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Fic–The Moon’s Grandness 1/? [Nogizaka 46]



Do not even ask >.<

  1. Nope, this isn’t solely a Ikoma/Hori fic. In fact Hori will not have much screen time.
  2. Yep, this is based on the PV Tsuki no Ookisa and…much more later on.
  3. Yep, there will be other couples (a la the PV and many more).
  4. Yep, this is part of a big series. A series that…
  5. Yep, will contain storied based off a few other PVs…
  6. Yep, you can speculate on which PVs but I ain’t telling nothing, not now anyway.

In this part, here are the characters that have been introduced or hinted upon so far…in their order of appearance/mention…

Nogizaka 46 - Tsuki no Ookisa.mp4_snapshot_00.29_[2014.02.01_03.47.59]
Nogizaka 46 - Tsuki no Ookisa.mp4_snapshot_00.46_[2014.02.01_03.48.42] Nogizaka 46 - Tsuki no Ookisa.mp4_snapshot_00.40_[2014.02.01_03.48.25]
Nogizaka 46 - Tsuki no Ookisa.mp4_snapshot_01.11_[2014.02.01_03.52.03] Nogizaka 46 - Tsuki no Ookisa.mp4_snapshot_01.12_[2014.02.01_03.52.24]
Nogizaka 46 - Tsuki no Ookisa.mp4_snapshot_01.20_[2014.02.01_03.52.57] Nogizaka 46 - Tsuki no Ookisa.mp4_snapshot_01.07_[2014.02.01_03.51.48]
Nogizaka 46 - Tsuki no Ookisa.mp4_snapshot_01.03_[2014.02.01_03.51.23] Nogizaka 46 - Tsuki no Ookisa.mp4_snapshot_00.48_[2014.02.01_03.49.31]

Now then, onto this monstrosity ^^


In a timeless place a timeless building stood intimidating and mighty to those that had the impossible pleasure of looking at it from the outside. The beauty of its exterior meant nothing to the people who were locked up on the inside. Mainly populated with females and only a selected few males who made up most of the staff, it was a place where those considered insane were sent to spend the rest of their days trying to recover from their sickness.

Despite their diagnosis, none of the occupants were crazy enough to think that they would be getting out of there. For, how can one be cured if they believe that they are not sick for to them what they think and see and feel is what is real. And even if a few were mad enough to entertain the idea of getting out of there, the medication fed to them saw to it that those kinds of thoughts were completely wiped out of their minds. Three weeks in and every single one was a part of the mind hive.

Everybody did the same thing every single day! The routine was the same, never changing. Even the staff and Doctors were the same and only their clothes and differences in energy, even as slight as they were, separated them from each other.

This was a place which was different from the rest of the world. Time seemed to move differently here. Nothing was a motivator to look forward to the next hour, day, week or month, not even years. Everyone seemed surrendered to their fate. Everyone was simply devolved back to a simple animal as they did nothing but sleep, eat and just keep being. Every patient had simply given up. All but one.

In the same building was a special room that every single patient visited at least once every month. Some considered it a small haven while most a taste of the hell that awaited their souls. For, the man that usually occupied the room would either give you a small taste of life with a good feedback or would chip away at your soul by denying your existence. For the 8th time in a period of over a year, not that she could tell, Ikoma Rina found herself being escorted into Purgatory. That was the name that everyone knew Doctor Akimoto’s room by.

“Doctor, the next girl is ready for you.” One of the male nurses on Ikoma’s right said even after knocking on the door before them. For some reason only Ikoma Rina got to be escorted by two male nurses out of all the girls. It was strange seeing such precaution being taken over a girl in the state that she was in. The nurses’ apprehension spoke of secrets only known to the occupants but to the outsider, it was a marvelling scene.

“Yes, come on in.” The nurse opened the door after the reply and the two guided the quiet girl inside. The Doctor who had been standing staring out of the window, turned to regard the new entrants, his attention only on the girl that was being held by the two nurses as if she was the most dangerous criminal in the prison. The three stopped just before the huge desk clattered with books upon books until the Doctor gesture to the chair in front of the desk and the two sat the girl down to it. There was silence as the three males stood and the girl sat as the Doctor waited for the nurses to leave. When it seemed that they did not get the memo, he spoke out loud, “you may leave”.

“But Doctor, she is…” The nurses looked to him as if he had lost his marbles. But instead of repeating himself, all he needed to do was finally meet their gazes, which he hadn’t done until now to finally get the message across. The nurses suddenly lost their manliness and after bowing, they turned and left the room to stand on guard outside.

The Doctor had his attention already back on the girl sitting before him even before the door was closed. He studied her closely, much closer than any of his other patients. He could not hide the interest that had been sparked in him by this girls. Without even his realisation, he found himself looking forward to these meetings with this girl who always seemed to have something interesting at their every meeting. Even though some of those never ended well for him, he mused as his hand came up to feel over his left eye.

The very first time he had met the girl is the very time he had almost lost his precious left eye. It was still not cured and it had a couple of month more before he could use it again but sacrifices were expected in the lives of scientists and this girl had turned his life from that of a simple Doctor who supplied false drugs to the insane and into a researcher into psychology.

He wondered what that girl had for him this time around as he looked her up and down. She of course was in that familiar state of addiction that every patient seemed to be constantly in. After months and months of those drugs even the strongest of minds eventually succumbed to their effectiveness. He let out a sigh of disappointment for, even if now seemingly unrealistic, he had hoped the girl would be somewhat different from the rest. Well, true she was different but apparently not at the physiological level.

There she sat, her eyes and possibly mind far away in her own secret place. A place the Doctor had seen almost every one of his patients create for themselves as a way to escape the reality they now found themselves in. What the fools did not know was that their creation of these worlds kept them here longer for the more they ran away from reality, the more distance the real world put between it and them.

As his one good eye studied the girl farther, something caught the Doctor’s attention. While most girls had strange dolls or stuffed animals with them, Ikoma was absently stroking an ornament of some kind. It was shaped like a butterfly and pink in colour. It was the first time he had seen it on her person. His interest peaked.

“Ikoma-kun…” He called firmly to get her attention. The girl’s head moved a little bit but that was it. He did not care though for he knew he had at least her attention. “What is that beautiful ornament you have there?”

Ikoma said nothing for a while but Doctor knew she had heard him so he waited. Her hand had stilled and her eyes had changed a little bit, as if searching for a point of focus. Finally she spoke, albeit very weakly, “it’s a hair clip…”

“Hair clip! Whose is it?”

“I…I don’t remember her name.”

“Tell me about her. How did you meet her?”

“I met her in a dream…”

The Doctor paused at that. His heart rate picked up, pumping his blood stream with excitement. He reached for a pen and his note book with barely contained interest.

“Tell me about this dream you had.”


Part 1 – The Moon’s Grandness Ch1

A Nogizaka 46! Fan Fic based on the coupling song on the 7th single Barrette – ‘Tsuki no Ookisa’


A figure walks the busy streets of the most peaceful town around. It moves with purpose and an alien air that sometimes grabs the attention of citizen. The figure’s gab does not help it blend in with the surroundings and the most attention sent its way is usually towards said clothes the figure is wearing.

Four very well dressed girls are some of these onlookers and the figure does not miss the looks of amusement towards its choice of clothes within their eyes. But just like all the others, the figure simply ignores their unwanted attentions as it strides on forward towards the destination known only to the figure.

Turning a corner, a sigh almost escapes the figure for this seemed to be the quieter part of the street and in fact seemed too empty considering. There had to be a reason for that and usually they are not good reasons. The figure’s eyes grew sharper and more observant.

“Now there is a face I haven’t seen before!”

The figure nearly jumped out of its skin at the sudden voice.

“What? How did you…?”

The figure reached towards its hip.

“There won’t be any need for that, dear visitor. If I startled you I dearly apologise.”

The figure relaxed as the bearer of the voice caught the figure’s vision.

“Sorry. It’s just that I did not sense you coming. In fact I still cannot sense you!”

The figure knitted it’s eyebrows in clear confusion.

“You can read Chi? Not many warriors get to that level of skill. You must be talented.”

The figure looked down to hide its embarrassment.

“Not really. That just happens to be one of my specialities.”

“I see…”

A minute of two of silence passed.

“Ah, I should let you be on your merry way, dear Visitor. I hope you find our city to your comfort. See you around…”

“Wait!” The figure called as the other turned to leave. “This city is denser than I was expecting. Could you point me into the direction of the Princess’s castle if you would?”

“And what business would a stranger have with the Princess?” There was a different look in those eyes that now looked at the figure with educated scrutiny.

“Um…I am not in the position to say but know that it was the Princess who called for me.” The figure hoped the sincerity in the voice would be picked up and not end up drawing swords with this obviously strong opponent. It would mean such a waste to fight and thus be on bad terms with such a good citizen.

“Well, if that is the case then I see no reason not to help you out. Sadly one doesn’t simply walk through the golden gates of to the royal premises. You have to go see the Beautiful Swordsman. Only through him will you be able to go see the Princess.”

“And where may one find this Beautiful Swordsman of which you speak?”

“Just follow down this street, turn to your left and you will find the Sakura River. Follow it up stream and you will find him eventually.”

“I am in your debt kind stranger. Perhaps when we next meet again, I will return the favour.”

“The name is Reika, Sakurai Reika. But just ask for The Instructor if you need to find me. Everyone knows me by that.”

“I was known as Ikoma Rina back in my village. I’m a swordsman just as you Sakurai-san.”

“A swordsman?” Sakurai looked over Ikoma with a studious eye and a raised eyebrow. Sakurai did not say what he was thinking but he did not have to. Indeed, just from seeing their choice of wear one could easily place them into different professions.

“Oh these? I was a member of the Blue Moon clan who are all Shinobi and I did study the arts but I am not Ninja!” She said it in a way that left no space for debate. Then a sombre expression came over Ikoma’s features as she continued, “it’s just that I feel more myself when I wear these.”

“It’s not just the wear though. You have no sword!”

“I have a sword – two actually.” Ikoma pulled out her two short swords as evidence.

“Those are no swords – maybe knives?”

“Why you…!”

“I’m sorry, I was only teasing. But you best be on your way. Not even our lovely Princess likes being kept waiting.”

“Ah, I should…” But Ikoma was speaking to nothing but air. Sakurai was nowhere to be. “What a strange man!”

“But he isn’t so bad. And the city seems great so far as well. Too bad it isn’t going to be as peaceful forever.” Dark days were coming to this city and Ikoma was determined to do something about it. She could not do anything to save her own town but this time it will be different. This time, she would put an end to the tyranny of that betrayer!


(At the Royal Castle)

Everyone around looked on with curiosity and a bit of apprehension towards the Princess as she all but stormed down the corridors. No one dared speak to her and all but glued themselves as close to the walls and out of her way as possible. The Princess had a reputation of a temper on her even though it was more of a legend since not many had witnessed her actually spit fire. But simply from her looks alone, one would be the dumbest person ever to even think of approaching her when she was like this.

It had gotten frequent as of late which served to fuel the rumours that had been circulating throughout the castle. The word was that war was coming the city and that the Princess was at the centre of it all. There were various views as to why, most of which were not in favour of the Princess’ relationship with the people. Some protests had even started going on though that had been silenced, according to her dearest father.

It was in fact because of the Princess’ father that she was not in a very good mood. Not only did he basically ground her and restrict her freedom only to the Royal grounds, but he refused to explain to her what was really going on. Even though he had insisted that nothing had anything to do with her, she could not help but think that it had everything to do with her.

“Oh this is so frustrating!” The Princess finally let off some steam as she threw herself on her bed when they finally made it to their destination. “Why won’t Father just tell me what is going on? I’m not a small child anymore!”

“The King is only thinking of your protection Erika-chan” Matsumura Sayuri, caretaker and best friend of Princess Ikuta Erika finally spoke after she closed the door to the Princess’ chambers. She had silently trailed behind the Princess as to the rest of the world, she was nothing but a mere companion for the Princess. That was not the same in their privacy where they were like sisters than on the centrally. The Princess had tried to get her to act the same way even when in public but Sayuri knew better and it was the only thing the Princess could never get her to comply on, short on ordering her thus damaging their closeness. But the Princess was no such girl and Sayuri loved her so for that.

“Don’t give me Sayuringo. You know very well what reason he usually has to hide things from me.” The Princess turned her head to stare Sayuri squarely in the eye. “Lord knows what he has to resort to protect his defenceless daughter.”

“Now Erika-chan, you know that isn’t true…” But really, what did Sayuri know? She never even set foot into the main chambers again since she was little and had first come to the castle. Her education which was mostly because of the Princess herself, was limited. All she knew of the current happenings were through rumours that the servants whispered to one another.

“Isn’t it? I just wish I knew what was going on. That way I could talk to the people and sort out this misunderstanding they have about me. But without knowing anything, I can do nothing!” Suddenly the Princess sprang to her feet. “Ah, this is so frustrating. I need to get my mind off things. Let’s…Let’s do something!”

Usually, whenever the Princess was in a bad mood, or the exact opposite too in fact, she would go off to meet one of the royal guards. It was as clear as day that the Princess had an eye on the Beautiful Swordsman. Sayuri had met him a couple of times and she too had to admit that he was a very good looking charm. In addition to his great looks, he was also really skilled. The King looked up to him too so much so that he made the Swordsman the Castle’s head of guard. As such, the Swordsman was usually, or always in their case, standing on alert outside the main gates or a little farther down the stream training.

But since the Princess was forbidden from leaving the grounds, she hadn’t met him for over two weeks. That did nothing to elevate the Princess’ rising sour moods. And so Sayuri could only think of suggesting the only other activity that the Princess loved just as much. “Shall we go to the tea room then?”

“Ooh, great idea Sayuringo. Nothing calms me more than a good brew of tea.” Sayuri only smiled knowingly to her Princess as they headed for the door but said nothing. Just like the Princess she too was worried about the coming days!


(Late Evening – Different part of the city)

Houses that looked exactly the same in every way but curtain decorations within their windows and family name labels, lined one of the many back streets of the main city. But where all houses were bustling with life and began to glow in the disappearance of the setting sun, one of the houses was dead. All windows and doors were closed off and no sign of light escaped from within. This being the most peaceful city in the country, no one questioned this abnormally as they went on by with their own lives.

If one had just taken a curious closer look, they would have seen the loosely closed door whose lock was broken. Upon entering, they would have been greeted with the walls that were lined with the blood of the bodies that decorated the floor and the strong odour of the metallic stench in the air.

Going farther inside, to the back room, a figure that sat in chilling silence, legs crossed underneath it and fingers locked together on top of its lap in a gesture of complete concentration would have greeted them. Only to the trained eye, would the air of terrible magical power encompassing the figure be visible. It was this power that wrapped itself around the whole house, probably responsible for the lack of attention the house was having.

The figure murmured terrible words that only made sense to it and other selected few as the entwined fingers moved and changed formation at lightning fast speed. This routine went on for a while until foreign sounds invaded the silence of the house. The figure’s eyes snapped open to reveal a terrible darkness within. But within moments they were back to the normal brown.

“Mistress it’s Mai. We have brought what you requested.” A voice spoke from the shadows.

“Excellent. Bring them in.” The figure separated its fingers to sit at attention with both palms rested on either knee. With a flick of a hand, a ball of purple light in the shape of a frame appeared in front of the figure. It grew in size then with another motion of the hand, floated towards the upper left corner.

Everything in the room could be seen well enough, including the figure’s features that comprised of a very striking woman in black regal Kunoichi wear and hair pinned up in a bundle on top of her head. A long sheathed sword lay on her side. She was the exact opposite of what one would have expected from the terrible aura that permeated from the woman. To the normal person though, like the four girls that were being dragged into room against their will, she may just as well be another beautiful woman of the city.

Four Kunoichi entered the room, each with a girl in hand. The victims were blindfolded and their mouths were bound with cloth too to muffle their helpless screams. Their hands were also bound behind their backs. That was more for easy handling than anything else for despite looking to be of the same age, the difference in power was obvious. After all, the figure had hand-picked them herself from the best of their village.

“Take the bindings off. I want to see their faces.” The ‘Mistress’ commanded and after forcing each girl to get to their knees, the four Kunoichi did as instructed. As expected, once their mouths were freed of the restrictions, the prisoners tried to scream for help. Trying being the key word in that not even a word was completed before they were rendered voiceless once again. But this time it was not physical but rather something the ‘Mistress’ had done. “Girls please, you wouldn’t want me to make sure you never spoke again, do you?”

Over-whelming fear was visible on all the four girls’ faces and it was clear that they got the message. The Mistress studied each one of them in turn. She started from the biggest of the four and obviously oldest of the group. Starting from the top, the girl had her hair pinned up and almost in the same style as the Mistress’. She was good looking but there were many better looking girls out there. She looked the least terrified of the four. She would have to go last. All four wore Kimono’s and this one was decorated with dark pink flowers.

The next girl was the youngest judging from looks. She was probably no older than 15. Her face was really small, even for her age. Her hair was done in low loose side tails. She was pretty cute and totally the Mistress’ type. Her Kimono was plain gold with light lines of brown. The lingering predatory look the Mistress gave the girl did not go un-noticed by the 2nd in command, Mai. She almost pitied the girl.

The Mistress’ gaze shifted to the third girl. Her age was difficult to decipher for some reason. Everything about her was weird. She had her hair done up in a style that was foreign. So foreign in fact that the Mistress had only seen it in the Western world she visited once on one of her quests. She was sure though that the girl or woman, was not foreign. She was the most appealing of the four. The Mistress licked her lips in barely controlled anticipation.

The last girl was the typical normal girl that boys fell all over their feet for. She was about 16 or 17 and her hair was also done into low side tails. But where the youngest was loose, hers was knotted. She also had cutesy pink ribbons tied into them. She was already in tears and the mistress couldn’t wait to taste them.

“State your names.” The Mistress commanded only to receive silence in answer. “Oh, my apologies.” She raised a finger and voice came back to the girls who had opened their mouths but no words came out. “You can speak now. Starting with you” the Mistress looked to the oldest girl.

“Ta-Takayama Kazumi” she said with difficulty. The Mistress turned her attention to the next girl. “My n-name is Satou. Satou A-Asuka…” The young girl was also holding in tears. The Mistress couldn’t wait to get her hands on that delicious innocence. She would have to go first. Turning her attention to the next girl, lest she just get impatient and get on with it already, “I’m Akimoto Manatsu.” Hm Japanese after all. “How old are you?” Might as well. “I’m turning 20 soon.” The Mistress made a show to digest that information. Really, she had no interest in knowing these particular girls at all but she needed this knowledge for the future. “And you?” She had turned to the last girl. “I…Am…I am 16!” The Mistress rolled her eyes. “What is your name?” The girl looked ready to completely break down. It took some effort to get the name with the way the girl was sobbing her words out. Her name was Nakamoto Himeka.

“Good job girls. Now leave us? After the day I had, this won’t be very pleasant to witness.” The Mistress dismissed her subjects.

“Will you, be okay Mistress?” Mai asked and she instantly regretted it. The look her Mistress gave her sent chills down her spine. She awaited her punishment that was sure to come with closed eyes but when nothing happened she hesitantly cracked an eye open.

“Now, now Mai-chan, don’t make me repay you for these lovely gifts with punishment.”

“My deepest apologies Mistress. We shall leave at once.” Mai and the three Kunoichi who hadn’t spoken a word as usual, bowed to their leader and vanished back into the shadows. The Mistress turned her attention back to her subjects.

“What…what do you want with us?” The oldest girl asked. She was clearly shaking but probably wanting to appear strong to her gang she tempted fate.

“What are girls like yourselves good for but one thing?” The Mistress raised to her feet. With a smile that chilled even the most innocent of babies, her clothes hit the floor, leaving her naked except for the feet wear and elbow guards.


(To be continued)

Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Hail Yukirin, Batman and Zack Snyder Long Live Horror

5 thoughts on “Fic–The Moon’s Grandness 1/? [Nogizaka 46]

  1. Do you intend to write another chapter for this ? Or any other Nogi fic ?
    I want to know what happens next, especially with Kazumin ^-^
    I love your way of writing by the way ^^

    • Thank you DasuRion.

      And yes, I intend to continue the fic. Though I don’t think you will find much about Kazumin since she isn’t one of the main players >.<

      But I love her with Nanase so who know, maybe a different time for them…

      • I’ll be waiting then ^^

        On Kazumin, I was excepting it and her appearing is enough to make me happy xD All Nogi members are great anyway 😀

        I love her with Nanase too, they’re so lovely together *-*

  2. cant someone explain the story in the video instead?

  3. Where’s the continuation?

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