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The First Night Part 3


The First Night

A Matsui2 Sequel

A Matsui Jurina/Matsui Rena romance story




The bedroom was shrouded in complete silence. An observer would think it to be empty for not a single sound could be heard. That was not the case as the room had two occupants in it.

Matsui Rena could not sleep. She couldn’t remember the last time she never fell asleep right away since entering the Idol world. Since then her life has been a hectic ride day after day and where her body was concerned when it came to physical exhaustion, Rena always slept like a rock even before she hit the bed. At the moment it was already past 2 o’clock in the morning yet her eyes were wide awake counting the stars that she could not see through the ceiling, or even the darkness. She dared not move or breathe out loud as if she was afraid to let Jurina know she was awake. She frowned wondering why she was so afraid of the other girl knowing that she was still awake.

Unknown to Rena, Matsui Jurina was having the exact same thoughts. She too had her eyes open and drilling invisible figures in the dark ceiling. Her heart had not calmed down in any way ever since that unforgettable act they had performed. She could not even remember what went on in the period that their parents came back to when her parents left then back into bed. It was all a blur and whether or not their parents thought it odd Jurina would never know but she and Rena did not exchange a word since they were interrupted. Thinking of the event forced Jurina’s heart beat to seismic levels for she thought she could feel her body moving with the beats. She tried to force her thoughts in another direction but the more she tried not to think of where their activities would’ve taken them, the more hear heart beat. She pulled the duvet over her head to try and keep the sounds from reaching Rena in the silent that covered the room.

Rena’s thoughts on the other hand were taking on a different course. What was she trying to do to an under aged girl? Jurina was 13 years old for crying out loud and Rena was kissing her and…and…Oh Go! What could have happened had they not been interrupted? Was she really going to actually do it to Jurina? Oh she was so going to hell for her actions. She may not have actually completed the deed but she had started it and she knew she would not have stopped hadn’t their parents come back and put a stop to it. Yet despite knowing wrongness of the idea of her and Jurina, Rena did not wish to stop seeing the other girl. Now that she was sure of her feelings for Jurina. Rena found herself thinking of when they would do it again. She wanted so badly to feel the soft flesh of Jurina’s lips on her once again. She wanted to feel the young curves under her fingers and to discover the many more things about Jurina that she knew she was yet to discover. A figure of a naked Jurina ghosted in her mind and Rena gasped out loud.

Rena was in love with Jurina.

“Are you okay Rena-chan?”

Jurina saw that as a queue to finally speak up.

“I-It’s nothing.”

Rena squealed out in a high pitched voice. She cursed silently for the voice was loud enough to travel outside their bedroom.


“No it’s nothing it’s just, I just can’t seem to be able to sleep.”

“Yeah, tell me about it. Usually not even minutes pass before I am already in dreamland.”

“We-Well it must be because of the sleepover. This is the first time for both of us so maybe our bodies need to adjust to the change.”

“You mean our minds since that seems more of a psychological problem than physical.”

“What are they teaching kids in Elementary school these days?”

Rena asked in wonder at the wise comment.

“The usual, I am just one of a kind. What, you don’t like me being smart?”

Jurina teased.

“What? No! I was just amazed that’s all. Of course I l-like you just the way you are.”

“Good. I would not like to think that there is a quality about me that you do not like.”

“Well, your puns are kind of…”

“Aww not that again. I really do my best on my puns. Others find them funny I don’t know why you don’t.”

Jurina pouted even if Rena could not see her in the darkness of the room.

“Give me time to get used to them, ne? After all I don’t have a choice in the matter, do I?”

“What do you mean?”

Jurina asked in confusion.

“Well seeing as I am stuck with you for the foreseeable future, I will have to like everything about you. Oh woe is me!”

Silence ruled for a couple of seconds.

“Y-you mean we are now officially together?”

Jurina asked in a small voice as if afraid she would be mistaken.

“Well yeah. It’s not as if the making out we had a couple of hours ago did not give that away.”

Rena stammered the sentence out but it was too late to take it back.

The uncomfortable silence returned once more. Rena stiffened and went very still like a statue when she felt Jurina weave her limbs around her.

“Is it okay if I hold you? I usually go to sleep holding my stuffed animals so this might help.”

“Su-sure Jurina. No problem.”

The girl just wanted to sleep, which really should have been what Rena herself was doing but the girl’s proximity after the last incident was making the simple act of sleep harder than she ever thought it would be. Rena tried real hard to get her thoughts on something else other than the feel of the body pressed up against her side.

“Rena-chan…I love…you…”

Rena smiled at that, happy that the girl was finally getting to sleep. As for herself, Rena didn’t feel any where near falling to sleep. She put an arm around Jurina then just stayed there staring at the ceiling thinking of her future that had already blown off course from the one she had had in mind not more than two months ago. Rena soon fell asleep when her body finally gave into exhaustion.

The time was before nine in the morning when Rena was forced awake. It was Sunday, which meant that Rena could sleep in as much as she wanted since it was a day off for her but she was once again, just like the Sundays that came before, forcibly woken up by their very noisy neighbour. For the life of her, Rena could not understand why the man chose to do his sculpting on other people’s days off especially Sunday. Really, couldn’t the man keep his work into his workshop somewhere? Rena doubted it was just a hobby of his that he could only work on in his free time. No one she knew put that much effort into their personal hobbies. She was sure it was his career so why the hell couldn’t the man keep his toys in his work place? And even if it was just a hobby, he could still work on his sculpting in his workshop, right? She knew he had to have one because he was never around during the working days.

Rena turned to her sideboard to spy the time which she found was 8:39 AM sharp. She groaned in annoyance. There was no chance of her going back to sleep either.  Since it was Sunday her parents also slept in late too since they were really busy workers. There was still much time before they woke up. Rena sighed and figured she might as well get up and surprise her parents with a ready breakfast.  Her body met with resistance when she made to get up. Rena looked to the source of the resistance and almost squealed in surprise. It had completely escaped her mind that she had a guest in her bed. Since it was the first time that she woke up with someone else in her bed Rena could ague that her surprise was warranted.  She was also very grateful that her brother was away from home staying in the dorms at the University he was attending because he usually came into her room to pull morning pranks on her. If he had seen them like that…Rena shook her head to clear it of the unpleasant thought. Her brother aside, there were still the problem of her parents. She had to get up before they decided that today was the Sunday to get up early, especially since they had a guest in the house.

That being said, Rena could not bring herself to disentangle herself from the sleeping girl once she finally, really looked at the girl. She almost melted to the spot at the vision of the girl sleeping soundlessly by her side. Jurina’s mouth was pulled into that familiar cat-like smile that fully brought out the young girl’s cuteness. Rena could not resist lifting a hand to clear the sleeping face of the stray bangs so that she could clearly see that angelic face. As if sensing the light touch in her sleep, Jurina moaned softly then scooted closer to Rena. Rena tried her best to resist the urge to lean forward and take the bait right in front of her and kiss the inviting lips. The most she could do was not to kiss the girl on the lips but went for her nose instead.

With another moan from Jurina, this time of displeasure, Rena carefully slid away from the sleeping girl. She stood by the bed and simply admired the sleeping angel there on the bed. Jurina rolled over to her side facing away from Rena and tried to get comfortable with the loss of her comfort pillow. She didn’t know exactly how long she stood there by the bed, simply watching the sleeping girl but finally Rena managed to look away. She released a breathe she hadn’t known she had been holding then made quickly for the bathroom. Once she got there, Rena splashed cold water into her face as if that would clear her mind of the not-so-pure thoughts that flooded within. She bored into her reflection that simply stared back at her.

“Matsui Rena, what in the world is wrong with you?”

She softly asked her on the other side. Obviously she got no reply. Rena sighed and decided to forget about confusing things for the time being and went to clean up for the day ahead.

Twenty minutes later found Rena in the kitchen donning a sea green apron and busy cutting spring onions for omelettes.  She had just finished storing the product on the side when she had footsteps descending the stairs.


A groggy Jurina wondered as she looked around for the missing girl.

“Over here Jurina. Good morning?”

Rena greeted when Jurina looked into her direction then walked over, rubbing her eyes as she went.

“Good morning. I heard sounds and thought it was my alarm clock. But then I looked around and didn’t know where I was.”

“I see our noisy neighbour got you too!”

Rena walked over to the girl and touched her shoulder.

“I am sorry. I shouldn’t have let you wake up alone in an unknown room.”

She squeezed the shoulder with gentle a pressure.

“It’s okay Rena-chan. It was just for a few seconds of sleep disorientation. I am fine now. Not fresh though, I better go wash up first.”

“You remember where the bathroom is?”

Rena asked the girl as she turned to go back up the stairs.

“It’s the second door to the right, yes?”

“Yep, that is it.”

Rena went back to preparing breakfast. She started a Heavy Rotation tune as she worked on the breakfast which soon turned into a dance. She did a twirl on her way to the fridge to store the cut up salad. She then skipped to the oven to check up on the sausages under the grill all the while silently singing…’I want you!’ So engrossed she was in her inner happy world that she failed to notice the amused Jurina leaning on the door frame and watching her.

“I wish every morning of mine started out like this.”

Rena almost dropped the glasses tray she had been holding when Jurina spoke out of the blue. She struggled to place the tray on the tablet near the sink before she turned and mock glared at Jurina.

“By the gods Jurina, you scared me half to death. How long have you been standing there?”

Jurina simply laughed as Rena held a hand over her racing heart.

“Long enough to catch yet another side of you I haven’t seen before. Do you do this often?”

“No, usually I am always the last to wake up so I rarely prepare breakfast.”

Jurina raised an eyebrow at Rena.

“So today is a special occasion then?”

Rena blushed and made herself busy with setting the glasses by their corresponding places.

“Oh don’t pretend like you don’t know. Now have a seat. Breakfast is ready. I will get you some juice.”

Jurina laughed softly as she watched the embarrassed Rena pour her some orange juice then went to wake up her parents. She was so cute when she was like that which was almost most of the time. Jurina loved that part of Rena-chan the most. Jurina sipped on her juice and loved it so much she almost emptied the glass. That wouldn’t do. She had to wait for Rena-chan and her parents. She took the time to study the dining table while she waited. The table was quite large and it could seat eight people easily but there were six chairs only. Four of those had empty plates and glasses in front of them with spoons and chop sticks around. In the middle were cups and pots which had steam brimming from their tops indicating that they either had tea or hot water within.

“They will be down in a minute but they said we could go ahead and eat if we are hungry.”

Rena announced as she entered the dining room.  She went to the fridge and got out the salad to place on the table then did as such with the hot food in the oven and the covered eggs over the cooker hot plates. When she was done she sat next to Jurina and poured her self some orange juice as well.

“Should we wait for them or do you want to go ahead and eat?”

“Well, this is my first time eating with your family so I think it would be kind of rude to start without them.”

“I don’t think they would mind but if that is what you want then we will wait.” Rena took a sip of her juice and squeezed her eyes as her teeth were always sensitive to cold drinks. “So, what do you want to do during the day? Should we go somewhere, like the park maybe?”

Rena turned inquiringly to the young girl seated next to her right.

“Well, how about we resume the theme from yesterday and just stay here? We could play in your backyard or indoors. Don’t have you have some thing we could do?”

“Well, there are some balls that belong to my brother, some water guns and also we could play on the consoles. There is a shade in the back where my brother keeps all the stuff. How about we go check it out after?”

“Sounds like a plan. Erm, can I have some more juice?”

Jurina asked sheepishly.

“Of course you can. I know what an appetite you have so I prepared more than the usual.”

“Hey, are you calling me gluttonous?!”

“What? No! You are young so you know, you obviously tend to eat a lot…”

“I do not eat a lot. You just don’t eat enough Rena-chan.”

“That’s what I keep telling her but she doesn’t listen. Look at her, soon the whole of her skeleton will be out for all to see.”

Rena’s parents made their way into the dining room and took their places.

“Good morning Jurina-chan, how was your night?”

“Good morning Mr and Mrs. Matsui. I slept very well Mr. Matsui, thank you very much for letting me stay over for the night.”

Jurina shook the elders’ hands in turn as she greeted them.

“Do not mention it dear child. We haven’t had as much fun our selves as we had you’re your parents last night. I hope our dear girl didn’t give you any trouble.”

“Come on Mom, since when did I ever cause trouble?”

“There is a first time for everything. Perhaps you are a hog who didn’t like sharing a room with anybody else.”

“I am not. Also we share rooms when we go on tours to perform so stop trying to make me out a villain.”

“Come now ladies, we have a guest today so how about we keep the usual battles on the low?”

“Sorry Jurina-chan, my daughter here and I do this every day so so need to be nervous. But seriously, she didn’t trouble you in any way, right?”


“Okay, Okay. Sheesh, one would think you are actually guilty and are trying to hide something.”

Jurina coughed and Rena’s wide eyes snapped in her direction.

“Rena-cha…Rena-san was very fun to stay with last night and though it was my first time for a sleep over, I would think it was the most fun I’ve ever had.”

It was Rena’s turn to cough uncomfortably then busied herself to disperse the awkwardness.

“Let’s eat before the food gets cold.”




Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Hail Yukirin, Batman and Zack Snyder Long Live Horror

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    • Hello there KaeKain,

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