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Dear God, Why so tsundere!

MIKA☆RIKA 「FUNKY OL ~仕事したくないよ~」リリース記念ミニライブ&握手会 - YouTube.mp4 - 00010
MIKA☆RIKA 「FUNKY OL ~仕事したくないよ~」リリース記念ミニライブ&握手会 - YouTube.mp4 - 00006 MIKA☆RIKA 「FUNKY OL ~仕事したくないよ~」リリース記念ミニライブ&握手会 - YouTube.mp4 - 00015MIKA☆RIKAちゃんねる vol.3 前編 - YouTube.mp4 - 00010 MIKA☆RIKAちゃんねる vol.3 前編 - YouTube.mp4 - 00018
MIKA☆RIKAちゃんねる vol.3 前編 - YouTube.mp4 - 00037 MIKA☆RIKAちゃんねる vol.3 後編 - YouTube.mp4 - 00014
MIKA☆RIKAちゃんねる vol.3 後編 - YouTube.mp4 - 00012

How can you make me so sad and then so happy in the course of one day?!

That’s right people, you are not dreaming! These two lovely look-alikes that are still attached to the hip are the ones and only Nakamura twins! A hole in your memory? Well dear friends, it’s them two from way back when in that only Wincest movie I’ve ever seen…

Brulee 0
brulee-07 brulee-08


I really can’t believe it! I never thought I would never, ever see them ever again! Especially with the karma that was on that movie! In fact it’s a miracle we got to see it even!

And yet 5 years later, that’s right, 5 frikkin year later we meet again! And what a joy my heart is filled with, to see that they are still so close! I swear, from all the videos I’ve seen, they have to remind themselves that they are not alone so they can’t be glued together! They fail horribly!

My heart I tell you >.<

So, why now?! What’s the occasion you ask? Well, it’s like this – They are doing the IDOL thingie! In these times also known as the Idol Warring Period, The Nakamura twins rise up to the challenge but wait, they aren’t like any other Idols! First of all, they are a 2P unit, their names make up their name – MIKA☆RIKA. Secondary, their music is of the Indy genre so while that might give them a very limited audience, I am very glad they have a uniqueness to them any way!

They have already released their first single too [Funky OL ~ I don’t wanna work] and I am already in love with them after seeing the PV. Well, I was already smitten but adding their already awesome awesomeness to the word IDOL, and Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a WINAR!

God, How happy I am right now you guys have no idea even! I can’t believe I went from upside down this morning from watching (rewatching) Sayaka’s Grad concert to smiling like an idiot when I raided YT for these two! But even as awesome as I found their PV for their first single, the everyday videos of them is what hits me harder!


Any who, caps…

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Riichan cha-chan

Happy New Year? Bitch please, it’s Riichan!

I love how Ripopo came out with a Riichan (fake one this time around) to wish for more Riichan loving for 2014. Then came Maachun, also wishing for a Riichan. Then BAM! We get a Riichan


But srsly, all these teasers are driving me nuts! I want ma Riichan 24hr TV show, last year darn it!


In tears…That’s how I started the year!

Manatsu no Dome Tour D Tokyo 1b.m2ts - 00077
Manatsu no Dome Tour D Tokyo 1b.m2ts - 00009 Manatsu no Dome Tour D Tokyo 1b.m2ts - 00070
Manatsu no Dome Tour D Tokyo 1b.m2ts - 00039
Manatsu no Dome Tour D Tokyo 1b.m2ts - 00116 Manatsu no Dome Tour D Tokyo 1b.m2ts - 00118
Manatsu no Dome Tour D Tokyo 1b.m2ts - 00119

Manatsu no Dome Tour D Tokyo 1b.m2ts - 00055 Manatsu no Dome Tour D Tokyo 1b.m2ts - 00100
Manatsu no Dome Tour D Tokyo 1b.m2ts - 00107


Yes, go on and say it. I know you want to! Tell me how foolish I was, watching this right as I went into the New Year! Go on and say it! It’s not my fault that I did not realise that I had a major crush on Akimoto Sayaka until this frikkin concert! Which BTW made this way more soul crushing than even Acchan’s graduation was! Acchan was one of my Top 10 AKB girls and when I cried more on Sayaka’s graduation than I did Acchan’s there is just something quite not right! Turns out I loved Sayaka more than I even ever realised! And that realisation came far too late!

I cried so hard yet I did not even want to leave the room to go get tissues so I was all soaked through with tears when the concert ended! Everything was really perfect on this day. That ultimate touch of the other graduated 2nd Gen members coming to the concert! God! It was the Angels themselves coming down to escort Sayaka’s soul onto the highest plane of existence! And that song! That lovely song that Yasusu, that nice Dude Yasusu, went of his way to write especially for Sayaka! What a perfect song! Then the fans, even though I was like Yuko, being pissed at them for deciding to now show their love for Sayaka, it was really moving seeing only green envelope the whole Dome!

Then there is Yuko.

30% of my FEELS during this watching was because of her! If anyone did not get a heavy feeling in their throat while watching this and seeing Yuko, you are emotionless monsters you hear me? Emotionless monsters!!!!

Oh My God Yuko! It was like I could totally see the moment when she finally gave up and went “FUCK THIS, I’M SO DONE WITH THIS SHIT”! I swear toy you all, forgive me Yuko fans, all you Yuko fans out there, forgive me when I say that I would have actually jumped up in rejoicing tears if Yuko had up and quit right at that moment!


Ahem, forgive me but I am totally un-stable right now! And to make matters worse, When I was watching this yesternight, I did not get the caps. I had reinstalled my player and forgot to reset the capture settings so I had to fuckin watch it again today to get the caps and guess what!?! My face is all fuckin wet again!

But that was not the fuckin worst! Having calmed my tits enough to browse tumblr to father calm down, U go and see the news of Yuko announcing her graduation during Utagassen I believe? I swear my soul kind of died in that moment! Having gotten off the high of wanting Yuko to up and leave then minutes later seeing her graduation announcement…yeah…

I know this practically happened in 2013 but I can’t help but blame 2014! How can I be happy when I started the year in fuckin tears! And not the good kind either! And of course with these things, comes garbage along with it, like memories related to the same subject and so I was reminded of that conversation Yuko and Takamina had in a certain AKB48 SHOW episode about graduations and the FEELS fuckin happened all over again, realising how hurting, really hurting Yuko was! I swear I ma really surprised she waited this long to fuckin up and leave!

It’s safe to say that Team K is officially fucked now, right? Well then, brace yourselves for Team Shuffles this year lads. You heard it first from yours truly BG!

Fuck all these graduations, man, fuck em!

Thank the good Lord it seems like at 25 is when we can expect normal graduations. Which means MayuYukirin still have 3 years! I don’t think I can survive Yukrin’s Graduation and Mayuyu inevitable complete break-down! We can all agree that that will be the most FEEL-inducing graduation to ever grace the face of the earth! It’s sadistic but I am looking forward to it happening! I am sure it will be one for the records. If Yukirin is the one to graduate, I am sure Mayuyu will do something to remember! I don’t know what but shit will go down.

Anyway going back to Tokyo Dome, the surprise of the night was none other than Sae! I was actually expecting her to cry the hardest but pretty correct me if I am wrong but she did not shed a single tear, did she? I don’t know, maybe she turned her emotions off for the night or was so far gone she forgot how to cry or maybe she is just that strong hearted which really puts her at the top of my respect ladder! How could she have not cried that night!? She had to be the closest member to Sayaka, as far as I am aware so…You know what? I am so done with this post…

fuck this[3]

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2013 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Happy New Year to you all once again and thank you for visiting, and revisiting Yuri Goggles over the last year. It has been my busiest so far for sure, with almost 300 posts!! I’ve had more visits this past year than ever with around 40% of the overall hits happening in 2013! For sure I won’t be out-doing 2013! I just know it.

Now to extend special thanks to some of my favourite visitors. Kragorin, congrats, you managed to win back your No.1 spot at Top Commenters, followed by Willmark840 then Shiro then OG then YuRiAnDo. Thank you so much guys.

Anyway for more, go over to this link…

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