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Attack Of The Revered Joker -V-


Attack of the Revered Joker

A Majisuka Gakuen Fic

– V –


It was a lovely night out. The moon was full up in the sky and clearly visible it was for there were no clouds to hide its magnificence. The fact was that it might as well have been covered over for no one gave it any attention whatsoever. Of course that might have been the fact that the location was the middle of the city and the time was just past ten o’clock. The noises were deafening from all the discos and clubs that were just opening for business, and the cars, mainly cabs, that filled the streets, not to mention the vast numbers of night population. No one would pay attention to the wonders of nature at such a time and in such a place. Among such a busy city there are some places that go unnoticed, or completely go ignored by the usual passer-by like the dark alley ways in the back streets. It was such a place that the real excitement was taking place.

A young couple were having one of the greatest past times of humans. There they were, licking, eating, and sucking each other out and for what? Just a few seconds, maybe more if they are lucky, of complete bliss that even up until now, they could not explain except summing it up to magic of a bundle of nerves. Humph. Humans! They never failed to surprise with their stupidity but really, no reason to complain there. You never saw them complaining about the IQ of their livestock now, did you?

The male was now going downwards the female body, all the while making animalistic sounds as he sucked and licked at the female who too was not in her right senses for she looked at the sky but was not really seeing it as her eyes were unfocused and glazed over. There was the fact that though she was actually looking to the direction of the silent observer, the female didn’t spot her, otherwise she would be put off by something watching the two in their moment of intercourse.

The observer figured that they might as well wait until the puny humans reach their heaven then it wouldn’t be too horrible to send them to the real one. And so the figure silently and skilfully crawled her way farther up the building to reach the roof. The figure made sure to keep her targets within her earshot for it wouldn’t do to let her food escape. Reaching the roof, the figure was illuminated by the moon’s overpowering beams. Looking closer now, we could see that the figure was female and either very small in stature or just young. Looking even closer, it seemed the latter was the best fitting.

The most striking feature was the girl’s plump face that was nicely complimented by her big eyes that were a mixture of sexy and lazy. Dark waves that seemed to swallow the light around it covered her head in a sea of blackness. Witnessing it move, when the girl lifted her gaze to the moon made one think that it was alive… that her hair had a life of its own. What was even more defining was her choice of attire for the evening. The girl was donning a dark, almost black uniform that was unmistakeably a High School uniform. To those who were from the area would easily pick out the uniform as belong to one troublesome local Majisuka Jogakuen. There was something more striking about the uniform that you wouldn’t see on anyone else. Well, it was true that almost every student at Majisuka Girls High had found some way to modify their own uniforms but this was not that kind of Modification. On her right arm, just above the elbow area was pinned a white band that stuck out on her parson in the darkness. Inscribed on the band was the title of power that she held at her school as the Head of the Student Body of Majisuka Gakuen.

Her fellow students nick named her ‘Hot-Blooded Student Council President, probably due to the fact that sometimes, though rarely, she would lose her temper rather badly and those who were at the receiving end, never forgot the experience. It happened but very rare. She most usually comes off as a first degree softy but if one thing was a fact, it was that no one at Majisuka High was in anyway normal. It was a school of the ‘broken’ kids of society – The ones that were an anomaly of that which was the common system of society. Minegishi Minami, her real name by the way, was one such anomaly. She too was a student at Majisuka Jogakuen. Her side trip from the norm took on a weirder turn than most of her students and she was glad that they didn’t know of her true nature. They didn’t know that the nickname they gave her was truer than they thought it for she was probably, most probably, the hottest-bloodied being on the planet. More on this and the conditions that lead to her seat of Power, well, that was a long story for another time as her ears picked up the increase in the couples’ decibels indicating their rise to ecstasy.

But as she looked to her prey, a frown crept onto her features. Off to the side were two figures that silently approached the unsuspecting couple. The smell was what hit her next and she couldn’t suppress a snarl that produced from deep within her throat. She didn’t recognise the two female figures so it had to be her work. Minegishi made a mental note to have a word with her later on. They seemed pretty young so Minegishi doubted she would get away tonight without killing the two. The young ones were always the most troublesome and though it will be hard, Minegishi had already chosen her food for the week and she would be damned if she had to go look for another source of nourishment just because of two freaky corpses.

Letting the moonlight’s influence, the companion that she felt was there with her throughout all her life had she not known better, wash over and combine with her, Minegishi Minami started to change, physically, starting with her eyes. Usual dark brown orbs began to glow and change into a bright yellow gold. The pupils started to constrict into cat-like slits. Her ears were the next to morph as they lengthened to stick out sideways from the black mane that was her hair. Her nails grew into thick dark claws. She opened her mouth to let out a strong breath that left vapour trail even in the 21 Degree atmosphere. Her teeth were no longer those of a human being but a beast. Minegishi cracked her joints then set her sights on her prey. She wouldn’t need to fully transform just to take care of two dead walkers. And with that Minegishi pounced. She did so with such force that the naked eye could not follow her movements. Bouncing from side wall to side wall as she descended, her trailed looked like a black zigzag drawing in the air. She landed in a crouch between the two groups. She made no sound in her landing so the couple didn’t even notice, still too busy lost in ecstasy.

The two newcomers saw her though as they were frozen in their tracks from the sudden appearance of the strange creature. They gaped at Minegishi, uncomprehending.

“Wh-What the hell?”

One of the girls got her wits about her sooner than the other and blurted out what was on her mind. She spoke a little too loud that the woman finally saw the commotion.

“Get lost dog, that’s our food.”

The second girl spoke then and she made sure Minegishi saw her block her nose.

“I was here first so if you value your un-lives, you better scram.”

Minegishi took on a menacing pose and tried to warn the two, obviously inexperienced girls off.

“Have it your way bitch. You just made our day anyway.”

Minegishi gave the two opponents a weird look.

“Yes, we know who you are. Since you are going to be asphalt anyway, we might as well tell you. There is an all you can eat on your school and it’s not just us. The other two heads are in on it too. You think you can just go around changing things? Well guess again.”

She laughed out loud and her companion joined in.

“What better way to go than starting with the top, eh?”

Minegishi let out a sigh. She knew Maeda’s antics would back fire on them. Now the other three major schools had a reason to start fights again. First they will take Majisuka out then it will be chaos once more. It looked like Yuko’s hard work all went out the window. Minegishi was going to be busy once more. Yabakune wouldn’t be such a bother on their own but to think that they’ve joined with Joker and that…that school…Majisuka was in for some hard times to come. She was going to have a very long talk with Rappappa the next day.

First things first though. Minegishi was hungry. She hadn’t eaten in a week and her patience got worse with the hunger. She had to get rid of the unwanted guest first. It seemed like the other two also had the exact same thoughts for Minegishi only had a split second to guard, before the two crushed into her. Damn, Minegishi had gotten soft. The two hard bodies forced the three to roll on the ground in a tangled mess as she fought to prevent them from getting their arms and teeth in her neck. The three were growling and howling in inhuman voices as they let their inner beats do the talking.

Minegishi cursed once more when she heard first the screams of her prey then their footsteps as they scattered off. There went her food. Now she had to go hunting somewhere else since her current ground was compromised. The thought pissed her off as with the pain that came next from one of her foes that managed to get a bite out of her arm. She bellowed in an irritated grow as she flung the one that had just bit her into the left wall. She didn’t even acknowledge the satisfying crush before she wrestled with the second one who had gained an advantage while she threw the first one. This one she kicked in the mid-section and she went sailing backwards a few meters. Without wasting a second Minegishi got into a crouch and pounced on the one that had crushed into the wall. It might have hurt for the girl was still shaking her head as she staggered to her feet.


That was all she could say before she was once again forced into the wall thanks to the Minegishi rocket. Then the girl let out a fearful scream as her throat was ripped open by beastly teeth. Minegishi spit the dead flesh on the side and jumped back as she watched her victim finally seize to exist.

“Akane-chan, NOOOO! You are dead bitch!”

The enraged remaining girl launched herself at Minegishi and she delivered wild hits, scratched and biting onto Minegishi’s person. The girl seemed to have suddenly gotten stronger. Minegishi really hated new-borns. She tried to get a solid grip on the wild girl but she was so frantic and fast. Her hard nails left bloody trails on Minegishi’s flesh in their wake then next came the teeth on her shoulder. She hissed in pain from the poisonous bite then pierced a hole in the girl’s stomach with her stretched fingers. That brought a growl out of the girl but she didn’t let go on the bite. Cursing, Minegishi grabbed her by the neck ad pulled with all the strength she could spare. That time the girl’s mouth left her shoulder but a tooth remained.

“Who’s there?”

Damn. There came a flash light from one side of the alley. It seemed that her prey had contacted the police after their escape. Minegishi flung the girl in the opposite direction and she took that chance to disappear into the busy street. In the mood that she was in Minegishi could not leave the girl alone to her toys. Who knew what she could do in that state? And so Minegishi wasted no time to chase after the young vampire. When she reached the pavement, it didn’t take long for her to catch sight of the other girl as she left a trail of chaos in her wake like breaking traffic with an accident. The vampire now had a person who was screaming for dear life in her arms and judging by the way her head was dipped forward, it was no wonder as to what she was doing. Minegishi cursed and started in a run for the girl.

As if sensing the danger closing in on her, Suda Akari of Joker Girls’ High flung the half dead body in the direction of her hated enemy and broke into a dead run. She still needed more blood to fully heal and also get back to her sire in time. A few blocks away she picked up on of the girls laughing at nothing in particular. The girl had no time to scream before Akari sunk her teeth into the flesh. When she was done she threw the body on the ground and sighed in fulfilment. The other two girls screamed bloody murder and just stood there stupefied. They had been cautioned not to be too public with their feeding so she might as well take care of the other two. She reached forward for the first of the girls to break her neck but a second before her palms took hold of the week muscles, something crushed into her side and she was sent skidding as the asphalt gave way for the two objects. Akari dug her fist into the ground to bring her self to a stop and as she looked to see what had hit her, she frowned to find that it was that damned Student Council President. Just as well, Akari would never forgive the dog for killing Akane-chan.

Minegishi jumped back to get into an attack position and before she struck, her stomach did flops and she doubled over only to catch a glimpse of a foot disappearing from her field of vision. Just as the thought that she had just been kicked floated into her head, said head buzzed as it hit the ground from yet another kick to the head. As Minegishi fought to get back to her feet, a weight pushed her back down on the ground. She growled as she felt het temper rising. She then felt herself get turned over and only got one chance to look into the enraged face above her before the punches started raining down in her face. Her arms were pinned on the ground with the girl’s knees and the girl seemed to be much stronger. She really hated new-borns and they were making a scene. She could hear sirens coming from the distance. That would not do.

Akari rained blow after blow on her enemy’s face and seeing a chance, she made a spear with her fingers and went to finish the girl off by dismembering her neck but something incredible happened. The girl below suddenly jerked with such force that Akari found herself being forced into the air. As she came back down the side of her face was met with a large paw that knocked her all the way back into main traffic. She crashed into the side of a car that caved in and skid sideways across the street. In a split second she was up and running against the traffic as the beast had rammed into the side of the car in the same place she had been just moments before. The two broke into a chase as they bounded from roof of one car to the next until they reached the end of main which curved off to the right and left giving way for the park.

Akari jumped right over the main gate and disappeared within the dark greenery of the park. The beast was not far behind her but instead of jumping over the Iron Gate like her prey, Minegishi simply broke straight through the bars as if they were made of aluminium by the way they gave into her massive body. She was no longer that lovely girl that everyone knew. Her body had fully transformed into the true nature of her being; a realized werewolf. It only took a potion of a second for her to go from one form to the other and a simple thought. Sometimes her feelings were the trigger. The park was very dark for the normal eye to see anything but of course the two racers were anything but normal. Minegishi could clearly see the girl running in front of her and she had gotten her smell so even if she could not see the girl, there was no way she was going to lose her. In her full beast mode everything was heightened to the max. Her prey was fast but not close to Minegishi and in no time only a few feet separated the two.

Akari did a fast cat wheel to the right to avoid the beast’s timed bite then bounced of one tree to the opposite one to avoid a slash of a claw that turned large tree stem into two pieces. She set back on ground and pushed her legs as fast as they could carry her but she couldn’t outrun the damned beast. Soon she felt herself being dragged to the ground by the blouse and she found herself fighting for her life but the beast then pinned her on the ground by the shoulders. She felt her flesh give way for the steel-like claws that dug far in her joints to render them useless. She was a flexible girl though so she used her legs as she kicked the beast in anywhere she could but it came pretty clear to her that she was done for when she saw the real sharp maws bearing down on her neck. She closed her eyes for the inevitable. At least she would be joining Akane-chan soon.

The short lived painful experience she was waiting for did not come except for the sound of impact and an angry growl. Akari opened her eyes to find that she was looking at the greyish sky blocked partially by the trees around her. When the beast growled again she turned into the direction of the sound and found that the beast’s attention was no longer at her but to something else on her right and so she turned to see what had saved her un-life tonight.

“I think one is enough for tonight, wouldn’t you say so, Hot-Blooded Student council of Majisuka Minegishi Minami?”

The beast growled again and Akane figured that it couldn’t speak in that form. She could recognise that voice and the fashion of the newcomer that had just spoken. In the darkness the figure’s eyes glowed a dim mixture of blue and green as they pinned the beast in place. It was as if the two were sizing each other up. Nezumi had come to her rescue. Akari made to get up but her arms weren’t responding the way they usually did. She felt herself being lifted up and held in impossibly strong small hands.

“Well, if you can understand me, please do send my regards to BLACK of Rappappa. I will be dropping in to see her soon. Ciao.”

The two blinked out of existence. Minegishi waited a while before she transformed back into her human form. Immediately the hunger hit her and she fell on one knee. Great, first she to feed and soon but first, there was a more serious need to be met. She needed some clothes as the old ones were shredded into pieces during her transformation.

“Hey you. How was your day?”

Maeda inquired as she entered the white room. Closing the door behind her, she moved to the only single elevated bed in the room and stood by the side, softly gazing at the form that lay beneath the covers. The girl looked so peaceful laying there that Maeda held her breath, waiting for her to at last open her eyes. But just like the times before, the beautiful brown orbs that Maeda was then fighting very hard to remember the look of, never opened. She was once again reminded of the reality of her first friend’s predicament.

Takahashi Minami was in a coma that no Doctor knew when she would, if even ever, wake up from. That truth almost made tears come to Maeda’s eyes but she swallowed them down. She tried to convince herself that her friend would, at any time, wake up and smile at her again just as she used to. The nice thought dissolved the lump that had formed in her throat and almost brought a smile to her lips. Maeda placed her bag in the usual spot and went to replace the flowers on the window with the fresh ones she had brought with her.

“Well, it’s good that you had a great day but that makes only one of us. I had another argument with Shibuya today. I swear, I think that girl hates me or something.”

Maeda said as she then moved to sit by the bedside and then held the girl’s hand between both of hers. She kneaded and massaged the warm digits between her fingers. Somehow she was always surprised by how warm the still hands felt to her, which should not be that unusual but Maeda thought they ought to be cold when a person was in a coma. She played with them for a while as memories came back to her like that never to be forgotten time when Minami gave to her that wrist band. She discovered that they had never even held hands. Maeda would see to that once Minami woke up.

“Well, I think that the other Rappappa members don’t dislike me. At least they don’t show it. Sado is the one that surprised me the most. She seems to recognise me as their new leader better than the rest. I honestly thought that she would be the hardest one to get along with considering her closeness to Yuko.”

Maeda’s fingers paused as the memory of the girl who had pushed her will onto her came to mind. She remembered the funeral and how many if not all of the students of Majisuka mourned for the passing of their fearless leader. Maeda still doubted that she would ever gain such respect and trust from her peers as Yuko had. Maeda was jolted out of her sour thoughts when she felt the fingers in her hands move. Did she just imagine it?

“Torigoya seems to be fine with anything as long as it is fine with Sado. I like her best in the whole lot at the moment. She is always so peaceful, as long as she isn’t flipped by Sado. I guess all I have to do is make sure I stay on Sado’s good side. “

Maeda let the hand go and tucked it under the covers to keep it warm. It was fall and the weather was getting cold. She would never want to cause Minami to get a cold in her sleep. Yes, she was just asleep. She will be waking up anytime soon. Maeda stood and moved the chair to the other side of the bed then started to massage the other hand.

“As for Gekikara, I don’t know about her since she has been to school like four times since…I thank God for that though. That girl freaks me the out I tell you. The few times that she came in I almost quit school because of her. Even while in class she would just show up unannounced and start playing with my ears and hair with everyone watching. When you beat her she just laughs in that crazy way of hers then strikes again. Seriously…”

Maeda imagined a smile creeping on Minami’s face which brought on her own. She had to admit that she sometimes found the crazy girl’s antics cute. At least she no longer looked for fights and didn’t seem to want to have Maeda’s ears for dinner. As long as it was nibbling, it was okay, she guessed.

“It is not so bad sometimes though, especially when BLACK is there. She seems to have a strange kind of control over Gekikara. It is different from the authority that Sado has over her. All it takes is a simple look or touch to stop the crazy girl’s strange behaviour. I thought of asking her about it but I find it very hard to talk with BLACK. Actually I’ve never talked with her now that I think about it. The thing is that even now I try to imagine myself talking to her and just cannot. Heh! I guess it’s because we haven’t fought yet. Do you think it’s one of those things that just don’t click until a beating is involved? Hold on a second. I will be right back.”

Maeda tucked in the other hand too. She then moved over to the sink in the other room and came back with a small basin. She placed the basin with some warm water and a hand towel on the floor near the bed. Maeda then sat on the bed near the middle and pulled the covered back halfway.

“I am not planning on fighting her, I know you won’t approve, but I feel disconnected from her with the Rappappa members. And even if I was planning on fighting her, it is one fight I would not look forward to. I mean, can you believe that girl took on the Kabuki sisters, Gakuran and Daruma all at once, and she wiped the floor with them too? I would need a miracle to beat her. But if it happened once, it can happen again, right?”

Maeda started to un-button the shirt of the pyjama that the still girl was wearing. Despite the many times she had done it in her training, and the few she had done it to Minami herself, Maeda still felt uncomfortable. Fighting down a blush, Maeda snuck a hand under Minami’s back and lifted her gently into a sitting position. With Minami’s head rested gently on her shoulder, Maeda slowly removed the shirt completely and placed in on the bed. She carefully lay the girl back down and bet to get the hand towel. Wringing it to a desired dampness, Maeda lifted Minami’s body up once again to clean her back. When she was down, she cleaned the front and then the rest of Minami’s body that she could. She replaced the pyjamas with fresh ones then she just sat there, softly gazing at the sleeping angel.

I dig my toes into the sand
The Ocean looks like a thousand diamonds
Strewn across a blue blanket…

Maeda lay down on the bed besides the sleeping girl as she started to sing. She caressed the brown traces of hair covering the girl’s face.

I lean against the wind
Pretend that I am weightless
And in this moment I am happy…happy

She rested her head on the still shoulder as she softly sang to her friend. She hoped that her message would get across. Maeda wished more than anything for the girl to open those beautiful eyes of hers once again. She wished that the other girl was still there with her to go flying into her fights and try to put a stop to them.

I wish you were here
I wish you were here
I wish you were here
I wish you were here

“I wish you were here…with me…”

Maeda trailed off as sleep overtook her and she succumbed to the darkness.

A minute later, a pair groggy brown orbs painfully forced their lids to open and immediately shut, finding the light too sensitive. The brain activity monitor bellowed away seeking attention.


To Be Continued


Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Hail Yukirin, Batman and Zack Snyder Long Live Horror

2 thoughts on “Attack Of The Revered Joker -V-

  1. what a nice story…two thumbs up for the author…

    may i have your permision to make the manga version of this?

    i think it would be nice to have the manga version of this fanfic 🙂 -esp Mii-chan’s transformation scene-

    • Hi there annabelle! Thank you for visiting this site and I am glad that you liked this fiction. It is unfortunate that the owner of this site is struggling with technical difficulties and cannot come online for a while. I’m sure Black Gekikara would give you permission to use their work however I do not have the authority to do it in a behalf of them.

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