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Hitorigurashi [JDrama]



One of us, dearest mn3894, recommended this lovely 90s drama to me. You can imagine how shocked I was to find that I knew nothing about this drama until now. And so I wasted no time in following the lovely link and queuing up to get it! It wasn’t easy! I had to wait four whole days with DIVA working 24/7 to finally get my grabby paws on it!

It mattered not that I found it done after a long day at work because I sat down, with four litres of Monster KHAOS energy drink to marathon it. Not even the twelve plagues would have stopped me from finishing that show that night, which was last night!

Five episode in and I was SURFING RAINBOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so happy that I literally was watching by now while standing up. I completely forgot about the other house occupants in that I screamed at every hnnnggg moment that was happening by then. It might have had something to do with all those energy drinks but I doubt it.

The show started out 80% great and only failed 20 because Kyoko kept asking Miho about her feelings for the Dude this an the Dude that! Now, it was partly annoying because of the simple fact and if it hadn’t been in the sense that Kyoko was just jealous and needed confirmation that Miho hadn’t developed feelings for the Dude.

Look at that scene above.

Feel those raw emotions from Kyoko and tell me that she isn’t 300% in love with Miho.

Tell me that!

You can’t, can you?

But lo and behold!

All those emotions are completely pissed upon in the last episode!

Okay get this…Kyoko and Miho are childhood best friends. Kyoko has had a crush on Miho ever since forever as Miho explains to us how Kyoko always lost tempers whenever Miho got a boyfriend or made new friends. At that time her feelings came out as obsession but we know from that that she was in love with Miho since long ago.

She was so obsessed that she never made other friends and so the greater grew the fear of ever losing Miho. But she could never have Miho or never truly understood her feelings then and so some time years back she fell for s married man. They had an affair until the now (the time period of the drama).

Kyoko first tells us that she knows not why she started the affair maybe it was because the guy wow’d her with his words and she felt sorry for him too but any way, the wife finds out in the end and she breaks it off with him…so we think.

During this beak up, Miho has moved out of her family home and is living alone in an apartment. Kyoko tries to move in with her since her family is on her case about the scandal. Had it been in other time, Miho would have agreed right away but she refuses because she is already seeing the Dude and in fact they already made love in the new apartment but she keeps it a secret from Kyoko.

Here is another thing. Miho knows that Kyoko loves her because Kyoko says it all the time and it’s always during those awkward moments where even the dumbest of idiots knows what their friend means by love. Yes, even Sakura (CCS) would know for sure in these cases.

But Miho never answers back partly because Kyoko always walks away and partly because Miho is afraid to seriously fall in love because of the hurt that comes with. Perhaps it was this knowledge that prevented Kyoko from fully pushing her feelings onto Miho all these years.

But the two act really intimate through out the early episodes with scenes

Hitorigurashi 01.mkv - 00007 Hitorigurashi 01.mkv - 00001Hitorigurashi 01.mkv - 00008

like mouth-feeding

Hitorigurashi 01.mkv - 00010 Hitorigurashi 01.mkv - 00013
Hitorigurashi 08.mkv - 00000

like Kyoko flirting with Miho

Hitorigurashi 02.mkv - 00006
Hitorigurashi 02.mkv - 00008 Hitorigurashi 02.mkv - 00014

and which sometimes tethers on the blink

Kyoko’s feelings for Miho are blatantly obvious and she actually confesses them to the Dude too so everyone is aware. Every viewer of the show is freaking aware and probably shipping Kyoko/Miho like the 90s fangirls they were!

Everyone expects something to happen.

Kyoko’s feelings are over-powering that bottle-cap as Miho’s relationship with Dude grows. And when Kyoko finds out about everything…I can almost picture all those ladies in the hospital sitting together watching that episode and throwing their half-done sewing on the floor in irritation at Miho and cheering on Kyoko to do something.

Kyoko does something alright. She does plenty which is not limited to sleeping with Dude to make Miho break-up with him, attempting to take Miho by force via drugging her (a la scene in video) and finally fake-marrying the Dude even to rive the nail home!

I kid you not, all this shit happened!

But Kyoko’s feelings for Miho are stronger than anything else in the world so she comes back and finally confesses rightly (after the attempted rape) and resigns that she will never have Miho. She tells Miho to go and be with her Dude because she is done.

But even after all the hurt Miho still decides to stay with Kyoko for the night in which she embraces Kyoko through the pains until morning.

I am crying by now thinking of how great Miho is. Thinking that this is one of the best dramas I’ve ever watched and totally looking forward to any kind of ending!

I would have had any kind of ending.

Anything BUT what we got!

Forget BAD END. Those are good BAD ENDs compared to this shitty ending!

Okay prepare yourselves…Apparently


She is going to move heaven and earth to get back with him. She will suffer through anything for her true love.


You can imagine my face as she told Miho this. My mind is filled with walls of text of words like ‘what’, ‘about’, ‘Miho’, ‘the’, ‘hell’, ‘huh’, etc…


All this crazy shenanigans went down in the last minutes of the last episode! Hours of fighting sleep and trying to forget the next day is ever happening just so I can finish the damn drama, a drama that was winning Oscars from me since the beginning…only to turn to shite in the very last minute!


Did they explain this shit?!


If they did, I must have missed it in all the rage I was in afterwards so please someone do clue me in!

It was like Kyoko was in love with Miho since childhood (according to the series) at one second and the next she is not!

‘Oh sorry Miho but I actually don’t love you all those years. I was mistaken, sorry. I am in le true love with my affair guy with family in his 40 50s’.



The show started out so great, oh so great! So great it almost came out to number 2 on my list. So great the moments between Kyoko and Miho were. So great were Kyoko’s feelings. So raw and powerful they were.

All to be spit upon in the end just like that!

I can’t explain to you how that conclusion made me feel!

What happened in the meeting room with the writers and producers of that last episode!? They just frikking totally pissed on any girl in love with their friends or other girls out there!

How frickkin dare they?!!!

I am sorry but my rage bar is about to splode so I better go before something unpleasant happens….

Nothing, and I mean, nothing is worst an ENDING than one where one party’s feelings are shit on with excuses of they being a misunderstanding or with something else.


I would take a DEATH BAD END over this type any day. How dare they piss on Kyoko’s feelings for Miho like that?!! I swear to you guys if anyone watched this drama, be they homophobes or not they would have totally respected Kyoko’s feelings. They were the truest in the whole damn drama and all signs despite pointing in the plot direction, anyone else would have wanted them to point only one way – Kyoko –> Miho.

But alas!

I am so damn mad right now!

8 episodes of WIN vs 2 episodes of complete dogshite!

My mouse has been hovering on the deleted folder all day!

How can I watch this thing again, even with the WIN of the earlier episodes, knowing that Kyoko’s feelings for Miho are all mistaken!





Nao/Honoka via UPS

red n blue-02
red n blue-06

Dem Gazes >.<

red n blue-07

Ooh! Hand games…U Know how much I like those

red n blue-05

Pocky?! Please, that was so last decade! Double Megaphone FTW!!!!!

red n blue-14 red n blue-13
Sakura Nao (BLUE!) Akimoto Honoka (RED)


And you have absolutely no idea who these are, do you?!!!

Well, I don’t blame you. In fact I am not going to pretend that I know that much of them except that I know these two so well already that I ship them like MAD!

Like MAD I tell ya!

I was so pissed off at Stardust since April of 2011 (Still have trauma of that month!) but after this, I will let them off, at least until after Christmas!

WTF am I talking about? Well, I am talking about dearest dearest Akarin – Hayami Akari EX Momoiro Clover. I am confessing right now that I haven’t been into Momoclo ever since. Not even Mouretsu Pirates collab could get me to love them (Even though I replay that OP like a loop of infinite tens).

I miss my DekoMayu!

I miss them so damn much (T.T)

And after a year and a half of suffering (Damn you Kyuubei, I know you did this! You had to contract Akarin, didn’t you!!?!!) something good happens for once. Something great actually.

Stardust, the Company behind MomocloZ, give us Momoclo Ver.2.0 (You Can (NOT) Resist. AKA Team Syachihoko. I bet you dollars though that it is an Engrish error so it has to be Shachihoko.

Anyway, team Shachihoko is a six member group (Like Momoclo AWESOME) and the colours are the same with Red, blue, Purple, Pink, Green and yellow.

Slap yourself on either cheek if you are surprised that I ship Red and Blue. Do it NAO! (Oh shi…)

To even better lure me in, the personalities of Nao and Honoka are almost the same as Red and Blue senior!

Seriously, I think it’s possible that Honoka is dumber than Kanako. Seriously! She is also teh leader. And Nao…Oh Nao…Yes, she is my Oshi and I won’t say it again about the slappin’. Nao seems like the MC o choice and she is the first Idol I see calling fans ‘You little shits’ and getting away with it. They even seemed to get off on it…Well…Yours truly too almost…*cough*….

Any way….

Yeah, I am digging this group now too. They only have one PV out for a yet to be released single – Stardust Bowling (No kidding) but I love what I have seen so far. if this continues, no need for more traps. I am so there!

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