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Fic – Tabi Shoujo X [Mayuki]



Hear that Reader-sama? It is the sound of inevitability!

Seriously though, it had to happen. Mayuki on that date in Tabi Shoujo ep12 was just too good to pass up! I was kind of limited on how far I should go because I wanted to remain realistic and given the way I and started the fic, there was no way I would have gone R. Well I could but not even I will be the one to produce such…

Anyway, if anyone is interested…

Tabi Shoujo X

Black Gekikara

A Watanabe Mayu x Kashiwagi Yuki Fanfic extending on Shoujo Tabi 12th and last episode.



The silence disappeared as soon as the Director shouted the one word. Everyone around the room was suddenly in motion as if they were automated statues being reanimated at the hour!

“Thank you all. That should be it for the day.”

A person clapped while two or three cheered. It was close to dawn and everyone looked just as tired as the one next to them. It had been a long day of filming and everyone was looking forward to some much needed rest. That included our two heroines for this picture.

“I’m beat” The girl with the huge hat in her lap said as she fell backwards into the comforting softness of the couch she was sitting on.

“You are telling me. My mouth is so dry from all the talking I could drink 2 litres anything” The smaller of the two sitting right next to the first mirrored her comrade as she too fell backwards.

In doing so, her arm fell into the older girl’s lap but neither reacted!

“It was fun though, wasn’t it?” Kashiwagi Yuki turned her head to the left to catch the other’s girl’s face.

“It was, exactly what the Doctor ordered.” As if she sensed the eyes on her Watanabe Mayu too turned to and found herself staring straight into familiar brown orbs that bordered on black depending on the distance at which one was from them.

A ghastly look flashed across Yukirin’s eyes so fast that had Mayuyu blinked, she might have missed it! Mayuyu’s smile lessened to show that she understood.

“It’s has been a while since we last went out together like this, huh?” Yukirin lifted her head to look around as the crew and their managers were busying themselves cleaning up the equipment.

“Yeah, our schedules don’t much at all anymore” Mayuyu too followed suit in the watching.

A minute or so passed in silence.

“You are done with the drama filming, right? We should arrange something before one of us gets too crazy again.”


Another silent moment followed. The two pairs of eyes turned to follow Mayuyu’s Manager as they walked over to where they sat.

“Sorry to disturb you but we were thinking. It is kind of late to return to Tokyo now and seeing as this cottage is booked for us for today and tomorrow that maybe we could stay here instead. What do you think?”

Mayuyu turned to Yukirin with face alit, only to find almost a mirror of her own reaction reflected back at her. They turned and shouted in unified excitement.

“Really? We can stay here?”

“Of course! The crew will stay at that hotel we had a look at during the day downtown but the Managers will stay her with you. Is that okay with you two?”

“Are you kidding? That’s the best thing I’ve heard all day!” Mayuyu felt like jumping to her feet and giving her manager a hug.

“And that is a day that included a 20k yen steak!” Yukirin teased her long-time friend.


The Manager laughed.

“Well, I could give you a tour of the house if you want but I figured you might want to do it on your own. Give you something to pass the time.”

Mayuki exchanged a look.

“That’s okay. We will take a tour ourselves.” Mayuyu told her manager.

“Alright then, we will take first room upstairs so you can decide on the others for yourselves.”

“You are sharing a room? The house looks big enough from the outside!” Yukirin wondered out loud.

“Sadly there is only three, and really, it’s not like this is the first time that we have had to share one”

“Yukirin and I can share a room. You two can take one each.”

“It’s okay this way, believe me.”

“Well, if you say so.”

Engines started outside, grabbing the Manager and the girls’ attention.

“I will go see them off. We also have to go and buy some things since there is nothing at all in the fridge here.” The Manager had began to movie but stopped when neither girl got up to follow her.

“You better lock the door while we are out.”


Yukirin and Mayuyu spoke in unison before standing up in the same fashion. They both followed the Manager out even though only one of them was required. They watched as all the cars were populated and then drive down the green way. Closing and turning the knob to lock the door, Yukirin turned around.

“So, what do you want to do first?” She asked without looking at Mayuyu.

“Well, seeing as the fridge is out of the question…”

Yukirin interrupted Mayuyu before she finished.

“You’re still hungry? We just ate like, two hours ago!”

“Indeed. Which is why I need something to help the machine out. Pudding or some ice-scream is looking very attractive right now actually.”

Yukirin sighed.

“And you couldn’t have had that for dessert instead of the pie, why?”

“Hey, my stomach was calling the shots at the time! Give me a break.”

“Fine, fine, so, since no ice-cream or yoghurt, what then? Should we go have a look at the rooms?”

“I don’t see why not…”

Out of habit, Yukirin waited for Mayuyu to start walking before she flowed her a step behind. When they got to the stairs Mayuyu almost fell all over herself having mis-measured the first step. Luckily Yukirin was very close by and she stopped the fall by taking a hold of Mayuyu’s right arm.

“Seriously, it’s amazing how you don’t have the klutz image on your profile.”

“Because it’s confidential klutzing?”

“And still to this day I am wondering why that is! You are only like this in private! Wait, OMG…”

She paused for dramatic effect. Mayuyu turned to look down at her.


“You are doing this on purpose, aren’t you? All this time…”

Mayuyu literally rolled her eyes.

“And why would I do that? What could I possibly benefit from hurting myself?” She commenced the ascension, only to fall all over herself again when Yukirin spoke.

“You are seducing me, aren’t you?”

“WHAT?!” Mayuyu all but shouted once she caught her footing. “W-What are you saying?!”

“All this just to get my attention! Oh Mayu, you know that you don’t have to go through all that trouble.”

“I…You…I’m so not falling for this again.” Mayuyu continued up the steps, determined to ignore her close friend’s antics.

“You should look into the mirror when you get there…”

“I’m ignoring you!”

Yukirin just laughed!

When they made it up the stairs, Mayuyu stopped by the first door.

“This is the Managers’ room, right?”

“Yeah, they said the first one up the-HEY!”

Yukirin looked on incredulously as Mayuyu all but let herself into said room.

“Just checking to see why they were so bent on sharing this one room. Doesn’t seem that special.”

“How do you know that, without having seen the others?”

Mayuyu tried to look thoughtful.

“Right then, onto the next one.”

She kipped to the next room, looking nothing like the 20 year old she actually is to Yukirin who just slowly followed after her comrade.

“What, they are exactly the same!”

“I thought as much.” Yukirin said after she caught up with Mayuyu.

“Meaning that this,” she paused as she leapt to the opposite door. Opening the room she continued “is the exact same…or not!”

Yukirin looked over Mayuyu’s shoulder to take a good look. It indeed was different from the others but that was because of it’s location. Only the outside wall design was different. That gave the room a perception of being smaller unlike the others.

“So…” Yukirin began.


“Which room do you want?”

“Why do I have to pick first?”


“You go first”

“Alright, I will take this one.”

“I will take this one too.”

“You can’t have this one, I chose this one!”


“Fine then, I will take the other one. You can have this one.”

“Seriously Yuki, why don’t you have ‘dumb’ on your profile.”

Yukirin looks down at Mayuyu with a confused look! They were still standing in the same position as when Mayuyu first opened the door. Yukirin was all but breathing hot hair into Mayuyu’s hair.

“What are you talking about?”

“I am saying that I will stay in the same room as you. You are really dense some times!” Mayuyu turned her head to connect eyes with Yukirin. They were so close that her check squished Yukirin’s nose.

“Oh!” Was all the Yukirin said.

“Seriously, what am I to do with you?” Mayuyu was stating, not asking.

They both knew that Yukirin was not dim. Any other time she would have caught on without even Mayuyu having to say anything. They were so close that they mostly didn’t need words. But the past days had been a hell of a week.

After what seemed like an eternity of eye contact, in which Yukirin felt like Mayuyu was massaging her very soul through her eyes, she finally broke it.

“So, which room do you prefer?”

“This one”



“We should bring up our bags.”


“Wooo, that was refreshing!”

Mayuyu said as she walked into the room! Steam was still coming off of her in waves signalling that she had just left the bathroom.

“The Managers are back. They got some ice-cream. I got you some too!”

“Really? Give me that right now!”

Mayuyu through the hair towel down and matched over to Yukirin.

“Geeze, you are dripping water every where!”

“No talk, Ice cream!”

Yukirin shook her head but handed over the un-touched ben and jellies!

“Really, you are always such a kid”

Yukirin got up and picked up the towel. She situated herself on the bed kneeling behind Mayuyu. She continued the job Mayuyu had left when ice-cream came into the picture.

“I’m sorry Mommy, I will try and grow up-OW!” Yukirin smacked her lightly on the head.

“Behave, you”

“Ahh…You made me miss!” Mayuyu squealed before reaching a hand to rub away the cream on the side of her mouth. She didn’t succeed. It was too much and she was only in a towel.

“Sorry, hang on a second…” Yukirin reached for the side drawer which had a box of tissues on top of it. She grabbed two then returned to her position. Placing the towel down, she reached forth and pulled Mayuyu’s damp mess of black behind her head to have a better look. She then gently wiped the area clean with one of the napkins. After that she took the hand Mayuyu had used then cleaned it too with the other. When she was done she got up from the bed to go and dispose of them into the bathroom bin.

“Thanks…” Mayuyu said when Yukirin returned to the bed.

“It’s okay. It was my fault in the first place anyway.”

Comfortable silence reigned, over-run by the sounds of Mayuyu eating ice-cream and the sound Yukirin drying Mayuyu’s hair.

“And, that’s that” Yukirin stated as she placed the towel around Mayuyu’s shoulders. She then patted them slightly and as she did so, Mayuyu took a hold of her hand that had the self-made rings that had made during the day down town.

“What’s this supposed to be again?” Mayuyu teased as she examined the ring on Yukirin’s finger.

“It’s a heart. I already told you this”

“So you say..” Mayuyu turned the ring this way and that way on Yukirin finger. She then began to pull it off.

“Hey, what are you doing?”

“Taking it off of course.”

“I can see that, why?”

Mayuyu did not answer. She just took the ring off, had a closer look, then put it on her own finger.

“I’m taking this one. You can have mine.”

“And what if I don’t want your ring?”

Mayuyu spin around to face Yukirin with a hurt look on her features.

“Hey, I put sweat and blood into making that ring! Show some appreciation!”

“Well, I too did work hard on that but I don’t see you showing respect.”

“Don’t you have a shower to go to or something?”


Yukirin shook her head at her friend before getting off of the bed and readying for the bath.


It was dark in the room. Everything was still and quiet. About an hour had passed since Yukirin and Mayuyu turned in for the night. The bed was big enough that no outer how badly one turned they would not touch the other. Each girl was on their sides, facing the opposite side from one another.

After another long period of silence, there came soft rustling as one of the girls turned. Yukirin stared into the back of Mayuyu’s head for a few seconds before finally moving her whole body and moved closer to Mayuyu.

She very slowly and gently moved her arms around Mayuyu’s waist and pulled herself closer, bringing the two of them into full body contact. When she was comfortable enough, Yukirin buried her face in the back of Mayuyu’s neck and stayed still.

“Are you okay?” Mayuyu asked as softly as she could. If Yukirin was surprised that Mayuyu was still awake, she did not show it. Instead she only tightened her hold onto Mayuyu, pulling their bodies even closer.

Mayuyu placed her hands over Yukirin’s when she felt the older girl’s breath begin to stray. It got faster and heavier and before long, Yukirin was silently crying. Mayuyu said nothing but instead inter-twined her right hand fingers with Yukirin’s and held them tightly.

Though it seemed she was trying to stay as quiet as possible, Yukirin’s cries filled the room and Mayuyu was sure that if their Managers were awake they definitely could hear her.

“I’m…I’m sorry…” Yukirin tried to speak through her tears, which wasn’t an task.

“It’s okay. There’s nothing to apologise for.”

As if she did not hear her, Yukirin continued to apologise in a kind of mantra.

Mayuyu lifted their hands away from her waist and turned around to face Yukirin’s direction. The visibility wasn’t that great so she felt around with her right hand until she found Yukirin’s head, hen her jaw. Yukirin’s face was wet when Mayuyu touched it.

Raising her index finger, she held it over Yukirin’s lips and pressed down! Yukirin stilled.

“Shhh, it’s okay.” Mayuyu’s voice was unsteady as she whispered. She then moved her hand to the back of Yukirin’s shoulder and pulled her into an embrace.

“You don’t have to apologise to me, ever! You do know that, right?”

There was a long pause where the both of them tried to look into the other’s eyes but it was too dark to see anything. Finally Yukirin nodded slightly in reply.

“Y-you are not m-mad?” The vulnerability that came with those words made Mayuyu swallow her own tears.

“Of course not.” She held Yukirin tighter against her.

“You are not,” a hiccup made her pause. “You are not disappointed?”

“You idiot…” Mayuyu could not fight the tears anymore. She leaned forward to place a heartfelt kiss on the top of Yukirin’s head. “You stupid idiot.”

“I’m sorry…”

“If you say ‘sorry’ one more time, I swear…”


“Let’s just sleep, okay? It’s already late.”

Even as she tried to sound angry with Yukirin, Mayuyu’s actions hadn’t changed. She still held Yukirin to her and this time one of her hands was caressing the back of Yukirin’s head.

“It was a long time ago anyway, no biggie” Mayuyu stated after sometime. Then it was back to silence.

“I love you” Yukirin whispered with feeling after another round of silence.

“I love you too” Mayuyu breathed into Yukirin’s ear.

Not other words were said for the night.


…The END…


Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Hail Yukirin, Batman and Zack Snyder Long Live Horror

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  1. cries T_____T

    nice one black-san!!!!

  2. Just out of curiosity: How important is it for you to maintain the continuity set up by the source-material? Would it be acceptable for example to say that Yukurin is very ticklish and then use that as a plothook for a romantic scene? Or is that not okay when the source-material doesn’t directly reference that because it would break the illusion of presenting a believable alternative version of the source-material?

  3. Nice fanfic they are so cute

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