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Attack Or The Revered Joker -III-

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Motor bikes. Lots and lots of motorbikes. The roads had more bikes than cars. The bikes weren’t the usual kind she was used to. No, these bikes were modified to the point that she thought each one was made by a different company for, every single bike was unique in appearance and colour.

This was indeed Chiba – home to the most notorious gangs of Japan. As she looked around some more, she couldn’t help but think of how the view made the yanki back in her hometown seem like kids playing with toys. Who knew, perhaps this was a great opportunity for her to pick up some great pointers. She could go back a changed person and more to her love’s taste. Thinking of her love made her mind wonder and as the images of her love filled it up, she got lost in her thoughts and the world around her. And so, it was no wonder that Gakuran didn’t notice Choukoku who was attempting to catch her attention.

“Oi. Earth to Gakuran. Hey, get a grip will ya?”

Choukoku had to shake the cross dresser from her visions. Visions that she didn’t want to know about seeing as Gakuran had started salivating while smirking in a disturbing manner. Gakuran finally got back to earth and stared as if not understanding, into the taller girl’s eyes.

“Choukoku? What are you doing in Chiba?”

“Kaicho sent me here to go on a mission. She said I should meet you here around this time. I was across the street in that café and tried to call for you but you were…in your own world. Didn’t Kaicho tell you about me?”

“No, she just told me to be here by four thirty.”

Choukoku sighed.

“Maybe she finally gave up on you always forgetting stuff. I guess then that you don’t know why you are here?”

At the expected shake of Gakuran’s head, Choukoku couldn’t help the sigh that escaped again.

“Come let’s walk while I fill you in. Ah yeah, I already had something to eat, if you are hungry you can get a bugger or something.”

“Nah, I already ate before I took the bus. I learned my lesson never to travel on an empty stomach.”

“That’s good then. Don’t want to waste more time. Anyway, our school was attacked earlier today and one of the four Queens was kidnapped. The kidnappers said they were from Joker High, which is a few blocks away. I already asked for direction. We are to go investigate and report back.”

“Who got kidnapped? Those four are supposed to be some of the strongest in our school! No wait, who would kidnap somebody from a school full of people? Why would they do it in the first place?”

Gakuran’s thoughts were racing and not the usual happy thought about Maeda. Kidnapping…She always read about those kinds of things in the news and seemed like stories to her. That was all they were. But to learn that one of her classmates was kidnapped, be as it were that she did not get along well with all those Rappappa girls, they still were schoolmates. Now they were with Maeda so she had no choice but to hang with them lately so that was like kidnapping one of her friends.

“I was told it was BLACK. I too wonder who would be able to kidnap her. I fought her once and let me tell you, that’s one experience I was glad never to repeat. As for who and why, I didn’t get all the details but I guess we are here to find that out.”

“Wait a second. We are here, the two of us, to spy on a school full of girls that were able to kidnap BLACK? You can’t be serious!”

“We are not to get too involved. Kaicho said any useful info we can get would be enough then we get back. Don’t worry yourself, I have a plan.”

Gakuran was very worried and scared from what she had just learned but she didn’t want to show that to this girl that she considered her rival, well, before they had met the four Queens. Back then they would often fight and no one would ever come out victorious. She thought that maybe none of them were that serious about it. They were childhood friends but deep down both knew that a day would come when they couldn’t stand the tensions anymore and then they would fight it out to see who was stronger.

The two had been the rulers of their previous school, before they got sent to Majisuka High and got their asses kicked when they planned to conquer it as they had at their previous school. One person recognised their might and that is when they met the hot blooded President of Majisuka. In the early days Gakuran and Choukoku used to wonder how a girl that seemed so gentle and out of place would be a president of such a school as Majisuka. They no wonder no more. No, not since that incident that happened when they had decided to find out how fragile Minegishi Minami would be president.

“Don’t get so worked up. I have a plan. Let’s see, school should be out by now so that means students leaving for home, right?”

“Well, yeah, so?”

“So come on old friend, we are almost there. This is going to be fun.”

“You are gonna try another of your spy moves on someone, aren’t you?”

“Oh you know me so well.”

Choukoku had put together this list of spy notes from all the action movies she had watched after they had been appointed spies of their school president. She would tick off every move she had used during her missions. Spies, who would’ve thought they would be spies in High school?

“There is the school.”

Choukoku said to Gakuran before ducking behind an alley. Gakuran followed her and started to take a good look. As expected, school was out and students were filing out of the front gate but in smaller numbers. Gakuran now knew that all those students that had passed before had come from said school as they had the same uniforms.

“Wow, they have bikes! Why don’t we have any bikes? Maybe I should get one for myself not that I am here. Kukuku.”

“You will do no such thing. Besides, are you planning to ride it all the way back?”

“Oh come on, you can get one for yourself too. Think about it, having transport would make getting around much easier and you’d show off…”

She was interrupted by Choukoku shushing her and pointing out the two students that were walking their way.

“We are in luck. They are almost out height. I will take the one of the left, you take the right.”

Gakuran nodded and started cracking her knuckles. Just as the two said girls came in line with the alley, Choukoku dashed forward, clamped her right palm on the girl’s mouth and her left hand around her throat then dragged her back in the alley. The other girl just had time enough to widen her mouth as if ready to shout something, or she was getting ready to scream or say nothing at all but we never find out for even as her mouth had yet to widen enough to see her tongue, Gakuran had already had her in the alley as well.

As if in unison that was separated only by a second, Choukoku and Gakuran released the girls’ mouth only long enough to hit them on the back of the neck and the poor girls were out. Gakuran and Choukoku pulled their victims farther back in the alley for them to change their attired with the unconscious girls in private.

“Do I really have to? Can’t I go in like this? It’s not like it will be recognised.”

“Just do it. Girl clothes won’t kill you. It’s not like you are going to be wearing them for a long time.”

“Well, we better get this over with quick. This is disgusting!”

“But your Maeda wears girl clothes. I don’t see you complaining about her then!”

“Hey, Maeda is different. Besides, you don’t see me complaining about what other girls are wearing.”

“Yeah yeah. Come on you. Hopefully we will get what we want before we enter the building. I know the girl that Kaicho said did the kidnapping and that means that she knows of us as well. If she sees us, well…”

After they got as comfortable as they could in their new attires which didn’t fit that well, Choukoku and Gakuran started for the school gate. They took the two girls’ weapons with them. Just in case.

There were very few students left on the grounds when Choukoku and Gakuran made it through the gates. There was a group of three farther in on their left so Choukoku decided to go and talk to those. They were crouching in that familiar Yankee way as talked away. They seemed like the group that would know a lot of happenings and reminded Choukoku of a certain hormone-loving bunch. When they got close enough, Choukoku cleared her throat to get the attention.

“Yo! Sorry to interrupt but my friend here tells me that Nezumi brought back a souvenir from that Majisuka hat has been getting attention lately. I don’t believe her seeing as the knights were beaten to a pulp. What do you think?”

The girls just stared at the two. Choukoku’s heart sped up. Had she messed up? Was the information secret? Was the girl’s naming not Nezumi? It wasn’t that she was afraid. No, the bunch wasn’t that strong looking but creating a scene there would be bad.

“It’s true I tell ya. I heard the third years talking.”

That seemed to release the tension. Gakuran had saved the day.

“It is true ya. Boss happened to see it with her own eyes, right boss?”

One of the girls said as she turned to the supposed leader of the group.

“’t is all true ya. There I was coming back from the principle’s when I saw Nezumi carrying a girl that was bigger than her on her shoulder. It was as if she was carryin’ a sack o’ cotton ya. Blowing bubble-gum as if she wasn’t carryin’ nobody on her shoulder.”

“I still can’t believe it though. We keep hearin’ strange stories about Nezumi every day. Is she like some kind of super human or such?”

Another of the girls asked.

“’course not Rea, such things only happen in movies. Boss is just exaggerating again.”

“’t’s what I saw I tell ya.”

Choukoku thought about asking where they might have taken BLACK. But how to go about it without sounding suspicious!

“I wonder what they are doing to her right now? Reckon they put her in some cage and are whippin’ the life out of her?”

“Nah, I saw them going towards the basement to ‘3’’a lab. I bet she’s bein’ cut up an’ shit down there.”

“Ooh, lots of rabbits go down there. They never come back.”

“I feel sorry for her, whoever it is.”

“But doesn’t this mean we might have a war on our hands? I mean them girl’s mates will be coming for her and shit, right?”

“Oh yeah. It’s been so long since we had a good fight.”

“Yeah, it’s been kinda boring with all the neighbouring school scared shitless of us. I had heard that this Majisuka has gotten pretty strong.”

“Not strong enough it seems, if they got themselves kidnapped!”

As the group continued their gossip and laughter, Choukoku and Gakuran had taken the time to slip away unseen. They were back out of the gate.

“So what do we do? Should we go ourselves to this basement and get her out? I mean, what if we are too late and she’s been cut up and stuff?”

Gakuran was letting her thoughts get the better of her once again. But even though she was obviously scared, her sense of justice still came out on top. Always ready to help out a girl in trouble even if she didn’t like them. Choukoku liked that about her friend but if they were to go busting in, she knew they wouldn’t be successful. She always had great intuition and when Choukoku entertained the thought of going to BLACK’s rescue, her skin pricked in a very wrong way.

“No, we will come back with more people and a plan. BLACK will be safe, I don’t think that they would actually cut her up or such thing. This isn’t a horror movie. Let’s go get our clothes and report back to Kaicho.”

Choukoku waited for no response before she turned and walked back into the alley. Though she said that, she knew that there was a possibility of their school mate being in danger. After all, she wouldn’t have thought a person would do what members of Rappappa were capable of before she had met them. If there existed a girl that could move as BLACK, do that mind thing that Torigoya did or be as psychotic as Gekikara, then a mad scientist wasn’t that hard to find.

Praying for BLACK’s safety for now, Choukoku got out her moby and speed dialled her boss.

(A few hours earlier)

“Thank the gods. It’s finally over. Seriously, why do we have to go around signing peace treaties? Let them come picking a fight whenever they want. We will just kick their asses back to wherever that came from. I don’t even see why we all have to go. I did nothing but stand in the corridors all the time.”

Shibuya, one of the Queens of Majisuka had finally had enough. She was giving a piece of her mind to her leaders who she was walking along with. Maeda, the successor to Yuko-senpai was walking quietly behind Shibuya and her underlings. Shibuya had yet to recognise Maeda as a true leader and she took opportunities to be a thorn in the girl’s side. She found herself missing Yuko-senpai more and more. She remembered the days when they had fights almost daily, most of which were started by Yuko-senpai herself but only a few weeks without Yuko-senpai and she was dying of boredom. Besides Maeda was Sado, the second in command and on her right, Torigoya, the other Queen.

“We need you in case things don’t go as planned. Do you ever do anything but complain all the time?”

It was Sado who spoke. They were on their way back to Majisuka High from their latest signing. Really, Shibuya knew and suspected that so did Sado, that they were wasting their time. Even before when they would kick their enemies’ asses in the past, that didn’t stop them from coming back for more. A piece of paper was definitely no good either. Shibuya would give the peaceful days just a couple of days before they were back to the good fighting days.

“Well, next time I ain’t coming. Get BLACK to come with you. That girl would do everything asked of her after all.”

“We should do that. She’d at least be quiet.”

Maeda spoke under her breath that got swallowed up by the nurse book she was once again reading. That book again? One of these days Shibuya would throw it in a fire.

“I heard that.”

“You were meant to.”

“Not all of us like getting into fights like you do Shibuya.”

Torigoya put in. If she did it to stop Shibuya’s ranting that had been sure to follow or not, Sado was grateful for Shibuya shut her mouth and grumbled to herself. Sado turned to thank Torigoya but was interrupted by her cell ringing. She got it out of her pocket and answered it.

“Minegishi-Kaicho, I rarely get calls from you. So what’s the occasion?”

A moment passed then…

“What? Are you serious? Okay, we are almost there. I see, Do call when you find out. Yeah, thanks. Bye.”

“What’s wrong?”

Sado looked up to find Torigoya’s face in her space. She hadn’t realised she had stopped walking. Shibuya and her group had turned and were looking at her as well. Even Maeda had looked away from her book.

“That was Seito Kaicho. She said there was an attack on the school.”

“Is everyone al-right?”

Maeda asked. She didn’t think that they would be getting a call were it a simple fight that had broken out. Somehow the look on Sado’s face said otherwise.

“No fatal injuries. Hormone and Daruma are the only ones that fought but only got bruises.”

“Something tells me that isn’t all of it.”

Even Shibuya knew when things weren’t peachy.

“BLACK was…kidnapped.”

Everyone stared at her like they hadn’t heard her say anything.

“Sorry I didn’t hear you. Could you say that again?”

“I said BLACK was kidnapped by the attackers. They said they were from Chiba. Kaicho has sent in someone to check it out.”

“You can’t be serious! BLACK got kidnapped? Who was it, some kind of government agency or something?”

“Sorry to disappoint but it was another school. Like I said, let’s get back so we can get more information.”

“That is great. Finally, I thought I would have to wait until I leave Majisuka before I got to fight again.”

“Erm, I am sorry but I have an appointment to get to. Could we meet later so you can fill me in? Or I could call you.”

Maeda closed her book and said to Sado in that soft voice of hers.

“Are you crazy? This is big stuff. BLACK just got taken by someone and all you think about is going to nurse some strangers?! Some leader you are.”

Shibuya couldn’t believe it. One of their own, BLACK for crying out loud had been kidnapped – She still couldn’t grasp how that happened mind you – and yet here was their great leader ditching for some strange sick people.

“Leave it be Shibuya.” Turning to Maeda Sado continued. “I will send you a text where we can meet later on.”

“I’m sorry but I can’t miss this appointment.”

“It’s fine. Now go on.”

The group split up with Maeda as she went on her way. Once she was out of ear hot, Shibuya was back at it.

“You are too soft on her Sado. It almost reminds me of the way you were with…”

“Don’t you dare finish that sentence.”

Sado had gotten into Shibuya’s personal space so fast that the other girl took a step back in surprise. A wave of fear passed through her body when she met the blazing eyes of her superior.

“I…I’m sorry.”

No one dare moved until Torigoya placed a hand on Sado’s shoulder. Sado relaxed once she was aware of it. The rest of the journey back to school was spent in silence.
*Knock* *Knock*

“Come in.”

A faint but deep voice answered through the door. Maeda turned the door knob and pushed her way through.

“Good evening Doctor Kiyoshi. I’m Maeda Atsuko.”

Maeda introduced herself once she had closed the door and moved in front of the aged man that had on spectacles and had his eyes buried in a ledger before him. He lifted his eyes to meet Maeda’s after she had spoken.

“Ah yes Maeda-san. I’ve been expecting you. I received a call from Tomitake-sensei about you your reference.”

“Here are the papers I was asked to bring.”

“Oh yes, let’s have a look. Please do forgive me, have a seat.”

“Thank you Sensei.”

Maeda made herself comfortable as the Doctor replaced his glassed and read through said papers. Truth was she was nervous like hell. If this failed, she might not have the strength to wait any more. No, she would not think like that. Maeda would do all it took to succeed. Failure was most definitely not an option.

“Well, everything looks in order here Maeda-san and Tomitake –sensei is a good friend of mine so I will trust him. You might know this but you are only allowed sanitary nursing of the patient. A medical nurse will be provided to take care of the rest.”

“I am aware of this Sensei. I just…I just want to be there for her as much as I possibly can.”

“I can see that and I am warmed by the sacrifice you wish to make of your life to the patient. I don’t want to be the villain for refusing you the much deserved reward for your hard work.” The Doctor smiled at Maeda before continuing. “Let me call the Doctor in charge of Takahashi-san. She will walk you to the patient’s ward.”

Kiyoshi-sensei placed a button on his phone and spoke into it.

“Kitagawa-san, can you get me Hiyama-sensei please?”

[“Yes Kiyoshi-sensei.”]

The Doctor turned away from the phone and put Maeda’s papers back together and moved to store them in one of the many large folders that lined the walls. As he was doing that, a knock came on the door which was soon followed by its opening and a very young looking woman walked through. She had on a blue short sleeved shirt and similarly coloured pants.

“You wanted to see me Sensei?”

Her eyes took only seconds of studying Maeda before she turned to the Doctor.

“Ah yes Hiyama-sensei, how goes your training? Tachibana-sensei not giving you a hard time I hope?”

“”He’s…okay I guess. I am fine though Sensei.”

“Good. That’s good. Anyway, this is Maeda Atsuko-san. She will be personally taking care of Takahashi Minami-san’s needs. You are in charge of the patient so I thought it best if you could tell her all she needs to know. Have there been any changes in the patient?”

“Nothing much Sensei except that her awareness has been improving. There has been an increase in the brain waves.”

“Well, that’s good news. Welcome to Shohoku General Hospital Maeda-san.”
……………………………………………………..To Be Continued………………………………………

A/N:  Shohoku Hospital is the one in Code Blue JDrama with Aragaki Yui (Shiraishi-sensei) and Toda Erika (Hiyama-sensei) as two of four flight doctors in training.

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