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Fic – 5 Minutes [Yukirin/Sakura-tan]


5 Minutes

By Black Gekikara

A Cherry Blossom Snow Fan Fic

Rated Mature


Why hello there Dear Reader, long time no see! It’s been, what, a year? I don’t believe I’ve seen you since last year! Oh how time flies! It’s feels like it was just yesterday LOL

Seriously though, Happy New Year Ladies and Gentlemen. I have actually had a very shitty start of the year but more on that later. Right now is time for happiness and I have no right to spoil yours so here is a little something for yous all. Hope you like…

PS: Cherry Blossom Snow is my ship name for Sakura x Yuki. ^_-


5 minutes

It has been 5 minutes of awkward staring silence between the 22 and the 16yrs old. Five minutes since their Managers left them at the elder’s apartment in Tokyo for the night. Five minutes past 4 in the morning it was as the elder had just come back from the busiest and longest day of the year for the past few years. The elder girl’s manager had a dry sense of humour as proved by the current state Yukirin, Kashiwagi Yuki found herself in.

5 minutes of hell for Yukirin for, she was left in a sea of misty thoughts because she could not decide on what to do first, let alone at all. She hadn’t known beforehand that she would be having someone over, let alone spending the night – and not for even just one night! No, that would be too easy! Sakura was to spend the days during the shooting of the Fall single at her place and judging from the previous experience, it will be no less than two weeks!

It was 5 minutes of soul reflecting for the younger Miyawaki Sakura too for, Yukirin was pretty sure in these five minutes she had managed to erase all the good qualities her fellow Kagoshima-born and raised saw in her enough for her to look up to Yukirin. After all, who in their right minds would still admire a woman that suddenly looked retarded, what with Yukirin stupidly opening her mouth as if to say something, only to close it back when she did not and the looking everywhere but at the only other person in the vicinity!

She wasn’t retarded, just so you know. She had a very good reason to be at a loss of what to do. It might seem kind of silly but Yukirin was afraid. She was afraid of the six years younger girl standing only a few feet from her, mainly her reaction might Yukirin find the nerve to actually say something that is, was what had her so afraid. Not that she did not have a reason for the crime she knows she committed towards Sakura! But for some reason, now that she thinks of them, all the excuses as to why she ignored the younger girl in front of the others, when she thinks of those excuses, that is all they feel like – plain excuses.

She never spared the girl a look, let alone a smile in one of the many times they could meet all year. All those concerts, all those chances that they had for them to get closer, to bond, and she treated the girl like any other younger sister group member. In fact, she treated her even less. Not once during the rehearsals did she go up to Sakura and say hello, or even give the un-wanted advice! She did nothing! The only two people from their hometown, even though they were in different groups and she did not even show to the world that connection. Even despite their being that far apart with Sakura all the way in Hakata and Yukirin in Tokyo, the Fates had given them chances to get closer, first being that Sakura was chosen to be in the AKP16 first of all. Then the second chance as Sakura not only made it in Senbatsu on her own but all the way to Undergirls this past year. Yet Yukirin still bombed it. Fate being that good so as to give them another chance with all those Dome Tour concerts and yet, and yet…!

Yukirin had cooked up some reasons as to why she did not take action, fed them to herself and actually digested the lies but that was all they seem now – lies. Lies like other members taking her getting closer to Sakura as favouritism and all that nonsense. Yeah, she felt like banging her head on the pillar right next to her as punishment for her stupidity. She had been a fool. It was time to face the music because her body was starting to do strange things and if she did not do what she had wanted to do ever since she had laid eyes on Sakura this night (or was that morning?) she was going to explode. And so she pulled what she thought to be a resolved look and pierced her gaze on the lovely brown eyes that were staring into her own with amusement.

“I…Can I? I-Is it okay if…” Yukirin felt the blood rushing to her face! She couldn’t believe that a 16 year old girl was affecting her so. That was supposed to be her game, she was the player not the played! But when a sure nod came as the reply from Sakura…

“It’s alri-…” Yukirin did not let Sakura finish speaking before she let herself go.

It has been 5 minutes that Sakura has stood there like a doll, being played with like one too, by her Senpai, her lovely Senpai. She did not mind one bit. She did not care that the elder girl held her so close that even lovers would be jealous of their proximity. She did not mind the strangeness of the silence that was cut only with the sensuous sounds of the caresses that she was subjected to by her lovely Idol. All the heat that radiated from both the fully-grown body that literally melted into her very sensitive one, and the heat which came from the breath that washed over her as she was breathed in and then out so close to her ear, then her neck, then her cheek, all that heat was soaked right through her skin and into her very soul.

Miyawaki Sakura did not mind that she was being held like a lover by one Kashiwagi Yuki.

Yukirin on the other hand was not aware at all, not anymore, of the things that she was doing. Neither was she aware of how what she was doing looked like to the observer, let alone the subject herself. All her body, mind and soul wanted, needed, she was giving them – All the things, and feelings she had wanted to fill Sakura with, she was giving it all in this moment. All the past year’s worth of affection would be delivered this night. And since she only had a few hours of it left, then with haste, proceed she will!

“Oh!” Sakura let out a surprised cry when she was suddenly hefted off her feet and into strong arms…bridal style! “W-Where are we going?” She couldn’t help but ask, even though it was no use asking since they were not going out of the apartment. Chances were to the bedroom? What, she wasn’t that innocent! And so, she found herself surprised once again in the same minute by her Senpai’s answer.

“To take a bath. Did you already have one?” With a surprised nod, Yukirin only smiled. “Well, tough.” As if to show that Sakura had no option in the matter, she secured her hold onto the smaller girl as she pulled her closer to her body, if that was even possible with how close they already were to each other. Sakura did not even move a muscle. She just watched the walls scroll passed them as they made their way to the room she would be seeing just for the second time in her life! She had already taken a bath when she had arrived earlier, with her manager’s consent of course, and though she had spent quite a few good minutes admiring the tiled space, she couldn’t help her wandering eyes when they finally made it there and she was deposited back on her feet.

Everything was so well organised. Not one thing was out in the open. All the toiletries were hidden away in the in-wall mounted cabinets. Everything was so modern and digital. She couldn’t remember the number of button she had to press to do something. There was probably a remote somewhere around too. The right half of the right wall nearest to the door was a floor mirror. Within that mirror were hidden the cabinet with the toothbrushes and soaps. If one did not know of its location beforehand, they wouldn’t think it was there.

Sakura’s revision study was cut off short when her body’s defences automatically kicked in. She was being un-dressed! That realisation came five seconds later after her hands her taken a hold of slightly bigger ones of her Senpai’s. Then she went completely crimson when her brain finally caught up with the lightning fast impulses of her nervous system.

“What are you doing…?” Her question came out more of a squeal and with her strange voice, it was a strange new sound indeed. At least she has never had that sound come from her own mouth before.

“What, you want to shower with your clothes on?” Yukirin had thought that the girl was waiting for her to help her undress after just standing there looking spacy. Yukirin was already down to her birthday suit and had the shower already running to warm up yet when she had turned, the girl was still fully dressed and did not look like she would be joining her any time soon so she had taken steps.

“No, it’s not that. I c-can do it myself…”

“Well I was first so better luck next time. Now…Banzai!” With the no-nonsense way that she was being spoken to, Sakura said nothing more but raise her arms up and could only close her eyes and try to channel her super powers of invisibility as Yukirin lifted her black t-shirt over her head leaving her in her pink bra. As soon as her arms were free of the cotton and polyester, they instantly fell down to feebly cover her semi-grown chest. The already closed eyelids were crushed even harder together when Sakura felt fingers hook between her skin and the waistband of her short shorts then proceeded to be pulled downwards over her thighs, then her knees and soon under her feet at her own consent.

“Come now Sakura, there is no need for that. It’s not like I haven’t seen everything before anyway.” Well, Yukirin hadn’t actually seen EVERYTHING but that will all be changing. IF, everything goes according to plan that is. When she saw the girl let her arms fall to her sides in resignation, Yukirin couldn’t help thinking THE LINE. She tried to fight off the other unknown Yukirin as she reached over Sakura’s upper arms to get to her bra hook. Totally failing in her inner battle against Beastly YUKirin, the other YUKirin sprang free and into action as she teasingly, not to mention unnecessarily, crushed her bare chest into the bra-covered smaller ones of Sakura. When she did not get the reaction she was expecting from the younger girl, she frowned. It was probably because of that bra between them that was the foreign factor. Well, she will have to try that again, as soon as the thing was out of the equation!

And she did just that! Not even leaving space between them to pull the bra away, YUKirin still attached to Sakura at the chest, slowly pulled the bra away. First, it was from the friction between cloth and skin that got a reaction from Sakura when she stopped breathing. Then came a gasp when she felt YUKirin’s bare chest crushing into her own. If Sakura could see the smile that ghosted over the older girl’s face, she would have had reason to be afraid.

5 minutes they stayed like that, with YUKirin just holding Sakura and occasionally moving her chest a couple of degrees back and forth. Sakura on the other hand could not remember ever having such a hard time simply staying on her feet. The feelings she had felt that first time the two had taken a shower together, when her Senpai had stayed over to their house, were nothing even remotely close to what she was feeling at this moment. She only prayed that her Senpai would keep holding her lest she fall on her ass and embarrass herself.

Yukirin granted her wish. Five more minutes she spent, caressing the smooth back of Sakura’s, then occasionally moving up to that lovely short cut. She really, really loved the girl’s current cut. She somehow looked momentously more charming than when she did with longer hair. Really, all for the best too since Yukirin did not see the attraction in childish hairdos, especially pigtails. She reminded herself to mention her appreciation of the new Sakura to her at some point.

When Yukirin felt that the girl had calmed down enough, she pulled away and got on her knees again to take away the last piece of clothing. But then it was her turn to be majorly wigged. This was un-charted territory. She was sure she would get a glimpse of…of…She was not ready! She willed her hands to stop shaking because, hello, she was a grown woman! Sakura was probably worse off so she had to be the adult here! Putting on what she thought looked like a resolved face, Yukirin delicately took a hold of the silky whites that suddenly seemed very intimidating, like some kind of Ultimate Arch-angel guarding the entrance to God’s domain! Suddenly the simple act of undressing a piece of underwear seemed very, very different – like there was a deeper meaning in the act. As if it was the last decision, a choice that would change everything to come. But a decision had to be made and choose Yukirin did.

She brutally defeated the Arch Angel and Heaven was revealed to her once the invisible doors were opened to her. And just like any other unworthy trespasser, she was lost within the un-paralleled glorious virtue that lay within. For 5 minutes no one moved. Sakura just wanted to be devoured out of existence by the Langoliers and Yukirin couldn’t escape the view that assaulted not just her vision but the rest of her senses too. Her mouth lay slack open, her arms stone still with the silks in her fingers and levitated mid-way around Sakura’s thighs. It was like time had stood still for, there was no motion but that involuntary and abnormal breathing of the two presences in the tiled room.

Thankfully, and Yukirin was so very thankful, Sakura got her wits back first to finally get the world moving again.

“Um…Are you…are you okay…Kashiwagi-san…?” Sakura swallowed when the woman before her finally looked up and their eyes met. She did not know what it was about the look but she felt a very strange chill go down her spine when their eyes met. It was like she had been looking into the eyes of a completely different person. But when those eyes, those very alien eyes, blinked, it was as if that other person was blinked out of existence because now all that stared back was her usual lovely Kashiwagi-san.

“Sakura-chan, what did I tell you about referring to me like that!” A smile ghosted over Sakura’s face when the young woman even sounded like herself. She even forgot about the embarrassing situation they were in as she eagerly lifted her left foot, then her right so Yukirin could completely remove her panties. She did not know what it had been about Kashi…Yukirin-san in that moment but she hoped she wouldn’t get to see that person again. “We better get in the shower before all the hot water runs out, ne…”

Sakura only nodded, still smiling, which was reciprocated by Yukirin’s own. Yukirin got in the shower first then she reached a hand out to Sakura who instantly took it and was pulled in to join her Senpai in the shower. Yukirin’s arm was already around Sakura, holding her close under the running threads of warm calming water as soon as she got in. With the other, she pressed a button on the wall the half-open glass barrier fully slid into closed position to prevent the water from splashing out. Another button slid a tile open and a drawer out containing the showering tools. With an arm still holding Sakura close, Yukirin reached for a bottle of shampoo. She rested her arms on Sakura’ shoulders while behind her back, she pressed some substance into her other hand. Reluctantly, she pulled away from Sakura so she could safely apply the agent into the lovely short and rich dark hair of the younger girl.

She gave Sakura a smile when the girl opened her eyes slightly and their eyes connected. Sakura smiled back and Yukirin couldn’t remember ever feeling so…complete before. It was as if she had done this a million times before to the point of it becoming a necessary unconscious behaviour, like breathing – precious, necessary, life essential but effortless! She is the only child in her family but she doubted this was how sisters felt like. More like lovers maybe, but she is also un-experienced in that arena so she can’t be too sure but it was more likely that than family. Maybe soul mates?

She wished she could keep touching that lovely hair, maybe forever, but it wouldn’t do for the shampoo to dry up so she had to say goodbye. A pout could not be avoided and Sakura watched that change in her Senpai’s expressions with a smile, and the rest that followed. This time reaching for the rub and after lathing it up, Yukirin began to wash Sakura from neck to toe. A process that was filled with more hardships than the un-dressing, if that was even possible.

It most certainly was possible!

The first huddle came up sooner than expected when Yukirin got to Sakura’s collar bone, just below them to be exact. Not surprising, her hand hesitated when it occurred to her that the following stroke with bring her in contact with one of two perfectly attentive and firm breasts. For some reason a memory from her later childhood when she grinded her Dad with questions during on Bible-reading night as to why Adam couldn’t resist a simple offer of a bite from a fruit when he had been strictly forbidden from eating it by God. Because Lord help her, in that moment she was Adam trying her hardest to resist the saliva-inducing and resolve-crushing allure of those apple-sized mounds that stood invitingly in-front of her.

Yukirin promised herself a pat on the back later for having succeeded in resisting the temptation and instead of her mouth, it was the rub that passed, not so innocently, over the two mounds that had to be the Devils best work to date! Ha! Like she would fall for that! Her victory was short lived though, for, when it came to the final and impossible huddle, she could just imagine not only the Devil, but God too laughing at her feeble attempt at resisting the one thing that no living creature had ever had success in resisting. It was God’s masterpiece. The one thing that even the most royal of Angels could not resist! And while she still had a semblance of awareness, Yukirin could only say one word that she thought would give her better life in eternal hell!


The word was spoken with such lose control that Sakura almost did not catch it, but she did, and that is all she was allowed to cipher before she was completely and mercilessly undone. All that she was, all that she thought she had lived for, learned all these sixteen years was completely screwed useless when a mass of wet long hair and the hottest breath she had ever felt connected and attached onto sensitive skin between her legs. Sakura could no longer tell surprise from shock least of all where which came from what! All her senses left the rest of her useless parts of the body to concentrate to only one. Her sense of touch failed her for she could not feel the pain that had to have been there when she felt her head hit the tiled wet wall behind her at the surprise of the attack. Her vision going dark, said all there was about her sense of sight. The ringing in her ears told of the tell-tale of he lost hearing. Taste? Did she still have a tongue?

All of those senses were changed into just one – touch. Which meant that it was turned up to over 11 and concentrated in just one area. The one area she never thought would ever be subjected to such attention like it was being by Yukirin. The things that she was being assaulted with were unknown to her, foreign, yet she could not do a thing feel, feel as they intensified and she felt like she was being changed! She felt like something unnatural was happening to her! OMG, was she dying!?! She had to warn Yukirin-san but she couldn’t move! Yet she felt like she was getting farther and farther away from herself. It felt like she was being erased but at the same time not. It did not make any sense at all! Her heart was racing faster and faster, too fast to be normal. The air passed through her nose so fast that she felt like she was breathing fire. This had to stop. She was going to d-she was going to-


Yukirin was brought back to herself with the strange soul-piercing scream! She got confused at first with the sight that greeted her, which was a small patch if curly black hairs. She couldn’t remember her pillow looking like that. And she did not have pets nor did she sleep with stuffed animals. So what was she seeing? Was she still dreaming? No, she doubted that. Her mind getting clearer, she started making out details. First it was the skin, then a couple of flashes of memory then everything connected and bolted up and away like she had been hugging a furnace with burning coals in her mouth.

Coals in her mouth…?

“Oh God. Oh God Oh GodOhGodOhGod! No! This isn’t…No! What have I done!?”

She brought a hand up to cover her mouth in shock only for her brain to take that opportunity to inform her of the taste and texture of what was in her mouth. The first thing she thought of was that she liked the taste. The next was trying to not throw up when she realised what she had just thought. Having bent over slightly in motion, her eyes fell on Sakura, who was then lying at an awkward angle on the tab flow, her eyes glazed over.

“S-sakura? SAKURA! Are you okay?! OMG I’m so sorry. Please Sakura…”

Yukirin was kneeling next to the girl in a second and trying to get back to the world of the living! Oh God, she hoped she wasn’t dead. Instantly Yukirin started checking for injuries. There was no blood but she might have hit her head and was bleeding internally. God, how could she have been so stupid and careless!

Having felt no strange dents in her skull, Yukirin began to lightly slap Sakura’s cheeks to get her to react, then harder when the girl did not show acknowledgment. She was about to go out and call their managers when thankfully Sakura suddenly moved.

“Wha…? What happened? Where…?”

“Are you okay Sakura-chan? OMG I am so sorry. I’m so sorry!”

“Yu-Yukirin-san? Why are you apologising? What’s…Oh…OH!”

Sakura was surprised and instantly blood rushed to her face when she finally focused on Yukirin and then even redder and more shocked when 2 was added to 2 and she got a perfect 4!

“I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have done that. I…” Yukirin did not think she had ever felt so horrible in all her life! For the first time in a long while, she let herself be seen as the girl she is. Burying her face within her hands, Yukirin cried as she continuously apologised! Not long after, she felt warm and wet arms wrap around her and a soft body cover around her like a safety blanket. That made her cry harder though. And the sweet comforting words that were sent floating in her ear only made it worse. She cried and cried, what felt like ten years’ worth of tears.

In reality, it had been no longer than 5 minutes and all through that, Sakura held her previous Senpai. She had so many questions about what had occurred not moments before but now was not the time. There was time for talk later. Time of which they had a lot! For the moment, the roles reversed and Sakura took over cleaning the two of them off so they could get out of the shower. Her skin was starting to react to the long exposures to water.

They had all the time in the world.



Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Hail Yukirin, Batman and Zack Snyder Long Live Horror

21 thoughts on “Fic – 5 Minutes [Yukirin/Sakura-tan]

  1. Finis??? Not, of course! 🙂

  2. Now you’ve done it!! That was…over the chart. And I’m getting back at you for this!! Yukirin and Acchan meet SutoPani, I’ll definitely do it!

      • You’ll regret it! It’s going to be a masterpiece…probably not I am a bad writer after all.

        And just to tease you my adaptation cast:
        Hanazono Shizuma >>>> Kashiwagi Yuki
        Aoi Nagisa >>>> Maeda Atsuko
        Susumi Tamao >>> Oshima Yuko
        Ohtori Amane >>>>> Shinoda Mariko

        I am still considering the others!

        Thanks for giving an excuse to actually write it!!!

        “ψ(`∇´)ψ ( ̄┏Д┓ ̄ ) ( ►_◄ )-c<*_*; )

      • So then I guess there will be rivalry between Yukirin and Yuko for Acchan’s affection?

        Interesting indeed…That is, if you actually follow the original story line LOL

      • Follow the plot, I shall. Of course it is an adaptation, meaning I’ll tweak some things, but I’ll certainly stick to the cannon as much as possible. Though I won’t be as explicit with the details of those “intimate moments” ψ(`∇´)ψ.

        Or will I??

      • Are you referring to me and this fic or StoPani (With explicity I mean)?

      • Are you referring to me and this fic or StoPani (With explicity I mean)?

        But really, I want some Acchan R scenes with Yukirin…or else

      • Pick one. ψ(`∇´)ψ

        You’ll get your scenes…

  3. This is…… I can’t even…… Arrrggghhhhhh!!!!!

  4. ……….. Why the hell did I write that?!?!? See I said that Yuko’s graduation would effect me in weird ways!! Yeah I totally meant Matsuoka Natsumi

    That’s a very my bad!!!

  5. I read this. It had a bit too much “casual post-style comment” but otherwise it was very well written. But this Kashiwagi scared me here though. Like if we put all the lolicons from SKE48 and inject their personality and hunger into Kashiwagi’s mind.

    I say it one more time. This was well written. And I read it. I think that is a compliment on if its own. At lest from me… 😛

    • Thank you for reading ^^

      Well, it was supposed to be from their minds, the narration I mean, yet it ended up being mixed in with third person view, so I admit a mistake there ^^

      But really, no one knows what goes on in another person’s mind so personal thoughts could be anything, most definitely not formal, that’s for sure!

  6. This is the first time I actually commented but I’ve read about all of your stuff on here and in my humble opinion your fic’s are the most enjoyable.
    What I enjoy about them is that they’re not that brash and not that ‘out-there’ compared to some others.
    (Fics are ofc fics but some behavior is too strange for me sometimes lol)

    This one I like especially because it sounds nice, gentle and not explicit.
    (What’s actually happening is explicit ofc LOL) It’s a smart way of telling something. Also, good story structure and stuff like the 5-minutes title + ending line makes it feel more like a piece of text that somebody actually put a lot of thought into.

    Oh and the pairing of course, one of my favorites and just in time when Sakura is looking more mature too.
    (As you’ve definitely also noticed, with that short cut as well ofc).

    They may sound like a lot of flattery, but that’s how I feel about it. I’ve read a lot of stuff like this but yours makes me want to know more.

    So please, allow me to know more in the future.

    • First of all, thank you for finally joining the voices of Yuri Goggles and having lurked before that. I know how hard it is to switch from lurker to commenter believe me so I am really happy you finally was able to do it.

      Secondary, please never stop the flattery! You have no idea how much nice words once in a while mean to writers! Let me tell you, it means a lot. In case you haven’t gotten to it yet, it’s because of you that I was able to push out my latest fic today. I was planning on posting it next Christmas but waking up to your commenting totally pushed me into over-drive and voila!

      So thank you very much. It is really nice to get people who remember that fic writers are all not literature students! ^^

      Any way, very glad you loved my fic and it is great to meet other shippers even though we have yet to actually get canon content of the two, though I have hope. One of these days these two will start getting units and when that time comes… Fufufu

      Not that it will stop me from dishing out more of the Kagoshima reps, Na uh!

      So yeah, thank you once again fro the lovely words and indeed, Sakura-tan is really shaping up nicely. I really want to see her and Yukirin in a unit for once darn it! Even though I love Natsun and she loves Yukirin very much, she had already like had three times with Yukirin. It’s like they are purposefully avoiding getting these two together!

      Well, all the more fire power for me to write about them until some one from Management gets wind of my wish!

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