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Nogizaka Danso Returns

Ikuchan! Miona!! Nanase!!! >.<

But something is very wrong with this video. I can’t put my finger on it but something is wrong and stopping me from losing my mind over this CM/Next Single?/Making of!

A Cookie to who knows what’s wrong…

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[Pics] NGZ46 Holy Trinity & Ikominami

 utb031-18 utb023-11

God bless you UTB, God bless you!

Nott only did you give me something I have been craving for a while now in The original Three but you went a whole mile farther and gave me my Nogizaka Top Ship in Ikominami! Or is it that Ikominami gave us them!? Ahhh either way, what an awesome present this is?!

I wonder if this is a sign for the next single going back in formation? If it is not Reika or Kazumin for next Center, then my money is on Ikoma-kun, flanked by her right-hand man and waifu. Or maybe it will be a Minami center? Nah, there hasn’t been any signs in the front and you can usually tell who is going to be. Under Construction is a very spoilerly place actually if you pay attention.

Anyway, I am so happy this early in the year and unlike 2015, there is just nothing I can think of that will happen on the other side (bad karma) to negate my happies! That was the lowest blow I ever got dealt and I survived it so anything else is just cake walk!

What an issue though, this UTB volume! In addition to the Holy Trinity, I got my NGT48 Oshi (That’s Honma Hinata to those who did not know) and my Family 46 Kami Ikoma-kun appeared again, in another trio with none other than Nanasemaru and Kazumin! Talk about having your waifu in one basket! Yes, I am a huge shipper of Ikoma-kun and Nanasemaru! And so do I ship Nanase and Kazumin, especially after these recent episodes where they are just so pushed together. Who am I to resist?

If Girl Tears are my Kryptonite, Yuri is my Yellow Sun! It give me life, while Girl tears take it away!

In addition to those, the back cover was of none other than my Idol Goddess Yukir-I mean Black-sama, in her deadliest appearance yet for Lost in the Supermarket! Seriously, what a way to kick off the year!

Anyway, jump over for a few more scans…

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[NOGIBINGO] Danso Couple Battle!

160502 NOGIBINGO!6 ep04.mp4 - 00138
160502 NOGIBINGO!6 ep04.mp4 - 00021 160502 NOGIBINGO!6 ep04.mp4 - 00006
160502 NOGIBINGO!6 ep04.mp4 - 00090
160502 NOGIBINGO!6 ep04.mp4 - 00041 160502 NOGIBINGO!6 ep04.mp4 - 00278
160502 NOGIBINGO!6 ep04.mp4 - 00176
160502 NOGIBINGO!6 ep04.mp4 - 00272 160502 NOGIBINGO!6 ep04.mp4 - 00076
160502 NOGIBINGO!6 ep04.mp4 - 00068

Nogibingo is at it again – Taking the best of AKBINGO and making it even better! I feel like the 46G is the place to be right now. Keiyakizaka’s girls are so much fun (Ozeki, Neru, Fairy-chan, Shiida and Rika being the personal favs), as for their Senpais, really, what needs to be said?!

Only thing that stopped this episode from that top 10 star is the lack of Ikoma-kun but even then, it scored a 9.7 from me so all is good.

I just love it when Nogibingo, the show you would think would just copy-pasta Nogibingo, takes only the best, when it is borrowing, and putting an awesome spin on it. When we were showed the shopping center I thought they would do the date thing Akbingo did but nope. It was so basic, just taking purikura photos, but it was oh so satisfactory. Time just flew by and I found myself wanting more. Too bad there is no part 2. Oh well, best things come in small packages.

For me this time around, my favorite was actually the winners – That is the Misao-kun/Minami pair. Minami-chan was just so on fire! I guess she is right at the middle of that time in life, you know it all too well.

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NOGIBINGO! Oneesama no Imouto

150727 NOGIBINGO!5 ep03.ts - 00399
150727 NOGIBINGO!5 ep03.ts - 00200 150727 NOGIBINGO!5 ep03.ts - 00202
150727 NOGIBINGO!5 ep03.ts - 00038
150727 NOGIBINGO!5 ep03.ts - 00382 150727 NOGIBINGO!5 ep03.ts - 00458
150727 NOGIBINGO!5 ep03.ts - 00304

Dear NOGIBINGO, why are you so damn awesome?!

Seriously, I want to know! They have only had just over 50 episodes so far and yet it feels like they have had more segments than AKBINGO has had in its 350+ episode run! Just this week they introduced a whole new segment! Meanwhile in AKBINGO, they are doing the fashion segment for like, the nth time now! What are they, some kind of advertising company? I miss the actual fashion show that began it all – you know the Coplay one that was, now that I think about it, hosted by Ijiri! Ah the irony!

Meanwhile NOGIBINGO knows what the fans want and they are still delivering in aces even as the segments are new and no longer copies of the old AKBINGO ones. That was like so season one, they are on the 5th now and things are getting better still. I mean come on, a segment where the girls get to act out their mousou lives as Oneesama with the members of their choice as their Imouto?! What is more awesome than that? Seriously, it almost even beats Danso for me because if you think about it, even though under the Danso they are still girls, the concept is that they are guys during those Danso segments so it is actually not yuri. Meanwhile here we get to not only have actual girl and girl, but this is essentially wincest!

Very interesting that they chose this segment now especially when you think that on 4chan people call each other Oneesama instead of Anon. I wonder if someone in AKBINGO production is a member of /u/. I can’t think it a coincidence that they chose the Oneesama segment for this season.

The couples this first time ever were kind of a mixed bag for me at first but that was only because I was expecting different couples. But then I thought that the couples I was thinking about wouldn’t work as sisters and more as lovers so I watched the episode again and enjoyed it immensely for what it was. I actually came away with a ship or two as well.

Thank you NOGIBINGO!

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Nogizaka 46 12th Single – Taiyou Knock PV

0626 Nogizaka46 Taiyou Knock.ts - 00037
0626 Nogizaka46 Taiyou Knock.ts - 00050 0626 Nogizaka46 Taiyou Knock.ts - 00062
0626 Nogizaka46 Taiyou Knock.ts - 00061

Yes! Ikoma46 is back! After what seems like forever Ikoma-kun is back as the Centre of Nogizaka46! This of course might not be a big deal seeing as thankfully, she is still the Face of Nogizaka, I kind of missed her at hat front and Centre. I love, and in fact have purchased, all of the singles centred by Ikoma-kun, with ‘Kimi no nawa Kibou’ being my favourite A-side and ‘SHAKISM’ being my favourite PV! But let’s be honest here, all of Nogizaka’s singles have been great either because of the couplings or the A-sides.

But just as we got Ikoma-kun back, so did the PVs return to their 5min runtime! Like, why?! I was looking forward to the dramatic first PV that is most certain to have some Rinanase! We got our Rinanase of course but so did we lose the extra time to enjoy it in the PV when they returned to the 5min curve! Why would you do this?! I was really looking forward to that Rinanase!

Why is this? Well, if you follow Nogizaka then you know of how much Ikoma-kun loves Nanase, am I right? And with Kazumi’s coming out on her love for Noujou, and Minami having this friendy thing going on with Hocchan, there is nothing stopping the Rinanase now, is there? And Nogizaka being its awesome self, delivered just as I expected! The focus was on the top girls which in this case it means Ikoma-kun, Nanase, Iku-chan and the usual trip (Cap, Shiraishi and Hashimoto). Of course Ikoma-kun was the focus!

But I was kind of disappointed to tell the truth. I felt like the PV’s plot had been done before. Wasn’t this the same formula they used in Nanase’s first single? Sure there was another twist in that one but it was essentially about the same thing in regards to the main character and the rest of the group! Except last time we had close to 10min of runtime and we got the full picture but this time it was half of that which meant lots of gaps in the story and that we will most likely never truly understand what the hell was going on beyond the surface.

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