Any way….Some lovely pics of them….

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