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The First Night Part 2


The First Night

A Matsui2 Sequel

Black Gekikara

-Part 2-


The time was just a few minutes to midnight. Rena and Jurina were relaxing on the living room couch, bundled together under a comforter as they watched the moving picture on the screen. They had had a lovely dinner together and Rena felt the eagerness of going through the experience each meal every day, even though that was simply a dream at the time. Not wanting to waste the alone time they had for the day, Rena had decided to simply soak the utensils used in the washing machine  and sink then they had moved onto playing games.

Having just ate, they had agreed to do karaoke first then moved onto the Wii to work off the incredible amount of food they had consumed. Rena didn’t remember eating more food before than she did just then. It wasn’t that the quality of the food had suddenly gotten better, she knew that.  Her body had asked for so much more than it usually demanded. Looking at the evidence, the only difference was Jurina, also there was the absence of her parents but she doubted if were she to eat alone, that she would enjoy it more than when she did with her family.

They had started off with tennis, in which Jurina totally hammered Rena. Really, Rena was the owner of the game and yet she never even won a set! It wasn’t like there was much running needed or any at all but her skills had either suddenly left her or Jurina’s physical advance over hers went even into the virtual! Rena didn’t let that bring her down though.

Turned out Jurina too had a Wii at home but that didn’t save her from Rena’s sharp eye as they moved onto the first shooter game. There was an air about Rena when she was on her laptop and it was that same concentration she showed at the moment as her eyes moved around like balls in a high magnetic field. Jurina figured Rena was the tech type then.

After they had burnt up the excess energy that wasn’t being used by the body in digestion, they had decided to settle down and watch a couple of movies. At the moment they were in the middle of a scary one.

“Since it’s almost Halloween, and you definitely need to get over your fears at this early stage…”


Rena had said as she reached for the movie shelf and slid her finger over the DVD titles.


“We are going to watch…Ah, there it is; Ginger Snaps – A perfect teen movie!”


Rena gave Jurina a beaming grin.


“What is it about?”


Jurina swallowed down the trepidation.


“Tch-tch-tch. No spoilers honey. Now come, the curtains are about to be dropped. “


Damn, there went her plan of preparation.


“What, no popcorn?”


Jurina figured that she might as well stall for time. Rena gave her a scolding look but smiled after a second.


“Easy peasy, you have a sit and watch the trailers while I pop a bag in. It will only take 2 minutes.”




“Nice try but you aren’t getting out of this one. Besides, there is nothing to be afraid of.”


Jurina looked at her sceptically.


“And why is that?”


“Well, I will be there with you, even through the night…”


Rena trailed off and her cheeks picked up colour as she realised the implications of that last part. She hastily made an exit for the kitchen, leaving a confused but amused Jurina to go take a sit. She sat there looking at a blank screen until an even more embarrassed Rena dejectedly came slithering, like a ghost, in her field of vision. She had not switched on the TV or even put the DVD into the player before she had run off.


“Don’t even think about it…”


“What, I didn’t do anything!”


“You were so going to give me a wise comment; I can see it on your face.”


“Was so not!”


“Was too.”


“The popcorn.”




Rena stared at Jurina like the girl had lost her marbles.


“How about that popcorn? At this rate we are going to have a repeat performance.”


Rena fled the room and Jurina couldn’t help the mirth that left her mouth in a soft laughter.

And so, there they were, in the middle of ‘Ginger Snaps’ when the elder sister Ginger, had started to lose control. It was a movie about werewolves and sister bonds. The forest scene when Ginger was first bit by the beast was still fresh in Jurina’s mind.  Her hands still held Rena’s arm from the scare, but thankfully she no longer had it in a death grip, Rena thought in relief.

Rena’s relief was short lived as her circulation was cut once again by her friend’s tight grip when Ginger did the final number to the poor janitor. Why was it always the janitors in those kinds of movies – The poor guy.  The scene that followed made Rena hold her breath. It had been a long while since she had seen the movie so she had forgotten most of the parts. It made her second think her movie choice when Ginger suddenly started to make the moves on her sister Bridgette. Rena spared a glance towards Jurina on her side to see what the girl thought of it but Jurina’s eyes were transfixed on the screen. That wasn’t a good sign. Rena figured she might as well play indifference. She was thankful that Jurina kept all questions and comments she had to herself.

“So, kind of scary but you will be less scared next time you see a werewolf movie, no?”

Rena stated as the credits rolled and Jurina stretched her arms out. She gave off an image of a cut stretching. Rena mused at how cute she looked!

“It had more ‘heart shock’ moments than nightmare scary. Twilight so lied to us about werewolves.”

Jurina spared an amused glance for Rena when she was done stretching.

“They lied about the vampires too. That’s it, next time I will show you a real vampire movie! I mean sparkles? Come on!”

“Yeah, like, everyone knows vampires burst into flames upon contact with the sun God!”

Jurina waved her hands in the air as an effect.

“You are so cruel sometimes, you know that?”

Rena commented as she got up to turn the machines off. After turning those off, she went for the music player and put on some soothing night music.

“Not as cruel as your inner self.”

Jurina answered with a laugh as she watched Rena go about her work.

“Hey, that’s just acting. I can’t help it if I am that great at it.”

Rena returned to her place and after she settled in, she pulled the comforter up to cover their legs.

“Are you bragging? ‘Cause if I didn’t know any better I would think you were bragging!”

Jurina leaned her head on the taller girl’s shoulder then scooted closer to get more comfortable.

“Hey, I can’t help it if I am that good. Besides, didn’t you read the comments on the official site of Majisuka Gakuen? Gekikara rocked baby!”

Rena instinctively brought an arm to wrap around the young shoulders.

“Yeah, well, nobody can act that good unless they had a connection with the character they were playing. I have noticed that most of your roles are of a crazy character. Though I guess there was one scarier than you.”

“Who is that? Yuko-senpai?”

Rena felt Jurina’s head move as she shook it.

“I can see how you’d think that since she was Rappappa’s leader but no, it’s not Oshima-san. It’s Kashiwagi Captain’s BLACK. Now that character was scary!”

“What? How could a Nun be scary? You are out of your mind.”

Rena tuned to stare at the girl in disbelief. Jurina too lifted hers to look at her crazy girlfriend.

“You seriously don’t see something strange about a Nun who speaks in ‘dark God’s Wrath’ verses? A nun that melts out and into the Blackness at will then kicks the living daylights out of people? Well, I guess Maeda beat Gekikara senseless if you couldn’t see that.”

“Hey, I demand that you to take that back! Maeda did so not beat Gekikara! She just walked away because the fun of the fight had run out! The script said so.”

Rena looked at the girl in indignation.

“Yeah yeah, the script. It’s always the script. Sure, blame the poor script, why don’t you?”

“That’s it; I am not going to take that from a character that spent most of her screen time reading a Book.”

It was Jurina’s turn to be offended.

“Hey, now wait just a damn minute, my character was…”

Rena cut her off mid-way.

“Your appeal time is up defendant. The Judge’s final decision is in, you’ve here by been found…GUILTY of all charges!”

Rena then pounced on the defenceless and guilty puppy of hers. She blinked when her arms connected with air. Jurina was already up and sneering evilly down at Rena.

“Mwahahaha – To hell with you and all your stupid laws. You will never catch me. Muahahaha. Sarabada!”

And with that, just like a criminal escaping the court, Jurina made for the stairs.

“Why you…Everyone, after that girl!”

Rena stood up and started for the chase but stopped to turn off the music first then ran after her criminal. Their feet made muffled sounds on the soft carpet as they raced into Rena’s room. Once there, Rena debated on locking the door but figured she might as well use it as bait. She pushed it wider invitingly. She then grinned and started to circle Jurina. Jurina saw her way out, thinking how stupid Rena was at leaving the door open. The girl probably thought to use it as bait. Heh, it seemed her comment about Maeda beating Gekikara senseless was right on the mark. Did Rena seriously think she could match Jurina’s speed?! The two continued to circle each other like a predator and its prey.

“I’ve got you now, most wanted No.01 Matsui Rena. There is nowhere to hide. Today is finally the day you are brought to justice.”

Rena spoke in an authoritative voice.

“We shall see about that, my long-time rival inspector Matsui Rena. HA!”

With that Criminal Matsui made for the bed to go over it but Inspector Matsui had finally put the chips down. She hulled her tiny body in a feat that stunned even Criminal Matsui, and tackled the girl down to the middle of the two beds. Inspector Matsui then proceeded to perform the law on Criminal Matsui.

Rena tickled Jurina into Kingdom come.

“No…Haha…S-Stop Rena-chan I can’t take any-anymore. Hahaha!”

Jurina was laughing so hard her lungs started to hurt!

“Not going to let you off that easy girl. You knew what was coming to you.”

The two girls tussled on the beds going from one to the other as Jurina kicked and scrambled while Rena continued her assault with the tickling. They were both breathing very hard which was why Rena finally stopped her onslaught. She fell forward and whether she knew it or not was up to debate as her body slumped over Jurina’s.  The two girls panted there in exhaustion, trying to regain their breathing. While Rena had been tickling Jurina, she had been straddling her waist and as she fell forward, her head was right beside Jurina’s so close that their skin was touching.

“Are you finally ready to admit that Gekikara is so much superior?”

Rena let out in heavy breaths as she spoke the words.

“Hah! Maeda owned Gekikara and Matsui was supposed to be the ultimate Nemesis. You do the math.”

Jurina replied also still trying to get her breathing back only to lose it once more when disaster struck!

“Maeda did not Own Gekikara! How many times do I…”

Rena couldn’t explain what happened. Why it had happen?  Rena had just wanted to make her point known by connecting eyes with Jurina. When as she lifted and turned her head so did Jurina turn to look at Rena. Two sets of widened eyes stared into each other in wonder. For an instant, time seemed to stop. No one dared breathe, blink or even twitch. A third person looking in would think the girls were turned into stone for they even seemed to have stopped breathing.

When her senses returned, Rena was amazed at the calmness she felt. She couldn’t explain exactly how but she knew that it was the same with the girl under her. Her eyes softened as they took in the brown depth before her. Jurina did the same and the two looked into each other’s souls.

Seeing as Jurina was at the bottom and thus had nowhere to go, even though at the moment she didn’t seem to want to go anywhere, not that Rena wanted to be anywhere, do anything else other than what they were doing, Rena decided to move first. Her movements showed all the qualities of the battle of the mind over the body for only her conscious wanted to move but nothing else.

Despite the very low level of noise, almost none existent, the sound of the pair of soft flesh separating was loud enough for both of them to hear. There even seemed to be an echo in the room. It had been the result of an accident but Rena knew she would never forget the moment. True Jurina had stolen her first kiss before, as they had talked about it on the Radio, but that was some fun thing. There was no meaning in it. Now that they were…going out, even an accidental one, or one on a cheek meant way more than just simple smooches between friends.

Jurina stared up at her love and hoped that the disappointment she felt at the loss of contact was not bare on her face. She wanted nothing more than to have those soft pieces of flesh on hers again. In fact she had involuntarily started to lift her head when Rena, her darling Rena, beat her to it and met her halfway.

The kiss started out slow and close mouthed. They touched lips and then let go, building up the excitement until it got too much for them then the period of separation decreased and decreased until they separated no more.

Jurina gave in first as she offered up her mouth for Rena whose interest in exploration suddenly skyrocketed. There was a tiny voice in the back of Rena’s head screaming at her to think of what she was doing but she might as well have been dreaming. Jurina’s warm velvet intoxicated her every being and she felt all her nerves concentrated on that part where she and Jurina were joined as she felt more there than anywhere on her body.

Whereas Rena seemed to lose her body strength, Jurina was gaining more and more as she felt a sudden need to feel every part of Rena body. Lacking any experience and thus having zero resistance conscious, Jurina couldn’t stop her hands from wandering the small frame on top of her. Inexperienced hands felt, massaged, and trailed the tiny back starting from the shoulder blades then making their way downwards. As if they had a mind of their own, Jurina’s hands mapped out all the croons and curves on Rena’s back and when they could not go any farther, they forced Jurina to get up so that they could gain a wider range of exploration.

Rena was too busy drowning in the sea that was Jurina’s scent to notice, or maybe she just didn’t give a damn, for she made no motions of resistance or acknowledgement when Jurina sat them both up and they found themselves in a new position.

Rena was now straddling Jurina’s thighs with her legs folded on either side of Jurina’s hips and her hands freely combing the hairs on Jurina’s head then as if bored with that, they went on to memorize the girl’s bone structure in slow, sensuous hand movements. Jurina’s hands leaving the tiny waist of Rena’s after getting them up, were happy to continue their tour as they moved from the waist to the shapely butt then moved onto the hips and from there massaged the nicely toned thighs.

Their mouths never left each other even for a second.

As if getting jealous of their counterpart, Rena’s hands too suddenly picked up pace. Showing off would have to wait for the fourth or even the fifth time but at the moment, they just had to feel.

Jurina’s much more sensitive body forced her to let out a muffled whimper from the electricity that was coming off Rena’s fingers in giga amperes as the long digits played her body like a musical instrument. Rena’s hand came down to caress Jurina’s stomach then went under her shirt to touch bare skin. Poor Jurina finally stopped all motor functions as she let Rena work her magic on her. Up and up Rena’s hands went until they reached the black sporty bra underneath. The long fingers paused there as if making sure their master was still snoring away before tip-toeing on forward. Jurina on her part was suddenly aware of those hands and the rest of her attention that wasn’t on the kissing was given to that part of the skin. She unknowingly stopped breathing when the teasing fingers very slowly and carefully started to sneak from beneath the cotton barrier.  The world seemed to stop for the younger girl.

Then there came the front door bell ringing, signalling the return of the parent!




……………………………………….To Be Continued?……………………………………….




A/N: Daaaamn!! I am so Evil!

Ku ku ku!

Blame BLACK’s influence. Why are all we messengers of God so Ebel?!!!

Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Hail Yukirin, Batman and Zack Snyder Long Live Horror

5 thoughts on “The First Night Part 2

  1. So cute!
    You should watch this show ‘101106 Star Hime Sagashi Taro ep09’.
    Jurina boldly declares that Rena-chan is the prettiest in the SKE48 *.* I think Rena is still blushing right now ^^

  2. Unfortunately Rena-chan chose Furukawa Airi as the cutest among SKE, but Jurina said she will give her best to be the number 1 to Rena-chan *.*

    • If you see to the right on twitter entries, you will find that I already watched it in fact.


      But it is so clear that Jurina likes Rena while Rena on the other hand shows very little interest in Jurina.

      Poor Jurina.

  3. Pls!Continue…^^’
    Adorei…I was on curiosity…onegai! continua..*-*

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