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Attack Of The Revered Joker -I-


Character List One


“Oh Atsu-nee. Where art thou Atsu-nee? Why you didn’t let me come along Atsu-nee?”

Onizuka Daruma looked out the classroom window in melancholy unable to comprehend why her Atsu-nee did not take her with to—wherever she was going yet she took that scary girl Sado and some other lackeys! Was her Atsu-nee okay? What if she was in trouble and Daruma wasn’t there?


“Damn it all. She’s been like that since morning. It’s starting to get on my nerves.”

Bungy, one of the five hormone loving girls seated around a hot plate of steaming cow meat complained but that didn’t stop her from stuffing a piece in her mouth after she gave her mind.

“Mmm hm. And when we talk about her love for Maeda she goes all bonkers.”

The one sitting on Bungy’s left, Akichan agreed as well, right before grabbing a piece of meat with her chops and delightfully chewing into it.

“I think we best leave her alone to her woes.”

The ever calm leader of the group, Wota advised.

“Yes, if we interrupt her she will either get worse or come and eat all our meat. Neither a comforting thought as far as I am concerned.”

Unagi, the fourth of the group was in agreement with their leader. Lord knew that Daruma girl could eat.

“Speaking of which, I wonder what’s going on upstairs. Everything has been so

chaotic ever since Yuko-senpai…”

The quieter of the group Mukuchi couldn’t finish the sentence. All the heads around the stove lowered and even those that weren’t part of the group but heard the name quieted. It had already been a month and a half since the funeral yet the name still brought a weird atmosphere once mentioned.

“Well I heard Maeda and Sado have been going out a lot to other schools. They probably are doing the same thing today.”

The leader explained trying to break the ice.

“But why? Are they signing peace treaties or something?”

“Well considering the relationship we’ve had with them before and Maeda, that might not be so far-fetched. But if it is so then it’s going to be hard. There might be some that need sense beat into them. Seeing as Torigoya and Sado went along I guess Maeda anticipated that.”

“She really is leader material, isn’t she? But I wonder what will come of this school come the peace age? I just can’t imagine all the girls doing anything but fighting.”

Unagi wasn’t too keen on this peace idea of Maeda’s. She just hoped she wasn’t the only one. How else were they going to afford great quality meat of they didn’t bit the money out of others?!

“Well, all we do most of the time is eat hormone. A little more time into that wouldn’t be so bad.”

Mukuchi still had nightmares of that day in hell with one crazy Queen of Rappappa. She shivered!

“While we are on the subject, I heard that Shibuya went to India for training! Apparently she wants a re-match with Maeda after her embarrassing defeat.”

“You serious Akichan? Hahaha well she’s got the money so I don’t see why not. I guess she was a sore loser, huh?”

“Unagi! Don’t bad mouth the Queens. Someone might hear you!”

Bungy was mortified.

“What’s the big deal? We know most of the girls are too scared of the Queens to even talk to them. Besides, aren’t they all out these days? I seriously haven’t seen anyone of them since the funeral!”

Actually Unagi was shaken by the words but she wouldn’t dare show the weakness to her fellows.

“Well, you never know. I just don’t want to end up in ‘that’ situation ever again if I can help it.”

Every one knew what ‘that’ Bungy was referring too. Their leader Wota more so than anyone else for her chops hit the floor as her finger involuntarily flashed up to examine her nose! She had turned pale at the resurfacing of that terrible memory. she would never ever touch a pencil ever again after that day.

Silence resumed and continued for a while as everyone’s thoughts were on one thing or more exactly one person – The Queen Gekikara. The five covered their ears simultaneously as if they had heard her crazed laugh just then. Their nightmare was thankfully brought to a stop by Daruma who spoke something that wasn’t ‘Atsu-nee’.

“Hey, who are those?”

“What are you on about now?”

Unagi stood up from her stool anyway and moved to the window to see what Daruma was going on about.

“Err guyz, you better come see this. I think we’ve got major trouble.”

The other four green clothed girls came to see for themselves what the two were staring at so.

“That is trouble with a capital t.”

Akichan agreed and the rest nodded.

Outside in the front yard near the main gate were dozens of girls some standing on foot others on bikes others on skate boards. Seeing as they hard weapons of mass destruction (bats – some metallic in appearance, wooden swords – some real!!, chains and other things that didn’t even look like weapons but Wota would bet her remaining 2 lives on the fact that they were for the purpose of delivering divine pain onto their other subject) they were not there for peace of any kind. What the hell did they want? Before that, who the hell were they? They numbered in forty or so. Shi~t!

“I am ‘7’. On my left is ‘8’ and on my right ‘9’. Were are of the 9 Empresses of Joker High in Chiba. Your reputation reached our school so our leader sent us to check out your validity. You have sixty seconds to bring out your leader, Or!”

As if she heard Wota’s inner monologue, the one referring to herself as ‘7’ and so obviously the top dog seeing s she was bringing out the front declared. She made them aware what the ‘Or’ meant by brining her wooden sword to bare. Everyone drew their weapons. Just as Wota thought, those things were also weapons.

“Hey idiots, I don’t know what the hell you are thinking but you better tail it back to Chiba or whatever the fuck hole you crawled out of. this is Majisuka High. We don’t take shit!”

The ever yardy Golden Brow gang approached their visitors. Wota didn’t know whether to place them into the stupidly brave of the stupidly stupid category. What the hell were they thinking? They couldn’t take care of one Daruma yet they think they can take on a whole class of God knew how powerful girl?!

“Didn’t you hear me ‘Seven’? I said…”

The boss of the Golden Eyebrows made to move into ‘7”s space but before she could finish her sentence she disappeared from Wota’s and ‘7’s view.

“What the…?!!”

Unagi took the words right out of Wota’s mouth. It had happened so fast that hadn’t Wota seen such a thing before in movies, she would never have guessed what had happened.

Right after the disappearance of golden brows, there came a painful sound of flesh hitting glass and some other unmentionable things and screams of first years for that was one of their class room. Following the weird caterpillar-like trail in the ground that was unmistakably left by the disappear-er, Wota ‘s eyes needed some time to catch the shape in the then settling dust.

There she was, slumped in a very unhealthy position, still like a stone. She was out cold. Looking back to where the now downed girl had been before, Wota saw the other members with golden eyebrows looking stupefied towards their leader, lost on what to do. the shock lasted only seconds before it transformed, understandably into anger.

“Why you! You are going to pay for that! Charge!”

With a battle cry the rest of the mouth-clothed girls ran up to their enemy seeking vengeful blood. As Wota and the rest of the hormones with Daruma looked on, ‘8’ and ‘9’ moved in front of ‘7’ and a very short battle ensued.

Not even two minutes and bodies of girls in Majisuka High uniforms were painted on the ground with a mixture if exotic red. ‘8’ and ‘9’ looking like they didn’t even do a thing yet.

“I repeat, bring out your leader or we are coming in to search for her ourselves.”

‘7’ finalized in a no nonsense voice.

“That’s it! I get it now Atsu-nee. You didn’t leave me behind. You left me with the important role of protecting your school, didn’t you Atsu-nee?”

Daruma held her hands over her chest and looked up in the sky to a smiling Atsuko. Without warning then she jumped out of the window and into the yard below.

“You idiot! We are on the second…That idiot! Did she not just see what those guys did to the Golden Eyebrows?”

Unagi scratched her hair in disbelief. Amazingly Daruma landed on her two large feet.

“Hey guys, come on. We have to defend Atsu-nee’s turf while she is out. it is our duty!”

“Since when? I don’t remember getting such duty you fool.”

Unagi screamed down at the crazy fatty before turning to her leader.

“What should we do? Maeda, Sado and Torigoya are out. So are Shibuya and her lackeys. And I don’t think Black could be up there by herself. The…er..other one definitely not there.”

Wota was quiet for a moment. Either way their ‘visitor’s made it clear that if they didn’t produce a leader, their school would be in pieces. That can’t be allowed. Maeda on the side, this was their school too and it was not like they were push overs. They were under the Queens for crying out loud.

“Ah shit. Let’s go.”

Putting on her game face, Wota raced our the door. After a moment Unagi, Akichan, Bungy and Mukuchi followed.

Not long after, the five were standing with Daruma in front of their unfriendly visitors. Up close Wota’s sixth sense started to tingle. She had a bad feeling about all this.

“Are you the leader of this school?”

‘7’ asked obviously referring to Daruma who looked like the meaner kitten out of the bunch.

“No! Atsu-nee is out at the moment but I am the next best thing. I suggest you take up on tour previous offer and leave while you still can. And if I were you I would count myself lucky that Atsu-nee isn’t here. You would go back in coffins otherwise.”

“Ho~. You seem so confident. let me test that right now”

This time Wota so her move. ‘7’ brought down the sword on Daruma’s head with such force that there was a horrible sound like a grenade going off. Wota was surprised the sword didn’t shatter or that Daruma wasn’t phased at all.

“Heh. That your best shot? I will give you one last warn *Unph*”

Daruma held her belly in pain. ‘7’ had struck her again but this time in the stomach. The blow hurt like a bitch.

“Everyone has a weakness. It’s just a matter of looking.”

As closure to her speech, ‘7’ delivered a punch to Daruma’s lowered face that busted her nose in the process. When Daruma went down on her knees holding both her stomach and nose, Wota drew out her large upgraded steel and wood fan and swung at ‘7’ who leapt back out of the unexpected strike.

The five girls took up their attack stance ready for action. Smiling for the first time, ‘7’ signalled and both ‘8’ and ‘9’ drew back while some other girls came forward. A lot of other girls.

“You ready guys? It’s been a while since we delivered the beating ourselves huh? Well, you have permission to go all out! Release all that fear you have. Turn it into anger and fight!”

With a battle cry the five charged. Wota swung her fan like second skin weapon. She made sure to hit the vital points like the head, wrists and solar plexus if she could to make sure that those that went down didn’t come back up for more.

Unagi unbuckled her belt which she used expertly like a Sansetsukon. On she fought with the others but the girls were no easy pickings. For every two blows she delivered, she received one in return and they were fighting the regulars. thinking back on that fateful day with one of their beloved Queens, Unagi felt anger at her self for being that weak. She wasn’t that week She needed to be stronger, a lot stronger. She felt energy flow into her. After that she received no more blows for every two she delivered.

Akichan had a belt in karate and so it was no wonder that she used her hands and feet to fight. You could hear her fists and shoe surfaces hitting flesh and bones breaking under her hits.

Wota thought that perhaps she wasn’t the only one training secretly after their unforgettable defeat. Even the sweetest of the group Mukuchi was using chop sticks for activities that would send you to the hospital for placing them in the same sentence as eating.

Sparing a glance at Bungy in the folly, she saw that the brown haired was also on her game. Bungy was also a fighter but had no known style. Having grown up in a tougher neighbourhood she picked up a lot of fights since she were just a child that having witnessed different fighters, she mixed everything she had seen in her style. And so while in some situations she would suplex a girl, the next she would deliver a backwards flying lick then she would tackle. She was like a crazy girl.

“Ouch! That’s a dangerous thing to swing around you idiot!”

Wota received a cut on her arm as a result of her distraction. She hit the culprit on the head with her fan before round housing her into the dirt. Just as she thought her field of vision was clearing of enemies, a whistle later and ten more girls came up to them.

“Oh crap!”

Unagi exclaimed as she got off her latest victim. She had thought victory was in their grasp but looking around she saw that they had been fighting only about fifteen girls. More than that were standing ready looking 80% fresher than she, and her friends for that matter did.

And so onto round two they went. they fought to their best but the numbers were against them. All the hormones in the system couldn’t keep them going for long and while they worn round two, there was no hope for more victories. And the three leaders, at least Wota thought them so, were not even up yet.

“Well, I gotta say I am impressed. But as that be as it may, we are required to leave our mark before we go so we will be visiting your fellow students if you don’t mind.”

‘7’, ‘8’ and ‘9’ started for the building, side stepping the very heavily breathing Hormones. As they passed by, Wota death gripped ‘7’ on her arm.

“You are going to have to go through us first!”

“So be it.”

Stars and wind resistance later, the pain hit Wota both in her shoulder and ribs! She knew for a fact that she broke a couple for she had felt the same thing not more than two months before. Perhaps it was thanks to the previous experience that she didn’t pass out instantly from the pain. her vision got blurry for a second though.


Unagi cried in distress before she turned with fury towards ‘7’. She charged with rage and ‘7’ was even forced to go on the defensive…For a while. a minute later Unagi ate dirt too. Wota saw her spit blood. She tried to stand but her body was on freeze. The need to move was not to be necessary it seemed as ‘7’ started for Wota. Shi~t!

Akichan tried to intercept ‘7’ but was met with ‘8’ instead who forced her back when she appeared out of nowhere and punched Akichan in the face. The girls shook her head to clear it and miraculously avoided the next hit but not that third. Bungy and Mukuchi were two to one with ‘9’ but even they were getting their butts handed to them. Wota didn’t have enough time to worry about them though.

“You seem like you will be a pain later on so all the better to get rid of you right now. See ya!”

Wota closed her eyes awaiting the inevitable. the inevitable didn’t come for something else did.

A voice. She had never been so glad to hear a voice speak before then!

“‘The kingdom of heaven is at hand.’ Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out demons. Freely you have received, freely give. No weapon formed against you shall prosper, and every tongue which rises against you in judgement you shall condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and their righteousness is from me, says the Lord.”

Seemingly appearing out of nowhere was the mysterious of the four Queens – BLACK! She had the bible in one hand while the other was stroking her rosary. It was dark suddenly as if the sky itself was on her side. As she approached the darkness seemed to follow her sending chills of excitement down Wota’s spine.

“Through You we will push down our enemies; through Your name we will trample those who rise up against us. For I will not trust in my bow, nor shall my sword save me. But You have saved us from our enemies, and have put to shame those who hated us. In God we boast all day long, and praise Your name forever.”

‘Thank God.’ Wota thought before she passed out.

Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Hail Yukirin, Batman and Zack Snyder Long Live Horror

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