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KumiRei Mini Cd Drama



I have had this audio file for a while now. In fact I don’t even remember where I found it. Either way TokyoToshokan doesn’t have a subbed version of it that I could find. It probably exists some where on a blog and I will be going out to search for it but that can wait, for, this morning as I got to work, that audio file finally made it in the queue and I had the pleasure of listening to it!

Mein Gott!

The delusions I was having through their exchange in this mini drama were off the charts! My yuri powers were activated meaning that I did not need no subtitles to understand what they were talking about so let’s talk about this, like, right now.


From what I gathered the drama takes place during summer when they had on those white uniforms. It was the time when they were practicing for the competition with the members already selected and Kumiko was still practicing hard on that part (you know which one)

The two are walking together home and Kumiko complains non-stop about the heat. Reina tries to calm her down saying there was no use complaining since it was summer.

Suddenly Kumiko freaks out because of bugs. I have this thought of her jumping and clinging to Reina in fear and I am wondering why this wasn’t a moving picture drama! Oh well, I was seeing just that in my mind as I listened to the audio so I’m good.

Reina is surprised at this new side of Kumiko and says she finds that Kumiko entertaining. Kumiko doesn’t think so as she says she is just a normal High School girl. Reina then teases her as she wonders if normal meant talking to her plants alone in her room. Kumiko is of course surprised and wonders how Reina found out about that.

Reina gives her an explanation but I don’t quite grab it. I have an inkling but it is not concrete. Anyway she says that she found that delusional Kumiko kind of cute.

Kumiko thinks it’s strange for Reina to find that cute when others would find her weird. She demands a better explanation of what exactly is cute about her.

Reina says she doesn’t have any specific reason, she just does. This gets a sarcastic thanks from Kumiko which is met with an equally sarcastic reply from Reina.

Changing the subject Kumiko wonders what it’s like at Reina’s home. Reina says it’s nothing special. It’s like any other normal home. She says she spends her time listening to music or going to the cinema alone on her free days.

Inner Kumiko comes out as she asks if Reina didn’t have any friends to go with instead of going out alone. Of course she freaks out and then furiously apologies when her brain catches up with her mouth. Reina isn’t that perturbed and tells Kumiko to not mind it since she isn’t angry with her or anything.

Kumiko then drops the bomb when she asks Reina if they could go to the movies sometime, just the two of them! After a short pause Reina wonders if Kumiko means it and when she says she does, Reina accepts.


Reina says she is looking forward to their first date, well, she calls it an ‘outing’ but come on, that is so a date! The way Kumiko asked her was not the way a friend would ask their friend to go have some fun! No way! And I have to once again say how affected I am by the emotions these two put into each other’s names! Every time Kumiko says ‘Reina’ I feel like melting, and it isn’t even my name!

Kumiko is happy and very pleased that Reina agreed to the date. She says she too is looking forward to it.

Kumiko then comments on what a great mood Reina is in today. Reina asks her why she thinks that but Kumiko doesn’t really know why, she says she just feels that way. This was kind of mirroring how Reina had called her cute but didn’t have an explanation on exactly what was so cute about a spaced out Kumiko.

Kumiko says she too is feeling much better which pleases Reina because she had though Kumiko had been out of it lately. This does confirm that this talk takes place during the time when Kumiko was having difficulty with that new part she was given.

This prompts Kumiko to be honest with Reina when she says she finds it frustrating because she can’t get the notes right. Reina concurs .

Then the moment comes that I was thinking would destroy what has been a great moment until now. Kumiko bring up Taki-sensei! Thankfully Reina is not as affected as the times before when Taki was involved. In fact she wasn’t affected at all. As what it was about Taki, Kumiko says to Reina that she hadn’t yet answered him his question of if Reina would be able to play the note before the competition.

Kumiko says that she is not like that anymore. She doesn’t want to be unsure of herself anymore. She says that when she sees Reina she feels like improving herself. She then asks if Reina is still striving to be special. Reina says she is, she still want to be special. Kumiko is glad to hear it and Reina asks her why but Kumiko doesn’t give an answer.

Seriously, these two! They have so many secret feelings that aren’t actually so secret.

Kumiko then takes off running, which then turns into a race and whoever comes in last has to buy Ice cream. Turns out the joke is on Kumiko because even as she has a head start, Reina not only catches up to her but she passes her.

The mini-drama ends with them making a promise to succeed at the competition!

And that is the gist of that mini audio drama! Just about 5 minutes long and yet it was so good, so fruitful! We only needed some images to go with it for it to be perfect! I hope we get more dramas. Maybe they will touch on some of those promo art that wasn’t utilized in the anime like the others. For example those bedroom pictures. I am hoping that since we got talks of homes, we might get one, or maybe a special where they are either in Kumiko’s room, or Reina’s. Since we got to see then in Kumiko’s room in the pictures, I am thinking we are going to get them in Reina’s, especially since Kumiko showed a bit of interest in Reina’s home during this mini audio drama.

It is just so good. I am going to look for translations after this but to those who want the audio…




Author: Black Gekikara

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3 thoughts on “KumiRei Mini Cd Drama

  1. That’s track 11 of the Hibike! Euphonium Drama CD that hey released last month. The part that you are unsure of is that Hitomi LaLa was collecting profile surveys from the band members and noticed the info on Kumiko talking to plant foliage. Pretty sure that Kumiko wrote that to be sarcastic since most of the time she can’t decide what to write. In Japanese high schools they are required to fill out profile surveys that describe a little of oneself like hobbies and other details. This is when you join a club at school. From the audio it sounds like Hitomi-San found it peculiar and ending up mentioning it out loud while collecting the surveys from the horn section.

    • Thank you very much WS, for explaining it in detail.

      Still, for Reina to have heard that she must have been paying more attention towards Kumiko than she should. Then again, she was already doing that even in the anime. Really, I can’t have enough of these two.

      Thank you again WS for going out of your way for this

  2. But isn’t it the same “problem” as with the series? Kumiko and Reina have these weird flirty interactions that are even flirtier than what the source-material offers but the anime still treated it as just a REALLY strong “friendly attraction”. This just continues what the series has been doing the whole time: Portraying Kumiko and Reina like a yuri-romance without ever making it official to the point where it seems that the series is asking of us to believe that this could really be just a special kind of friendship. It’s like pushing someone to the edge of an active volcano and then ask them how they like staying at the Northpole: What the actual situation is feels completely different from what the overall narrative is pushing for. On one hand Kumiko and Reina are supposed to be just good friends but then there’s this “yuri-subtext” except in the anime and here it isn’t a subtext. It would be if it could hide behind something else but the series mostly removed Reina’s attraction to the teacher and Kumiko’s close relationship to Shuuichi and so this subtext has nothing to hide behind and romance-plot-wise a potential romance between Kumiko and Reina naturally seemed more likely than the heterosexual romances that had used to hide yuri-subtext. Argh, it still frustrates me how Hibike Euphonium ended in this regard… If you push the yuri-stuff that much to the forefront, you should do something with it. After all, if you want to faithfully adapt the source-material such a move wouldn’t make sense otherwise.

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