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Fic – A Belief Restored [MiMi]

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A Belief Restored
Black Gekikara
A Fairies MiMi (Shimomura Miki and Fujita Miria) fan fic

MikiMiki gets a visit from Santa, for the very first time

So, here we are again. This time with a Fairies Fan Fic. Just last post, I mention a certain truth about MikiMiki that was revealed during the Fairies Christmas party and learning of it, I just could not let that go! I was actually planning to post this next Christmas, having not gotten it done on time for the last Christmas but because of a certain someone, I got up this morning, took a shower and a flask of strong coffee and sat down to finish this thing right now!

And here we are.

This my lovely Readers is the power of encouraging feedback!

Any way, onto the short story…


[3am – Fujita residence]

Fujita Miria restlessly turned this way and that within her bedcovers unable to go to sleep. All that her mind kept thinking of, kept it so active that she could not catch a wink of sleep, was the party she had just been on not many hours ago. More specifically the party where her…best friend had said something that will be with her for the rest of her life-

Unlike Miria, it’s the exact opposite for me. I have never gotten a visit from Santa.

Ever since that knowledge had been gained by Miria, all her happy thoughts about Christmas, all her hopes and wishes and thoughts of what her lovely parents had gotten her this favourite holiday of hers was forgotten and abandoned. All that filled her whole being, her very soul, was a girl that had never actually celebrated Christmas like it was supposed to be celebrated.

Miria could not understand it. MikiMiki was the happiest person she had ever met. Even though Miria had never had a ‘bad’ day in her life, even she had been jealous of how happy MikiMiki seemed all the time. That smile that always seemed to make her small face glow now looked completely different to Miria because it did not make sense. Either MikiMiki was the most perfect person walking the earth or that smile, all the smiles that Miria had been drinking in all this time in, not knowing the girl had been…all of it had been complete lies…



Miria’s eyes flew wide open. Tearing the duvet to the side, she got up and ran with purpose to her parent’s bedroom. Not even giving thought to what time it was, the fact that her parents had been asleep for hours, Miria burst the door open and was instantly by her parent’s bed. She reached forth without any restraints to violently shake her father awake.

“Papa, Papa wake up.” When the man who had been too tired from the events of the day, mainly due to his lovely wife dragging him everywhere did not stir, Miria gave him a very sharp slap on his head. “Wake up!” That did the trick.

“Wha-Where…? Oh Miri-chan, what’s wrong? Are you okay?” The man of the house was instantly awake having recognised his baby girl.

“I need your help Papa.”

[4.30am – Shimomura residence]

An hour and a half later found Miria right outside MikiMiki’s house trying to defy gravity. It wasn’t easy, what with all the heavy dress-up she had on. It was a Santa Clause costume but with much more beneath. Her father had been adamant about her actually looking the part after she had explained her plan to him.

“Hold the ladder steady Papa!”

It wasn’t far up high but if she fell, she was sure she would break something. And once again she was surprised by the voice that had spoken the words. Her Papa had gone to great detail even so far as to give her a voice changer.

“Are you sure about this honey? We look like criminals. If someone sees us…”

“It’s almost 5 in the morning Papa, on Christmas Eve! I doubt anyone will be out and about. And besides, we are only criminals if we are doing something criminal.”

“Well Honey, I don’t know about you but if I caught someone climbing up my house at this ungodly hour, I would scream ‘criminal’.”

“Ha! Ha! Ha!”

“I think you meant ‘Ho ho ho’ dearest.”

Miria just rolled her eyes. She loved her papa very much but he was impossible sometimes. Having finally reached her destination, which happened to be MikiMiki’s bedroom window, Miria was very happy to find that it was as she had hoped. MikiMiki still kept her window open even in the winter nights. She used to wonder why before but not anymore. Not after the party! Was she always waiting for Santa to come? All 365 days of the year, waiting and waiting! Miria shook off the tears that were trying to escape. She would not cry again. She would make everything right. With her resolve re-lit, Miria opened the window wider and carefully, silently, made her way inside.

She was thankful to find that Miria still kept her room in the usual assembly, for it was too dark to see and with her vision already 40% obscured by her costume, she didn’t want to wake up the house by breaking things. She was a bit farther away from the bed so she took a step to start moving forward, only to freeze when the bed stirred and the side lamp was turned on.

“Who…Who is there…?”

Miria was so shocked she just stood there, mouth agape, though of course she doubted MikiMiki could see it. I was obscured by the big beard. When no reply came, the question came again, still weak but a bit stronger this time. And it was then Miria knew that she hadn’t been made out yet, not because of her costume but because the light was too weak to reach her. Moving forward a bit, just to make known the famous red and white colours, Miria heard it as clear as day even as she saw the emotions in the girl’s face.

“S-Santa-san! Is-Is that you…?”

It was them that Miria finally made out why MikiMiki’s voice was so weak. It wasn’t from having been asleep but rather from having been crying. MikiMiki’s face was a mess. Miria hadn’t been the only person still awake into the early morning! Had MikiMiki spent all her nights before Christmas this way feeling like this?! Miria had never seen such a face on the girl before and it disturbed her greatly!


“O ho~ho~ho! Indeed young Miki, it is I, the bearer of the spirit of Christmas, Santa Clause.”

The girl sniffed again, seemingly on the verge of crying again.

“Really, is that you really?”

The doubt Miria could sense in MikiMiki’s voice was unsettling to say the least.

“It is I. So overjoyed, to finally meet you young Miki.”

The tears fell anew and left unattended trails over messy cheeks. Miria fought with all she had to not rush to her side and envelope her in a comforting hug and whisper her tears away.

“But-But why? Why now? I haven’t been good. I-I have…I haven’t been good at all!”

When she spoke next, she couldn’t help the shaking in her own voice.

“That is not the truth young Miki. You have only been truthful to yourself for doubting.”

“But I shouldn’t have doubted! You are real! You are here! I…” Miria watched, crushed as MikiMiki broke down even farther. She hid her face in her hands and openly cried. “I-I don’t deserve…”

Miria could not take it anymore. She moved closer to the bed enough to touch MikiMiki’s head. That stopped the girl in her self-drowning descent.

“You are not right in saying that young Miki. I have been watching you ever since I received your first letter.” MikiMiki finally looked up from her hands and Miria finally got a very clear look of her best friend’s face for the first time. The eyes are what struck her the most. Those eyes that always seemed so bright to her were now a ghost of that. Fighting against all her desires, Miria continued on “That’s right young Miki, I have received every single letter you have ever written and I have been watching you ever since. And do you know what I have gathered in all that time?” She paused and only continued when MikiMiki gave her a very slight nod. “It is that you are one of the fairest people that have ever lived.”

The emotion that washed over the eyes she was staring into right then, made Miria’s heart leap from her chest.

“But…if that is true, then why…why…”

MikiMiki couldn’t finish the sentence. She looked down in shame as if what she was about to ask was the most evil thing in the world. Really, the girl was just too pure for her own good! Miria decided to finish for her for she knew well what MikiMiki wanted to ask.

“Why haven’t I come over to you until now?” Again with a nod from MikiMiki, did Miria only continue “It’s because…well…only if you promise to keep a secret?” This was probably the weirdest scene ever. Even if it was Santa, having an old guy sitting so close to a 14 year old and winking at her without the knowledge of her parents had to be a must No-No but of course, Miria had to remind herself who she was with.

“I promise!”

“Well young Miki, it’s because I could not find a gift worth of your huge heart!”

“But, what of the l-letters? You could have just gotten me something I as-I wrote in there?”

Uh Oh, Miria hadn’t thought of that! Damn, she had to come up with something fast!

“”Well, and this is another of our secret, I only visit a person once in their life so I try to get them a gift they will treasure for the rest of the Christmas to come.”

“But, what of the other girls that say you visit them every Christmas?”

True! Time to find an escape!

“Well, all I can say is that I cannot validate their claims completely…”

“Oh…So then, Santa-san to have finally come over means that…”

MikiMiki had gotten sullen again. This time Miria raised her gloved hand to the wet cheek and gently caressed it. She would have wanted to do more or something completely different but she had to remind herself that this was not her, well, to MikiMiki she wasn’t.

“It saddens me too that I shall not meet you again but rest assured, you will not need me anymore.”

“Truly? But what kind of gift could it be that would make anyone not want to see you again?”

“Well young MikiMiki, you will just have to wait until you wake up. It will be the first thing you see when you do. And besides, even if we do not meet again, know that I will be watching over you, like I have been and always will be.”

“Oh…But I am awake now. I don’t think I can go back to sleep anymore.”

“Are you sure you are awake right now?”

Miria have a coy smile and a raised eyebrow.

“Of course. I am su-su…huh? Wha…I feel…”

Much to even Miria’s surprise, MikiMiki’s eyes began to droop and her body fell forward into Miria as she suddenly collapsed and was out like a light.

“Well that was…”

Her father’s voice suddenly cut in out of nowhere.

“She must have been so exhausted that a simple lifting of the heavy weight off her chest was enough to relax her into sleep.”

Miria’s soul almost left her body at the scare.


She gave him a heated look.

“Sorry baby girl. I was just bringing the gifts up.”

Miria had even forgotten about that. Not having had the chance to go shopping, Miria had just grabbed what she considered best of the gifts she had received from her family and other relatives to give to MikiMiki but it all seemed wrong not to mention un-fitting. She had completely forgotten herself and had instead been thinking of something completely different when she was telling MikiMiki of her gift.

“It’s okay Papa. I won’t be needing them anymore.”

The eldest Fujita had much more to say but he believed in his girl so he settled for the simple.

“Okay baby girl. So then, everything went alright?”

In actuality, he had witnessed all the important details and might have had something to do with young Miki’s falling asleep but he wasn’t about to let that known.

“Yes Papa, everything is fine.”

The man did not mention the tears that were now trailing down her favourite girl’s cheeks either. He knew of how close his daughter was to the slumbering girl in her arms as she almost always never stopped talking about her whenever she came home for the holidays so he was almost sure of what was going to happen next…

“So then, should we get going? It’s starting to get light outside.”

“No! I-I mean…I want to stay with her…”

He paused knowingly, to show a little hesitation at his daughter’s decision.

“Alright, anything you need baby girl. You know I love you. Do you need something else before I go?”

“Y-Yeah, just give me a moment.”

Reluctantly, Miria let go of MikiMiki and gently laid her back in the bed. She feebly tried to wipe away the tears to mini-success. After taking a few seconds staring at the sleeping girl’s form, Miria stood up and began to take off the heavy Santa Costume. In no time, she was down to the t-shirt and jeans and her father had packed away everything in the same bag as the presents.

“How will you explain your sudden appearance though?”

“I will think of something Papa. Just make a call around 10am to show that you knew I am here. I will have already given them a good reason.”

“Okay then baby Girl. I will be seeing you in a few hours.” He gave his girl a heart-felt hug and whispered in her ear “I am very proud of you, you know that…”

“Thank you Papa. And thank you too for helping me tonight. You are the only father who would help their daughter do something like this.”

“Anything for you baby girl, anything.”

“Love you Papa.”

“Love you too sweet heart. Now then, I better be off.” With two feet on the ladder and ready to descend, of course her Papa would not be her Papa if he just up and left. “Just…behave okay? She is really vulnerable right now!”

“Papa, please! Just go!”

With a smile, the man Miria loved the most in the world left and Miria closed the window after watching the car pull away. It was really cold and she felt it even more now without the heavy clothes. Not even taking off her jeans, she crawled silently under the covers and lay next to MikiMiki, facing the slumbering girl.

Miria was very relieved and felt a floating feeling of happiness fill her heart when she saw the usual happy features grace the face that was only inches aware from hers. This was the MikiMiki she knew and loved. Even when asleep she smiled so brightly! Miria sometimes found herself wondering if the girl wasn’t one of those lost Angels that she had seen in a movie once. Those angels that had fallen to earth and had forgotten their real selves but still had the qualities that separated them from normal people.

Miria swore to do whatever it took to keep MikiMiki like this. To never let her lose her smile ever again. To never ever let her shed a tear that was not of happiness! No matter how long it took, Miria will keep her promise to herself.

No longer feeling restless nor tiredness, Miria watched MikiMiki sleep until the room’s small lamp light was overwhelmed by the light filtering through the window curtains and the eventual waking of the girl next to her.

Miria was starting to wonder if she had found her favourite hobby as she watched those usually swollen, yet more so right now due to the crying the eyes had done during the night, lids open. She watched amused as those brown orbs were revealed, then in their full glory when then noticed her, then the feelings stirring within on actually recognising her! Then the set of lips following the eyelids’ lead when her mouth wide opened in complete surprise and…something else.

“Good morning to you to MikiMiki. Merry Christmas.”

The scream that sure to follow was silenced by Miria’s lips!


…The End…

Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Hail Yukirin, Batman and Zack Snyder Long Live Horror

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