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The First Night ~ A Matsui Rena/Matsui Jurina Fic


The First Night

A Matsui JR Fic

Black Gekikara


This can be read as a stand alone story but it is actually meant to be a sequel to Matsui².


-Part 1-


Matsui Rena almost got into an accident. The fact that she just walked only three steps from the SKE minibus that was parked right outside her home was a sign that things weren’t quite right with her. By all means, and where others might be concerned, things were supposed to be more than alright for Rena but that was far from the truth. Ever since her enigmatic fellow SKE48 member and, though she tried real hard to ignore the thoughts that evaded her mind when she thought of it, a much younger Jurina, confessed her feelings for Rena, the two’s relationship with each other and the rest of the girls changed quite a bit.

Before said life impacting confession, Rena was a little embarrassed to find that she wasn’t that close to Jurina as she was with any of the other girls like Kumin, Yuka, Mizuki and more. Recently she spent almost all her time with Jurina, be it with the television programmes that they both were part of or the fact that Rena felt an obligation, no, obligation was the wrong word to use, Rena felt that being together with Jurina, eating their lunches together, entertaining her with quirky, scary or romantic stories was the best thing to do. She found she was happier during those times as well but in doing so, she spent less ‘quality’ time with the other girls in presence of Jurina. That wasn’t why she was almost hit by a kid riding a bike on the side pavement though.

A couple of weeks after getting together, though your partner never mentions it, you feel obliged to do more. You feel the need to improve on your relationship, take it to the next level if you may. Rena felt that there was something more needed from her than what she was already giving. Seven weeks and all they did was talk, eat, talk, laugh and then repeat. Rena had to make some changes. She knew Jurina was probably okay with their routine but though she was young, girls’ maturity was a very complicated thing, believe her she knew. Jurina might have been feeling the same about what Rena was thinking now that she thought back to a couple of days before.


“Wow! That was super intense.”


Matsui Jurina exclaimed as she left the studio with Rena after their shooting of the idol audition programme’s second episode.


“Yeah, looking back now, it looks like we came off easy during our audition, huh?”


Matsui Rena replied as she walked along side the super middle scholar and her girl…damn it all Rena was still embarrassed to think it but not thinking it wouldn’t bend the fact that Jurina, the 13yr old that was walking with her to their transportation, was then Rena’s girlfriend. Was it official? According to the other SKE48 members they were, what with all the giggling the two receive whenever they were seen holding hands or that one time when Jurina picked off a stray piece of food from Rena’s side of the mouth and ate it and the room went into a craze of screams.


“Yeah but ours was more nerve wracking. I remember feeling my whole body shake as if I was in the Alps without a coat. I was so nervous then.”


Jurina laughed at the memory.


“Well, I would think everybody feels the same on their part. I too was the same.”


Rena replied half automatically for she was still thinking about her new love life. She realised that she herself couldn’t quite call it official yet. True Jurina confessed her feelings and Rena did accept them but comparing to what real couples did…Rena stopped suddenly which surprised Jurina into stopping.


“What’s wrong?”


“Ne Jurina, want to go out this evening?”




The suddenness and intensity with which Rena spoke took Jurina by surprise.


Seeing that, Rena’s features softened and a blush crept onto her cheeks. She took a nervous step back.


“No I…Sorry. I meant to ask if you want to go on a date with me this evening.”


Rena looked to the side, her face red from embarrassment.


Jurina blinked at the girl before her. Her young mind tried to place the situation.




“It’s okay if you don’t want to I just thought that…I mean you might even be busy or you might need to inform your parents first or…”


Jurina stopped her helpless girlfriend’s train to Emo-ville with an embrace. That did the trick as Rena suddenly got silent.




Rena whispered the name.


“I don’t know what you were thinking of that got you to suddenly ask but…Thank you. Of course I would love to go on a date with you. I am your girl after all.”


“No it’s just…I don’t know what to do in a relationship and I just found out that we haven’t done any of that couple staff in the movies.”


Rena tried her best to get her mind off the younger girl’s still filling curves.


“Oh you…Do I look like I care about that?”


Jurina pulled back only far enough to look into Rena’s eyes and pressed her index finger into Rena’s cheek.


“But, don’t these kinds of events take some planning ‘like in the movie’? How about we make it next week then? That way we will both be ready and I can ‘inform my parents’ and all that, ne?”


Jurina teased the taller girl.


“Mou…You don’t have to be mean about it.”


Rena pouted and Jurina laughed.


“So, next weekend then? We can decide the time later on in the week.”




The two started walking again towards the parking lot holding hands.


“That girl with the boyish cut was amazing though, huh? I bet you she will be the one to get picked.”



It was Saturday and Rena had just finished the day’s shooting of her new drama. It was only an hour or so until the promised time for their date and Rena was nervous as never before. She was so anxious but no matter how much she tried to tell herself that everything would be okay the anxiety would not go away. Would Jurina have a good time or would she be terribly disappointed? Somehow Rena did not like the idea of that all. No, there was no need to have doubts at that stage otherwise everything would go out the window in a mess.

“Hey watch it miss!”

Or she would be the one out in a mess if she didn’t stop over thinking things and losing her focus. The frustrated kid rode off down the pavement leaving Rena to go into her home.

“I’m home.”

Rena called into the house as she closed the front door and went about changing into her indoor slippers.

“Welcome back Honey, how was your day?”

A tall black haired lady with an apron over a one piece dress leaned her head out from the kitchen and into the corridor grabbing Rena’s attention. The woman had an air of shyness about her so there was no doubt from whom Rena took that from.

“Great Mom, how are you.”

Rena answered back as she made her way to her mother and gave her a heartfelt hug.

“I am just wonderful honey. I am very excited to meet this friend of yours. Are you sure you will be okay on your own?”

Matsui Yuna gave her only daughter a worried look after she pulled away from the hug but keeping her hands on her daughter’s shoulders. She knew Rena was already 19 and that she could take care of herself just fine since the age of 12 but really, she could never stop worrying. Every time Rena went out of the house Yuna always worried for her daughter. The idea of leaving Rena alone in the house, even if she had company was not a welcome one but she had to trust her daughter.

“Come on Mom, you worry too much. I promise to be careful and call you right away if something happens.”

Rena loved her mother more than anything in the world but her protective nature was way out there. After carefully thinking about what to do, Rena had decided that the best option for the date was to have a sleep over for where Jurina’s age was concerned, her parents wouldn’t let her stay out late at night when it wasn’t job related. Then there was the fact that they were almost always busy during the day so they wouldn’t have enough time to enjoy themselves. After discussing the idea with Jurina, the two decided on the sleepover date having bargained with her mother, Rena booked their house for the evening. Her parents would take the evening off and have some parent bonding time with Jurina’s parents while Rena and Jurina had the whole house to themselves.

“Don’t forget to call me every hour as well.”

“How can I forget Mom? I have been doing it every time I go out since I was 15. Now how about you don’t burn the food? We wouldn’t want to give a bad impression now, would we?”

“Oh blessed Mary…The soup! The soup!”

Yuna disappeared back into the kitchen, but not before almost tripping on her long skirts. Rena was glad she didn’t get her mother’s clumsiness.

“Is that my baby girl I hear?”

Rena looked up to the very familiar voice that just spoke. Her Dad was coming down the stairs, most probably from his workroom, having heard the commotion. He was a bit taller than the average man which showed where Rena got her height from. He was a professor at the local University teaching Architecture to graduates. He sometimes got requests from major construction companies to help with proof reading their plans and it was that work that he spent his home hours on. He always wore casual clothes and that is exactly what he was in as he descended the stairs. Apart from his height, there was no other attribute that separated him from any other local man. Despite how busy his life always was he never put his family second. Rena loved him greatly.

“Hey Dad, I am home.”

Rena accepted the hug that her Dad offered with feeling.

“Welcome home Honey. How was your day?”

“Not as busy as most days. It was only Jurina and I commenting on the new audition show I told you about.”

Jurina… Isn’t that the girl with our family name coming over today?”

“Yes Dad, that’s the one. She will be here in an hour or less so you better get cracking.”

“I still can’t believe there is another Matsui household in Aichi and I just heard about them!”

“Well Dad, it’s not like Aichi is a small town. Well, you will be spending the evening with them so how about getting acquainted?”

“That’s right. Who knows, we could hit it off and even become the best of friends.”

“Well now, don’t go counting your chickens before the eggs hatch Dad.”

“Do you doubt my people skills honey?”


“You do know that I am a professor, right?”

Rena just continued to stare.

“You know too that I could name all our neighbours ten houses which way, right?”

Rena grinned this time.

“You are just playing with me, aren’t you?”

“Sorry Dad, but it’s just so much fun teasing you… And you always fall for it.”

The man of the house shook his head as he turned to go finish up on his work.

“Yeah well, while you are here all by your lonesome guess who will be having fun tonight?”

Rena wanted to shout back “Not as much fun as I will be having” but she just shook her head and smiled. She didn’t realise just how much her Dad she acted. Rena started for the kitchen to go and help her mother out.

“I will finish up here Mom, why don’t you go freshen up and get ready?”

Yuna had her attention on the oven, checking on the chicken inside when Rena appeared. She closed the oven back up and spoke as she freed her hands from the kitchen gloves.

“Thanks Honey but apart from cleaning up there isn’t much to do I am afraid. I put up a list of which is where on the fridge so take a look at it. Do you want me to go through it with you?”

“No Mom, I will be fine. You go clean up.”

“Okay honey, if you are sure.”

“I am sure Mom. Thank you.”

Yuna placed the gloved on the oven handles then left to go up the stairs and prepare for her first evening out together with her husband in a very long time. She had to remember to thank her darling daughter some more later.


Rena was still in front of her bedroom mirror posing this way and that way looking for any flaws in her attire. Was she very well presented to face Jurina’s parents? Was her choice of attire appropriate? What would Jurina think of her in it? Her thought train wreck was brought to a halt by the sound of the door bell ringing. Was it always that loud? There came a knock on her door next. Her Mom’s head peaked inside.

“They are here Honey. Are you ready?”

“Is this okay mom? I think it is okay but it might not be. I need your opinion.”

Yuna came into the room and inspected her daughter. It was all really just for show in order to put her daughter’s worries at ease. Rena-chan had a much better sense of fashion that Yuna and that showed in the clothes her daughter had picked out. The top was a light-cream sweater made into a blouse and had the words “Once again see you” sewed into it with the same coloured thread and had short sleeves. Under it Rena-chan simply put on a white pair of frilly short pants that looked like a miniskirt from far away. For the feet, she had on simple open mid-size heel shoes. Her hair was combed straight and left free. She looked so simple yet not at all less lovely.

“You look beautiful darling. There is no reason to be nervous. Besides, it’s not like you are trying to impress a boy or something.”

Rena blushed and let her eyes roam anywhere but at her mom.

“Well, I didn’t want to put off Jurina’s parents.”

Yuna came forward and embraced her cute daughter.

“You already passed Honey. Now come on, we should go rescue your father.”

The two left Rena’s room and made their way down the stairs and to the living room. They shouldn’t have worried about Rena’s Dad for he had everything under control judging from the laughter already going on. Upon spotting them, the man in question stood up and came over to Yuna and Rena.

“Mr and Mrs Matsui, I give to you my charming wife Yuna and our life’s treasure Rena.”

The three guests stood up and one by one they stepped up to shake hands with Yuna and Rena. Jurina’s father was the first one.

“It’s a great pleasure to finally meet you Mrs Matsui, Miss Matsui. My name is Matsui Yuichi and this is my humble family; my lovely wife Matsui Himeko and our darling daughter Matsui Jurina.”

As he said their names, the two; woman and daughter stepped up to shake hands with Yuna and Rena.

“It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance Matsui Rena-san. Thank you for always taking care of our daughter. She always speaks fondly of you.”

Matsui Himeko gave Rena a lovely smile. She was a very beautiful woman and quite opposite to Rena’s own mother. What was more shocking was that she was the tallest person in the room. Rena’s Dad had nothing on her. She was very exotic with a short haircut and a very elegant one piece black dress. She looked like one of those company presidents you saw in television dramas. Rena couldn’t help but stare.

“You see Mrs Matsui, now you have rendered my poor daughter speechless.”

“Please, call me Himeko. We are all Matsui after all.”

Matsui looked to the floor trying to hide her face that was red from embarrassment. She looked up when she saw feet evade her sight of vision. Following the feet, she found a smiling Jurina in front of her and Rena’s heart skipped a beat. She was getting whipped and Rena knew it.


Jurina said softly in greeting.


Rena’s eyes took in Jurina’s form once again this paying attention to the girl’s choice of clothes. She almost let out a big sigh of relief when she saw that just like her, Jurina had dressed simply. She had on an extra-large loose white t-shirt over black undies. The shirt was accompanied by a pair of green-yellow pants that was stopped just below her calves by the string at the bottom of the leggings. They had a street feel to them with side bulgy pockets and un-needed threads all over the sides. Golden yellow high heel sandals covered her bare feet. The words “Holiday and Love” were printed in big black letter on the front of her shirt and there was a black ribbon with white spots along with a black ribbon with white spots and a red heart shape to go with the words. Her hair was combed straight just like Rena’s.

“Please have a seat and let us have something to drink before we go.”

Rena’s Dad guided the adult guests to their places and Rena showed Jurina to hers. After she was seated, Rena followed her Mom into the kitchen to help her with the drinks.

The two families spent an hour getting to know each other and Rena found that they actually did get along more than she had expected. The favourite subject of the talk was of course about her and Jurina’s idol life. For an hour they talked about this and that while Rena and Jurina just sat there and listened when they went into adult stuff that seemed alien to poor Jurina. Just when Rena thought that they might have decided to stay after all, they were saved by Jurina mother.

“One would think that you two were best friends in your previous lives. I hope you aren’t forgetting that we made reservations!”

“Ha ha ha…Don’t mind her Jin-kun, she’s just jealous.”

They were already talking to each other very familiarly. Jurina’s mother gave her husband a ‘yeah right’ look as she stood up and the others followed. Yuna was awed by the authority that the woman’s presence demanded.

“Well then Rena-chan, I leave my Jurina in your hands. Have fun.”

She winked at Rena and Rena wondered if the woman knew about her relationship with Jurina. They really hadn’t talked about mentioning it to their parents yet and it wasn’t like the nature of their relationship had been made clear. Even though she was much closer to Jurina now than before, and if she was honest with herself Rena found a new charm to her junior, Rena wouldn’t go so far as to say that she loved the girl…yet! As such Rena doubted that Jurina had told her mother anything but she would bring up the subject later. She and Jurina saw their parents to the door and watched as they drove off in Jurina’s mother’s car. Once the lights disappeared around the corner, Rena closed the front door and smiled at Jurina.

“Wow Jurina, your Mom is awesome! I can now totally see where you get your traits.”

“Yours is very pretty too and your Dad is so much fun. I haven’t seen Papa get that lively before.”

“Yeah, those two really get along, huh?”

They smiled goofily at each other for a while until it bordered on the uncomfortable then Rena cleared her throat and pushed off the door to walk back into the living room with Jurina on her heels.

“I love your pants. They go very nicely with the shirt.”

Rena didn’t look at Jurina when she spoke.

“Huh? Oh! Thank you. You look great too.”

Jurina replied almost automatically, having been caught off guard with the compliment. She looked up from below her eyelids to Rena’s face but could only catch the side of her cheek as she was a few feet behind.

“Let me help you with that.”

Rena had started to clear the table of the glasses and bottles and Jurina went to help her.

“So, what do you want to do first? The food is already prepared if you are hungry.”

Rena proposed as they made their way into the kitchen. She deposited the used glassed into the sink and moved the half full wine juice bottles into the fridge.

“Well, I am a little hungry but isn’t it a bit early? Maybe you could show me around?”

Jurina was right. It was just passed seven o’clock and truthfully, Rena too wasn’t that hungry.

“Alright Princess, your wish is my command. Come on then and let me show you to our humble aboard.”

She offered her hand to Jurina who had just finished emptying her tray into the sink. Jurina wasted no time in taking the hand into her own. Rena was a little taken by the happiness a simple thing as holding Jurina’s hand brought her. She stared at their joined hands.

“Is something wrong Rena-chan?”

Jurina was confused by her friend’s sudden halt.

“No, it’s nothing Jurina.”

Rena smiled assumingly at her guest. When the younger girl smiled at her in answer, Rena broke the eye contact to look around them.

“This here is our kitchen. Three years ago we renovated it and most of the rooms to give them a more modern look.”

Rena explained as if she were a house agent making a sale. She went into the living room and did the same.

“We have some Wii and PS3 games so we can check a few out later if you are interested. Some movies as well, but as you can see, my Dad is into historic architecture so most of them are Documentaries. Don’t worry though, I made some preparations for us and rented a few.”

They went in all the rooms down stairs and which Rena pointed out to Jurina is detail.

“Let’s take your bag upstairs and I will show you to our bedrooms.”

“You don’t have to carry it I can…”

“Nonsense! You are my guest so let me do this.”

Rena stopped Jurina’s protests midway.

“I hope the room is okay. I had to change it just for today.”

Rena confessed as the two climbed up the stairs to the first floor.


Jurina asked confused.

“Well, I had a feeling that you wouldn’t be up to my choice of colours and besides, it’s almost Halloween so I would’ve decorated it soon anyway.”

“But I wanted to get to know Rena-chan more. Now we have no choice but to have that silly conversation of asking each other their favourite colour and such!”

Jurina puffed her cheeks in disappointment. Rena stopped in her tracks and looked back at the girl. She thought that perhaps she should’ve kept the change to herself.

“I am sorry I didn’t think you mind it that much. I promise to not change it the next time, okay?”

Jurina’s pout was immediately replaced with a megawatt smile.

“’Next time’? You mean we are going to have more sleepovers?”

Rena hesitated for a second.

“Well, I don’t see why not!”

The look that Jurina gave Rena in reply forced the older girl to look away for she couldn’t stand the intensity of it.

“Anyway, this here is my room. Come on in.”

A few steps and Jurina was inside Rena’s room for the very first time. In fact it was the first ever time she was in somebody else’s home. She was glad that first was Rena’s for it somehow made it that more special. Looking around Jurina saw that indeed her love had changed the room for it looked nothing like the image Jurina had of it. The colours were so unlike Rena. The only Rena-like clue to the room was that it was so very well organised. Nothing stuck out like a sore thumb that didn’t belong. The room seemed larger than it actually was just because of the neatness. On the floor was a very deep pink carpet that covered the whole area even under the two beds which Jurina knew from looking at that one didn’t belong. They had just put in for Jurina to spend the night. The beds were very well done that Jurina felt a great need for some sleep which she squashed to the side as she continued her inspection. There was a study desk near the window that had books stacked not by titles but by height. On a higher shelf was a mini Hi-Fi which Rena went to after putting the bag away into the closet and switched on to play some western music.

“This is an American singer called Whitney Huston’s corroboration single ‘Count on Me’. She is one of my favourite artists.”

Rena moved to sit on one of the beds.

“So, what do you think of the room? Please come and sit if you like.”

Jurina took up the offer and sat on the other bed beside Rena.

“Thanks. Well, it definably isn’t you but the neatness of it is very you. I like it!”

Jurina’s eyes took in the room one more time before they settled on the girl at her side. She gave Rena a smile before she diverted her gave onto one of the pictures that lined the walls.

“Are those yours? I didn’t know you drew!”

“Hah, me draw? Nope, those are my Dad’s. He sometimes goes over seas because of work and while there he likes sketching for us instead of taking pictures. Like that on there is from New York as you can probably tell from Lady Liberty. That one over there is from Paris.”

Rena explained as she showed off the lined arts.

“What of that one? I don’t recognise it.”

The one Jurina was referring to, had a miniature sized pyramid shaped tablet with a carving of a golden harp on it. It stood tall in the middle of a main street.

“Oh, that is in Dublin, Ireland. The harp is the Irish emblem.”

“I see. Is your Dad an artist?”

“He is not exactly an artist per say. He is a professor teaching architecture but I guess art covers most of that course anyway, huh?”

“Sorry, I wouldn’t know anything about that.”

The two laughed.

“True, true. Hey, wanna see my album?”

Rena asked but didn’t wait for an answer as she was already set for the table and pulling out a drawer, reached inside to uncover a large book. She closed the drawer with one hand then returned to the bed. Instead of sitting at the edge as she had done before, this time she lay down with the album on the pillow side. She motioned for Jurina to join her which she did. The beds were joined together so Jurina just flipped over and moved forward.

“This is kind of embarrassing but since it’s you…”

Jurina was super excited. She was going to see a Rena that no other but Rena’s parents had seen. She figured it wasn’t such a great deal seeing as most friends probably already saw each other’s albums but Jurina couldn’t help the excitement. She took in as much Rena as she could when they went through the album. She squealed at the cuteness of the girl in her childhood which made Rena get so embarrassed she hid her face in the pillows and left Jurina to her own. Jurina was very tempted to snatch a few cute photos from the album but figured that she could ask Rena later for a few.  Jurina felt like someone who was opening a Christmas present from Santa Clause as she flipped every page.

“You are so going to give me copies of these Rena-chan. Kyan~ So cute! I so want to take some home with me.”

“Oh stop! I wasn’t that cute, you are over exaggerating.”

Rena mumbled from within the pillow still hiding away.

“I am so not, it’s the truth.”

“You are too.”

“I am not.”

“…Are too.”


Rena laughed as she unburied her head and looked to her companion. Jurina beamed back at Rena.

“I will give you whichever you need before you leave tomorrow.”

“…Really Rena-you mean that?”

“Well, I still have the negatives so I can always get them re-printed so…yeah, I mean it.”

Rena was shocked and almost knocked off her bed when Jurina jumped her and hug assaulted her suddenly.

“”I love you Rena-chan. Thank you!”

Jurina held Rena in a death hug and didn’t show signs of letting go. Rena felt like she could stay as long as she wanted where she was, with her face right in-between a still-developing chest but she needed air. It wasn’t that Jurina’s scent wasn’t heavenly, for it was and more but even that she couldn’t breathe in because her nose was blocked off with the fierceness of the hug.

“Jurina…I need…Air!”

“Did you say something?”

“I can’t breathe…”

Jurina quickly let go as if she was asked by the police to freeze. She blushed then backed off back to the other bed.

“I guess we should eat now?”

Rena tried to find a way to escape the awkward scene.


Jurina couldn’t refuse. They both stood up and went back down the stairs to get to the dining room. The trip was made in silence.

“Sit anywhere you like.”

Rena said to Jurina as they entered the Dining Room.

“No, I will help you.”

“You don’t to Jurina I can…”

“No, I will bad if you are the only one doing all the work.”

Rena gave up. She found she couldn’t win a debate with Jurina these past days.

“Well then, if you insist. Help me get out the utensils. I will show you where we keep everything. I will get the food.”

“Great, leave it to me.”



…………………………………………………………To Be Continued………………………………………………………



Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Hail Yukirin, Batman and Zack Snyder Long Live Horror

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  1. Awesome sequel!
    Please please update soon!

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  3. where i can find Matsui² fic..?

    • Hi HunterWind,

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      Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

  4. I read this story a while back and recently decided to read it again. This is by far one of the most entertaining WMatsui stories I’ve read.

    I’m a Jurina-oshi but you have certainly succeeded in converting me into a fan of Rena’s parents. Please write another story featuring Mr. & Mrs. Matsui! Come to think of it, a fic solely about Rena’s parents would probably make my day.(≧∀≦)

    • Thank you very much kurumi.

      First time I’ve seen someone love a character in the story that is far from the main LOL And parents of all people!

      Don’t know about a fic about them tho, after all it wouldn’t be yuri! Unless of course it is a different WMatsui story but with more screentime for the parents…

  5. Huhu..kurumi’s right about Rena’s parents…hihi…very interesting n funny..ah…thanks for making this continuation…


  6. Can I just say what a relief to uncover someone that truly knows what they’re discussing on the net.
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    More and more people should look at this and understand this side of the story.
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  7. Hi! I’m very new to the SKE fandom and my friend recommended me this as one of their favorite fan fics. I was wondering if you can tell me how I can read the first book Matsui² of this series?

    Thank you!

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