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Fic – No Regrets [Akari/Shiori]


Ano regrets

No regrets

An NMB48 Akarin (Yoshida Akari) x Shiokichi (Matsuda Shiori) fan fic

Disclaimer: The events in this fic are purely fictional. Just so we are clear on that!!!

Matsuda Shiori Yoshida Akari

Yes, I wasn’t kidding – to those who follow me on tumblr, when I said I had found the girls for my next project.

And so here we have it.

Actually I had been thinking about them for a while now but I couldn’t decide between them and Milky x Riichan until I saw that image then the decision was made for me. Also the transfer of Milky to team B didn’t help matters as I entertaining new ideas that involved not Riichan but my goddess instead….Hmmm that idea is still appealing actually but it has to wait.  At least not I have finished that other project of my Goddess Yukirin and defloration…Oops!

And also I tried to delve a bit into the dark side of things a bit and go a little higher rating than normal with this but I still couldn’t go all the way to the XXX territory. This is like light pron of the west as they call it you know, people having sex with their clothes still on and stuff, okay, maybe a little bit dirtier than that but only if you can read out of context. I tried to play around with words so that the innocents would get despoiled…that much.

I have grown to love these two and following them on G+ sped things up all that much more. This is because Shiokichi and Akarin are some of the best bloggers in the family with Shiokichi taking the cake with her photo skills and continuous updating. Seriously, almost every day that girl has something up and all her pics are of the highest quality. I sure as hell thought that these girls all had the same phone. I guess it doesn’t matter the tools if the user sucks!

Seriously though, if you aren’t following these two, you are so totally missing out! In fact I am going to post some of their pics right after the fic in this same post so even if you just want the pics…do jump right to the end.

Any way, without farther ado, here is the fic…

Enjoy ^^

No Regrets

Black Gekikara

An NMB48 Yoshida Akari and Matsuda Shiori Story

~ # ~

It was innocent at first – Too innocent to even be called a crush. In fact it could be considered as simple admiration but as to how a person would admire someone of the same age, in the same business and at the same level of experience Matsuda Shiori, known simply as Shiokichi by her fellow mates, had no clue.

Idol group NMB48’s Team N member Shiori sighed as she once again turned on her sides to try and get more comfortable in the live room couch that she was lying in, trying real hard to concentrate of the stupid book that she was pretending to read. The information was not absorbed by her distracted brain of course. But to the passers-by she might as well look like she was the most studious of the lot and really, that was what she was trying to go for.

As to where she was, it was just a couple of minutes past nine at night and while they would usually be at the theatre finishing up their nightly performance, this was their day off. But while at that time everything would be quiet around the place with most of the girls off to their rooms, this particular night the place was so lively that only the absence of booming music separated it from the atmosphere of a party. The location was a resident building just for the NMB girls and it was such that each four rooms shared a living room, a huge bathroom and kitchen, though of course they weren’t allowed to use the kitchen for anything but drinks and cold sandwiches. All big meals of the day were to be had at the same time down stairs in the foyer/restaurant/games room. In the common room that Shiokichi was in, which had her room of course, is where all the commotion was taking place. The other three rooms belonged to Milky (Watanabe Miyuki), Riichan (Kondo Rina) and the other belonged to her.

Yoshida Akari

With a resigned sigh, Shiori finally closed the book knowing full well now that there was no way she was going to get anything from the walls of text. She lay on her back, resting one of her feet over the other, one hand behind her head and stared up to the ceiling as she left her mind to wander completely. No surprise whatsoever as to the direction in which her mind immediately decided to go. Images and feelings of the one girl that had ever occupied Shiori’s mind so, began to flood her brain. Most of these were memories – memories of those accursed days that ate away at her a few months back – Memories of Akarin…It was inevitable really, thinking about it. Usually if two people were very close together then got separated for a long time only to learn that they would be meeting soon once more, there would be nothing to stop the thoughts of the other flooding each other’s mind right away, right?

Akarin had been back for only a few minutes, which explained the sudden gang attack in their common room, well, part of their common room seeing as the whole twenty-one or so members were crowded in and out of poor Akarin’s room. Shiokichi was proud to say that she hadn’t thought of the other girl since the news of her return was announced weeks back. Nope, apparently she had deceived her mind that easily that she no longer cared for the other girl as much as she had all those months ago. And so it is no surprise that she wasn’t the first one to jump into Akarin’s arms the moment the other girl came out of the taxi, nor was she the one there helping her settle into her own room, bombarding her with question, crying her eyes out at the sheer happiness of the re-union – of seeing the other girl that meant so much to her again and fending off the crowds that were no doubt pushing into Akarin’s comfort zone with as much their presence as their words. Then again…

No, she had to resist. There were rules and this time were those rules to be broken; suspension was the least of their problems, of that Shiokichi was sure. Yes, they had both been suspended for miss-conduct and though it pained her to feel no guilt whatsoever about it, Shiokichi knew full well they had been out of line for what they had done. She herself, being the younger and also that little, okay, not so little fact that Akarin had taken the blame onto herself even though the events that lead to the out of control situation were all Shiokichi’s fault, Akarin had been suspended for a whole half a year and it had to take fan voting to bring her back. She on the other hand, only suffered two months and with less warning than was probably given to Akarin, she was sure. Now one might wonder why Shiokichi let Akarin take all the blame on herself! Other than the fact that she was so damn scared at that moment in front of their Lord Master Akimoto, the way Akarin had smiled at her right before she turned back to declare herself responsible, Shiokichi was so taken with the other girl that it was all she could not to fall down on her weak knees from both the trepidation and the way Akarin glowed in that moment. She just couldn’t take that away from the other girl so she shut her mouth and let Akarin have her moment. Really, as if Shiokichi wasn’t already taken with her, Akarin had to go and act all hero-like. What girl does not wish for her personal Superman?!

Needless to say Shiori fell even harder for the older girl at that moment and it made the following days they were to spend together before they went their separate ways to suspension all that harder because they knew they had to be close for performances but also so far apart when it came to their feelings lest they fall into temptation once again…not so soon. But even though their wills transpired in the conflict, their souls didn’t waver which made the days they spent separate all the agonising to Shiori. She was glad she had to spend those two first months away from the other members because then it was only her family that had to put up with all her moody nights, which mostly included nightly cries of anguish that sometimes happened without her knowledge. Now that she allowed herself to think of it openly, also thanks to the fact that the pain was more or less gone now that they were together again, Shiori came to the conclusion that it was the distance between their souls that so hurt her like it had those first few weeks. Truthfully she wasn’t really sure that she cared for the girl that much before those nights. Now though, there was no denying her own feelings if the joy that filled her heart the moment the other girl walked in through those double doors was any indication.

“What are you smiling about Shiokichi?”

“Huh? Oh it’s you Kanchiru…It’s nothing really…”

Shiokichi was surprised from her thoughts by the sudden voice speaking to her by the couch. Shinohara Kanna, fellow team N member was kneeling behind the couch and looking down at her with a knowing smirk, her chin supported by the back of her palms. The other girl was one of the only few who knew of Shiokichi’s feelings for Akarin but even though she had that knowledge thanks to her being close to Shiori, Kanchiru was unaware of just how far Shiokichi had gone in regards to her feelings and Shiori was glad for it.

“Well, aren’t you at least going to say ‘hello’ to Akarin?”

Shiokichi only rolled her eyes at the obvious teasing.

“I will, once she is safe from the gang rape.”

Kanna’s smirk only widened as she stood up.

“That would require her to be saved by someone.”

And with a wink, she disappeared to go join the ganging.

Shiokichi ignored her as she went back to her own thoughts. She had to be careful. Management might have spies planted to watch them both. That’s right, they had broken rule No.1 so much that it lead to another rule being enforced that hadn’t been part of the rule book before their…exploration. You see their line of work had rules and the first rule on that list was ‘No relationships’ or falling in love or whatever goes into that category. She and Akarin had broken this rule, so much so that Shiokichi is still surprised they weren’t totally kicked to the curb! They broke that rule so hard that if anyone else other than a few members of the management knew as to exactly hoe far they had gone, Shiokichi was sure they would be off to their homes hiding in their rooms from paparazzi all their lives. The lack of rumours all pointed to Master Akimoto placing the lid on the management’s mouth and there was no way that Shiokichi and Akarin were going to spill the beans to any of the members. Shiokichi was the more glad that they weren’t caught all that time ago by one of their fellow teammates cause the damage control after that would not have been manageable.

Sensing a very familiar presence beside her, Shiokichi turned her attention away from the ceiling and her thoughts to the side and her mouth fell open in shock as her heart was filled with excitement and something completely different….unexplainable. Here was the thing – Akarin was very tall. She was in fact the tallest member in Team N. At the moment Akarin was standing only centimetres away from the couch on which lay Shiokichi, with Akarin standing right beside the couch’s arm-rest that was supporting Shiori’s head. Akari had changed into one of the girls’ uniforms that had very short skirts.

Along with a few blood vessels, the supressed memories of that moment that night six months ago that were so clear now they might as well have happened just yesterday, burst forth!


{Six months ago}


The hallways in the NMB48 building were busy as they bustled with both members and management as they usually were at the end of performances, especially in the night as everyone was very eager to go home and have some much needed rest. This was more so this day because it was unusually longer, no thanks to the three back to back birthday performances. Team N’s was the last of the day and since the member was pretty popular, the celebrations had taken longer than usual which placed the time at only a few minutes to mid-night.

In all the bustle and rustle, two members of Team N were in no such hurry. One of these members was in fact the birthday girl herself. Though they expended huge amounts of energy as evident by their increased breathing, their…activities were of the different kind. In fact they were actually using the craziness outside their little hiding place to their advantage as a way to keep their privacy. Judging by their place of hiding, one might argue that they perhaps might have spent a little bit more time in picking out a place to carry out their activities as their current place of choice was a simple broom closet, at the end of the corridor of the second floor. It was so compact and dark which required them to keep a very low profile if they didn’t want to be discovered and they did try but the activities in which they were partaking in required a much more expensive place of privacy as these activities were such that they ate away at the participants’ concentration.

In that compact and dark room that was no more than a square metre of space, squeezed Yoshida Akari and Matsuda Shiori, two team N members. Perhaps it was the fact that they had just spent an immense amount of energy performing on stage or they were so far into the activities that they no longer cared because by now, one passing by could easily hear them through the only barrier that happened to be a wooden door.

“Sh-Shiori-chan…we can’t…*pant*…we shouldn’t…”

Akarin struggled with the sentence as she tried to stay on her feet that were only possible now due to there being no more space for her to bend her legs. Also the fact that she was actually being pinned to the wall by the surprisingly aggressive Shiokichi which kept her from moving much. The old perspiration from the performance and the new from the current activities washed down her body that was exposed to the air no thanks to Shiori almost ripping her shirt open no many minutes before, just like water down a stream. At the moment she mused that she could give the sweat queen Maachun a run for her money…almost.

“I’m sorry Akarin but I can’t take it anymore. It took everything I had to wait for this day to come so I could give it to you as a present. I just can’t wait any more…”

Shiokichi spoke though kisses that travelled down the already wet trail from the sweet, sweet aroma of Akarin’s sweat from her perfect and very delicious breasts, believe her, she knew just how sweet, to her very well-toned stomach and lower as she went. It was all she could do not to let herself get lost in the swirl of emotions and get things over and done with but Shiori didn’t want to look back onto this moment in the future and regret how she had missed an opportunity to make her mark on her Akarin just because of luscious impatience. No, she would take her time, just like she had taken her time snogging the older girl crazy and she knew she had made her mark there. It would take a miracle for someone else to replace the impression her kisses left on Akarin.

Kissing could only take things so far though so she regretfully had to will herself away from the heaven that was Akarin’s chocolate (from the cake?) velvet mouth. Well, it wasn’t like she couldn’t kiss her again and from the disappointed moan that had escaped Akarin’s throat as she pulled away, Shiokichi was sure she would not be meeting any resistance later on was she to try again. In fact…And with that thought Shiokichi stood up straight and leaned up a bit to plant another heated kiss on those addictive lips. Of course once she tasted heaven again, she didn’t want it to end and the fervour that Akarin suddenly seemed to put into it didn’t help any.

Akari for her part finally decided to give into the other girl and throw all reason out of her mind. She knew she was the older of the both of them and had to take things under control but everything felt so very nice that the feelings out-weighted reason. Akarin wasn’t so innocent to not know where these actions were headed was she to let it continue but she had never actually taken part in them before let alone be seriously kissed and the alien feelings were so strong and spell-like that she could not help but want more…To know what more was on the way down the road if they continued because she knew kissing was only the scratching of the icing on the cake, so to speak and those feelings were so incredible indeed.

In the next moment Akarin understood why people thought that love and hate went hand in hand as she suddenly felt an incredible hate for the other girl when she abruptly ended the kiss much to Akarin’s disagreement. She opened her fuming eyes that had to have looked strange with all the desire and anger mixed in within them, as she tried to glare at Shiokichi who was grinning wickedly up at her as she went lower and lower and resumed her downward kissing to where she had left off just above her belly button. When those lips Akarin had come to know so intimately well touched upon her sensitive skin once again, all the anger left her like a water balloon bursting apart. She panted more strongly as she fought to keep her lungs filled with air, any air, when she felt the contacts between skins go lower and lover until it was no longer skin-skin but skin-clothes-skin.

Akarin’s eyes flew open as her lips whistles a sharp gasp when she felt a pressure at her bull’s-eye. Her head turned low so fast she almost saw stars, which she mused would have been much better for her heart compared to the vision that met her – The vision of Shiokichi’s face planted…no…buried right at the cervix of her legs with Shiori’s eyes closed in satisfaction as she took in a very audible whiff of Akarin’s natural scent.


All intelligence left Akarin’s mind and this time her knees bent and hit the door that stood in their way. With the movement, Akarin’s uniform skirt rode up and over Shiokichi’s head, who didn’t react, seemingly also too lost in the moment. It was down to two layers of clothes separating Akarin’s most sensitive area from Shiokichi’s most active nose – The white silk and the black cotton idol panties covering over them.

Shiori on the other hand, was so very lost in the scent that surrounded her from every other direction that her body had already taken over her mind moments ago. So when Akarin stumbled and in doing so pressed herself even more into Shiokichi’s nose, the body responded by adjusting in order to take in more of this mesmerising and intoxicating incense by opening the mouth to use the organ within so it could lessen the strain on the nose. Shiokichi did not hear the scream that left the mouth some thousand miles or so above her head when she clamped her mouth and tongue on to the source of the indescribable incense before her.

For her part, Akarin’s body too took things by the rein dispensing much more than just sweat as a reaction to the stimulation that was being applied to it. Saliva was running out of Akarin’s weak mouth in amounts and tears fell out of her eyes that were rolling up in her sockets as if she was under possession of some kind of demon. No longer were her thoughts on the situation at hand, let alone there at all. In addition to that, every pore of her skin was working overtime as it excreted more sweat than ever before thanks to the way the cells were being overworked burning energy to keep up with the over-whelming demands. The cells knew that this was just the beginning so they couldn’t simply shut down, no thanks to the bed time stories their parents used to tell them when they were little. Yes, things were just getting started.

Proving this point, as if sensing the wrongness of it all Shiori’s arms came up and in one fellow swoop pulled every single barrier that prevented her from reaching the source of the nectar directly with so much force she almost ripped them apart. Her body was running on so much adrenaline that such a feat was as easy as tearing paper. With the barrier gone, the scent grew almost by over nine thousand times and this time it wasn’t just Akarin’s that was dispensing saliva. Not even wasting a portion of a second Shiokichi was back in the same position she had been in but this time it was skin-heaven instead of skin-clothes-skin.

As soon as her tongue tasted not saliva nor sweat but something completely out of this world, it was as if a switch had been flipped in a factory and every machine came to life as they performed each and every one’s individual job – by the way Shiokichi’s tongue jumped into action and her fingers came to join in the excavations of more sweet nectar. Not to be left out, Akarin’s own arms that had been slack all this time at her sides, jumped to life too as they came up and held Shiokichi’s head in a death grip, pushing it even farther into her as if that were even possible. Not done, Akarin’s thighs clamped on either side of Shiokichi’s head to lock her in place. But even with the unpleasantness of it all, Shiokichi only moaned in approval and she worked all the harder to reach that goal that at the moment she had no idea of what it was but that she knew she just wanted to get there.

With fingers probing, sliding and squeezing and tongue flicking, diving and swirling, there was no place left un-turned and no hole left un-dug between that imperceptibly wide area between Akarin’s legs. With the help of not one but two, it didn’t take long before the two archaeologists reached their golden treasure and to say that both parties were never as happy as they were at that exact moment of discovery was most definitely no exaggeration.

Akarin could only cry her happiness out with a scream so loud that it had to have been a miracle not to be heard throughout the whole floor. She literally and completely melted in the eager and waiting burning mouth and tongue of Shiokichi who didn’t dare commit a crime as grave as spilling any of god’s offering of wine. She had never in her existence tasted such a delicacy. And so you must excuse her if she took her sweet time savouring each and every drop, thank you very much. It took time that’s for sure but sadly, time came for the chalice to run dry and she doubted even as lovely a girl as Akarin was, she was not on the level of the Son of God himself to be able to duplicate such a drink in small a time to the amount that would fulfil her stomach. And with the way the sweat offering tasted, Shiokichi doubted anything short of gallons would ever even think of quenching this thirst she so felt for the other girl’s sweet nectar.

That did not mean that she couldn’t lick the insides of the chalice until it was only coated in her own saliva though as she waited for the other girl to get back to her senses. She took her sweet time getting back to earth, thank God, and when she did, Shiokichi made sure she was locked eyes with Akarin before she seductively started rising to her feet, not resisting giving two little bumps that stood hidden behind a cotton shirt a kiss and a suck on the way to pull a moan from the other girl. She did not need to go on her toes this time to reach the taller girl’s lips for a kiss as Akarin was still resting her knees on the door behind them. The kiss was even more passionate than the ones before and it lasted until they really felt the need for air and pulled away. As they fought to fill their lungs, Shiokichi willed all her feelings to gather in her eyes as she stared adoringly and lovingly into the other girl’s that reflected the whirl-wind of emotions within almost just as much. Shiokichi then mingled the left over emotions in her voice as she spoke quietly but with meaning…

“Happy birthday Akarin…”

Then the door was yanked open and the dark room was suddenly drowned in painful neon light! Neither Karin nor Shiokichi had touched the door knob.


{Back to present}


“Um…Are you okay Shiokichi?”

Shiori swallowed hard as she fought to take control of her mind that was swimming with all those memories that she shouldn’t be entertaining right now. With her, also came the gang that now looked on with mixed stares to the two as some wondered what was wrong and others as to what was going to transpire next. Shiokichi thought of how stupid and rude he might have looked like to the other girls so she jumped to her feet in a flash to do something…anything.


She couldn’t do it. Not right now as she looked into those eyes that didn’t look to her as they were supposed to – worried and a little amused at her expense but instead all she saw were those dark chocolate that were drowned in desire above her as she knelt and worshipped the other girl before her in that dark roo-…Shiori almost chocked on the familiar feelings resurfacing in her lower regions.

“I have to go…”

And she bolted out of the room, and the building like the proverbial bat out of hell. There was no way she was going to cope with being within the proximity of the other girl and still keep her sanity. The separation had only strengthened her feelings and though it was wrong, all so very wrong, Shiokichi didn’t care about the fuckkin rules whatsoever. If not for the fact that she had to try for Akarin, Shiokichi would have fallen again already just as soon as Akarin appeared before her once again. As she ran down the corridors and the stairs (fuck the elevator) towards the exit, Shiokichi knew that she was already a defect. They might as well fire her at this moment because she knew that come the slightest opportunity, she would jump Akarin’s bones like a female anaconda on any living thing after giving birth. She did not regret what she had done with Akarin. She did not regret breaking rules. She did not regret falling in love.

Matsuda Shiori regretted nothing.




Yes yes, I know it feels incomplete but this is somewhat on purpose. I case I want to come back to this couple, I might as well have a foundation for something, no?

I hope it was good all the same any ways.

And finally, here is the gallery containing just some of the pics these two post of their G+ accounts.

Author: Black Gekikara

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4 thoughts on “Fic – No Regrets [Akari/Shiori]

  1. Never thought I’d be reading an Akarin/Shiokichi fic, but I enjoyed it. Wouldn’t mind seeing a sequel to this.

    • Thank you purekyunkyun,

      It is quite sad about the way there seems to be just a few foreign NMB fans….


      As for a sequel…we shall see. it is still deep in the oven but at least it’s cooking, ne? ^_-

      Thanks for reading

  2. More fanfiction goodness!!! I can’t believe I didn’t notice you’d written this for like a fortnight or something. 😀

    I also have to confess I had no idea who Matsuda Shiori was before reading this. Well, I guess it’s good to start learning the other girls’ names somewhere…

    And also, did I read the hint of a possible Yuki/Miruki in your comments at the top? 🙂 *evil grin* I always felt that Miruki was the Mayuyu of NMB. XD I’ll be waiting… lol.

    • Thank you for reading and leaving a comment Kaiyuugyo11.

      I knew before I wrote it that it will pass under the radar of many but I did anyways.

      Future fans will be coming back here when they get to know NMB better so…

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