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Fic – Love Like Candy Floss [Miyu/Hitomi]

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Oh hi there dear readers,

It seems I so under-estimated the power of Tokyo Girls’ Style and you know what? I don’t regret it one bit.

I have simply fallen for these girls, and hard.


Well, I love them so much I have already written a fic about them. To those who have seen their PV for ‘Love Like Candy Floss’, this will make you nod your heads. To those who haven’t, well, you aren’t missing a lot!

Any who, read on if you’re interested.


Love Like Candy Floss

A Tokyo Girls’ Style (東京女子流) Miyu/Hitomi Fictional Story based on their single ‘Love like Candy Floss’


The time was 17:30, the season spring and setting Tokyo, Japan. Classes had just ended and two best friends found themselves in their usual cafeteria location awaiting the arrival of their other friends. Yamabe Miyu and Arai Hitomi were in a different class to their other three friends and on this particular day, their friends’ class ran a bit later than theirs. All five of them always hang out together after school since becoming great friends in their first year of Junior High. It would be very out of place for them not to go raid the sweets shop or the arcade after school. In fact it was close to a ritual now. As such Miyu and Hitomi waited for the others while they did their homework. Today though, no progress was being achieved by either of the two girls. The cause of this, Miyu would argue, would have to be Hitomin.

Miyu has known Hitomi ever since Elementary and being neighbours made sure that they were almost inseparable. They were usually the target for amusement to their friends in this regard as they were sometimes referred to as long time lovers or soul mates. It didn’t help that when they were having a chat, they usually finished each other’s sentence or that they usually didn’t need to verbally communicate at all to get the point across from the other. This usually resulted in their stories having open-endings and in turn leaving their friends a little frustrated. Miyu and Hitomi used this as a way to get back to their friends for their teasing. That was all it was though – teasing. All Hitomi’s friends knew that she had a boyfriend. This said boyfriend was actually at the centre of their present problem.

Miyu didn’t know much about the boyfriend except his name (what kind of name was Takayuki any ways) and that he was two years ahead of them. To tell the truth Miyu made it a point to know less about that guy. In the beginning she didn’t know why he rubbed her the wrong way but he did, still does actually. That memorable time to go down in their history together at the first real falling out they had had, was when Hitomin introduced this Takayuki to the group. Miyu still clearly remembers the volcanic emotions that raged inside if her heart that moment in time. Just like any other volcano, she of course exploded right there and then. She could not clearly remember exactly what had been said but she knew it had been pretty bad. The other girls did too since no one ever mentioned what had transpired six months ago today. She does remember stomping off right there and then though with the other girls pleading for her to stop, especially Hitomin. They didn’t speak for almost three weeks after that day.

Back to the present, Hitomi checked her phone for a hundredth time, looking for the message that has yet to come. She had been doing that all week and today was exception. Miyu would’ve pulled out her hair by now and gone mad had she not been…She looks up from her block of text in the book below her and towards her sighing friend. She almost wanted to say something comforting again but she had spent her vocabulary already in the past couple of days so now all she could do was look on in helpless shame that she couldn’t cheer her friend up. When Hitomi placed the phone back down after yet another sigh, Miyu almost did say something but at that moment, their other friends walked in and Miyu, who was facing the door way saw them. She almost sighed in relief for she wasn’t sure how long she could handle the gloomy air. When Hitomi looked up at Miyu’s sudden attention, she turned her head to see who her friend was waving at then a smile immediately breaks out on her face.

“Hey there guys, sorry to keep you waiting.” The shortest girl in the group of five said when they got closer to their table. Her name is Nakae Yuri and what she hates most in being called ‘shorty’. She made that clear at their first meeting.

“You know, I still don’t get why we need to have a triple class last or if at all. I mean Takebuchi only spends the first two and leaves the last for ‘self-study’.” Koishi Ayano or Aachan for short, made quotes in air with her fingers when she said ‘self-study’. She took up a chair next to Yuri and sat down.

“Thank God we only have weeks until we say goodbye to him.” Mei, Shyoji Mei, the last of their group concluded as she too took up a seat of her own. She nodded a silent ‘hey’ in both Miyu’s and Hitomi’s direction. Miyu returned the nod and gestured a ‘hey’ back with her mouth but Hitomi didn’t. She was emotionally staring at her phone again on the table. Mei gestured a question to Miyu who simply shook her head back.

“I wouldn’t be so happy just yet if I were you Mei-chan. You might still have him next year.” Yuri, the ever straight forward shot down Mei’s delusions as she opened up her books to start working on her homework.

“Oh come on Yuri, why do you always have to be so serious.” Aachan countered as she patted Mei on the head who was feigning tears.

“What, it’s the truth. It’s not my fault if she can’t handle it.” Yuri replied without even looking up from her writing.

The light atmosphere brought a smile to Hitomi’s face which in turn forced one onto Miyu’s. At least satisfied that the other girl’s mind was off the depressing topic of her boyfriend and the never-coming texts, Miyu turned back to her studying and this time she actually could understand what she was reading. The five friends spent the next hour studying for their end of year exams. With almost everyone having a speciality, well except Hitomi (that girl was good at everything) their group study was usually successful. This time though, their Ace was troubled and as such, not so much with the helping and no one really had the heart to press Hitomi, not even Ice Princess Yuri.

“Okay, I have had enough of these books! I feel like I will be having paper and ink nightmare tonight.” Miyu stated as she soundly dropped her pen. She made a motion of stretching out her arms at her back but in truth she was secretly watching Hitomi. Miyu almost swore to take that damn phone and crush her shoe heel through it if the other girl stared melancholy at it one more time.

“Mm cake sounds nice actually.” Yuri added as she closed her books and proceeded to bundle them up.

“Hot, freshly baked cheese cake?” Mei’s eyes produced stars as she dramatically joined her hands in front of her as if in prayer. She was so ever the drama queen that girl.

“Whatever you want Mei, let’s just go, I am starved.” Aachan already had her books neatly bound and secured in her arms on her chest.

“Let’s do that. I am buying.” Miyu said as she stood up and collected her things. When she was done and had her books in hand, as she turned away from her very happy friends, she noticed that Hitomi was still seated and in no way seemed in a hurry to get anywhere. Miyu placed a hand on the girl’s shoulder and after applying a gentle pressure to get the girl’s attention she inquired, “Are you coming Hitomin?”

“Nah, I think I will pass this time. Sorry…” She looked up to her best friend in apology.

“It’s okay. We will see you later then.” With a final squeeze, Miyu let go of the girl’s shoulder. She looked to her friends who smiled and turned to leave.

They didn’t make it passed the door though when they heard the familiar tune. Choosing instead to watch from a far, the four friends watched on as Hitomi reached for her phone and flipped it open. The four girls shuffled nervously as they whispered sharply at each other. Miyu watched Hitomi’s face and when a beautiful smile she hadn’t seen the other girl give in what seemed like weeks, made her feel all kinds of conflicting emotions. She was very happy for her friend that was for sure but… Her smile started to grow unpleasant as she watched the other girl jump in joy at the text. Miyu had to force herself to smile when Hitomi turned in their direction and caught sight of them spying on her. After throwing a disapproving glare in her friend’s direction, Hitomi scrambled for her things and was out of the cafeteria soon after.

“Well, I for one am glad that chapter of the book is closed.” She probably had more to add but Yuri settled for that one short sentence. Though the others said nothing, they too agreed to some extent. A melancholy Hitomi was no fun at all.

“Well then what do you say we get back to our pre-set plans?” Aachan was really hungry. With laughter, the four did just that as they left the school cafeteria and headed to their favourite cake shop.


It was a little past seven and the sun had already set. Miyu and company were still in the cake shop. A tune informed Miyu that she had received a reply text. Placing her hot chocolate down, she reached for her phone and opened it to read the message. She frowned after reading it.

“What is it Miyu?” The ever observant Yuri asked her friend as she stirred a straw in her drink. That brought Aachan and Mei’s attention towards Miyu.

“I think something is wrong.” Miyu looked over the three friends as she answered.

“What do you mean?” Aachan, who was sitting right next to Miyu asked as in turn she leaned over and read the message. “You’re right. There is something missing in that message”, she concluded.

“Hey, what is it? What happened? Is Hitomin okay?” Poor Mei was getting rattled by her friends’ behaviour.

“Don’t worry Mei, Hitomi is fine, I think…Just give me a minute.” Miyu stood up as she speed dialled Hitomi’s number. She got an answer after three rings which timely found her exiting the shop.

“Are you okay? What happened?” Miyu didn’t even waste a second to greet the other girl before she shouted her worries in the phone.

[Huh? Calm down Miyu-chan. Everything is…it’s fine, I am fine. Don’t worry.]

“What do you mean ‘I’m fine’?! You don’t sound fine at all.” Miyu shouted even louder in the phone. Fighting to calm herself down, she asked in a no-nonsense tone, “Where are you?”

As if sensing the seriousness of her best friend’s voice, Hitomi didn’t waste time in answering.

[Erm…I am sitting outside the park facing the Hikawa bridge. Why?]

“Stay there and don’t move until I get there, got it? Don’t. You. Dare. Move.” Miyu angrily shut her phone without even waiting for a reply from the other end. She was angry at…she didn’t even know who or what she was pissed at. She just was. Marching purposefully back inside, she reached for her things and walked over to the cashier to pay the bill. Not even looking to see if her friends were coming along, Miyu just as quickly headed for the exit.


“I’m sorry…”

That same line and the vision of a disappearing back was all that ran through Hitomi’s mind. Looking back now she wondered why she had been so excited for this meeting in the first place. After days of ignoring her messages and avoiding her parson, she should’ve known it was to come to this. She was now regretting having mentioned that name at that time – The name that started the downward spiral of her first love. Her heart was in such pain that she couldn’t even muster up the energy to cry.

Ignoring everything, even her skin that was crying out in its abuse, Hitomi did nothing but hang her head and stare into nothingness. It was really cold without the sun this time of the year and Hitomi didn’t have a jacket on her. The prickling needles of cold might as well have been a gentle breeze to her. Minutes were spend like that, staring at the pavement and watching without really paying attention as feet came and left her field of vision. It soon grew quiet though as it got late and fewer people went by.

After a long period of no feet, without knowing exactly why, Hitomi found her gaze lifting to see the owner of these particular steps. It took a while for her eyes to adjust until the figure passed the street lamp. Upon recognition the dull brown eyes grew even bigger than normal as life seemed to pour into them. A smile soon graced the grim features as she recognised her best friend Miyu walking towards her. Remembering how angry she had sounded on the phone, Hitomi’s smile faltered as she awaited the tongue lashing. The lashing did not come and when she got closer, she saw that Miyu had a smile on her face.

Hitomi was taken aback at the lack of speech she was expecting from her best friend but she wouldn’t be the one to start it. And so she settled for following the other girl’s lead. Miyu only smiled wider as she stretched out her arm with a coffee can in hand. Hitomi tried to match the given smile as well as she reached for the offered drink. It was very warm in her hands and it was then that she suddenly became aware of the temperature difference around her. She shivered involuntarily. Shifting the drink in one hand so she could rub her neck with her right, she was brought to attention when instead the free hand was taken hold of by Miyu who proceeded to rub it in both her warm palms. Hitomi stared stupidly at her hand being rubbed to warmth by her best friend’s. After what seemed like a grey matter destroying duration, Hitomi lifted her eyes so she could meet Miyu’s.

Hitomi worked her mouth to say something but for the life of her, she couldn’t get her mouth to move as she wanted it. When she soon found herself being held in strong and incredibly warm arms, it was as if the switch was finally flipped and the dam came crushing down. The pained cries that filled the air were only slightly affected by the sound of a forgotten coffee can hitting concrete and rolling off the side of the road. Hitomi cried and cried and cried and Miyu did nothing but hold the girl as she finally broke.

No words were exchanged.

After what seemed like hours, Hitomi finally opened her eyes and in turn paying attention to her other senses which were sending strange signals. Not letting go of Miyu as she turned her head looking around, she saw that they were no longer alone. Aachan, Mei and Yuri seemed to have arrived without her notice and the five were all wrapped up in each other’s arms in a group hug. She spared a glance to each of her friends who nodded their support to her. She smiled back at them in return before she finally met Miyu’s eyes. Miyu had tears in her eyes as well. She had cried for her. Hitomi could do nothing but continue looking into those very familiar eyes but there was something…And when she saw it, she couldn’t help a gasp of revelation. When Miyu gave her an inquiring look, Hitomi swallowed and smiled reassuringly in reply before she rested her head back on Miyu’s warm shoulder.


The End…?!

Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Hail Yukirin, Batman and Zack Snyder Long Live Horror

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