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Fic – Tropical Valentine [Maa-chun/Saya-nee]


So, guess who’s back into teh writing bijiinesu?

That’s right, yours truly!

And what better way to kick things off for the year by the Valentine fix!

Any ways, here is a new fic I am working on and this time, it’s about the new 48 group, well, there are newer but I give not a frak, yet about them.

NMB48 is my favourite 48 group so of course they just have to kick start things for the year.

No surprises who this is about, if it is, please bro, don’t tease me!

Any ways, here you go. I don’t know what I am thinking but there are ideas brewing for this fic. I won’t drag my stupid tongue just yet though so we shall just have to see where this goes…together!

The plot (what plot?) is that while NMB48 is on a tour in Africa (That’s right! Do not try to out think this one. It is just as I have written it) shi—I mean, things happen; Starting with none other than our dear fearless leader Saya-nee – Yamamoto Sayaka.

This is…

Tropical Valentine

A NMB48 Maa-chun & Saya-nee Fan Fic

~ Part 1 ~

It’s February 10th. The time is twenty nine minutes past nine at night. They were in a hotel room they both shared in one of the many Sheraton Hotels all over the world. Even though she has yet to believe it, they were in the Sheraton situated in Africa. To be precise, they were currently in the country Uganda, city Kampala. They were the first ever Japanese idol group to hold an African tour and while she and really, most of the other members, had been both excited and scared out of their minds before, having spent a week already in the tropic continent, Ogasawara Mayu found herself terribly fascinated with this tour. So far their concerts have been very successful and while there were big differences from the audience back home in Japan, Ogasawara found that she liked this new fandom experience to be much more enjoyable.

The people were very inviting and naturally organised that Mayu felt almost ashamed that she had labelled them quite as she had before actually meeting them. She would have liked to blame the television for the bad impression but she knew that the news of course usually covered only the bad things so she was the one in the wrong for having allowed herself to be swayed by said news. Even though it was clear that they weren’t known in this part of the world, the concerts that started out with less than 200 people were suddenly a huge crowd by the time the concerts came to an end. Truthfully, the first time this happened, everyone’s spirits were down when they thought this tour would be a failure, only to be proved wrong. The other fact was that it was a non-announced tour so they were not expected and should have thought of the possibility of even having an audience of 20! Despite this fact, it seemed that word travelled fast for by the third day, there were numbers of people multiple to their first. Mayu found herself wanting to go on and on for she wanted to see how many people they would manage to attract for their biggest gathering. The fact that the concerts were held in an open area – a very wide park in the case of the current concert, the numbers of attendees were almost unlimited. There was just too much space in Africa. It was almost sad that they would only have one more concert in this country before they moved on to the next, which if Mayu was not mistaken was Ghana.

Opening the door to the bathroom, Mayu returned to the task of drying out her hair as she made her way to the main room. The hotels rooms they shared had private showers and no open baths which Mayu felt very grateful for. It was not like she hated public baths but this level of privacy gave her some security she craved where she wouldn’t get it when sharing baths with her fellow members on the other Asian tours they had had before. It also reminded her of home but let’s not go there.

“I am done with the bathroom Sayaka-chan. You can go take yours now.”

Mayu stated as she sat down on the couch and continued to dry her hair out as she watched the TV. She hummed to the music video that was playing on what she believed to be a Music channel. She knew not a word that was being said of course due to it being a local singer but who really needed that if you simply loved music! When she was almost done with the task of drying her hair, Mayu realised that Sayaka hadn’t showed any indication of getting up or even reply to what she had said. Mayu let the face towel rest around her shoulders as she turned to regard her best friend and leader who was sitting at the study desk supposedly reading a book. It was now she knew though that there was no kind of reading being done.

“Yamamoto Sayaka!”


It was just as she had thought. The last thing that Sayaka’s mind was on was the book she had been holding – The book that was now on the floor on the other side of the bed as a result of Sayaka being surprised when Mayu had shouted her name. Sayaka herself was still sitting on her chair; only the chair was now lying horizontally on the floor with Sayaka’s feet in the air. She was caressing the back of her head with her eyes closed in what seemed like pain. Mayu was thankful that the floor was carpeted so she shouldn’t be that much hurt. ‘What a baby!’ – Maa-chun thought. She couldn’t help a smile as she got up and went over to help her friend to her feet. She reached her hand out to the downed Sayaka.

“Are you okay, Saya-nee?”

“Y-Yeah…I am fine, thanks. You just surprised me is all.”

Sayaka opened her eyes though she made no move to get up just yet. Her head was still swimming even though it wasn’t in physical pain. The way she fell had knocked her wires off course so she needed a moment to adjust. When she turned to look up to her best friend, it was then she froze as her mind went completely blank. With her hand frozen in mid-air as it was reaching up for Mayu’s, her mouth gaped like a fish’s and her face turning an incredible crimson in addition to the position she was in, Sayaka was a sight to see. Her eyes though, her eyes were locked on and she could not, even if she tried, could not look away or even blink at the sight she was seeing.

Yamamoto Sayaka and Ogasawara Mayu, members of NMB48, part of the family of the current top Idol group in Japan, had been friends since they met in Middle School – best friends. It was two years ago that Sayaka started to realise that she might be harbouring a little more than friendly feelings towards Maa-chun. It was easy to dismiss in the beginning and for a while the feelings disappeared. No, not disappear but more like she succeeded in ignoring them almost completely. At that time, her feelings were in fact one of the reasons she had auditioned to enter the idol industry because she thought the separation would further snuff out those dying feelings she was having for her best friend. What she did not count on however was the fact that Mayu would also get aboard the titanic when she mentioned her plans for the future.

Upon succeeding in the auditions, things began getting complicated with buried feelings resurfacing and they seemed to be pissed for being abandoned for they came back with an intensity that Sayaka was not prepared for. This was no thanks to Sayaka and Mayu spending almost 90% of the days together, sharing rooms which was either due to Mayu’s insistence or the management. She had tried, Lord knows she has tried to fight everything but she was reaching her limits. Many times she caught her own eyes wandering as if possessed as they trace those curves that she has come to know better than the back of her hand. Sayaka imagined she could sculpt a 1:1 statue of Maa-chun better than those so called professionals, with the knowledge she had of Mayu’s stature.

This side though, this is one side that she has never had the pleasure – yes pleasure of seeing and in such great detail! She did not know exactly how it was possible but despite the fact that it was night, and the only lighting artificial, okay the lights were way brighter than what she was used to but still, it was artificial lighting. Either way, there was no reason why she was able to see what she was seeing with such clarity!

There she was, her best friend – her secret crush, standing over her in all her fully glory only clad in a towel – a towel that was too short it covered just down to a few centimetres below Mayu’s butt. Her well-fed legs were slightly shiny with water vapour still clinging to them. They were slightly open due to Maa-chun bending a little forward to offer her hand to her. Maa-chun was completely dressed just like the second she was born under that towel and Sayaka’s two wide and bloodshot orbs were locked onto the junction between said legs not unlike Golgo 13 with the scope on a 2million dollar hit! Sayaka could see everything so clearly that she might have acquired super vision. She felt something start to build up from the centre of her being and then rise and rise towards her top until…



“S-Sayaka-chan, are you okay?! Sayaka!!”

Mayu panicked when her friend suddenly shot blood out of her nose then slumped out cold. Blood was all over her front covering her arms, towel covered bosom and parts of her legs. What was she to do? CPR? What kind of CPR applied to this situation? What was she to do?

“I-I should call Nana, she should know what to do!” With that goal in mind, Mayu didn’t waste time change into anything as she exited the room in only her towel, and two rooms later, a distance that she crossed in almost a split second, she was banging dangerously on the door to the room occupied by the eldest member of the group Yamada Nana and the sporty Fukumoto Aina. On two loud knocks, the door opened to reveal a bewildered Ai-nyan who looked to Mayu as if she had lost her marbles, and then even more shocked when she took in her form. She opened her mouth in incredulity but Maa-chun talked over her words.

“Is Nana there, I need her help, quickly!”

“Huh? Yeah she is in but she taking her shower. What is…”

Again Ai-nyan was cut off by Maa-chun grabbing her hand and tagging her along as she dashed back to their room.

“You will have to do then. Something is wrong with Sayaka and I don’t know what to do.”

“What?! What happened to Saya-nee? Is that her blood all over you?!”

“I don’t know. Yes. She fell down then when I went to help her up, she suddenly spurt out blood from her nose then she went cold! See?”

By the time Mayu had finished her explanation, they were both standing over the downed Captain. Aina stood shocked for a second at the scene, which looked horrific and gave off a far worse image than what had actually happened. She shook her head to focus though and a second later she was on her knees checking on their leader. After what appeared to be the longest 20 seconds of her life, Maa-chun watched in trepidation as Ai-nyan straightened up on her heels and turned to look up at the scare team mate.

“The good thing is that she is breathing and the rhythm sounds normal”

“And the bad news?”

Maa-chun held her breath as she waited for the worst.

“The bad news is that I have absolutely no idea what’s wrong! What exactly happened? Could you start from the beginning maybe we can figure out something…”

“Once again Maa-chun cut into Ai-nyan’s sentence.

“Should we call the doctor or something? She just lost a lot of blood for crying out loud! What was I thinking; I should have called the manager first!”

Aina sweat dropped as she watched her companion rustle her hair in aggravation and made her way to the phone. Truthfully, Aina had an inkling of what was really wrong with Sayaka but she didn’t want to be the one to light the match that would start a hellfire. A smile broke out on her face as she turned to look at the downed girl before her, then gave a start when her eyes met the half-lidded, glassy  staring up unseeing at nothing.

“Maa-chun, I think she’s coming around!”

Mayu dropped the phone as she immediately bolted back to Aina’s side. At the same time, a new voice made itself known with a scream. Maa-chun paused mid-step and turned, in sync with Ai-nyan’s head, to see who the screamer was.

Kadowaki Kanako had been playing a game of cards with her roommate Shiroma Miru just a few moments ago on the double bed in their room, when they heard the banging. Their room was right next to Nana and Aina’s so the noise was delivered far enough through the walls for them to hear. Kanakichi being Kanakichi, she had decided to go and see what the fuss was about, dragging MiruMiru along, even though she wasn’t that interested. Seeing Nana-chan’s door wide open, they – well Kanako let herself in only to be chased out with a pillow when she surprised a freshly washed Nana who exited the bathroom only to find not her roommate but Kanakichi there, waiting, then ogled her as if waiting for some kind of private show. MiruMiru only shook her head at her childish comrade when she came zooming out into the corridor. Shaking her head, she pointed a finger at the other open door.

“I think there is where you want to be you geezer!”

“Hey, that wasn’t intentional! How could I know she would be coming out of the shower just when I got there?”

“Hmph, those are all just excuses. Anyway, isn’t that Saya-nee and Maa-chun’s room?”

“It is. I wonder what’s going on!”

The two contemplated as they made their way over and when they got inside, you can’t fault Kanakichi for screaming like she did. The scene was surreal! What they saw first was an awkwardly positioned Sayaka, who had blood all over her with a surprised Aina kneeling close by. It looked like a scene right out of a crime drama. Making things ever more appealing was a pissed off looking Maa-chun with blood all over her towel clad body. MiruMiru couldn’t help swallowing in fear as she body seemed to go stiff. Kanakichi fainted beside her but MiruMiru didn’t dare even blink as her eyes seemed glued to a very angry Maa-chun. Nobody made a move or even utter a word. It was as if someone had pushed the time stop button.

The situation was only just getting worse. Outside in the corridors, Yamaguchi Yuuki and Kotani Riho were just returning from the lobby. Ripopo had just been discussing some…girl problems with one of their female manager having forgotten some stuff while packing. As they walked to their room on the floor that was reserved for them, something caught their attention. One foot was sticking out of a doorway which if Yuppi wasn’t mistaken, that was their leader’s room. The two shared a look then quickly made their way over. Though it took the second group slightly longer than the first due to the first group hindering their way, the reactions were almost the same. Yuppi stifled a scream by clumping a hand over her mouth then staggering forward which resulted in MiruMiru’s nerves finally giving in and sending her falling on her butt. Ripopo’s reaction was almost the same as Kanakichi’s, though her scream was loud enough to raise the dead. And just as the fates would have it, the rest of the door on the floor started to open like dominos!

“Oh for fuk’s sake some body close the damn door already!”

Maa-chun had reached her breaking point!

“Idols shouldn’t curse Maa-chun…”

“Oh shut it Ai-nyan. Fine, I will do it myself!”

True to her word Maa-chun stomped over to the door way like the mad bull she was. Her anger was enough to pull Yuppi out of her stupor and prompt her to clear the out cold Ripopo and MiruMiru away from the Demon’s path. Maa-chun was scary when angry and everybody knew to stay away when she had those mood swings. Mayu started closing the door but it was hindered by something. She looked down and after seeing it was Kanakichi’s short-pants clad leg, she kicked it out of the way then slammed the door with a full glare in Milky’s and the oncoming crowd’s faces!

Watanabe Miyuki sweat-dropped on the other side of the door in the corridor.

“What was that about?”

Kondo Rina asked of her roommate from behind her.

“No idea…”

Back inside, right after the door was banged shut; there came a voice that turned the Demon into an Angel just like that.

“Ow, not so loud! What…Ai-nyan? What are doing here?”

Sayaka asked as she started getting her bearings back. She was surprised to find Aina there when she remembered being alone in the room with…


Maa-chun cried out her friend’s name as she ran over to her and almost dived in to hug her friend.

“You scared me badly you know! What is wrong with you…Are you okay? Why did you…”

“Ermm, if you don’t ease up a little Maa-chun, Saya-nee will pass out again.”

“Huh? What do you-Oh! I am so sorry Sayaka.”

She apologised as she eased Sayaka’s face out of her bosom and let her take in some much needed air in deep gasps.

“I-I am fine Maa-chun, I probably just need some rest and I will be fin…*spurt*”

“Noo! Not again! Sayaka. Sayaka, wake up!”

She was just trying to think of what had happened, then she had remembered the events and what she had seen – Adding the thought of her being cradled by said Maa-chun, who was still only in towel and…Sayaka could see some kind of stairwell that extended endlessly into the clouds. Some kind of religious music could be heard in the background too. Was she dead? Was this the way to heaven? Somebody please don’t dare wake her up if this was a dream. But just as she thought it, the brightness started to fade into darkness around her and she felt herself falling!

“Nooooooooo! I don’t wanna wake up…huh?”

“Well, nobody is forcing you to get up. You can stay if you want.”

It took Sayaka a few moments longer to wrap her mind around this setting. When it clicked, she bolted up on her feet, stuttering in some kind of Sayaka-language only to fall all over herself as her feet stepped on something that they weren’t used to. That something being Kanakichi and Ripopo; who were still out cold and resting on the lower side of the bed. Sayaka had been sleeping on it sideways with her head cradled in Maa-chun’s lap so there was lots of more space on the double bed. The stepping woke the said girls up though as they groggily came back to the land of the living.

“Why are they here?” Having looked around the room to find almost every member present she clarified, “Why is everyone here? What’s going on?” She furrowed her brows when laughter was the only answer she got. “Hey, I am being serious here?”

“Sa-Saya-nee?! Saya-nee…you are alive! Oh thank God! It’s a miracle! I thought you were dead. I thought Maa-chun killed you.”

Everyone sweat-dropped when Ripopo who had just woken up clung to Sayaka and started sobbing her eyes out! The poor freight girl only had the last visions before she blacked out on her mind and she had thought Saya-nee dead. She chanted Sayaka’s name over and over and Sayaka could only pat her on the back as she assured her she was alright. Sayaka sent a questioning glance towards her roommate wondering what she had missed!

“I don’t blame her. You really gave me-us a scare. Really, having a nose-bleed? What are you, a cartoon character?”

Mayu teased Sayaka who immediately went red in the face and began to stutter some more. When it seemed that Maa-chun would blow her own vessels due to stress, Aina had no choice but to share her views on Sayaka’s condition while she was still out cold. Maa-chun didn’t think though that her friend had hit her head that hard. Perhaps she just needed some better nutrition. Mayu will have to see to that. They currently were in one of the most tropical countries so this was the perfect opportunity.

“Hey, it’s your damn fault you know.”

Sayaka pointed an accusing finger towards her friend. Their other friends only watched on in intrigue with their grins and ears going wider!

“What? How is it my fault? It was your own fault for not paying attention.”

“That’s not what I…Arg! Forget it.”

With face flaming, Sayaka disentangled herself from Ripopo, whose tears had since been forgotten with such a conversation between these two people, and sought shelter in their bathroom. No one had ever seen them talk to each other like so which was the main reason why the room suddenly fell into a stilled silence. Suddenly the bathroom door opened again and Sayaka commanded.

“And you lots go back to your rooms! We have another busy day tomorrow!”

When the door closed with a purpose, it was the signal for everyone to scram out the door with a following apologetic look from Maa-chun.

“Sorry about that guys! I will talk to her and see what’s been eating her, okay?”

“It’s alright Maa-chun. I don’t think you have much to worry about. Well, at least you shouldn’t…”

Ai-nyan said mysteriously with a grin on her face as she quickly made her exit to avoid further questioning. Maa0chun only raised an eyebrow at her re-treating back as she closed the door, and then locked it to their room. She made her way to the bed then after some contemplation, she moved towards the bathroom door.

“Everybody has left Sayaka.”

After she heard a noise she took to be confirmation, Mayu started preparing for tomorrow before she went off to bed. Her thoughts were on the girls just a wall away though. She had begun noticing the strange behaviour of Sayaka’s a while back so that eliminated the cause being their current tour. There were some strange incidents that came to her attention like her friend looking away as if ashamed when she would catch her eyes over meals. Some times when they were walking together and she would reach for her hand, Sayaka would flinch the first time as if she was burned then apologising soon afterwards. Maa-chun didn’t press for answers though. She figured her friend was just going through some kind of transformation, as her mother once told her that it was something every girl goes through. Also Sayaka didn’t let these moods interfere with the work so that lessened Maa-chun’s worries, even if just a little bit.

“I will just have to probe her carefully until she spills.”

Maa-chun concluded as she set the folded uniform away to the side for easy access tomorrow before changing into her nightie and getting under the covers to get some much needed rest.


…To Be Continued…

Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Hail Yukirin, Batman and Zack Snyder Long Live Horror

8 thoughts on “Fic – Tropical Valentine [Maa-chun/Saya-nee]

  1. maa-chun….complicated…ai-nyan..simple minded…sayaka..should be careful..^^..too obvious..XD …anyway, nice fanfic..keep it up…


  2. Yay! My first time reading an NMB fic. Or this could be the first anywhere since I’ve never come across one before. I’m not really knowledgeable about the girls. I can recognise most of the 1st generation members but I hardly know their personalities. And I’m certainly don’t know which pairings are famous in NMB.

    Ok, back to the story. Sayaka’s inner thoughts are funny. There’s just so much a yuri fan can imagine since we know the girls usually share two person to a room when they stay in hotels. Lol I love how almost everyone ended up in Sayaka’s room.

    • I have also never read a NMB fic, but it’s not like I was out looking for them anyways…

      NMB is indeed still new and even I don’t know all of the 2nd Gen members but I know enough of the ones I know to pair them up (personal interest, well, except the ones this fic is about) so you aren’t alone.

      I bet they end up in her room even in real life, I could just see it, that is if Maa-chun was in there. That girl is like gravitating point of that group…

  3. Lost all confidence to criticize other peoples works!! Honestly any work is better than mine!! But I have to say the narrative was good!!! I’m in a state of awe-a good one!

    • Awe, don’t say that! It was because you gave me that Yukirin fic that I got the drive to do this. And my narrative sucks big time. These are just those rare flashes that happen from time to time. You just wait and see >.<

      Thank you for reading

  4. Okay now… “Why am I even reading a Yuri fanfic about some girls I don’t know jack about?” No, the real question is: “Who cares?”

    You did it BG! You did it… At first I though okay this will be an another erotic little piece just as was the one called ‘Surprise’. But as this story progressed it turned into an ecchi comedy. Just as I was watching a some kind of harem anime. I even lost the track what was going on after the second faint. Religious music, exotic environment? I though it will turn into a woodoo ceremony to raise the dead. This was crazy you know! But I liked it nonetheless. This wan entertaining, funny, easy to read and had a lots of “Details”… Just what I love… Just one question. Was that girl … um… Sayaka (was it?) looking at the other girl’s… um… Mayu’s (was it?) crotch? I mean was she really looking at the other girl’s uncovered… khm that part of the body??

    *ecchi mode on!*

    REALLY? This was what was happening? REALLY?! Unbelievable… You did it again. You did something I wasn’t expecting from you. Good job BG! You just made my day!

    By the way you did improve since the last time. (At least since the last one I read that is…) Now I’m more than curious of what will happen next even though I’m not really interested in these girls… well maybe except one thing, but c’mon, I’m a guy, right? *checking…* Yep, I am.

    Okay it’s time for me to move on and “eat” the second half of this cake. Be careful ’cause I’ll be back! Babam bam babam! (*epic fail in imitating the Terminator main music theme*)

    • Oh lord! There it is. Finally, I was wondering if you will get around to sharing your thoughts on this. ^^


      Sadly, well not if you were paying attention, I am so not into adult fics and the Surprise one was my second ever so I am afraid this fic will not have that much ero in it as well. but I think you found that out in the second chapter, right? ^_-

      Any ways, as for your question, yep! Sayaka was looking at Maa-chun’s flower garden, which really brought that ecchi mode out in her. It would anyone who were to see that part of the one that they have an attraction to.

      I don’t know about improving though. I ma not aware of anything I have done new so…

      Oh well.

      Thank you for reading, even though you know not of NMB48 (cries) and commenting Kragiron.

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