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Nogizaka 46! 8th Single Senbatsu

140126 Nogizaka46 – Nogizakatte Doko ep119.ts - 00053

16. Takayama Kazumi
15. Wada Maaya
14. Akimoto Manatsu
13. Higuchi Hina
12. Kitano Hinako
11. Kawamura Mahiro
10. Fukagawa Mai
9. Matsumura Sayuri
8. Ikuta Erika
7. Wakatsuki Yumi
6. Sakurai Reika
5. Ikoma Rina
4. Hori Miona
3. Hashimoto Nanami
2. Shiraishi Mai
1. Nishino Nanase

And Nogizaka is at it again! New single means new concept meaning new formation, new centre and new faces! I don’t know about you guys but I really love this concept NGZ is going for these days. Even though I know so little to none of some of the new faces, I am still excited overall with the formation. This is the power of change! I am no longer even bothered by the fact that Ikoma hasn’t centred a single since forever or that Hori only had a one time run.

The most important thing is the Centre of course and this time around, it is none other than the beauty herself Nanase taking on the challenge and having her chance at domination! She is flanked by Shiraishi and Hashimoto (Again?!  I thought we were about change!).

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Go home and suck on ur mommy’s titties little boy

140124 NOGIBINGO!2 ep03.ts - 00110
140124 NOGIBINGO!2 ep03.ts - 00114 140124 NOGIBINGO!2 ep03.ts - 00120
140124 NOGIBINGO!2 ep03.ts - 00124
140124 NOGIBINGO!2 ep03.ts - 00119

Said one Anee, Takayama Kazumi!

Yep, the Nogizaka girls are here to take over once again in the next instalment of NOGIBINGO! This time around, the girls are acting out a selected few fan’s fantasies and as we see above, some are just crazy. But the girls still do it any way because…The trio’s fantasy requester is obviously into some S&M shenanigans but not all are that twisted. Case in point…

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Maleficent looks more and more delicious


First, that’s an interesting way of casting a spell. Second,  I thought her magic was green? These two facts are already placing me onto the hype train.


Have we ever seen a Princess willingly walking into the hands of the villain? I mean even in Snow White, Snow really hated the Evil Queen in the beginning so this is really, really interesting! I am most looking forward to these two’s relationship.

I only hope it doesn’t turn into ‘I am your mother’ or so God help me…Dear Disney, people have lines and this right here will be the one not to cross for me.


DAT Angelina as Maleficent though >.< I’ve never so been scared of a woman before! Forget the Evil Queen, Maleficent is like the ultima of evil! And yet, she doesn’t seem that evil at the same time! I am confused but oh so excited for this.

And I hear Juno Temple is in this too? Most likely as one o the fairies? God, how more awesome can this get!

My second most looked forward to movie for the year so far. You know, TGS’s being the first.

Any way, trailer and caps…

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Nostradamus? I might be…

I will just leave this quote from this post here…

“It’s safe to say that Team K is officially fucked now, right? Well then, brace yourselves for Team Shuffles this year lads.
You heard it first from yours truly BG!”

le shock


That’s right, you all have probably already heard the news (I was asleep all day so I missed it) but the time is nigh. In fact it’s so close the thing is taking place next month! That’s two months before even the Request Hour is done!

Well, best prepare for feels. You haven’t felt this amount of feels since 2009 (If you were around then) because this is proving to be equally or even more feel inducing than then because NMB  and HKT were not around back then. Now they are so prepare ur bodies.

Not that I am saying the groups will be shuffled. SKE was around back then but it was only concentrated on AKB and HKT just had their shuffle so  really, I doubt the sister groups will be included. If they are, it will just be more transfers or something like that.

Back to AKB though, everyone is fair game! Last time we saw the birth of SDN from the members so what will it be this time? Team 8? I can see that happening especially since they went through the trouble of reforming Team 4. So the only way to make sense of it is to create Team 8 too. Otherwise, Team 4 is going copout again.

Really, though, the group has been asking for a shuffle for a while now. The last shuffles were not sensible at all. Hopefully they will correct their mistakes this time around.


Okay, why wasn’t I invited?

To Keicchi and Natsumin’s wedding, I mean? Forget even the wedding, why wasn’t I told about their relationship to begin with?! From the sound of things, it is recognised by the members so it has to have been around for quite a while.

Well,  I guess that explains the lack of KeiFuu as of late. Not that I am complaining. These two do actually make a lovely couple. And Natsumin wasn’t afraid to admit their love when Nana attacked her on how she really feels about Keicchi. Mist members go into denial when confronted about these things in front of the camera. Really, even Sayanee did it in this very video actually. Apparently they have a history those two, I mean Sayanee and Keicchi. But they are both denying there being anything concrete so I guess  I will let that slip.

Anyway, this is from that takoyaki party Sayanee, Nana, Keicchi and Natsumin had on Friday night after the first day of RH 2014.

Needless to say, I am now a shipper of Keicchi and Natsumin. ^^


NMB48 Samurai Blade Razor CM

フェザーサムライエッジ 神ソリ7 CM(Making) - YouTube.mp4 - 00003

Somebody give this girl a Goku Uniform so she can take on Majisuka Gakuen’s Yuko-senpai Satsuki and her 4 Queens Elite Four ^^ I can totally see it. Maachun has the BOSS factor. It isn’t there to be seen by the naked like Sayaka’s but you can just sense it – that inner baddassdery! ^^ Sometimes it makes a cameo though.


フェザーサムライエッジ 神ソリ7 CM(Making) - YouTube.mp4 - 00002

Good to see Sayanee still has this need for Maachun. Personally it tells me quite a bit about these two.


I have no words. Well, where Maachun is concerned. But if we direct our attention to a bit on the right…Milky, please. And Fuuchan too. I sometimes catch them when they have these looks and it concerns me that others don’t seem to see it. That darkness just doesn’t cut it for me. Probably better to see it in a still…

フェザーサムライエッジ 神ソリ7 CM(Making) - YouTube.mp4 - 00013
フェザーサムライエッジ 神ソリ7 CM(Making) - YouTube.mp4 - 00014

Yikes! And speaking of Milky…

フェザーサムライエッジ 神ソリ7 CM(Making) - YouTube.mp4 - 00021
フェザーサムライエッジ 神ソリ7 CM(Making) - YouTube.mp4 - 00022 フェザーサムライエッジ 神ソリ7 CM(Making) - YouTube.mp4 - 00023

That’s really perverted! And really, really dangerous. But more perverted. But dangerous too. But Ahhhhhhhhhh >.<


Any way, Maachun for president ^^

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