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The Visit – Final Chapter 2/2 [Black/Gekikara]


A Majisuka Gakuen 2 Black and Gekikara Fan Fic

Well, well, well. What have we here? Could it be the forgotten final chapter of that Black x Gekikara fan fic? I think it might be.

There might be a prologue but no promises.


Opening her eyes, Miso sluggishly attempted to get back to her feet. She felt like shit. Her head was spinning and her body didn’t seem to be able to listen to her as she struggled to stay on balance. One moment she was about to finish off her prey and the next her lungs were fighting for air as if it was being pulled out of lungs. Soon she couldn’t handle it and everything had gone dark.

“You are right on time I just came back from a bit of shopping”

Black watched the smaller girl as she used the wall to stand up. Those eyes – those dark eyes that looked like doors to the pits of hell itself search her out and locked on.

Miso was filled with a sudden burst of rage when her brain righted itself again. This bitch had taken her away from her prey! She would pay for messing with her!

Miso charged with an enraged battle cry, something out of character for her. She must have known it deep down but Miso still got surprised when her fist connected with empty air despite having been mere centimetres from the target. Miso stumbled at the loss of balance from hitting air.

A well placed kick pushed her back the way she had come and crashed against the wall with so much force she saw red blots. Something metallic hit the ground in front of her, muffled by something. Once her vision cleared she was greeted with the view of Black looking through what appeared to be an assortment of small shiny objects. Miso almost salivated at the sight of the steel. A voice brought her back to attention.

“I heard you like sharp objects?”

Miso said nothing.

“I bought some new toys just for us. You will play with me, won’t you?”

Black picked up one of the objects that Miso remembers seeing on TV once. One of those things Doctors used to cut people up. She had dreamed of owning one of those someday. Light bounced off of it as the girl before her turned it from one way to another in her hand as she examined it. Miso had to have one!

Black paused and turned to look at Miso. She smiled…


“Good morning sleepy head. Welcome back to the land of the living.”

Gekikara groggily turned to her side. There lay Black next to her on the bed. She had been caressing her face and Gekikara felt Black’s fingers that were pinned between her cheek and the mattress when she turned. She looked blankly at Black who raised an eyebrow at her.


“We are back to the hospital. Your wound re-opened and you lost a lot of blood. You also gained some new ones. Really, what were you thinking?”

Even though Black did not look angry Gekikara felt it. She should apologise to Black. She had not planned on worrying Black.

“I’m sorry Yuki”

Black knew that Gekikara was sincere and really, she understood deep down why Gekikara had gone ahead and joined the battle even as hurt as she was. This was their life now. They craved it, were defined by it. Gekikara might as well be dead if she was to be kept from this life. It was all they were after being discarded by the world.

“It’s alright Rena, I understand. But still, I wish you would take the time to heal before going into another fight. I…I don’t like seeing you like this.”

“And you hate hospitals…”

Black was glad to see the life returning to those eyes. Gekikara was crazy nut within that craze there was innocence that only a child would have. Gekikara was a child forced to grow up and leave her childhood behind. Black did not know what happened to her when she was young and would not ask but she hoped one day Rena would trust her enough to talk to her. Not that she has told of her past to anyone, let alone Rena. When the time was right she would definitely tell her. She just had to make sure that Rena stayed alive until then.

‘Exactly! So then why do you keep me here if you know this?”

Gekikara turned her whole body to fully face Black.

“I don’t remember forcing you to be here.”

She lifted her head and took hold of Black’s hand that had been trapped under it and held it.

“Is that so? Well then, if you will excuse me I will be seeing myself out.”

Black swung her legs off the bed and sat up. She started to stand when Gekikara pulled her back down and towards her. Yukirin managed to turn around in time to position herself so as not to fall on top of Rena and hit her in the newly stitched wound.

The two were face to face with Black hovering over Gekikara. Her free hand supported her weight on the other side of Gekikara’s head. Gekikara smiled at her but Black did not return it.

“What did I just say about taking care?”

“Well, it is your fault”

Gekikara pouted and tried to look stern but the smile betrayed her intent. She raised her nose and started playing with Black’s traces of red and black from her side-tail that was dangling in her face. She sneezed when some of it went into her nostrils. That made Gekikara wince in pain due to a hurt muscle being actioned.

“Am I going to have to discipline you to drive the point across?”

“Is that a promise?”

“Oh shut up you! Let me take a look.”

Black moved back into a sitting position and used her free hand to raise Gekikara’s medical shirt. There was a small patch of red soaking in the bandages but that had been there before. Black had checked as soon as she had gotten to the room.

A blush rose on Gekikara’s cheeks at the action. Yuki did it without a second thought but Gekikara was very aware of the way Yuki had nonchalantly lifted her shirt and pushed it up her body, exposing the underside of her breasts to the cool air of the hospital room. Gekikara was not wearing anything under the hospital garb!

Yukirin traced a finger on the skin around the bandage, afraid to touch over the bandage lest she cause more pain for the girl. She was completely unaware of the effect she was having on Gekikara.

“Does it hurt a lot?”

She knew it hurt, it had to hurt. Even though Rena was smiling Black knew she was in pain. With a wound like hers that extended to her organs, there was no way she would not!

“Not much but that might have to do with the painkillers I got before sleep.”

“You have to be careful Rena.”

Black had her attention on the skin under her finger. Gekikara felt the seriousness in her voice and answered just as seriously.

“I will.”

“Promise me.”

This time Black raised her eyes to look right into Gekikara’s.

Gekikara did not reply right away but instead locked her eyes with Black’s. There was something in those eyes that she had never seen before. She felt almost compelled to grant Yuki anything! She lifted her free hand that wasn’t still holding onto Black’s and held Black’s left cheek.

“I promise you Yuki. I promise not to leave this room until the Doctor says so.”

Black narrowed her eyes at her before breaking out in a rare smile.

“Really, what were you even thinking? I know all about the thirst for battle but I would think you were in enough pain already. How deep does your masochism go?”

“Hey, I’m not that perverted!”

Gekikara pinched Black with the hand that was on her cheek.

“Ow! A sadist then…”

She pinched Black again.

“It wasn’t just about me. I thought I was helping and I did not expect to see ‘her’ there. Speaking of, what happened after you…You didn’t…”

Black smiled eerily.


“Don’t move. This will be over quick-“

Black was cut off when the girl before her knocked her over and sent the scalpel flying out of her hand before running away. Black sighed dramatically.

“Why does no one ever listen to me?”

She disappeared.

Three seconds later she re-appeared with Miso and threw her against the wall of the dead alleyway like she was throwing out trash. Miso slid against the wall, disoriented from both the speed and the force with which she had been thrown.

“Now please, stay still. We wouldn’t want this to get rough, believe you me.”

Black casually walked over to where the scalpel had fallen and picked it up then walked over to the downed Miso.

“What…what the hell are you?”

“A friend – A friend of someone you put in the hospital. You do know that she was this close to dying? Even as she was in the hospital the Doctors said had they been even a minute late…”

Miso steadied herself into a sitting position as her world continued to spin.

“If I wanted to kill her, she would be dead. But I was asked to just hurt her good!”

“Is that so? Well then, you have nothing to fear if you tell me who asked you to hurt her. Then I will only hurt you really, really bad!”

Black smiled and Miso hoped she hadn’t.

“Who the fuck do you think I am? I am not telling you shit! There is nothing I don’t know about pa-“

Black brought the scalpel down and into Miso’s thigh. It sliced through flesh like it wasn’t even there. Her hand only stopped because she had hit bone. Her eyes were locked onto the face of the crazy girl. She expected her to scream out in pain but the girl only bit her lip. There was moisture building in her eyes though – eyes that were crazier than Gekikara’s and she didn’t think that would ever be possible. She never thought there would be anyone crazier than Gekikara.

“I’m sorry I didn’t catch that. You were saying?”

“I said – I am not telling you shi-“

Miso gasped but choked on the cries that wanted to escape her mouth. She would rather die than give into someone else ever again.

“Do you feel that? I think we hit something. Let me see if I can’t get through it”

Black dragged the scalpel towards the girl’s kneecap. She could feel the vibration in her hand from the friction of metal moving against bone.


“Come now, just a single name. I only need a name. How about this? If you tell me who asked you to hurt Gekikara then I will forget what you did to her. I might even let you go.”

Miso kept quite. She glared at Black with such hate that if Black gave a shit she might have been intrigued. The girl still did not say anything though.

“Have you ever seen a disabled person? How do you think they feel, being reminded of what they have lost forever every time they go outside?”

Again Miso just kept glaring without a word. She hoped her enemy would keep their focus on the torturing. She only had one chance to escape.

“Would you like to find out?”

Black pulled the scalpel out of the bloody flesh as slowly as she could. She raised the blood red steel and pointed the tip right at the pupil of Miso’s right eyeball.

Miso’s eyes widened.

“Fine, I will talk!”

Black studied her face for a moment before pulling her hand back.

“Alright then, tell me who asked you to hurt Gekikara!”

“It was Shibuya”

Black was taken aback by that. Shibuya had asked someone to hurt Gekikara? Their Shibuya? She wouldn’t do that to them, surely!

Miso saw her chance and used it. She reached over and picked up the half-shattered brick to her right then brought it up with as much force as she could muster meaning to smash it against her assailant’s head.

Black caught the motion out of the corner of her eye just in the nick of time. She raised her hand to protect her face from permanent damage. Her arm took the hit and though her clothes and jacket prevented her skin from breaking, it still hurt like hell.

Not giving up, Miso launched herself at her enemy. She ignored the searing pain in her leg. She aimed for Black’s neck with her elbow but her bad leg made her miss her mark and instead hit Black in the chest. Black grunted then using her left hand, she grabbed Miso by the neck. She forced them face to face.

“You really shouldn’t have done that!”

“Fuck you!”

Miso cursed with disgust and hate before spitting in Black’s face.

Black’s eyes closed on instinct to prevent the alien material from entering into them. After a couple of seconds she opened them again.

For the very first time since that day, Miso felt fear.


“I wonder…Let’s just say that there will be no more stabbing going on around here. As for the battle, when I got there Maeda-san was being taken away by the police and the fight was over.”

What Gekikara did not know would not hurt her. She did not need to know what she had done to both Miso and Shibuya. Hopefully Gekikara wouldn’t find out from the others. Black would need to have a word with them.

“Oh. I guess I didn’t miss much then. But what about ‘her’? You didn’t kill her or anything, right?”

Black raised an eyebrow at her.

“Who do you think I am, you?”

Gekikara chuckled.

“No, you are worse!”

“I am so hopping that was a complement”

“What are you gonna do, kill me too?”

“Actually now that I think about it, you two are very similar and killing off only one virus of two is useless, isn’t it?”

“Oooh, I’m shaking in my lovely hospital designer clothes”

The two girls laughed loudly before Black lay down once again next to Gekikara. Black looked down to the joined hands when Gekikara started to play with her fingers.

“Thank you Yuki.”

Gekikara said after a comfortable bout of silence.

“For what?”

“For caring about someone like me. For everything.”

“You are welcome Rena-chan but don’t ever thank me again. I am not doing this out of obligation. I care for you because I want to. You are my friend. You are my family.”

“Your family?”

“Yes Rena, I care about you a lot.”

“But-but why? What did I ever do to deserve this? I don’t deserve any of this. No one loves me.”

“Don’t say things like that! No one in this world is without value. Everyone is needed by someone. And what do you mean no one loves you? What would Yuko-Senpai think hearing you now?”

Gekikara’s eyes widened. Memories of Yuko-Senpai, the very first person to take notice of her and care for her flashed through her mind. She was on the verge of tears.

“Come now, this is no time for tears. It’s time for sleep.”

It was getting really late. Black didn’t like being away from her baby for extended periods of time too.

“You are leaving?”

“Sorry, he is probably crying his head off right now. He misses his mother more than she does him.”

“Oh, okay then. I will see you tomorrow?”

Gekikara looked hopefully up at Black who had already put on her shoes.

“Of course Rena. I will introduce you two tomorrow so have a nice long rest, okay?”

“Really? You are truly really bringing him here?”

Black laughed.

“Yes I am bringing him over. Now no more stalling, I have to go.”

“Okay, good night Yuki.”

Black turned just as she reached the door. She contemplated the girl on the bed for a few moments before walking back to the bed.


Gekikara’s confused question was cut short when Black leaned over and placed a warm kiss on Gekikara’s cheek.

“Good night Rena.”

Black disappeared and a blink later the room went dark. She was gone.




Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Hail Yukirin, Batman and Zack Snyder Long Live Horror

7 thoughts on “The Visit – Final Chapter 2/2 [Black/Gekikara]

  1. First reaction of mine was:

    Then I read it…

    Hm… It clearly shows all the emotions you have suppressed in the past. The wish to be loved, the frustration, the feeling of isolation, the separation anxiety, the frustration of powerlessness, the pain and sadness, the shock that struck you when you heard the news about one’s departure. It is a typical use of violent images to fulfill a need of substitution that your unconsciousness is forcing onto your everyday life. The violence has substantially increased to project the eternal inner struggle between the sanity and insanity that you buried deep within your mind to close off any external intrusions from a different individual. By writing this you have created a closed space inside your own mind to run away from everything that hurts you, from everything that makes you sad. A typical case of…


    Now for realsies! I don’t know how to react to this. It gave me mixed feelings about everything. I am not too strong when it comes to violence and gore. You managed to shut my mental shunt down with this one just as much as the 8th episode of MG1! Ironic, I know. If I wanted to jumped onto a recent meme-wagon I would ask: “Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?” The flash-cuts between the scenes made me slightly uncomfortable. It was a strong contrast between hell and heaven. And you just left a cliffhanger at the end… Highly illogical. Curious how it made me interested in what happened after Black grabbed Miso at the end but at the same time I didn’t want to read any more of that. Especially after I re-read all the previous chapters you’ve written. You created a real monster by making Black even darker. (To be honest the source material was kind of bland and weak to begin with so it wasn’t hard to improve on that.) You went far and way beyond of what any of the Majisuka series ever could. I fear to ask what happened in Rena’s past that made her Gekikara.

    Concluding this fiction as a whole: Was this brutal? Yes. Was this more violent than the source material? Yes, it was. Was this more gory than my most gory story? Thankfully, no.

    Now, where to put this… As detailed as the last one was (like ages ago), this one falls short on that department. Story wise it ended up the way it was expected. Was it better than the previous one? No. Was this good ending for the series? Well… It did not end, it stopped. Is that good or bad? Erm… Hard to judge. This piece of art was suppose to be a one shot yet you continued it. While the more detailed situations and more background information about the characters was a good touch, but did it help the story that you basically turned into a Japanese style horror piece? Um… If it was your original intention then I say yes, it was good that way.

    I personally don’t like that you left it a cliffhanger that we might not know what really happened after Black grabbed Miso but maybe you decide to continue this then it will be handy to have something to start off with.

    (I think here is a good time and place to say that I always have hard time closing off a story. Technically speaking I’ve only done that once before.)

    After rereading all of the chapters I noticed a patter here. Maybe it is your style so it was intentional or maybe not but what I’ve found was that many times the characters speak the way you usually do on this blog. It kind of hurts the image a bit. It is not a big problem and even I am guilty of doing it. I think that could use a little work.

    Maybe I got a bit too old by now but I would not use a rough language for the narration but that might just be my taste.

    Ijou, Kragorin deshita! 🙂

    • Beginning:
      wait, what



      SRS Kragorin, WTF! Notice how the gifs are growing up? I grew that much reading this comment!

      Is it longer than the actual chapter? Let me count….


      That was so very unexpected! I was getting used to your one-liners too! I guess this is a positive then? But you will know that you are right, mostly. Seriously, you would make for a great editor, whenever I start writing fics that have nothing to do with my fantasies that is.

      Yes, this is really violent. So much so that I had to drop the original finale which is why this seems broken. The draft was almost 13000 words but then I was like, people already saw what went down in the finale, if I change it it would be a complete AU so I just cut that all out, took out Maeda/Shibuya scenes since they were not even part of the fic’s main cast anyway, and PG13’d that Black/Miso scene!

      The thing I loved about the Majisuka Gakuen series is that the characters were so open and exciting that you could do with them whatever you wanted and still be in character because, there was very little there to begin with. We knew absolutely little on all the characters. For all we know Miso killed her whole family because of…Ah snap, I was saving that for maybes.

      Oh well.

      Actually I am patting myself on the back for even being able to finish this. You talked about it actually but my soul is in pieces! Seriously how did I manage write this? Well it was more editing than writing but…

      Still, I got to get back my wall-o-texter Kragorin so I am satisfied!

      Thanks by the way. I might consider your tips when I break out into professional writing!

      • Sorry of the inconvenience for becoming ‘Okada Nana’ erm… I mean Too Serious about this. I just thought that since I’m close to the third X in my age I might as well try to tackle this topic in a more mature way. Did I manage to do that? I’ll leave it to you.

        So you left out a big chunk out of this because you couldn’t say stop to yourself and tried to fix the MG2’s ending? I can totally understand you.

      • All things considered, since this was supposed to be a one shot from the beginning, I think I did a pretty good job. How many projects succeed when they do that? Hell, even Madoka suffered when they made Rebellion, though I myself loved it to bits but many fans hated it

  2. I actually went back and read the first part of this on a whim just a few days before you posted this thinking it was a shame it was never finished……… and then all of a sudden this appeared!!!!

    seriously BG that’s some weird stuff right here!!!!

    Made me so hope for some BlackGeki payoff in series 5 of Majisuka, probably too much to ask but I hope……

    • Is Black and Gekikara listed to appear? I heard Yukirin was in but I am not sure about Rena. Either way it better be Black and Gekikara or do not want Yasusu. At least make them a couple. they already have a baby anyway

  3. yo~ its me your fanfic fans
    since you like nogizaka46, can you make a long fanfic about nishino nanase x nogizaka46 member? harem one
    but… if you cant, its okay since its suddenly

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