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[Detective Mode] Case: Yukirin’s Back

AKB48 REQUEST HOUR SETLIST BEST 200 2014 Disc5a.m2ts - 00312
AKB48 REQUEST HOUR SETLIST BEST 200 2014 Disc5a.m2ts - 00314 AKB48 REQUEST HOUR SETLIST BEST 200 2014 Disc5a.m2ts - 00311

So, I am sure all Yukirinians out there have noticed, and some of us quite recently, like a year or so ago, but Yukirin has these two dark spots on her back between her shoulder blades.

And so, it wasn’t until last week, while re-watching sourced vid, that began thinking and wondering to myself what those two things actually are! Moles? Um, yeah, I love Yukirin like no other but even I don’t think she can be that lucky, to have such unique birth-marks in such a convenient place.

So I asked myself, what if they aren’t birth-marks? And if they aren’t birth-marks then what are they and why? First though I had to answer the first question. To do that I visited her older photos to see if they are indeed birth-marks and I just completely missed them all those years or if I indeed have a case on my hands. I couldn’t find a lot of pics with her back facing us but here is what  I found….

05 (2) 08 (6) 108 (4) 158
15333163 wakamama015 Yukirin_PB001_078

I found zero marks on her back!! I mean if they were removed with Photoshop, Why?! And that is some dedication to get to all the pics, I mean those are different sources with different photographers with different views on beauty! I doubt none of them found those two little things to make Yukirin’s back immaculately attractive and unique!

And so, I began my investigation! Imagine my surprise when just this week, I finally cracked the case! Yeah, and when I did, I was almost too embarrassed to publish my finding because I should’ve known this for more than a year now! Then again, the curiosity of Yukirin’s back just hit me recently as well so…

Any way, it wasn’t until I found the potential culprit that I finally knew what those two marks on Yukirin’s back really are! Prepare thy selves for the reveal of the Century! What exactly are those marks on Yukirin’s back and where did she get them?

If ur body is ready hit the jump. Most of you probably already even know but just haven’t connected the dots (pun not intended) together…

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I have a confession to make

141128 AKB48 Live  Part – Music Station.ts - 00014
141128 AKB48 Live  Part – Music Station.ts - 00015
141128 AKB48 Live  Part – Music Station.ts - 00024
Watch Milky just passing everyone until she reaches Yukirin
141128 AKB48 Live  Part – Music Station.ts - 00026
141128 AKB48 Live  Part – Music Station.ts - 00027
Those smiles on their faces!
141128 AKB48 Live  Part – Music Station.ts - 00028
141128 AKB48 Live  Part – Music Station.ts - 00030
Not letting go until they are of reach! Milky’s smile!
141128 AKB48 Live  Part – Music Station.ts - 00033
Milky’s SMILE!

I ship MIYUKI more so than I do SayaMilky!

There, I said it! You now have my permission to throw stones at me! Seriously though, what was up with that affectious scene on MS?! How come Milky chose Yukirin of all the girls there? Okay, so maybe Yukirin was the one that reached out for her but I am sure Jurina did too. Then again, at a closer watch, by the time Jurina extended her arm, Milky’s attention was already directed towards Yukirin so she might have missed it. Might have, in that a human’s field of vision should have picked up Jurina there. But then again, everyone has tunnel vision when it comes to Yukirin so Milky can be forgiven there.

Nay, there is nothing to be forgiven. I believe I said it already but I really love Milky when Yukirin is in the equation. I just can’t help it! No, it’s not the Yukirin effect, there are other girls I still can’t stand even when they are with Yukirin but in Milky’s case…Maybe it’s because she is also affecting Yukirin somewhat when they are together?…


Like, when do you guys remember ever seeing Yukirin be the Top? Even Mayuyu has to make the first move usually where Mayuki is concerned but apparently Milky has managed to get Yukirin out of her shell! You will never see Yukirin hold someone like that. Well, hopefully the effects are permanent and we might see more of this Yukirin taking the initiative.

Any way, back to Music Station, I can’t not talk about the observers too, starting with Rena! That smile of hers as she watches Milky rubs me the wrong way for some reason. And Sakura was watching that monitor like a hawk, even as she stood she was still watching, for what, I don’t know. Seeing if Milky does some funny business? Taking lesson? Then there’s Paruru, Paruru who is always watching from the side-lines. You know, I have a feeling that she has like, a ton of fan fiction stacked away in her room filled with the Adventures of AKB! I can just imagine her sitting there with glasses on and in nerd mode writing another chapter based around today’s happening!

The Secret Files of AKB48 – Shimazaki Haruka!

Coming soon to a world without AKB! Will cost you a kidney but you only need one!

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Did Someone Call For An AMBULANCE?

AKB48 -38th- Ambulance [Yurigumi].mp4 - 00162
AKB48 -38th- Ambulance [Yurigumi].mp4 - 00141 AKB48 -38th- Ambulance [Yurigumi].mp4 - 00192
AKB48 -38th- Ambulance [Yurigumi].mp4 - 00153
Best GAY since Kataomoi FINALLY!
AKB48 -38th- Ambulance [Yurigumi].mp4 - 00083
AKB48 -38th- Ambulance [Yurigumi].mp4 - 00187 AKB48 -38th- Ambulance [Yurigumi].mp4 - 00013
AKB48 -38th- Ambulance [Yurigumi].mp4 - 00059
Best Costumes since BEGINNER!
AKB48 -38th- Ambulance [Yurigumi].mp4 - 00079
AKB48 -38th- Ambulance [Yurigumi].mp4 - 00099 AKB48 -38th- Ambulance [Yurigumi].mp4 - 00102
AKB48 -38th- Ambulance [Yurigumi].mp4 - 00181
AKB48 -38th- Ambulance [Yurigumi].mp4 - 00004
AKB48 -38th- Ambulance [Yurigumi].mp4 - 00194 AKB48 -38th- Ambulance [Yurigumi].mp4 - 00023
AKB48 -38th- Ambulance [Yurigumi].mp4 - 00057
Best Looks since…I don’t even remember!


All! Hail! SKE48!

Yes, I know this is actually an AKB48 PV but to hell with that logic! You didn’t see Reinayn(NMB) and Mariyagi (AKB) kiss! You didn’t see Suuchan kissing her left-hand man Fuuchan either! It was all on our fabulously and very shockingly Centre material Suuchan doing the lip-syncing as it is supposed to be done with none other than one of the favourites from fellow group member Rion! I have been (and I think many others too)  waiting for a PV to take on SKE48’s 2011 PV for Kataomoi FINALLY and I think SKE too have been waiting but nothing seemed to be happening!

I remember mentioning that the only way KataFina would ever be able to be topped would be if Mayuki took on the challenge and it seems I was wrong in my thinking because I did not factor in the possibility that SKE48 could still give us another PV! And of course having experimented already with zero negative reactions, of course the only way they could have possibly gone, had they decided to do another one, was up! But then the Managers got switched around with SKE’s going to AKB so I had given that possibility up. I did not think that there was no reason why Yuasa wouldn’t just make a GAY PV in AKB! And lo and behold, my plot-holes have been revealed!

So, you must excuse me when I say that this PV took me by complete surprise! I had almost given up if even if now that Mayuki are the Top 2 in AKB, we still can’t get a Duo AKB PV with them as the leads in a yurific PV like how it had been before (AtsuYuko, MaYuko). I had simply given up but the force still existed and it was re-sparked by SKE of all the groups!

Yes, the PV Ambulance is filled with members from all over the Family but the bottom line remains that it was SKE who delivered the goods! In this part of the world, it’s the results that matter, not the road to getting to them! And as such, we have dear Suuchan, Azunyan and SKE to thank for this revival of that feeling that I almost forgot which I got from KataFina way back in the Madoka day (Madoka Magica was airing then. Those were the times)!

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Majisuka Gakuen 4? Wat Do?


Yes, it’s real and it starts apparently, as early as January!

I should be jumping for joy, after all, I have been crying for another season of Majisuka Gakuen but then reality hit me in the face when I remember the last season! Also when  I saw this pic and the listed favourites to helm the fourth Season of what was our favourite 48 Show. I realised that we shall never go back to the badass days when our girls took on challenging roles and brought out the hidden monsters within. Looking at the possible candidates to be the Next Atsuko/Parurin, I am ready to cry!

Nako, Naanyan, Mako, Miion, Sakura, Ikumin, Ryouha?! Really? Ikoma-kun maybe but there is no way those girls can pull off the Badassadness that is expected from them now! I just don’t see it!

There are way more suited options for this show like Sayanee, Milky, Aya, Madoka, all those options but these listed ones! And you know what’s frightening, is that they might actually go for one of these! Like, why?! Where are the days when roles were decided on the Sousenkyou Ranking?  Just come up with a new TV show if you are so desperate to promote your new Gens! Just don’t butcher what was a great series by warping it into some moe thing! Either let Majisuka Gakuen remain the badass show that it is supposed to be and cast Awesome characters or just create a new show!

Majisuka 3 was barely saved by Annin, Nobunaga, Yagi/Messi and yuri! It was 90% comedic inuedos which totally turned me off 50% of the time! I understand new fans wanting their new gens to be badass yankees like ours were back in the day but these New Gens just don’t have it!

Unless they takes other wild-cards from NMB, SKE and HKT, who are actually capable of frightening the be-Jesus out of us, I am really worried!

Do I sound a bit bitter about this? Well, maybe I am for  I am almost 100% sure there is 0.000000001% chance of Old Teams coming back at all, or even old character. You know, for a sequel it sure is no sequel. Can you imagine if TV shows like for example Buffy, or Supernatural got a new season and the characters and the story were completely different?! Heads would roll!

But alas, Just like how something gets more dilute the more water you add to it, Majisuka Gakuen seems destined for the same Fate! They don’t need to bring back old characters. I only wish for an actual gripping cast like the ones in the beginning!

On the other hand, if there is yuri, all might be forgiven. Might!! I just pray that if it’s Naanyan that she doesn’t bring her straight-curse from Sailor Zombie with her. Oh God, they better not start bringing in male characters! They better not!