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Fic – Little Things [YukiRena]


little things

Little Things

Black Gekikara

An AKB48/SKE48 Kashiwagi Yuki x Matsui Rena Fic based on the events of AKB to XX ep 56

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So, I found this in my Notes Box on Tumblr…


So I figured, why not? And while I was at it, I challenged myself to write a fic without dialogue. The results?

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To Kashiwagi Yuki, little things meant the way the dance instructors curved their hands during instruction classes. They meant the amount of force that was put into a certain twist of the waist or how steep the angle at the knee when executing a dance move. Little things meant the way a fan’s face would twitch as a reaction to what she did or said, or how the crowd reacted when a certain song was about to start.

Before that night, that was all little things meant to Yukirin. It was no secret that she was a loner. The closest members to her sometimes even went so far as to call her un-interested in people. To them, she came off as a grade-A narcissist but Yukirin knows she is no such thing. She just finds that she is happier when alone that when with other people. Sure she tries to get out of that habit and start mingling with other members especially the young new ones but it is still way out of her comfort zone.

It wasn’t until that night that she found out a whole new meaning of little things and how these little things could change her and those around her. She is of course referring to the night they recorded a certain special episode of the show AKB to XX. It was all thanks to a certain young woman, someone you would least expect something of the sort from. She knew this because she had thought them the same. This young woman and she herself were too alike it was almost comical. She was surprised that night but not that it had been her of all people. They were still the same. They both hard their own little things except those little things were of a different kind. That night she leaned of the other kind thanks to the young woman, and who might that be?

SKE48’s Matsui Rena.

Everything that night began as normal. They had done this same shooting, this same concept several times already which a few members actually pointed out. Everything was normal, well, as normal as can be, her body shadowing Mayuyu as always, camera flowing the group from every angle and all that. Everything was normal until the music started playing. At big gatherings like this you knew something was about to go down when music started playing so she got her guard up ready for anything they would spring up on them. She was not prepared for what actually happened!

Yuki did not see Rena, hadn’t even been thinking about her at all to admit the shame that truth brought with it, so the surprise she felt was multiplied by more than just the action but also by whom. Yuki might not be a people person but it works both ways. No one gets very touchy with her except a selected few and that usually happens at right moments when she was aware that the touch was coming. Currently the only people who would touch her in any way was Mayuyu and she was standing right in front of Yukirin so when she felt someone wrap their hand around her arm from her right, Yukirin just had to turn to see who it was.

Rena filled her field of vision as she rotated around the centre of gravity that was Yukirin’s wrist then bringing her other arm up to join her right, she tightened her grip around Yuki’s arm! Yukirin had already stopped breathing by the time Rena settled in behind her, the young woman’s chin literally resting over her right shoulder as she did the thing! Yukirin felt her head swimming from the lack of oxygen! When had she stopped breathing? Oh yeah, as soon as she turned and saw Rena’s face so close to her own she could feel the air she breathed out bounce off that beauty of a face and right back at her. The proximity had taken her by so much surprise her heart had begun drumming.

Such a little thing as that and yet as if it was a trigger, her everything was suddenly alert at any little action from the young woman, like the way the side of Rena’s soft flesh felt against her arm as she slid so close to her and her arm made contact. The way that flesh was multiplied by two on her back when Rena hid behind her and pressed her soft front into Yuki’s stiff back. She was aware of the sweet smell of Rena’s perfume as the young woman rested her chin on her shoulder and her cheek almost brushed Yuki’s. She could almost calculate the temperature of the breath that breezed past her side cheek and forced her to hold her breath further for she was afraid if she breathed she would breathe in Rena in all her sweetness. A dismissal thought crossed her mind asking what was so wrong about that but there were more important thoughts to process. Like how far a person could hold their breath before they passed out.

Things got even worse when their other host came out dancing to the music and Rena pressed even closer to Yukirin, if that was even possible. It was of course impossible since she had already been glued to Yukirin’s back so all it did was intensify the feelings that were already coursing through her. Rena’s grip got tighter around her arm. The pressure and hardness of the two electrifying bumps on her back got stronger, almost eighty percent of Rena’s front body was connected to her back! Her shoulder dipped lover as Rena’s head pressed harder against her.

If Rena felt Yukirin’s heart trying to race out of her ribcage she did not show any sign of the fact. She probably thought Yukirin was also in the same boat as her in that she was only startled by the sudden music! All through this Yukirin did not move a muscle let alone try to breather. Sure it was beginning to hurt for not breathing for a while but her vision wasn’t completely lost and the more time that passed the harder it got for her to release her breath. Can you imagine how creepy it would be if she were to release all that air at once especially with Rena so close to her? She would need to re-fill her lungs at a fast rate soon after which would make her look like a…

As if she had read her mind, Rena slowly released Yuki from her prison by separating herself from her arm and back and settling on standing next to Yukirin on her right. Yukirin stopped herself from moving from her spot and wrapping her arms around the young woman and pulling her back into the safely of her arms. She just could not help it. Rena was the only other person other than Mayuyu that gave Yukirin this protective instinct towards her. She wanted to protect Rena from anyone and anything sometimes. And yet just like with Mayuyu, it was not as simple as motherly nature. There was something else, some other feeling that accompanied the possessiveness that Yukirin would never try to think more than necessary about. That was always harder with Rena and lately it has gotten hard with Mayuyu too since she turned into an adult.

When she was sure that Rena had her attention to the front watching the MC trying to dance to UZA, Yuki let out her breath as slowly as she could. It of course wasn’t an easy task and someone noticed.

HKT48’s Miyawaki Sakura, one of the four girls in the whole of the 48 group from Kagoshima, the other two being members of the new Team 8, turned to look at Yukirin. Yuki was glad it had been her of all people to notice because a simple smile, which she turned and sent in the girl’s direction as soon as the thought had entered her mind, sent the girl looking away as fast as she had turned and smiled embarrassedly towards the floor. That made Yukirin pause. How did she know how to do that? She had never smiled directly at Sakura like that before. What was happening to her?

The strangeness did not stop there though. Like that moment when SKE’s Suda Akari was trying to “fish” right in the middle of shooting and in front of Yukirin! Before she knew it, the ball she was playing with was sailing through the air and very narrowly missing said Akari. She was more surprised than anyone at her own action. That was only the beginning though.

Once they had sat down and the main show had begun, as if the fates were having a laugh at her, she found herself seated right between Mayuyu and Rena. Yuki tried to ignore the fact that Rena was sitting right on her right and she almost succeeded in doing so. She managed to not look at Rena but the crawling in her skin reminding her of who was sitting next to her right, and her left to, stayed with her. But then Rena had to start talking being all good trying to support Paruru’s point about Shibata Aya. Yukirin had no choice but to look at Rena. The camera was sure to have her in view as it filmed Rena so Yukirin wouldn’t want to come off as not paying attention so she turned and looked.

Big mistake.

It took only that simple glance for everything she had tried to burry deep in her mind to resurface. The emotions hit her anew. Her eyes started to wander. Her lungs suddenly demanded more air than usual and she had to speed up her breathing to supply the extra volumes. Before she even knew it her hand had shot out and she was touching Rena’s side arm, saying something that she could not even remember in the process that resulted in Rena turning towards her and giving her that wonderful smile of hers that Yuki could never have enough of. Sadly Rena shyly looked down soon after as she tried to stifle her giggles and the moment was over just like that! Yuki did her best to hide the disappointment.

But the gates had been opened and her body was on alert now, looking out for any openings of when she would be able to do something that wouldn’t raise suspicion from those around, especially Mayuyu who almost has the both of them in her view. It took a while but the next chance finally showed up when Yokoyama Yui got her prize and everyone had their attention towards the wonderful dessert.

Yuki did not even take the time to plan her move, everything happened on instinct. First she braced her hand on the back of Rena’s chair. She then leaned forward as if to take a better look at what everyone was looking at but all her senses were on something completely different. Her nose took in not the fruity smell of chocolate and orange sauces but rather the wonderful lavender shampoo in Rena’s hair. Her eyes were pointed at the dessert but she might as well have been blind for her brain received no visual input from them. It was too busy processing the smells coming off of the girl before her as she leaned over for a better view of what she was not even seeing!

The already intoxicating smell of shampoo was then mixed in with the lovely perfume Rena was wearing that was already so familiar to Yuki that she might as well have been using it herself for years. Without her knowing her body was slowly but surely closing the distance between the two, or to be more specific, her chest was inching closer to Rena’s temple and when the contact was made, the shock of it was the deal breaker, both figuratively and literally speaking. Having not been her idea to do it, Yukirin froze instantly at the contact and then took in a sharp breath when Rena by instinct, moved her head to give more space to her and in the process producing a deadly amount of sensations at the point of contact.

Mayuyu’s hand on her shoulder as she leaned into Yukirin side for a better look at Yui-han’s sweets sent her thoughts spiralling out of control but also back to reality as her vision began to clear. She did her best to dissolve back into reality as smoothly as she could and with the lack of reactions she figured she had succeeded. Yuki was actually more grateful for Mayuyu’s timely interrupt than anything. Sur she was kind of curious to know how far she could have gone but she might not have been able to stop before things went too far. She really needed the break.

Instead of getting Rena off of her mind though, all thoughts were on the young woman. What was going on with her? These little scenes kept playing through her mind as filming progressed and Yuki was finding it hard to resist playing them out for real. She fought back with thoughts of her own like a person doing those kinds of things not being her, or that it is inappropriate behaviour or that what if she gets caught but the excuses were running out and fast. It did not help either that her mind kept shooting down those excuses with good points like making a show of looking at a card that is a bit off to the side of Yamamoto Sayaka, who was sitting next to Rena, so that she can brace herself on Rena’s knee to grab said card.

She was moving to do just that before she even knew it. Having put more weight on the hand than she had planned, she lessened some of it as she turned to look Rena right in the eye to apologise. The proximity hit her hard once again and she swallowed. She apologised quickly before pulling back and sitting straight in her seat again as she made a show of studying Minegishi Minami’s card. The host put the attention on her wondering if she was finally going to say something. Sashihara Rino piped in when she saw which card Yuki was holding in her hand. They were probably all thinking she want going to joke about the thing. They were to be disappointed when Yuki just placed the card back down once the place it was taken from circled back around to her. Her main goal had already been gained and its success a seed that was sprouting more ideas.

At that moment the Director called for a break and a change in members. The sigh that escaped Yuki’s lips neither disappointment nor relief but rather both. Relief because she really needed the break to sort out this new and strange behaviour of hers. She was also disappointed because it meant no more chances would show themselves but as soon as that thought crossed her mind, as the members started getting up and leaving the way they had sat down meaning her and Mayuyu would be last, Rena had a little mishap as she stood up. The sound and a surprised sound alerted Yukirin whose arms immediately shot out and held onto anything she could. With Rena standing and in the process of bending over and Yuki still seated, her arms fell around the woman’s hips and held her tightly as if to prevent her from falling.

She asked if Rena was okay, worried for her. She was fine, their thick boot had saved her foot which had knocked the leg of the chair. Yuki did not let go right away. Rena gave the warmest smile as she clarified that she was okay. As if slapped from her dream Yuki immediately let go. Her mind had started to wander again. Seriously, what was happening to her? She looked around and it didn’t seem like anyone was looking at her with questions so she figured she was safe. That smile though, it burned in her mind as if someone had sculpted it on her skull to forever haunt her.

Before that night Yukirin would never have reacted the way she did when she thought Rena was going to fall over. Before that night little things were what she observed and were more in favour of her own progress that anything. But after that night, she knew little things could make a different in other people too. She knew little things could not only favour herself but also make others happy too. She would make sure to thank Rena for teaching her that one day. Yes, one day when she finally finds a gift big enough to compensate for what Rena had given her. Her life had already changed so much just because of the little things she had started to do for the others thanks to Rena. Yuki now noticed so many little things that she did not before and done so much more than before that she has already even gained yet another Queen title. But that is a story for another time.

Little things. Who knew little things could mean so much!


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Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Hail Yukirin, Batman and Zack Snyder Long Live Horror

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  1. Since when did Kashiwagi turn into you, my friend? 😀

    Also, YukiRena fic – Heavy Breathing edition! No On Sale! 😀

  2. Can I trans fic Little Things into Vietnamese? I will write the source and I will give you the link when I have completed the fic

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