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AKBINGO ep345 – Mousou Love Part1


150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00222
150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00026 150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00038
150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00083
150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00206 150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00118
150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00142

Welcome back Danso, I missed you so much! And as always, it isn’t just the Danso, with it comes the yuri and this time it’s cranked all the way up to 11.

This time there was six girls chosen to write and direct their own delusional love story! They even made the cast decisions themselves. Our famed directors for this first of two episodes include Miichan, Boss and Komiyama.

The main couples were Shonibu/Miion, Paruru/Geicchi and Nattsun/Mizuki. Without even a doubt the favourite of mine were Keicchi and Paruru. Shinobu and Miion would have won had it not been the personality that Miichan decided to go for with Shinobu. I don’t dig those types of Guys!

So then, let’s have a look at the three different love stories from three different directors that have potential to be future film makers…

150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00000
The hype is real!
150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00001 150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00003
150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00005
Our famed Directors
150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00011
150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00012 150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00019
150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00020 150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00022
150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00024

150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00027 150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00026
150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00025 150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00028
150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00029
150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00033 150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00035
150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00037
150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00038 150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00040
150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00044 150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00045
150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00047 150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00049150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00051
150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00055 150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00057
150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00058 150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00059
150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00063 150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00061
150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00062 150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00064
150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00066
150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00067 150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00069
150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00070 150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00074
150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00076
150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00079 150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00083
150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00084

First up was Miichan’s story, starring Mukaichi Mion as the main girl, Mogi Shinobu as the love interest in Danso and Tani Marika as the rival Danshi, well, would have been if Mion had any feelings fro him but from what I saw, I believe she was all eyes for Shinobu-kun.

We open with Mari-kun outside the corridors with Miion and t seems he just confessed to her. Miion asks for some time to think about it. Mari-kun tells her to take all the time she needs but she should know that he is very serious about them.

Miion looks more tired than troubled when Mari-kun leaves and as she turns to eave too, she is suddenly grabbed from behind and dragged into the classroom. She is startled to find it is Shonibu-kun but does not seem that glad to see him.

Shinobu-kun doesn’t seem happy as well as he bombards Miion with questions. Miion doesn’t seem to want to give him any for some reason. She begins collecting her bags to leave but Shinobu-kun is persistent. He grabs her arm and demands what was what. He knows she just got confessed to and wants to know what Miion’s decision was, like he owned her or something.

Did I mention that I don’t dig guys with that kind of personality? No matter how good looking I am sorry but no can do!

Anyway we find out that (if I am not mistaken) Miion had already confessed, or maybe they were going out before and are no longer an item, I didn’t catch the exact words but the gist of it is that due to something happening between the two, they had decided that Miion should see other people.

Looks like Shinobu didn’t understand what he had until he had lost it and now he can’t stop the jellies. Miion seemed to have had enough and turns to leave but plot happens when she trips and falls right into Shinobu-kun!

Shinobu-kun removes Miion’s spectacles from her face, in order to get her to stay. He says that Miion loves him. He asks her to say it! He forces her to say it. And of course Miion says it because, love!

Shinobu-kun ruffles her hair saying that it wasn’t so hard to admit it, was it? They embrace and that is that. Some romantic music plays and everyone claps their hearts out in the studio.

As for myself, I actually am on team Mari-kun. Can you imagine if he had actually gotten the girl? I was actually quite surprised by how well he looked in that Danso! Miichan I am disappoint! If anyone could have given us a twist, I believed it to be you. Oh well, there is still Kitarie and I know my Kitarie. Speaking of which that episode is in a few hours, isn’t it? Hoe yay!

But it wasn’t just Shinobu-kun’s personality that disappointed me. I don’t know why but I was really looking forward to a black-haired Shinobu-kun! Especially since Mari-kun was already sporting a dyed head. Oh well, you can’t have everything I guess.

150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00089
150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00090 150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00093
150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00095
150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00097 150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00099
150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00100
150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00101 150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00103
150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00110 150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00111
150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00112 150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00114
150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00116 150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00117
150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00118 150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00124
150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00127
150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00129 150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00130
150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00133
150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00132 150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00140
150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00142 150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00143
150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00144
Missing this smile already
150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00146 150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00147
150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00148 150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00150
150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00152 150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00158

The next story was courtesy of Team 4’s Komiyama Haruka who wrote and directed! The couple were HKT48’s Matsuoka Natsumi playing the Danso part and Tsuchiyasu Mizuki as the main girl. Murayama Yuiri, Goto Moe, Yokoyama Yui (Team 8) and Iwatate Saho played the bully classmates. Oh yeah, Matsuoka-sensei played this class’s teacher! Let me take this moment to address the negatives I found in this particular episode while we are on the subject of Matsuoka-sensei.

Given the kind of class he was in charge of, I thought that he was dressed too innocently! He did not fit the image at all. The wig didn’t do too, and here I was waiting for a black wig, I finally get it and it is so under-whelming. Apart from the hair, the shirt and coat didn’t do at all. Here is what I think Matsuoka-sensei should have been dressed like. Think spiky dyed hair (doesn’t need to be black in this case, he is an adult after all). He shouldn’t have a coat but still have a white shirt on. That shirt has long sleeves but that are rolled up to the elbows. Tope two buttons are opened! Now tell me if that is not a Matsuoka-sensei that we should have gotten? But alas, we did not so I have to take what we got.

The story is that Mizuki came back to the class (I believe it is houkago time) to get her phone that she had forgotten behind (where?). Just as she is about to enter the classroom, she over hears her name being spoken in a conversation so she hands back but keeps an ear out to see what they were saying about her.

Really should not have done that as the three bullies are talking complete crap about her. You could totally tell who had directed this story just from that one scene. Kind of like how you know a Michael Bay movie! I was just sad that Yoko-chan didn’t get a clear line as well. I wanted to melt at her sexy Aomori accent, it always gets me gud!

Matsuoka-sensei shows up at that moment and puts a stop at the rumour mongering by hitting the blackboard (or should I call it the greenboard? Well, since it isn’t in the dictionary I guess not). That action would have been a killer any other time (if Sensei had pulled up his sleeves) but the fact that Matsuoka-sensei looked like a kid in that suit with the sleeves too long that his fingers were half hidden, just gave off a quarter of the full impression. I mean, how can anyone be afraid of him with that ‘Do?

Angry Sensei manages to send the bullies away in the end and then he calls for Mizuki who was still lurking outside the class entrance. Mizuki comes in, looking to all the world like she was ready to go jump off of a building somewhere. Hey, I am telling it as it is. She totally looked like a cutter! I bet we would find something were we to get her to roll up one of her sleeves.

Damn, I am so evil!

Matsuoka-sensei tells Mizuki to ignore the bullies! He tells her that he thinks she is the cutest girl in class. He then leans in towards Mizuki and people start freaking out thinking that he is going to kiss her! I myself was getting out my cuffs ready to arrest this sexists! How dare he try to take advantage of his student in need?!

Just kidding

Turns out the joke was on us anyway as he only turns his head and instead whispers into Mizuki’s ear telling her to never lose her smile because he loves it the best.

Looks like someone watched Zero more times than necessary! I mean where else could she have gotten that whisper that should have a kiss formula from?

And so we get totally baited and left out to dry when nothing of the sort happens. And just as fast, Matsuoka-sensei switches gears from all out seduction to asking Mizuki if she had needed anything to begin with. Mizuki says that she had forgotten her phone (again, where? And how did no student get to it before the teacher did?)

Turns out Matsuoka-sensei had it. Not sure if he picked it up or if another student handed it over to him but either way, there is no way that no one looked in and so that home screen! But apparently he didn’t as we find out when he returns the phone to Mizuki who asks if he had taken a look but Sensei says he did not.

Mizuki wakes it up and we see her smile secretly to herself as she looks at the screen. When we are given that view, we find out that her lock-screen (and probably home screen) was a close up photo of the very same Matsuoka-sensei.

Sly, seems not just the teacher was in love but Mizuki was secretly crushing on him. I won’t even try to imagine the drama that will ensue once the world finds out. I have this feeling too that the bullies will find out before even Mizuki confesses to Matsuoka-sensei.

Yeah, not the best of stories, but given how very cliché a lot of romances are, I guess it was good enough. I already stated my problems with this story so that is that. Twin-tail Mizuki was a feast for the eyes though. I am really sad to hear that she is graduating. She was one of my Yukirin replacement possibilities and now…

It really does look like once Yukirin leaves, there are less and less reasons for me to stay in this fandom. Oh well, all good things must come to an end, otherwise how else would one appreciate them?

150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00164
150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00166 150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00167
150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00168 150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00169
150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00171
150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00172 150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00173
150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00175 150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00176
150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00184
Fuuchan can’t stop dat smile
150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00187 150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00190
150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00191 150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00192
150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00193 150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00194
150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00196
150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00198 150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00199
150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00201 150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00203
150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00206 150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00205
150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00207
150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00209 150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00210

And finally, the best for last!

That’s right, this was the best one for me and that is not a simple feat! I am sure if anyone has known me for more than a year or two, knows of how I feel, or used to feel about Paruru so for this to be my favourite story in part one, well, it is worthy all the awards!

This final of the first part story comes to us with thanks from Director Tanaka Natsumi – The BOSS of HaKaTa! Shimazaki Haruka plays the main girl (то, что вы не видите, что идет?). Jonishi Kei, the Geicchi of NMB plays the Danshi friend of Paruru. Kato Rena and Team 8’s Kurano Narumi play the villains once again. I have to give props to those two girls. They totally pulled off the villainous characters well, especially Renacchi. While before in Komiharu’s story the bullies were more like ‘behind your back’ mongers, here these two meant business. They did not give a frack that Paruru was only a seat or two away from them and could totally hear them! Hell, even when Kei-kun showed up they still did not stop!


In fact I was so scared that I could even concentrate enough to catch what they were saying about Paruru. Thank the our Goddess Homura for an angel arrives in the nick of time in the from of one good looing boy, Keichi-kun! No surprise at all on my part when Renacchi and Narunaru jumped his bones as soon as he entered the room. If I had been in their situation I totally would have done the same!

Keichi-kun is too cool for their poison though as he wastes no time telling them off and stating, in a no-nonsense way, that he is there for someone else. A second later finds him standing right next to a depressed Paruru and asking her for them to go home together.

Paruru had heard what the two snakes had been saying about her and not wanting to burden her friend, totally childhood friend! OMG, is this a sign? I know it aired last week but Keichi-kun being a childhood friend and getting to win the Paruru-bowl doesn’t bode well in these times where Hibike! Is splitting the internets apart like it was some kind of WWIII taking place on the internet instead!

Back to the story, Keichi-kun and Paruru can totally hear Renacchi and Narunaru smacking their cheeks out loud with their speculation of the two being an item. Paruru seems to have had enough because she leave her desk ready to get away, telling Keichi to not mind her for she will be alright (totally wishing to save him from the bad image that will follow him for being acquainted with a no-good like her).

Girl totally under-estimated the power of love! For, Keichi-kun stops her just as she is about to reach the door (the position was important, in case anyone is wondering why he waited so long to stop her). He pushes her against the hold and suddenly…

150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00213 150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00219
150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00222
150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00223 150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00228
150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00231 150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00232
150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00235
150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00236 150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00237
150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00239 150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00241

Moe-chan’s reaction back in the studio was my exact reaction to that! I just a little more of something. There were tears in my eyes because damn, this story sucker punched me so hard I felt my organs shifting! And when Keichi-kun pulled the Kabe-don, I was so done for!

Keichi-kun asks Paruru to be his girlfriend. What will it be, O.K or YES? Paruru gives us the very first smile the whole day as she says that they all mean the same thing. Keichi-kun ‘duh’s her and the two embrace. Romantic music starts playing as Paruru clings onto Keichi-kun for dear life!

She wasn’t the only one!

I am not crying! My eyes are just itchy from lack of sleep and too much staring at the screen!

I swear!

Yep, this was all around perfect! If they were allowed to, I am sure they could have added a kiss in there as well! Gayicchi is game and Paruru is almost an actress in the making so she could do it if she had to.

The villains were great, The clothes were great. I mean come on, Keichi-kun was sporting the Gakuran and the girls had those seifuku that could very well be the uniforms for the next Majisuka Gakuen!

Keicchi was awesome as a boy both in looks and personality! He was too damn cool for this world! Paruru too was super awesome! God, she made me cry…Fine, I admit it! I was crying! If you did not you are no different from Renacchi and Narunaru!

The story was just so good! Paruru convinced me and found myself ready to kick Keichi-kun to the curb and take Paruru for myself! I want to protect her from anything and everyone! But Keichi-kun has been there for her since childhood so really, he can have her. But only him! I am ready throw down with anyone else who tries to claim her for themselves!


150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00248
150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00251 150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00255
Too good to ignore!

Any way, the next episode is almost here and from the previews, I know it’s gonna kick last episode’s ass to the moon and back! I mean it has

150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00262
THE Boy of 48 Saeman
150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00267
Maachun is taking part in some curtain action and Director Kitarie is to direct
150623 AKBINGO! ep345.ts - 00257and is that yaoi I spy!!?!!

How can it be anything but WIN!

Till next time…

Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Hail Yukirin, Batman and Zack Snyder Long Live Horror

7 thoughts on “AKBINGO ep345 – Mousou Love Part1

  1. Alright, heir we go again! These occasions are getting fewer and fewer though…
    SLBR – So Long But Read it!

    “Shinobu and Miion would have won had it not been the personality that Miichan decided to go for with Shinobu. I don’t dig those types of Guys!”

    Since when did you start to “dig” guys anyways? -_-
    Tani would have been better though… but… it would require acting on her part… sigh…

    Mion surprised me a bit… acting wise… Still… MaRion would have been better though. 🙂

    I totally don’t get all that Matsuoka hype… Sensei was too bland and weak… did “he” even have a character? I did not notice… -_- I totally agree with you on the sensei part. I could clearly see a guy my mind as you were describing him. Sigh…
    Also you should not waste a chance to give a good role to a girl named Yokoyama Yui!
    Oh, and Mizuki? She was still in AKB48? Didn’t see her much… and she is not the only member who got treated like this. But by all means let’s make another sister/rival group! (Sarcasm)

    Kato Rena as a ‘kebai biatch‘ again? She is just too good for that character. So good that I have trust issues with her because of it…

    “They did not give a frack that Paruru was only a seat or two away from them…”
    Frakk? https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/hu/thumb/3/3b/Frakk.JPG/250px-Frakk.JPG 😀

    “…and Paruru is almost an actress in the making…” HA-HA-HA-ha-ha-ha~‼ … Ah… you gave me the first big laugh in these dark times… Zaki can only do one, singe, boring character… This is that character… which does not bode well with anything but a scenario like this… I say it again… MaRion would have been better in this one too. IMHO.
    Oh, for Fukkatsu no F’s sake! FINE! Paru was MOE for once… You happy now?! Cheesus!

    And finally… MF. Keicchi-sama! The bad side first. MaKeicchi can’t seem to produce a decent manly voice… It was soft and feminine as usual… But it’s fine because… everything else was perfect! Also I imagined her with this face:

    If you want a replacement for Wagi, why not choose Keicchi-sama? She is getting legendary just as your Kami…

    Kyoto Animation only wishes to produce something as smooth and heartwarming story like this one! Seriously BOSS! You scare me gurl! Dayum!

    PS: Here’s something unrelated for you.

  2. I just watched the second part btw. 😛
    Your JAWS will drop, that’s for sure! 😀
    Also I wish it was aired on march 9.

    Ijou, Spoiler deshita! 😀

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