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Fic–The Reunion [YukiRena]



Yes, I just couldn’t pass up on the opportunity! If any writer watched the latest Nemousu episode and they did not get their Muse’s libido going, I pray for thee!  That episode man…THAT CERTAIN SEGMENT! I still can’t believe it is real! My mind is still all like


Yeah, I will be posting about this when I get my mind straight rest be assured but for now, here is a little something, that might be added on.

The Reunion

Black Gekikara
An AKB48/SKE48 YukiRena (Kashiwagi Yuki and Matsui Rena) Fan Fic
Set during the 14th season of Nemousu Hawaii Special after the events of ep3


In the car on the way back to the hotel after the filming at the Karai Crab Bar and Restaurant, Matsui Rena who was sitting in the back was getting restless from the extreme discomfort of the spicy foods she had just consumed without a care in thee world. Putting her health at risk just so she could impress someone, well, life was teaching her a lesson and she was just about giving up on pretence.

Rena could not help it though. It had been a very long time since the two took part in the Gekikara activities and Rena couldn’t believe how insanely happy she had been, first to see Kashiwagi-san walk in through the doors and by herself, and then to learn that they were to eat her favourite food. She tried to mask her excitement lest she come off as a weirdo and she thought she had done a very good job of it. The meals being made up entirely of fish was a very tasty icing on that already delicious cake. Rena had felt a great need to make her Captain proud, even though there was some side effects. And God damn, did her stomach hurt!

Right next to her, just one and half a seat of distance between them, sat Rena’s senior Kashiwagi Yuki. She was her senior not in age, as they were both the same age in fact, but in profession. Yukirin had a couple of year on her in showbiz. Just like the girl sitting next to her, Yukirin too was at end of her rope. Pretending to be ignorant of the girl’s suffering was proving to be extremely uncomfortable. Trying to get her mind off Rena was not proving a success. Rena’s muffled moan that cut through the silence inside was the last straw.

“Hey, you okay?” Yukirin asked the girl as softly as she could. She did not want their managers and the camera crew sitting in front of them to hear but with the silence inside the van, she doubted she was that successful.

“Y-Yeah, I will be okay.” Rena’s voice sounded weak when she spoke which increased the worry a notch.

“Are you sure? You don’t look so good. Do you need something? A drink? Medicine?”

“It’s not too bad. I will be fine with some sleep.” Yukirin did not believe her. Rena had her eyes crewed tightly shut and her hands were furiously rubbing at her belly. But she did not want to be a pushover over either.

What should I do? Yukirin turned a couple of thoughts over in her head until she came to the best conclusion she could. Un-fastening the seat-belt that secured her in place, Yukirin scooted over to the middle seat and secured herself once again. Reaching over to Rena, she gently pulled her down by the shoulder towards her parson. Startled, Rena’s eyes shot open.


“Here…You can lie down until we get to the hotel. It might help…?”

“I don’t…”

“It’s alright” Rena’s words were rendered useless when Yukirin’s put a little force in her grip and the speed with which she pulled Rena. The sound of Rena’s head hitting her lap was loud enough to turn heads.

“The effects of that ‘Level Danger’ is finally kicking in. She will be fine.” Yukirin supplied as an explanation for their managers. She only hoped she was right. Really though, they would never have been allowed to eat any food that was bad for them, right? Everything will be fine. “Do you need something to drink?”

“No thank you. It’s just a little stomach upset. And I don’t think adding something in the mix is a good idea right now.” Rena tried to stay still but the pain was not letting her. She squirmed and squirmed then squirmed some more like a restless child. Yukirin watched Rena’s hands moving furiously over her tummy and did not think it was helping.

“Let me. Why don’t you think of something else? Usually getting your mind off the situation can make you forget the pain.” Yukirin offered some wisdom from experience as she took over the belly rubbing. The muscles under the loose white cotton shirt tensed immediately at her touch. She gave the warm belly a few gentle caresses hoping to loosen them up but when no results arose she leaned down a little to murmur in Rena’s ear, “Try to relax Rena-chan. Think of something else.”

“I…I can’t!” Rena resigned dejectedly.

“How about a story then?”

“A story?”

“Well, more like a dream I had. I rarely dream let alone remember the dreams but there is this one I had a few days ago that I can’t seem to shake.” Yukirin kept her hand working on the warm muscles beneath their fingers. She would occasionally give a little pinch in order to scatter the girl’s thoughts off their target which was pain.

“What was the dream about?” Rena tried to divert her attention and focus on Yukirin.

“Well, I warn you beforehand but it was kind of weird!”

“Aren’t all dreams?”

“Well, you know Sakura Gakuin, right?” At the nod of Rena’s head, or what seemed like Rena rubbing her cheek on Yukirin’s thighs, Yukirin continued, “Well, the dream was about two of the members.”

“Really? Who?”

“Nene-chan and Marina-chan. You know them?”

“Of course! Marina-chan is the Head Girl and Nene-chan is the scary-looking one, right?”

“Oh! You notice it too? But I kind of like that serious look she has during performances.”

“You like those types of girls, don’t you? OWW” Yukirin pinched her near her belly button a bit harder.

“Hey, what’s that supposed to mean?”

“Nothing, nothing! So, the dream…”

“Well, there I was walking down some path for some reason, when I stumbled upon Nene. She was by herself but something was wrong. Walking a bit closer, I saw it first before I heard it. She was crying real hard. Of course I went up to her and asked what was wrong.” Yukirin brought her other hand to join the one at work then she switched from gentle rubbing to light massages.

“Why…” Rena was a little taken aback by the new feeling she was getting in her stomach. “What did she say?”

“Well, she didn’t say a thing but she did not have to. For, Marina-chan suddenly appeared out of nowhere. But I was not surprised at all. It was as if she had been there all along.” Yukirin massaged Rena’s belly muscles gently. She started from the lower end right where Rena’s white pants began then made her way upwards to just under Rena’s ribs. She did this slowly and gently back and forth but on the fifth time, yes, Rena was counting, she did something that succeeded in splitting her thoughts. Yukirin had snuck one of her hands underneath Rena’s shirt to touch skin. She massaged Rena’s skin both through direct skin contact and over her shirt. Rena was finding it hard to concentrate on one particular thing.

“Who…What did she say?” It was difficult trying to not speak broken senstences.

“’Nene-chan wanted to tell her parents that we were dating. I knew it wasn’t a good idea but I did not want to make her sad. She felt bad keeping a secret from her Mom so we told them.’ That’s what she said. So I said that her Mom must not have been happy and she said, ‘That’s putting it nicely’.” Rena gaped at her Senpai. When Yukirin caught the look, she couldn’t help getting a little embarrassed. It was only a dream, right? Still…

“I told you it was a weird dream.” No one spoke a word for a while. The only sounds being the occasional cars passing by or the far away train horns going off. Yukirin’s hands never stopped moving and they were now in fact moving on instinct. Even Rena was starting to get used to them on her skin.

“What happened next?” Rena finally asked a bit longer than necessary had silence passed.

“I don’t remember the exact details but it was more on the lines of me encouraging them and trying to convince them that they could still be together even if it was in secret. I don’t remember how well that went though.”

“I see. You know, dreams usually are connected to their owners so I am guessing you are okay with …you know…”

“Okay with what?”

“You know, love between two girls?” If Yukirin did not have a hunch as to what question was coming, she would not have understood it with how low Rena’s voice spoke.

“Of course! Why shouldn’t I be? Have I ever given a reason that I wasn’t?”

“No, no of course not!”

“Are you not okay with same gender relationships?” Yukirin couldn’t help teasing back to get rid of this weird feeling that had enveloped her chest. She regretted it moments after though when Rena bolted up right so fast, she almost hit Yukirin’s chin with her head. The two stared into each other’s eyes, even though they could not see any details, what with the night time and tinted windows, there was another awkward pose as the two faced each other with their faces so close. Rena turned her head to the side, her face hot.

“I was just wondering…I mean, I am not…I mean of course I am not-not okay with it! I mean…What I mean is…” Yukirin smiled at her so widely, even in the dim lighting Rena could make out the perfect little teeth having fun at her expense. She could do nothing but bury her face in her hands. “Mou~”

“Aw, you are so cute like that, you know…”

“I am not!” Rena’s protests were muffled by her hands still over her face.

“Hehe…” Then Yukirin realised it. “Is your stomach okay now?”

“Huh?” Rena was lost as to what Yukirin was talking about. She had been to busy finding her way across the surface of Yukirin’s face. Then it hit her. “Oh! It’s not…” She paused to feel her belly then stretched her body this way and that way to test it. “The pain – it’s gone!”

“Well I’m glad.” Yukirin smiled gently at Rena then moved to settle back into her seat and ride out the way to the hotel. She turned back to ace Rena though when her hand was taken and held in warm ones.

“Thank you Kashiwagi-san. Sorry to be a bother to you.”

“It’s alright Rena-chan. Just take good care of your body next time, okay?” She squeezed the one hand facing her palm in emphasis.

“I will. I promise!”

“That’s good. You know you didn’t have to prove anything. I still can’t forget what you did to those Chicken wings” Yukirin grinned at her. She was of course referring to the happenings of years gone by when Rena, who hated meat, sacrificed herself so the Gekikara Club could advance in their battle against the Top 10 Spicy foods in Shibuya.

“I wasn’t showing off!”

“I didn’t say you were showing off!” Yukirin raised an eyebrow teasingly.

“I-I wasn’t pushing myself, okay? I could still go on!” Rena did not know why she was so defensive really.

“Oh come on, your eyes were all wide open like you were holding back tears or something!”

“I…They were not!” Yukirin couldn’t hold in the laugh that escaped at Rena’s comical look. She was pouting cutely with eyes ready to drop tears just like a character from an anime. Yukirin raised a hand to touch Rena’s left cheek.

“Sorry Rena-chan, I’m only teasing.” She said as she caressed Rena’s check to calm her down. The two made eye-contact again but unlike before, they weren’t that uncomfortable staring into each other’s eyes at such close a proximity. This seemed to go on forever, both lost in their own thoughts and the other. It was their managers informing them that they were at the hotel, that they finally looked away. But this time, they had happy smiles instead of embarrassed eye-contact evasion.

“Um girls, Are you going to stay in here for the night?” Yukirin’s manager was standing outside the door on Rena’s side. Yukirin did not miss the amusement in their looks but decided not to comment on it. She instead went to un-buckle her belt and Rena did the same.

The door was opened for them and Yukirin followed after Rena. As they walked towards the lobby, their managers were reminding them of the following day’s schedule but Yukirin was not paying much attention to what she was being told. Her mind was elsewhere.

“Where are you going? You room is not on this floor!”

Yukirin was forced back to the real world and found herself staring straight into Rena’s surprised face. She hadn’t even realised that they had taken the elevator and that she was following Rena and her Manager off it. She stopped and turned back to see her own Manager standing in the elevator, holding its doors open with a look of confusion. Yukirin was 2 meters or so between the elevator and Rena-chan.

“Sorry! Is it okay if I stay with Rena-chan for a while?” Yukirin asked of her manager.

“If it’s okay with you two…” That was directed at Rena and her Manager.

“I don’t see why not!”

“Well, just don’t stay up too late. You still remember where your room is, right?”

“Of course.”

“Well then, I will see you in the morning. You know what to do if you need me.”

“Thank you. Have a good night.” With that, Yukirin’s manager let the elevator doors close and it headed on upwards. Yukirin turned and headed to where Rena was standing.

“Well then, I guess I too will leave you two alone. Have a good night.”

“Good night” The two watched until a door father down the corridor was opened then closed, to leave jus the two of them in plain sight.

“So, which is your room?” Yukirin asked as she turned to faced Rena.

“It’s room 525 but I am sharing with three other girls so…” Rena did not want to finish the sentence.

“Do you want to go on a floor tour then?” Yukirin asked as she offered Rena a hand.

“Okay” Rena smiled as she placed her right hand in Yukirin’s left. Yukirin turned them around and back towards the elevators. Yuki would not have thought that her time in Hawaii could get any better than it already was but she was now very much looking forward to the 11 days they had left in this lovely place. Sneaking a glance to the girl next to her, who also happened to turn at that exact moment, she gave a beaming smile, which was returned twice as bright by Rena. Yes, she was very much looking forward to the coming days.



Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Hail Yukirin, Batman and Zack Snyder Long Live Horror

11 thoughts on “Fic–The Reunion [YukiRena]

  1. you NEED to make a conti for this FIIIIIIIIIIC

  2. ^I agree!!
    And I’m thinking on a BlackGeki vacations in Hawaii xD
    That segment of Nemousu made my ideas flow!
    Thank you for this! And if you can please continue!!!

  3. Please continue, I want to read it. Your fic is so great 🙂


    Thing pretty much wrote itself to an extent such epicness in the scene from these two anyway, makes this fic oh so believable!!

    • Who could have resisted that glaring prompt, seriously! It was like someone gave me a million Yukirin goodies and asked me to write a thousand or so words about her and Rena. I could never refuse!

  5. Hehehehe….that…waaa~
    Is it really finish?? ><
    RenaYuki.. :3

  6. It’s a good story, but i think you should first continue writing the unfinished story before writing the new one. Please continue writing 🙂

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