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AKBINGO ep345 – Mousou Love Part1

150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00222
150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00026 150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00038
150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00083
150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00206 150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00118
150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00142

Welcome back Danso, I missed you so much! And as always, it isn’t just the Danso, with it comes the yuri and this time it’s cranked all the way up to 11.

This time there was six girls chosen to write and direct their own delusional love story! They even made the cast decisions themselves. Our famed directors for this first of two episodes include Miichan, Boss and Komiyama.

The main couples were Shonibu/Miion, Paruru/Geicchi and Nattsun/Mizuki. Without even a doubt the favourite of mine were Keicchi and Paruru. Shinobu and Miion would have won had it not been the personality that Miichan decided to go for with Shinobu. I don’t dig those types of Guys!

So then, let’s have a look at the three different love stories from three different directors that have potential to be future film makers…

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Tabi Shoujo Final Episode – MAYUKI

AKB48 Tabi Shojo ep12 150627 - We're moving now (Hulu original ver.).mp4 - 00041
AKB48 Tabi Shojo ep12 150627 - We're moving now (Hulu original ver.).mp4 - 00048 150627 AKB48 Tabi Shojo ep12 (final).mp4 - 00128
150627 AKB48 Tabi Shojo ep12 (final).mp4 - 00034 150627 AKB48 Tabi Shojo ep12 (final).mp4 - 00053
150627 AKB48 Tabi Shojo ep12 (final).mp4 - 00071
Remember Zero?

The only episode I have watched in the show and it just so happens to be the last one as well? What karma!

But it is Mayuki and they either open a show or end it so really, nothing to complain about. All I am sad about is that the episode probably is less awesome than it might have been if the-event-that-shan’t-be-named did not happen.

Seriously, don’t bring up that-event on this blog please, I beg of you.

Going back to the episode, I believe that this is the very first (and last of course) episode that had only two members. And really, if it is to be anyone, it gotta be Mayuki, eh? Though I would settle for a SayaYuki too given the chance. Speaking of which, they did talk about Sayaya in this episode and I could just feel the love Yukirin had for her. I bet ya Mayuyu felt a pang of jellies during that convo. And she is the one that brought her up…

They only have like 5 mins out of the show to have fun and the rest of the time is spent on serious talks; about graduation pressures, the hard early days, their auditions, the difference between the old, the current, and the young future gens, the early Mayuki days, and so on and so forth.

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Nogizaka 46 12th Single – Taiyou Knock PV

0626 Nogizaka46 Taiyou Knock.ts - 00037
0626 Nogizaka46 Taiyou Knock.ts - 00050 0626 Nogizaka46 Taiyou Knock.ts - 00062
0626 Nogizaka46 Taiyou Knock.ts - 00061

Yes! Ikoma46 is back! After what seems like forever Ikoma-kun is back as the Centre of Nogizaka46! This of course might not be a big deal seeing as thankfully, she is still the Face of Nogizaka, I kind of missed her at hat front and Centre. I love, and in fact have purchased, all of the singles centred by Ikoma-kun, with ‘Kimi no nawa Kibou’ being my favourite A-side and ‘SHAKISM’ being my favourite PV! But let’s be honest here, all of Nogizaka’s singles have been great either because of the couplings or the A-sides.

But just as we got Ikoma-kun back, so did the PVs return to their 5min runtime! Like, why?! I was looking forward to the dramatic first PV that is most certain to have some Rinanase! We got our Rinanase of course but so did we lose the extra time to enjoy it in the PV when they returned to the 5min curve! Why would you do this?! I was really looking forward to that Rinanase!

Why is this? Well, if you follow Nogizaka then you know of how much Ikoma-kun loves Nanase, am I right? And with Kazumi’s coming out on her love for Noujou, and Minami having this friendy thing going on with Hocchan, there is nothing stopping the Rinanase now, is there? And Nogizaka being its awesome self, delivered just as I expected! The focus was on the top girls which in this case it means Ikoma-kun, Nanase, Iku-chan and the usual trip (Cap, Shiraishi and Hashimoto). Of course Ikoma-kun was the focus!

But I was kind of disappointed to tell the truth. I felt like the PV’s plot had been done before. Wasn’t this the same formula they used in Nanase’s first single? Sure there was another twist in that one but it was essentially about the same thing in regards to the main character and the rest of the group! Except last time we had close to 10min of runtime and we got the full picture but this time it was half of that which meant lots of gaps in the story and that we will most likely never truly understand what the hell was going on beyond the surface.

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Hayley Kiyoko – Girls Like Girls MV

---Hayley Kiyoko - Girls Like Girls.mp4 - 00105
---Hayley Kiyoko - Girls Like Girls.mp4 - 00015 ---Hayley Kiyoko - Girls Like Girls.mp4 - 00101
---Hayley Kiyoko - Girls Like Girls.mp4 - 00052 ---Hayley Kiyoko - Girls Like Girls.mp4 - 00054
---Hayley Kiyoko - Girls Like Girls.mp4 - 00070
What an even more lovely MV!

I love you all dear Reader and Followers, you know that? I love you! I also love this symbiotic relationship we have going where sometimes I get recommendations of yuri goodness that I had no idea existed! It’s only been hours since I posted that MV gekirena brought to my attention and today, another follower on twitter and fellow lover of yuri Ryo.H recommended to me another great MV that I never knew even existed!

And of course it is just as, if not more, awesome than the one I posted about yesterday. While the other had fluff and the hands I love so much, this one dominated in a completely different way. It was like I was watching Kannazuki no Miko all over again!

What I mean by that is that this MV has that Girl1 Vs Boy over Girl2 and the Girl1 wins the Girl2 in the end! There was even a bloody fight just like KanaMiko! But even better is the fact that Girl2 was already in a relationship with the Boy, they were already steady! But that did not stop Girl1!

Remember this you all watching Hibike and saying that just because Reina loves Mattaku-sensei it’s useless shipping KumiRei! Kumiko came into the picture where Reina was already crushing on Mattaku-sensei.

Going back to the MV at hand, I was really surprised by this PV’s progress! It was like I was watching a movie! The story was so well presented in such a short period of time and yet it felt like it was movie length! That scene where Girl1 and Girl2 were about to kiss and they got cock-blocked by the Boy, then the Boy hurt Girl1 by the force with which he sent her crushing into the concrete, I was like, oh great, another emo MV. But then the Boy started cracking on Girl2 and Girl 1 was like, get off ma Girl you bitch! And she proceeded to pummel his face into the ground!

I have never cheered so loudly at an MV before!

Gotta admit, I was kind of sceptical going into this (because not Asian, though that name is…) and the smoking kinda put me off but a minute in and my frown had somehow already turned upside down! I tell ya, yuri would make me accept anything! I think it is  like my magical medicine to all problems!

That moment during the first attempt at the kiss when Girl1 went out to the pool to join Girl2, the emotions in that scene, nay, the emotions in this whole MV!! Why isn’t this a movie yet!!? This is MADNESS!

Anyway enough talk, you came here for the PV not a wall of text…

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Kawai Eiji – Kagerou MV

元テラハ・島袋聖南が初演技、菅野結以とのベットシーン&キスシーンも!かわいえいじ3rdシングル「カゲロウ」MV - YouTube.mp4 - 00050
元テラハ・島袋聖南が初演技、菅野結以とのベットシーン&キスシーンも!かわいえいじ3rdシングル「カゲロウ」MV - YouTube.mp4 - 00012 元テラハ・島袋聖南が初演技、菅野結以とのベットシーン&キスシーンも!かわいえいじ3rdシングル「カゲロウ」MV - YouTube.mp4 - 00021
元テラハ・島袋聖南が初演技、菅野結以とのベットシーン&キスシーンも!かわいえいじ3rdシングル「カゲロウ」MV - YouTube.mp4 - 00022 元テラハ・島袋聖南が初演技、菅野結以とのベットシーン&キスシーンも!かわいえいじ3rdシングル「カゲロウ」MV - YouTube.mp4 - 00023
元テラハ・島袋聖南が初演技、菅野結以とのベットシーン&キスシーンも!かわいえいじ3rdシングル「カゲロウ」MV - YouTube.mp4 - 00006

What a wonderful, wonderful MV!

Dearest gekirena, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing this to my attention! Such a rarity an MV such as this is!Not too complicated for its own good, not too emo, and by the Gods, all those yurific moments…

For crying out loud, the very first shot I see is of their hands! HANDS!   You know me and my love for hands! I would flip out from two people holding hands over them kissing! Is that weird? It is, isn’t it? But I don’t care!

Such a fluff, feel-good MV! We have been in a great lack of these for quite some time now! I wonder what is going on in Japan these days! Did those two ladies getting married and coming out to the whole country on the news a world changer? I think so! I mean even KyoAni is changing with their handling of Hibike!

Could it be that we are finally going to start getting actual good yuri from Japan? Ooh, I can just imagine all those projects fighting for finance to lift off! The coming years are gonna be glorious!

元テラハ・島袋聖南が初演技、菅野結以とのベットシーン&キスシーンも!かわいえいじ3rdシングル「カゲロウ」MV - YouTube.mp4 - 00001
No playing around with the Red String! Got that KyoAni?

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Hibike! Euphonium ep12 – Soon

[HorribleSubs] Hibike! Euphonium - 12 [1080p].mkv - 00023
[HorribleSubs] Hibike! Euphonium - 12 [1080p].mkv - 00024
[HorribleSubs] Hibike! Euphonium - 12 [1080p].mkv - 00105 [HorribleSubs] Hibike! Euphonium - 12 [1080p].mkv - 00111
[HorribleSubs] Hibike! Euphonium - 12 [1080p].mkv - 00114
Katta ze!!

I am not even surprised! There goes people once again ditching Hibike after this episode. I am so totally rolling my eyes right now! Are there like, two different episodes that get aired every week because it seems to me that I might be watching something different from what others watch! I have watched this episode three times and I yet have to see something that is so wrong about it! But really, this happens every damn episode. Last week it was Shoo1 is being saved for the next episode I just know it’ and this week it’s ”Shoo1 is being saved for the last episode guys, I just know it. This is foreshadowing’ and I am like…Seriously? I swear every damn time! I have no idea why that Shoo1 scene got so many jimmies rustled and neither did that Mattaku-sensei thing warrant such reactions. Speaking of the Mattaku/Kumiko scene, I don’t mean to brag but I saw that coming from a mile away. As soon as I saw Kumiko in school with him alone I knew something was going to happen to cause the world to go into flames. The thing is that I don’t see what the big deal is. There has to be a reason why I saw this coming so let me explain.

This anime, at its core, is about Reina and Kumiko’s relationship, right? What have we had from them so far? Just good things since the very first episode (Not counting the opening flashback), hell, Reina reacted way differently at seeing Kumiko again unlike how both we and Kumiko herself thought she would react. They have been progressing so well that they have almost reached the peak of that development. This peak might explain the way others see this episode as being freindshipy than previous episodes. No relationship has only good things. Be it God and his Angels or with his best creation in man, there is always going to be conflict or a falling out at some point. How this falling out is handled is the test to the integrity of said relationship. Where I am going with this is that Reina and Kumiko haven’t had a single moment of friction ever since they took off. With only one episode to go, there had to be something! And that something came in the form of Mattaku-sensei and him and Kumiko being ‘alone together’. You could just feel the way it was forced and rushed. I found it so out of character for Kumiko to stop halfway because she suddenly had the Sapphire passion for stuffed Euphos! Kumiko acting like that was just so not her but we need to have our KumiRei tested so that their relationship can be proved to be real.

And so I wasn’t that disturbed by Reina’s reaction, in fact I would have been more disturbed if she did not react at all. But even as small this scene as it was, apparently it was enough to make others forget about what else happened in the episode. And so here I am, writing about this so I can point out the good stuff that actually happened and need to be appreciated instead of being over-shadowed by the ridiculously less important scenes of Shoo1 and Mattaku-sensei. I swear some viewers freak out just from Shoo1 being on the screen! It’s complete madness! I can’t even believe I am starting to defend him!

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