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Attack Of The Revered Joker -II-

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Part 2

“Huh? A nun? I heard rumours but this sure is one strange school.”

‘7’ spoke to one in particular as she turned to see who had interrupted her fun.

“You are just in time, Sister, to say some final words to your mates, eh?”

And with that she turned back to one unconscious Wota. It seemed that ‘7’ didn’t even know she was no longer conscious. But just as her wooden sword came down, instead of the soft flesh or the sweet bones breaking, her sword hit the ground instead, and hard. That hurt a little damn it!

Once the dust cleared, it was all she could do to stop her jaw from dropping to the ground. Her eyes had followed the strike and she was pretty sure she would connect.

“What the…?!”

Looking around the place, the girl in those disgusting green trunks was gone. The only thing in her place was a small dent in the hard ground made by her sword. Widening her field of vision, she almost fell over once she spotted the girl she was looking for. The nun was then placing the girl by the entrance to the building. The entrance that was almost fifty metres away from where ‘7’ was standing.

“How did she…?!”

While she was standing there trying to figure out what had happened, ‘7’s comrades and their underlings dropped their attacks and re-grouped around their leader. She wasn’t the leader but being the strongest of the bunch, she might as well have been.

“She’s unconscious. Take her to sickbay. She might have hit her head badly.”

BLACK, one of the four Queens said to the beat up hormones that were still conscious. They had taken the chance to escape to their own leader just as their attackers had done. No one dared talk to Black and as she spoke, they all shook their heads as if it were an order.

Seeing that they made no move to do as she said, she stepped back from the girl on the floor and turned to walk back to their attackers. As she passed by Daruma, who was still out, she looked back to the entrance to address the girls there that were then quickly lifting their leader up. To BLACK’s silent dismay, they froze once one of them noticed her turn.

“Take her with you.”

BLACK turned her head in the direction of the large blob on the ground. Her emotions stirred when she saw the girl but she shook it off. She had sworn off emotions a long time ago. She approached the group of the strangers that had decided to invade their school for reasons yet unknown. She wouldn’t allow them to do any more damage or harm as long as she was around. Sado may not have said it out loud but asking her to always be there when they were gone on their missions meant that she was responsible for whatever happened to the school in their leaders’ absence.

“Who are you, nun? What did you just do? Are you the leader here?”

‘7’ spoke as soon as BLACK stopped in front of them. There was something about the girl standing in front of them that made ‘7’ very afraid. She hadn’t been afraid for a very long time. Her comrades must have felt it too for they made a very funny triangle behind her.

“I am BLACK, one of the four Queens of Majisuka Gakuen. By leader, if you mean Maeda, she is out on…a mission. If you mean Principle or Student President, I can get you those. Now I suggest you state your business and leave immediately or I will be forced show you out.”

She said it so efficiently and softly that had they not been very quiet, in fact the whole school was quiet, that all was heard was the wind and tree leaves blowing. No one said a thing for a while until the silence got too uncomfortable for ‘7’. ‘8’ and ‘9’ shook their heads. That girl had a very short fuse.

“Heh, that fat bloke said the same thing and look where it got her. I will say to you what I told her. If your leader really is out, then we have to leave a visual message. In case you can’t count you are outnumbered almost thirty to one. Do yourselves a favour and step aside. All we gonna do is break a few rooms and maybe a few bones. That’s all I swear.”

‘7’ gave a nasty grin to BLACK who did nothing but blink. As they waited for the girl to step aside and nothing happening, ‘7’ gave a signal to her mates who then fanned out surrounding BLACK. If there was anything ‘7’ loved more than her Mom was beating up over confident fools. And this BLACK person was one such fool.

Upon hearing a war cry from their leader, the mob moved in to crush their enemy. It was sight to see to the girls in higher windows. There they were, thirty girls flowing in to take down one girl. It was chaos after that. You couldn’t even tell what was going on as the dust rose up from all the running feet.

At the edge of the chaos, one girl was doing nothing but shout some war cry and pushing for the heck of it. She put in some hits even without knowing whether she was hitting her comrades or their enemy. Her fun came to an end, and so did her bodily functions, when somebody hit her on the neck. One by one, the girls on the edge of the war zone dropped like flies as one BLACK picked them off without them even knowing it.

Before long, the shouts grew fainter and fainter until the air cleared of the dust. The few girls left looked on in confusion when the saw that they were hitting each other. A body hitting the ground got their attention and it was then that they got a glimpse of their enemy who hadn’t even a scratch on her parson. Looking around, the five that were left found that their own were now painting the ground with their bodies. All were out like lights. Not wasting any time, ‘7’ shared a glance with her two fellow numbers and they struck!

Unagi of the hormone, having had her share of bandages from the pervy doctor, had moved to the window determined not to miss out on the action that was going down out below. She had heard stories about BLACK though they were on the rumour side but after what she had witnessed outside, perhaps there was credit to the rumours.

She was just in time to see BLACK be ganged on and then as if by magic, she was no longer in the centre but outside the chaotic group. As Unagi watched, BLACK had gone around hitting the girls around their neck area, or was it the head, she couldn’t be sure at the distance she was at but the Ghost Queen moved so fast had it not been the distance, and the casual pauses, Unagi wouldn’t have been able to follow the movements.

Ghost was what one of the rumours said about the Queen. The word was that even being in her presence you could feel the cold hand of death. There were talks that even within Rappappa, the other members stayed away from BLACK. There were others too like the fact that she had a kid or that she and GEKIKARA were close friends but those two were most unlikely. Not wanting to think of one crazy Queen, Unagi turned her full attention to the fight below.

“Who’s winning?”

She didn’t have to look to know who had joined her at the window.

“Do you even need to ask?”

Akichan joined her friend to watch the fight below. Truthfully, even though the stories made her sound scary and she did give off an air of creepiness, Akichan kind of liked BLACK. The group had had a discussion about Rappappa, as they did talk about everything, and they had to agree that apart from Torigoya, BLACK wasn’t that bad. Perhaps it was only because those two were the only ones of Rappappa that never got on their case. And so, if it weren’t for the reason that she had her nose broken by the bastards, she hoped BLACK would deliver some pain onto them.
Back on the grounds, BLACK was bending her body this way and that way, avoiding the blows that her enemies dished out. Two of the girls had real swords she even though the third had a wooden one, she was the most skilled and thus would most definitely deliver the deadlier blow. BLACK had no weapon so she couldn’t parry the attacks.

The three girls were very well organised that though there were four swords, they never once clashed yet all aimed at dangerous spots on her body. She wasn’t a day person so BLACK was pushed to her maximum flexibility and so it was no wonder that she wound down a little and that is all it took. The girl with one real sword caught her on the shoulder.

Her brain reacted to the disturbance and as her body reacted to impulse, she lost control for a second and another blow connected. This one was a cut on her lower thigh near her knee. BLACK decided to get some much needed distance between the attackers and her parson.

“How’s it going guys?”

Mukuchi, who was still being taken care of by the doctor, asked her friends at the window to try and get her mind off of the sting that whatever the Doc was swiping on her wounds was producing.

“Those girls are strong. It looks like BLACK is being pushed back.”

Unagi answered without even turning from the action.

“Damn it, where are the queens when you need them?”

Bungy who had a wet cloth on their bed-ridden leader complained. She hated losing and to a bunch of strangers no less.

“Well come now…OMG! Did you see that? Did you just see that?”

Akichan interrupted her own sentence. As to what she was so surprised by, it seemed to have made Unagi’s jaw drop and look on like a deer in the country road. Back in the yard, two girls were down. Only ‘7’ was left and looked like she was struggling to stay up. Their positions were switched as BLACK was now facing the school building while the stranger was facing the gates.

“What? What happened?”

This made Bungy and Mukuchi go to their friends on the window and see what was going on.

“It’s BLACK. She…She…One moment she was standing right there then the second she was all the way over there. Then those two girls fell over as if they had just been shot like in those movies!”

As she talked, Akichan was pointing at the positions that BLACK had been at before and where she was standing now.

“She moved so fast it was like flipping pictures.”

Unagi tried to explain but that left their two comrades with more question marks.

“Just see for yourselves. There is still one standing.”

The whole school was whispering within themselves and all those voices whispering were not that quiet.

The girls in the infirmary and those in their classes and grounds weren’t the only ones whose attention was caught by the display.

“Interesting. That is very interesting indeed.”

A figure hidden in the shadows was witnessing what was taking place in the front yard of one Majisuka Gakuen. From a far, only a pink hooded coat, dark skirt and black body stockings could be made out. On closer inspection, the features were those of a young girl, 14 maybe 15 years of age. She turned away from the view only to glance down as she brought out her cell phone. Speed-dialling a number, she brought the ringing phone to her ear. When the other end picked up, she removed the lollipop she had been sucking on and spoke into the speaker.

“It’s me. Primary target is absent but I have found something that is sure to please ‘her’ more. I am going to bring her in myself. No, ‘7’,’8’ and ‘9’ won’t be able to handle her. Have ‘4’ prepare for a new subject. The code is ‘Mach’. Isn’t it just? See you soon. ‘1’ out!”

Returning her phone to her pocket, she once again placed the lollipop in her mouth and walked on forward to the two girls squaring off ahead of her. Just after three steps, ‘7’ who went in for a hit with her sword, received a very well placed kick to the side of her face. Her eyes rolled back in her skull and she too, was out.

Just as the school started to shout in cheers, they went silent once again upon spotting the hooded figure coming up to one none suspecting Queen BLACK.

“Those were some nice moves you did there.”

“BLACK, who had gotten out her bible to read a few passages to her downed enemies was caught off guard but didn’t show it as she turned to the surprise visitor.

“You are one of them!”

It was a statement for the girl before her had on the same uniform as the girls lying all around them on the ground. Hers was very tidy and clean though compared to the yankee-like that were around in dozens.

“You sound disinterested. Oh well, yes I am from the same school as them and have been here quite a few times actually. I saw you before but never knew you were this…interesting.”

The hooded girl seemed very interested in BLACK. She had on a smile that looked like one you would see on a kid who was waiting for a present from Santa. BLACK had a feeling though that the girl in front of her wasn’t that innocent.

“What is it you are after? I already told them that Maeda is not here. You do know who Maeda is.”

The girl’s smile widened, just a little.

“Well it’s funny you should ask that. You see, we have plans of which you weren’t a part of. That is until now. I am sorry but you are going to have to come with me.”

“I am going to have to decline.”

“Once again sorry but you have no choice.”

The hooded girl didn’t give away even a fraction of a second before she took hold of BLACK’s head. Her fingers seemed to dig into BLACK’s head and then started to glow a light blue, as did her eyes. Soon after, BLACK’s eyes went closed and she collapsed. Amazingly, the girl caught her as easily as if BLACK wasn’t inches taller and larger than her. Her arm around BLACK’s waist whose upper body was bending backwards, the hooded girl turned to the few that were still standing.

“Wake them up and clear out. We are done here.”

The hooded girl blinked out of sight with BLACK, just like that. There was only silence left and whether it was from the unimaginable things they all witnessed or BLACK’s loss, no one could tell.

…………………….To Be Continued…………..

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