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Pics – Team 8

t8-254 t8-198 t8-288
[720p] AKB48 150816 Team 8 PARTY ga Hajimaru yo LIVE 1830 AKB Theater (Senshuuraku 5 of 5).mp4 - 00466
t8-182 t8-243 t8-221
t8-226 t8-322
Co-Combo Breakers!!!

In celebration of Team 8’s (and consequently AKB’s) win at Tokyo Dome’s 48G Sports Meet, and also because two or more heads lolis are most definitely better than one, I have decided to put together pics of my 8 favourites where they are with someone else. Just imagine the likes of Yuriyan, Yoko-chan, Hitomi-chan and Ikumin in the same frame! Who wouldn’t want some of that madness?

I wanted to post another ranking because yes, that list changes almost every time I watch Team 8 Stages but I figured I might do things a bit differently this time around. It is too soon anyway to be posting another ranking.

It seems not many are into Team 8 but those that are, they fall and fall very hard for them, like ours truly. I have known them for a year now but even to this day I am still discovering favourites! At first my list had only two on it (Ikumi and Yuri) then there were five, then eight, then 12 and now the list is over 20! Not even the whole sister groups have a list that ling!

Team 8 is really scary.

I have also watched all five of their Final First Stage ‘Party ga Hajimaru’ performances! That’s right, they had five final performances! Of course my favourite was the final one which had the bitter and sweet Ikumin and Yuriyan loving! Poor Yuri, she is always being teased. Like this final performance alone she got Own’d twice. Despite having had the same hair style as Yuri in almost all of the stages they were in together, this time around, the final time, Yuna chose Haruna over Yuri! She had Haruna’s hair-style. Those three are always in some kind of triangle with Yuna being the playboy not settling for either one.

Meanwhile this being the final performance of their 1st stage, Yuriyan went out of her way to give Ikumin some attention but she was rejected! Okay, sure Ikumin wasn’t expecting it since usually it’s a peace sign they do at that moment in the song so I understand being surprised when Yurian suddenly embraced her but still. The members made fan of Ikumin saying she was just tsun-dere and Yuriyan went along with them thinking that Ikumin actually liked her. Ikumin laughed at that which made Yuri give us a nice reaction face.

These two…I feel like one of them see a rivalry between them but the other doesn’t see it that way. I love them together (even though individually I love Yuriyan much more than Ikumin and that distance has increased over time).

Oh well, even if Ikumin doesn’t want her, I found another ship for Yuriyan this final performance of Party in one Miu! Miu is growing on me and she is at the age of the Top 10 border knocking pretty hard to be let in! I have a feeling that when the next Stage starts she is going to be climbing higher and higher the more I see of her.

Yeah, my list of favourites from Team 8 just keeps growing and growing. At present I know 35 of all the members well with 22 of those being the ones that I really love! Yuriyan of course is at the top of that list! She is just amazing, they are all amazing! In no time I will know all the girls and my list will increase even more!

You know, I don’t really understand it. I might let Nogizaka slide but why are all aspects of the 48G so different when it comes to quality of their services? How can a sister group be better than the other? How is it that Team 8, a group filled with the youngest of members, and the newest (not for long – NGT is here) have much better quality in their works than the rest?! Why does AKS allow this gap between quality? I just don’t get it.

It is one big organisation; even if the successes are credited to the individual Managers, there should be collaboration between them to improve the overall image of the whole 48G and not focus on just particular areas. Really, as a business I am surprised this brand has lasted this long, let alone be as successful as it is (2nd best selling music artists in the history of Japan).

Then again I guess I should be glad because if they were balancing out things, then maybe Team 8 wouldn’t be as awesome as it is. Still, it would be awesome to see all groups be able to do smooth like AKB, or strong like SKE, or Cool like NMB or Cute like HKT or surprising like Team 8. Can you like just imagine it if all groups co-ordinated and had the same principles which they rotated around? One round of release AKB does the strong/dance single, NMB does the cute single, SKE does the drama single, HKT does the sexy single. The next release they rotate things around. But in every release, the quality is constant (preferably top quality). How about hiring different directors and get them to battle it out? Different Directors, different concepts for each group. This could even be an event (and I know you like doing those AKS).

And while they are it they should get rid of the Kennin thing and instead release three singles that see the groups come together. The first being the Senbatsu single. The second being the Janken single. These two singles would see members that come together because of the fans and because of the members’ luck. The third single with the sisters together should be Spring/Graduation single. These members can be Management’s bias and the only one!

Outside of these singles each group would then release three singles every year with two of those singles following protocol and by that I mean the members’ rankings. The third single could be another nod to the Management to do with the main 16 as they like! But then the couplings would have to be back to power rankings. With this no matter what each group would be successful even without the need to borrow power from their sisters.

Dear Yasusu, are you hiring? I think I got this!

On forward for the pics…

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The Painter of the Wind ep06

Painter of the Wind.E06.081009.HDTV.X264.720p.MOOHAN.avi - 00630
Painter of the Wind.E06.081009.HDTV.X264.720p.MOOHAN.avi - 00513 Painter of the Wind.E06.081009.HDTV.X264.720p.MOOHAN.avi - 00565
Painter of the Wind.E06.081009.HDTV.X264.720p.MOOHAN.avi - 00487 Painter of the Wind.E06.081009.HDTV.X264.720p.MOOHAN.avi - 00506
Painter of the Wind.E06.081009.HDTV.X264.720p.MOOHAN.avi - 00479

That darn cliff-hanger! And I sure hope you are ready for feels because they are back with a vengeance! With an episode or two going by without any major drama, I just knew that when it returned, I wouldn’t be ready! I have seen this series before and yet I was still hit pretty hard with the happenings of this episode! All gears have been shifted up to eleven that I am kind of scared of watching the next episode anytime soon.

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[News] Fingersmith the Movie

Agasshi 아가씨 ~ Fingersmith

Praised be the Lord!

Thanks to another awesome Reader of mine ( I salute thee Hiroku Takaro-san), I have just come across great news – The best news of the year since I found out that Japan was going to give us a Blu-ray version of ‘A Girl at my Door’! Speaking of, since it seemed like they had access to footage that was not on the Korean DVD, could we possibly be getting a Director’s cut version? Possibly! And speaking of Korea and Japan, this news comes from said two countries!

Fingersmith the Movie – Courtesy of South Korea!

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Fic – Majisuka Gakuen 5 Extra Cut

150824 Majisuka Gakuen 5 ep02 (Premiere broadcast on NTV).mp4 - 00020
150824 Majisuka Gakuen 5 ep02 (Premiere broadcast on NTV).mp4 - 00003 150824 Majisuka Gakuen 5 ep02 (Premiere broadcast on NTV).mp4 - 00004
150824 Majisuka Gakuen 5 ep02 (Premiere broadcast on NTV).mp4 - 00021 150824 Majisuka Gakuen 5 ep02 (Premiere broadcast on NTV).mp4 - 00012

I have no words!

Why do I keep doing this to my poor soul?! Why did I go and watch this show?! It’s like seeing a bottle labelled with CYANIDE, in a chemical store, and still opening it and drinking the contents because you think that it still just might be water in that bottle. Not even a desperate person in a post-apocalyptic world, a world without water, would make that stupid mistake!

And yet here I was!

I am the stupidest person on this planet to have fallen for this crap again! I still can’t even believe what I am going to say but it needs to be said – Season 5 is the worst season of Majisuka Gakuen!

How the hell did this go so wrong?! Seriously, I think people are looking up to AKB for completely wrong reasons. They should be commended for being Masters of fuck-up-ery! I don’t even know where to start about the first three episodes of this fifth piece of unchi!

They had everything! No, they had more than everything! They had Yuko and Assan back! They had them for a whole episode! Guess what they did with those two!!?! Guess what they did with those two along with Torigoya, Black and Nezumi!!!?

I am too embarrassed to even say it!

They got a go ahead to make a rightly rated Majisuka Gakuen! They had swords. They had guns! They have 200+ girls they could pick a great cast from! Some of these girls have great talents they could have utilised in every department to make a great show! Hell, Mao-kyun could have written a masterpiece of a script 1000x better than the actual script!

They have girls that are already established actresses! Assan and Yuko could have easily taken the role of the villain as the Mafia Bosses! They could have had better chance of continuing on directly from 4 with Yabakune as the big bad! I would have swallowed that better than this..this…

Oh forget it!

And so, to take the poison out of my mind, I figured I might as well put together something short – Something that was left out of the script.

Think of this as what should have happened at the funeral with the old Rappappa members that showed up and Minami of course. Sorry but Nezumi ain’t here because as much I wished it, Nezumi had no ties at all with Black, let alone Torigoya, the only Queens of old that showed up to Salt’s funeral. She was also never on good terms with Maeda so seeing them together wouldn’t have made sense.

That’s right, Salt is dead. The main character died at the fuckin beginning of the story!! And she is not alone in the ether world either!

I swear to God this show…Still, I watched this on my own accord so there is no one to blame but myself!

Anyway, have a read at this meeting between the Original Rappappa since they went their separate ways. And like I said, it follows the 2nd episode somewhat so Gekikara ain’t here either.

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Tantei no Tantei ep06

Tantei no Tantei EP06 720p HDTV x264 AAC-DoA.mkv - 00071
Tantei no Tantei EP06 720p HDTV x264 AAC-DoA.mkv - 00072
Tantei no Tantei EP06 720p HDTV x264 AAC-DoA.mkv - 00074
Tantei no Tantei EP06 720p HDTV x264 AAC-DoA.mkv - 00076

First of all, before the next episode rolls around, and before all out there watch it, I wish to say something – I didn’t mean it, what I said in episode 5’s post about a certain single Dad. I was only kidding! I didn’t think that it would actually happen! You know, after all these times when it seems that everything I speculate on comes true (when it is bad speculation), you would think that I would learn to keep my mouth shut about these things! Anyway I just want to apologize. If anyone doesn’t know what I am talking about, I will explain in the next episode’s post.

For now, we are on episode 6. Rena and Kotoha are still getting closer (well, they are getting back on track in this episode), Kotoha faces her demons in her sister, we get a threat to our yuri introduced in the form of Yuma (the single Dad) and Rena finds herself is a heap of dunk.

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