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Fic – 5 Shades of Black [Yukirin/?]

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5 Shades of Black
A Yukirin/Rena,Sakura,Maachun,Mayuyu,Akarin Fan Fic

I found something strange on my HDD and I figured I might as well share it. I am not sure what it is exactly supposed to be. From what I know, there was supposed to be 25 of these but apparently there is only five of them. It seems they are drabbles of Yukirin with another girl. Seeing as three of them are my Kamis, it got my attention so  figured it might get your curiosity as well.

The first part seems to be with Matsui Rena, the next Miyawaki Sakura, the third Ogasawara Mayu, the fourth is Watanabe Mayu and the fifth is with Yoshida Akari.

It seems like they were written in a way that they are a part of a bigger picture. This means if anyone ever feel like it they might expand on them. We shall see, we shall see!

Anyway if interested, do read on…


Matsui Rena wasn’t easily surprised.

It was more so today, a special day to her that will stay with her forever – a day that was the final of her 2-day graduation concert.

She looked fragile and was the epitome of girly but she was far from what appearances said about her.

Rena wasn’t easily surprise.

All SKE48 members had said their piece. They had showered her with gifts and heart-felt letters in the weeks following her announcement.

A new version of Kareha no Station, tweaked for dual collaboration. Her partner was not Matsui Jurina, not Takayanagi Akane, nor any other SKE48 member.

Rena wasn’t easily surprise.

Her mind was completely blank from surprised shock as standing there in the middle of Nagoya Dome.

Hundreds of lights kept her from being swallowed up by the darkness.

A darkness that was her partner

A partner that held in a lifetime embrace for the first time in the 7 years they had known one another.

An embrace that paled in comparison to the kiss they shared

Rena wasn’t easily surprised.

“Rena-chan” her partner whispered.

“Yuki…” she answered, her voice a total mess.

Matsui Rena wasn’t easily surprised, but she was only human!

~ End ~


“Oi Maachun! I have been looking all over for you!”

The address girl turned around as a finger flashed to her lips.

“Shhh! Keep quiet, will ya?”

Maachun turned back to peak around the corner.

“What are you looking at?”

The new arrival asked her best friend as she joined her and leaned over her shoulder to try and see what was so interesting.

“So cool”

“Who, Miyazawa-kun?”

Perhaps they had been loud but Miyazawa who was on the basketball court turned in their direction as did a girl sitting up on the stage reading a book raise her head to look towards the entrance – where Maachun and her best friend peaked from.

Maachun pulled back so fast she hit the unsuspecting friend in the chin.

“Darn it Sayanee! You need to do something about that chin of yours!”

Maachun yelled as she rubbed frantically at her temple, so did Sayanee her chin.

(Another day)

Maachun sat at her desk looking very troubled.

Sayanee sat at the desk in front of her facing backwards.

“What’s wrong with you now?”

“Home-made sweets and a love letter or an expensive gift with a love letter…”


“I can’t decide on the birthday gift! What do you think is best?”

Sayanee smacked her friend on the head.

“Hey, what was that for?”

“Who are you, some kind of hormonal pubescent boy? Who gives a love letter as a birthday present?”

“What could possibly be more romantic?”

“Anything but that”

(And yet another day)

Sayanee watched as her friend Maachun shifted nervously.

“Here he comes. Are you ready?”


“Where do you think you’re going?”

Sayanee had grabbed Maachun’s arm to stop her from leaving.

“I can’t do this after all”

“What are you talking about? You have spent a whole month preparing for this day.”

“But what if I-“

“Oh for crying out loud”


Maachun screamed when she got pushed forward to find herself blocking the group from passing.

“Are you okay there?”

Miyazawa-kun asked the girl who had stumbled into their way.

“Y-Yes, thank you very much”

Sayanee face-palmed at how squeaky her friend’s voice sounded.

“U-Um, Happy birthday”

She bent over as she offered the tiny bag.



Miyazawa-kun’s group and the students in the corridor all looked towards Sayanee who had comically collapsed to the floor.


Maachun had offered the birthday gift not to Miyazawa-kun but to the quiet girl who was always with him


~ END ~


“May I ask you a question Takahashi-Sensei?”

“Miyawaki-san! Sensei said to not speak any more today!”

The nurse reprimanded the girl laying in the hospital bed. She was changing the IV drop bags.

“It’s okay Maeda-kun, we can afford Sakura-chan one more question, if you promise to not use your voice anymore until you have slept”

The Doctor gave the bed-ridden girl a look that was supposed to be forceful but she fell short. Dr. Takahashi was just too kind.

”I promise Sensei!”

“Okay, what is your question?”

The Doctor put away her work and gave Sakura her full attention.

“Do you believe Angels exist?”

“Why do you ask Sakura-chan?”

“I dreamed an Angel came to visit me last night. I had forgotten about it until now. She said she would be coming for me tonight!”

A sharp noise cut through the room. The Doctor stared at Sakura in shock.

“Sensei, are you okay?”

The nurse Maeda asked worriedly as she knelt and gathered the scattered documents.

“Sorry Maeda-kun, I am fine.” She turned to study the patient Sakura. It couldn’t be. Surely it was just a coincidence “Don’t worry Sakura-chan, we get that a lot here. Why, three other people had dreams akin to yours just today. It’s all in your mind caused by your anxious though. Don’t worry about it and just have a good rest, okay?”

“Here you go Sensei”

Maeda handed the documents back to the Doctor.

“Thank you Maeda-kun.”

“Good night Sensei”

“Good night to you too Sakura”

“Hello again Sakura-chan. Why are you not sleeping?”

“I was waiting for you”


“You said you would be coming for me so I waited for you”

“You do know what my being here means, right?”

“Yes I do”

“You are an odd one, you know that? Almost everyone is usually afraid”

“Why would anyone be afraid? You are an Angel!”

The Angel studied Sakura. She then laughed and it was nothing unlike Sakura had ever seen or experienced.

“Well then, shall we?”

Sakura shakily took the Angel’s hand. She didn’t notice the transparency of her own hand, nor the self left behind. All she knew was the Angelic presence in front of her, the majestic wings so mighty she wanted to be wrapped within them and the two black dots an inch apart on the exposed skin between the wings.

~ END ~


[0 Days]

Loud banging noises mixed in with wild cries filled the air.

The room was dark with street lights being the only light source.

Two silhouettes could be seen in a corner of the room. Muffled sounds could be heard as the two communicated.

“Don’t make a sound”

One of the two whispered fiercely. They were both girls. The older of the two had her hand sealed over the younger to keep her quiet.

There were tears flowing down the younger’s face and her eyes looked wild. They both had wild eyes.

Explosions and sirens could be heard from the outside but the two’s attention was on the door to the room they occupied.

The hits got stronger and the door started to give way for the force being exerted to it.

The younger girl’s breathing turned erratic as her muffled cries escalated.

The door held for the rest of the night.

[2 days]

“I want to go home”

“I know”

The older girl answered as she looked to the younger with sad eyes. They both had solemn looks on their faces.

“They must be very worried”

“I know”

She didn’t know what she could do to make the other feel better.

A long stretch of silence.

“I’m hungry”

[10 days]

“We are almost there”

The two girls moved as fast as they could back to the room.

The older would sneak desperate looks behind them to make sure that they were in a safe distance.

She had the younger’s arm wrapped around her shoulders and her own around the younger’s waist.

They trudged along the messy corridor leaving a blood trail in their wake.

The younger had been hurt.

“We’re are here”

The older placed the younger down as soon as they entered the room. She then quickly barricaded the door behind them.

[15 days after breakout]

It was later in the night. The girls were asleep next to each other behind the office desk.

The younger suddenly got up into a sitting position. She turned to watch the older as she slept soundly, unaware, and vulnerable besides her.

Something was off about the younger. Hers was not a girl’s voice.

It was not human

Something dripped soundly on the covers as she shifted.

Lightning flashed through the window accompanying the storm outside.

The fast light caught her eyes. They whites were bloodshot and the pupils, milky white!

She leaned closer and closer towards the sleeping girl’s face. Her voice grew in intensity.


The whispered word stopped her frozen. She watched affixed, like a statue, as a tear slid down the sleeping girl’s face.

After moments of staring in silence, the younger girl shifted. She lifted a deathly pale and alarmingly cold hand and touched the sleeping girl’s cheek.


She felt nothing.

Not the heat radiating off the skin under her fingers

Not the tears rolling down her own face

Not the strong rain drops that escaped inside when she opened the window

Not the pressure as gravity pulled her towards the earth


~ END ~


“A Cosmopolitan with less Vodka for the Lady”

The Barman placed the freshly made drink in front of said Lady.

She was tall, exotic, had long silky black hair that was slightly frazzled, telling of her current state.

She eyed the drink with narrowed eyes

“Huh? I didn’t order that”

“Compliments from the Lady over there”

She turned in the direction the Barman had gestured towards. Just as her eyes found the person in question, they raised their champagne glass to her and stood up to walk over to the bar she was sitting.

“I hope I am not over-stepping but after hours of waiting I saw my chance to offer you a drink and I took it”

“Is that so? And why would you do that?”

The woman, almost as tall as her, maybe talker, threw her head back a laughed heartedly”

“Do I a reason?”

“There are lots of girls here but you chose to buy me a drink. There has to be a reason”

“You got me. Well, let’s just say that I could have been here hours ago trying to hit on you”

She finally picked up the red drink and took a sip

“Ho? And why didn’t you?”

“Like I said, I was waiting for my chance”

“Well you will be glad to hear that you were on time. I’m all out of money and not ready to go home yet”

“Do you mind if I have this seat then Ms…”

“Akari, Yoshida Akari”

“A pleasure to meet you, Yoshida Akari-san. My name is Kashiwagi Yuki.”

“Yuki…Its suits you somehow. So Yuki, you are most definitely not from around here, so what brings you to our humble town?”

“Sad to say but I’m here on business”

“Why is that sad?”

“Because three hours ago I saw something that I would terribly miss once I leave”

Akari raised an eyebrow at her

“And what would that be?”

Yuki burst out in giggles

“You’re funny too”

“Where do you think you are? This is Kansai!”

“Good point”

The two took a moment to sip down on their drinks.

“Um, I don’t mean to be rude Kashiwagi-san,”

“Please, Yuki is fine”

“I don’t mean to be rude, but I am not that way”

“What are you trying to say?”

“I mean that I am not into women”

“How do you know? Have you been with one before?”

“Well, no, but I love men and, I’ve got a boyfriend”

“Really? What a coincidence! I too love men. But, where is your boyfriend? I haven’t seen you with anyone that fits the description”

“He’s not here, we are…having some time to ourselves”

“Is that so…Well, fear not. I’m only a stranger buying another stranger a drink. It’s just coincidence that I got so captivated by your beauty.”

The woman in red giggled as she took another. She was obviously very tipsy.

Kashiwagi decided to back off for a few moments and let things settle. Her plan was flawless, she only needed to commit to it.

It wasn’t long before the fruits started to bear.

“Have you…tried it?”


“I mean, have you been with a woman before?”

“Of course. Just because I love men doesn’t mean I don’t like women”

“How-How was it?”

“Let’s just say it made me see things from a different perspective”

Yoshida emptied her glass then stood up.

“Well, that’s it for me. I have already stayed wa longer than I was planning to”

She turned to the Barman

“”See you next time Jin”

“Goodnight Yoshida-san. The bill like usual then?”

“If you don’t mind”

She turned to leave

“It was pleasure Yoshida-san. Maybe I will catch you next time?”

Kashiwagi-san was visibly disappointed

“Why wait next time?”


“I don’t think I should be driving home. What do you think?”

There was moment as Kashiwagi-san looked confused, then she broke out in a grin when it dawned on her.

“I am thinking I should drive.”

[Later at the Yoshida residence]

The two ladies burst into the bedroom. They fought for dominance as they kissed. Kashiwagi-san pinned Yohida-san to the wall besides the entrance.

“Told you it would be a piece of cake”

“Less talking, more kissing”

Yoshida pulled her back in and the two continued the heated make out session. Kashiwagi started moving toward the bed pulling Yoshida along with her lips. They fell unceremoniously on top of it.

“Wow! You are really hungry”

Kashiwagi commented in awe at the desire she felt in their kisses.

“It has been a while. I was lying before. I broke up with my boyfriend long ago.”

“How long?”

Yoshida wrapped her arms around Kashiwagi’s neck. She pulled her back down

“Doesn’t matter.”

She raised her lips to catch Kashiwagi’s half way. Breathing turned stronger. Movements became wilder. Clothes were lost and the two soon found themselves in the highlights of passion.

Notable moments later, there came a phone call. Yoshida disentangled herself from Kashiwagi and the covers. She took a few seconds to watch her night’s partner before getting out of bed and walking over to pick up her mobile from the floor where it had been discarded.

“What is it?”

Not bothering to cover herself, Yoshida left the bedroom as she answered the phone.

“You did what?!”

There was silence indicating that someone on the other end of the line was speaking.

“If I wake up tomorrow and you haven’t taken care of it, you will be taken care of”

Another silent moment

“What do you mean-Where the hell is Ryo?”

“Get more men if you must. Just get it done or else you will be joining your brother, you hear me?”

“Fuckin useless, the whole bunch of them!”

A few steps had Yoshida in the living room. She threw the phone on the couch and then went over to her bookshelf. She reached forward for a book and turned it but she did not pull it out. It remained at the angel. She did the same to another, and another, and another. On the fourth there came a sound then the bookshelf shifted to the side like a curtain. Behind it lay a lit doorway that was nothing but steel! She placed her hand on it palm first and a light scanned from top o bottom. Then door then opened and Yoshida made her way inside.

White walls and more doors was what lay beyond. Yoshida walked to the closest one and looked through the small hole in the door. Inside squatted a young girl wearing a simple robe. Part of her face was hidden behind a wired mask.

“Hello Nagisa-chan, did you have a lovely day? Sorry Mommy didn’t have a chance to spend some time with you. I promise, I will see you tomorrow, okay?”

The girl inside only whimpered and tried to melt in the corner.

Yoshida laughed heartedly at that before she closed the hole. She moved onto the next door and picked inside. The girl in this one was a bit taller than Nagisa. The only other difference was the paler skin tone as opposed to Nagisa’s tan. Otherwise everything was the same. Same robes, same mask, same surroundings.

“Of Miu, do we have to go through another behavioral training? What kind of 14 year old wets themselves?”

Miu gave the same reaction as Nagisa just a bit stronger. This time Yoshida shook her head in disappointment. She closed the hole and moved onto another door.

There were 45 other doors down the white corridor like the first two. When she reached the third, this time she did something different. Instead of looking through the hole, she lowered her body and a light went over her face. The door hissed open.

“How is my favorite girl today?”

The girl in question was in a different position from the other two. In addition to having the metallic helmet on, she was strapped on a raised bed. There were monitors around her head and they all showed the same images. They were in first person view and the person was going around killing others with all kinds of creative and brutal ways.

“97%…Very impressive Yuri-chan. One final training simulation and you will be ready. Great timing if I do say so myself”

Yoshida-san went over to the corner of the room where the controls were and picked up a CD from the stack. She then switched out the one that was in the player for the new one.

“Ooh, you like that, do you”

Yoshida commented when the girl’s body was over-taken with spasms on the bed. The heart-rate monitors beeped dangerously and form was leaking from the girl’s mouth but Yoshida didn’t look at all concerned. In fact there was an excited look on her face.

Then there came the sound of tile being broken.


Yoshida’s body lost balance at the same time. She looked down. There was blood spots all over the white tiles mixed in with pieces of red flesh. Looking down farther, her eyes fell on her knee, or what was left of it. There was a gaping hole instead of the knee cap and blood was oozing out of it with pops.

She screamed in agony as she collapsed one the floor trying to hug her painful knee. The movement placed her in view of the entrance where the bullet had originate from

“Y-You! Who the hell are y-“

A hole appeared between Yoshida’s eyes, putting a stop to her speech. Her eyes rolled up and she fell back, dead!

In the door way, Kashiwagi Yuki looked on expressionless. She lowered her silenced pistol and pulled out a phone from her long coat. She was dressed back in her black short dress that hugged her thighs. For shoes she had on red heels that strapped to just below her calves.

“Yes, it is done”


“Finger prints. Best hurry while her hand is still warm.”



She flipped the phone and returned in to the inner pocket of the coat then moved to the control panel. She pulled the CD out and then collected the other four. She turned to leave but paused then walked over to the girl. Kashiwagi reached for the helmet and took it off with care. The girl was out with eyes still open. She unstrapped her then reached for her throat. She sighed when she felt a pulse.

Kashiwagi then looked down and it was as if the woman was looking at her. She turned away from the corpse and headed for the exit.

~ END ~

Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Hail Yukirin, Batman and Zack Snyder Long Live Horror

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  1. please write about murayama yuiri
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    always talk about kashiwagi-san anywhere anytime

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