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Tropical Valentine [Part 2]


tropical valentine

Well then, here is the second part, to the one that’s reading this >.<

Some pics of the girls…

Saya-nee (Yamamoto Sayaka) Maa-chun (Ogasawara Mayu)

Now that you’re somehow acquainted with teh charas…onto part deux of the fic then…

Tropical Valentine

A NMB48 Maa-chun & Saya-nee Fan Fic

~ Part 1 ~


Love was like an experimental drug.

Just like a new drug, it was super effective as it warped your senses and forced you to notice both new things and also see old things in a completely different light about the person your hormones are targeted at. Yamamoto Sayaka could not help thinking this as she lay on her side under the covers and studied the peacefully sleeping face before her. They were not to wake up until half six in the morning – which was about forty or so odd minutes away but Sayaka, having been used to waking up way before then, it was no surprise that she was already up. She had been about to get up and get ready but when her newly opened eyes fell on the face of the girl she shared her bed with, Sayaka found herself staying there, and studying her friend’s sleeping face. This was the third time she had seen Mayu like this. The last was about a year ago and the one before that, many months before but the differences today were clear as anything.

Sayaka could hear nothing but the sound of her own heart beating and Mayu’s steady breathing. She was close enough that every time her friend exhaled, she felt the air hit her face and it would tickle her nose. Every time this happened, she could not help but picture the ocean waves as they crashed on a beach somewhere. Occasionally, Mayu’s muscles, around the lips, would twitch and Sayaka would watch them move so carefully as if she wanted to burn the pattern in her memory. Just like that Sayaka studied the whole of the plump face before her with such a passion one would think she was waiting for her pet to give birth to their offspring or something. Mayu’s head was lying on its side facing Sayaka and occasionally her bangs would fall victim to gravity. Sayaka made it her duty to put them away from her face and every time she did, the frown on Mayu’s face would disappear to be replaced with a sigh as if the few strands affected her sleep.

The fourth time she did this, Sayaka finally gave into the temptation and let her fingers come into contact with the soft skin. She felt giddy all of a sudden as her pulse picked up from the excitement of it all. She felt like a kid attempting fate by dipping their hand in that cookie jar and as that thought crossed her mind, Sayaka went very still. She dedicated all her other senses to seeing if Mayu was about to wake up at her sudden touch, even though most of them failed her. For example her hearing was blocked by the thunderous rhythm of her heart pumping gallons of blood through her veins. But her sight didn’t fail her. When she saw that Mayu still had on that contented, oblivious face, she let out sign as she closed her eyes to calm her nerves some. Sayaka ignored all the stupid small voices shouting for her to stop this madness right now but she dismissed them just as quickly as she started tracing the heavenly features before her.

Starting from the ear, Sayaka traced a finger so light, it might as well not have been touching, over the curious curves of Mayu’s almost perfect ear. She wondered why she hadn’t noticed it just like so before. She hoped she would have more time to study it, to feel it, to…The thought made her blush and decide to leave the ear and move onto the eyebrows. Sayaka resisted the urge to count the hairs on the slightly raised bony edges above the closed lids. She pressed then traced the tiny hairs, combing them into position then moving onto the other one. When she was satisfied with her work, she moved her finger into the middle of the eyebrows then traced down to the tip of Mayu’s nose. The hot air hit her hand in uniform intervals and Sayaka let it hang there until a part of her palm grew damp.

A smile broke out on her face when a thought crossed her mind. She brought her thumb to join her index finger and then softly started pinching Mayu’s nose. She felt the muscles react involuntarily to her applied pressures but when Mayu’s eyebrows started to furrow, which she had been studying just in case, she stopped her teasing lest the other girl wake up then moved onto the part of Mayu’s that she was most interested in – her lips. But when Sayaka’s finger came down from the nose tip to the slight curve on the flesh between the nose and lip, Sayaka paused. Her finger shook, and then her arm and soon her whole body felt the buzz. She was not ready. The urge, the pull of those lovely, healthy lips was too much for her to resist. As she traced the top lip, without even her knowing, Sayaka’s face was moving closer to Mayu’s. As if to warn her some more, Mayu’s air seemed to heat up a few more degrees because Sayaka’s face had started to form vapour from it. Sayaka ignored the heat and warnings completely.

By the time Sayaka’s finger reached the middle of Mayu’s lower lip, the flesh was so impossibly soft, so much more than Sayaka had thought they would be. If they felt this soft to her finger, she wondered how they would really feel when she used the most sensitive part of the body to feel them with. She had read somewhere, or was that in a movie somewhere, that the lips were the most sensitive part of skin. And with that, her mind went grey with fog and Sayaka could think no more. The few centimetres between the two pairs of lips, closed just like that. With just a simple touch of lip to lip, Sayaka’s body melted on the spot and her skin crawled as if someone had just passed an electric current through the layers of her skin. It was such a heavenly feeling. She wanted more of it! And so Sayaka‘s body complied to its master’s wishes by pressing in more and adding the tip of her tongue into the fray to taste – just a small taste to please its master.

Big mistake…

“Wh-What are you doing?!”

Everything came crushing down at once and Sayaka opened her eyes that she didn’t remember closing, to see what had interrupted her dreaming. No, it wasn’t a dream. She still tasted the new strange feeling on her tongue. It was the taste of Mayu and Sayaka closed her eyes again to burn then taste on her memory chip – she believed she was a robot, she had to because she did not want to forget this lovely memory for anything and robots didn’t forget. Her senses though, couldn’t let her have her moment. The feeling of being in deep trouble washed over her and her eyes opened this time taking in their surroundings – The surroundings that were filled with a disbelieving, and interestingly, hurt face of Mayu’s. Only one thought came to Sayaka’s mind.

“Ah crud!”

Love was like a freaking drug.

It made complete sense to Sayaka. It explained how one, like in her case, how one would start having different feelings about anyone they have been friends, best friends with for years just like that and out of seemingly nowhere. For, she did not even know how it had started, how she had begun to notice things about Mayu in a completely different point of view despite them both being the same people, who had been together all this time. It was not like they had been separated and had met again after a period of time in which one of them had a complete change over. Sayaka knew for sure that she saw her friend in a completely different way to how she did a few years back, months, even weeks ago to now. And just like a new drug, she came to experience the side effects of it as well. She was in the middle of one of said side effects right now.

“What is wrong with you Yamamoto. This is the fourth time that you have messed up today. I am ready to let it slide for one or two times but four! You have performed this routine countless times before and I don’t remember you making a single mistake. I demand an explanation.”

The other members watched on with shocked wonder as their trainer chewed their leader out right in front of them. Sayaka felt their burning gazes on her back and knew that they were not so shocked by the trainer’s outburst and more by the fact that Sayaka had messed up, and four times at that. She knew what the cause of the mess she was in was and because she knew it, Sayaka was not that affected by their trainer’s anger. That cause was all over her synapses even as she knew she had to stop thinking of it…her. Her mind was filled by the memory of the kiss and the hell that soon followed. She had done everything to avoid coming into contact with one Ogasawara Mayu. The skills she employed in the success of this feat would make a ninja jealous. Remembering the current situation, she said half-heartedly…

“I am very sorry.”

“Sorry?! Sorry cut it the first three time. We are already way passed our schedule no thanks to you.” The poor trainer touched her forehead in annoyance and tried to calm herself down. “Fine, take a 20 minute break everyone. And you, you better get your head in the game or else…”

She left the stage mumbling softly to herself. Sayaka stayed unmoving in her spot with her eyes downcast. Her head snapped up to attention though when that voice seemed to jump right out of her thoughts…

“Sayaka-chan, I-“

“I have to use the bathroom, excuse me.”

Ogasawara Mayu didn’t bother stopping Sayaka when she bolted off and away from her. She watched her go with a curious expression on her face. Mayu hadn’t exchanged a full sentence with Sayaka since the…incident. Thinking that she may have reacted wrongly, Maa-chun had tried to apologise to Sayaka but the girl was always finding other things to do right at the moment she would see her. Of course Mayu knew they were all just excuses but what could she do?

“Did something happen between you two?”

Maa-chun didn’t have to turn around to know who had said those words but she did any way in order to see eye to eye with Nana. She debated whether to spill or play innocent. Usually she was not one to beat around the bush, as they say but this was a different thing. She was not that dumb to not know that. But on the other hand, she wanted to sort some things out and if Sayaka would not talk to her…

“Walk with me…”

The two girls climbed down the stage and made their way farther in the field where the fans would be gathered in just a couple of hours. Maa-chun brought a hand up to move some wet bangs away from her eyes and sweat fell off her face as if they were under falling rain. That girl was as mad a sweater as always. Nana fished out a face towel from her buggies and handed it to Maa-chun, who took it with a simple ‘thank you’ and proceeded to dry her face off. When they were far enough away, and as Nana wondered if she would have to cox the girl some more, Maa-chun dropped a bomb on her. At first Nana thought she had misheard.

“Sorry, what did you just say? It sounded to me like you said that…”

“I said that we kissed!” Mayu said in no nonsense tone and turned to look directly into Nana’s widened eyes to make sure she got it. Then when she saw the point was delivered, she turned to the side as she clarified. “Well actually, she kissed me, in my sleep! I woke up this morning to find her mouth on…” Maa-chun blushed and the words died in her throat. Everything came back clearly to her as if she was back in that bed, her mouth covered by her friend’s. Mayu couldn’t help the beat her heart skipped.

“Sayaka kissed you, that Sayaka? Could she have been sleeping?”

Nana was having a hard time believing what she has just heard but she didn’t think that Maa-chun was lying to her either. Who would lie about something like that?! But if it were true, how in the world did that even happen. Okay, the girls kissed all the time but they were all playful kisses on the cheeks nr side mouths. Somehow Nana didn’t believe this was the same kind of kisses. First of all, she didn’t remember seeing Saya-nee and Maa-chun even attempt that kind of close contact despite knowing they were best friends. In fact she might have thought they were too dilute for people with their level of friendship. Her train of thought was cut off by Maa-chun.

“Ha! How many times before have you heard of people kissing other people unconsciously? Like, what’s that even called – sleep-kissing?! I can assure you that she was awake. Sayaka-chan was always an early riser. I was really surprised by it so I might not have…acted in the best of ways. She has been avoiding me since then. I am pretty sure I am the reason she is all messed up now.”

Nana let out a defeated breath. The evidence was unavoidable.

“I guess Ai-nyan was telling the truth after all.” Nana didn’t mean the words for Maa-chun’s ears but she heard her any ways.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, last night before we went to sleep, she kept on giggling to herself until I couldn’t stand it anymore so I asked her what was up. She told me that Sayaka had a crush but wouldn’t tell me who no matter how hard I tried to get her to conf…er…tell me who it was our dear leader had a crush on.” She looked to her friend and team mate. “I guess that’s you.”

“What?! What are you talking about! That’s not true. There is no way Sayaka is…I could have noticed…I…”

But then, she saw! It was like the clichéd saying of a veil being pulled away from one’s eyes. All the happenings that had bothered her over the last two or so years about her friend’s behaviour flashed like a fast forwarded movie before her eyes now. But where there were gaps before throughout and in-between the scenes, this time everything was clear as the alphabet. She saw and everything made sense.


All those strange looks made sense now. The strange event just last night was clear to her now like a math problem she came up with by herself and also solved on her own. The strange reactions from Sayaka whenever she came into contact with her now weren’t so strange. But what was stranger still, stranger of them all was that she didn’t feel any different about anything. Wasn’t that wrong though? What did that mean anyhow? Her troubled thoughts were cut into by Nana’s words.

“Well, a few things make sense now, that’s for sure.”

“What do you mean?”

“You mean you haven’t heard? There have been rumours going around about Saya-nee for a while now.”

“What kind of rumours? I haven’t heard anything!”

That didn’t board so well. Rumours about her best friend were about and she knew nothing!

“I-It’s nothing bad or new really. It was all speculation about her crushing on someone like I said, even though it was the wrongs targets.”

Nana tried to smooth out the waters before they got too rough and Maa-chun’s volcanoes were awakened. It was enough that they had Sayaka troubles, no need to add on Maa-chun’s popular volcanoes into the mix.

“I see, well, with this, I just can’t let things go on as they are. I need to talk to Sayaka-chan.”

Maa-chun turned and was about to dash off back towards the stage but paused at Nana grabbing her hand. Nana quickly let go upon the heated look she received in turn.

“Wait – What are you going to say to her?”

“Well we are going to talk about this…this thing obviously, what did you think?”

“So soon! Shouldn’t you give her some time to think? Don’t you need some time to think?”

“Well we damn well can’t let things go on like this. What if she messes up again – on stage! Any ways, now that I know what the problem is, I just cannot do nothing about it!”

“Come on Maa-chun, be reasonable. I understand the importance of our job but feelings are a very serious issue and if you go about it wrongly, you might end up making things worse than they already are.”

Nana tried to talk some sense into Mayu. Really, she didn’t know why she was meddling this much. It wasn’t her business. Still…

“Look Nana-chan, I’m not an idiot. I am not going to dump everything over her head just like that. It is her choice on how she decides to handle her feelings or when she will let them known.” Maa-chun ruffled her own hair with a sigh before continuing. “I am just going to be a friend is all.”

Nana did not know how to take that last sentence but she indeed knew that Maa-chun was anything but dumb. They were best friends after all and she needed to trust Maa-chun just as much as she did their leader. Putting on a smile, she patted the younger girl on the shoulder.

“Well then, get a move on. The break is almost over.”

“Right…Thank you Baba!”

“Hey…I am only two years older than you!”

The two friends raced back to the stage, laughing, with a seemingly pissed off Nana chasing after the trouble maker Kouhai.

…To Be Continued…

Author: Black Gekikara

Love, Eat and sleep Yuri Hail Yukirin, Batman and Zack Snyder Long Live Horror

9 thoughts on “Tropical Valentine [Part 2]

  1. This is very different from the 1st part, which was very light and amusing. Nana is somewhat my favourite member, so it’s nice to see her with an important role in this. Can’t wait to see what will happen, I mean, trying to still be friends would be awkward.

    Oh Sayaka, people are aware if you kiss them while they’re sleeping. I kissed my gf while she was asleep but apparently she did notice it and asked me the next day. I tried to convince her that I was sleep kissing, I don’t think she believed me though lol

    • Different? How? I wrote these parts in the same go and split it up after wards! Hmmm I guess the tone was a little serious but not that out there. Oh well….

      As for you, if she is your girlfriend, why were you trying to make excuses? You just have said she just looked so angelic asleep you couldn’t resist. Or something like that…>.<

      Any ways, thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. *ecchi mode off!*

    I agree with wasshoi b. This part was different. I thing the energy you have while you wrote it shifted. It’s not a bad thing. It kind of happens time to time.

    To tell you the truth I was expecting a whole 18+ scene in this one but instead of feeding my ‘hungry’ fantasies I got a more dramatic aspect to the story. But thinks like this happen in real life too. One day can be as crazy as you can imagine then the next day totally different.

    I do not know who this Nana is but she gave me an impression of a cool and more experienced (mature??) girl. And she also seemed a more serious type of character. I really like those ones.

    Now to make my comment complete I’ll write some critics on you fiction. You definitely improving in quality. You starting to get a hang of this. I would love to read more from you so don’t stop here now! Let you imagination fly! You see even if I’m not particularly interested in these girls, I still can enjoy this “out of my genre” fiction.

    I only noticed some minor issues with this. There were only two things I will mention. The one is that you wrote Part 1 in the title of the fiction, but the post title says it’s Part 2. I believe it is just a copy/paste issue so no harm done there. The second little ‘problem’ (it wasn’t really a problem, but I have no better word for it) was the shift from the morning scene to the rehearsal (training?) scene. At first I thought I missed something but it turned out that there was no “space” put in between scenes and that threw me off a little. I would simply put a “…” between the two scene as indicating some time has passed since the first scene. But as I told you before this is just a minor issue and you don’t have to do with it anything.

    Oh, one more thing. This line: “The strange event just last night was clear to her now like a math problem she came up with by herself and also solved on her own.” I thought you hated math. 😀 Whatever… You can do anything you want. 🙂

    Okay. To wrap everything up this was also good. Different from the part one but still good. Also I think we are writing in the similar fashion, right? By similar fashion I mean that I just have a “flash” and I just start writing while I’m in that mood. I usually don’t plan the scenes I’m writing, I’m just writing them, then fitting into the story.

    • LOL

      I don’t think you will believe me, but I will say it again any ways, this is all one story. I actually followed one of the rules of writing (that says you shouldn’t start posting chapters until the draft to the whole story is done) with this fic so I can assure you that this was all a long story split in parts.

      I never intended for this to be an echhi fic. that one scene was a simple accidental happening. Should I have left it out of the story?

      And, if you have read any other stories of mine, you will have noticed that I used to put some kind of star (*) when I shift scenes. I read some good stories, and mostly books that didn’t used these spaces to shift scene but rather a simple new paragraph. I just wanted to try out this new thing but I guess the problems that come with change are still too huge. I will turn back to my old ways then.

      Some times it is also on the reader when they spend some time between reading chapters that they see diffrences in them but I do agree that the mood was different here. The days were different after all. Sayaka had just kissed her friend! Things had just changed even if they didn’t want them too. keeping the same tone would have been kinda…

      As for nana, she is actually the oldest of the bunch and the members, even the staff on their TV show make fun of her by calling her Grannie. And yeah, she is level headed which also dips her into the teasing.

      I don’t like math but this is my first step to stepping over it and conquering my dreams.

      All hate to math.

      You know what M-A-T-H stands for, right? It’s Mental-Abuse-To-Humans that’s what!

      Thanks again for your thoughts. I just hope you will be so forgiving the next chapter because I have a feeling you aren’t going to like it, already >.<

      • “…you shouldn’t start posting chapters until the draft to the whole story is done…” Ouch… Then I think I screwed this up with Kindan no Hana as I have no clue about what will be in the next chapter… I have ideas but nothing’s set up yet…

        Well yeah I missed that invisible wall between those two scene. *careless miss* You know I got used to your style and I got a bit lazy so did not notice that shift fast enough. Also I tend to overuse the tree dots “…” in my stories so I was distracted by my own stupidity. Also I’m used to read fast unless it’s my fiction, so that sometimes causes misunderstanding and confusion on my part. A apologize for this.

        How do you know that I won’t like the next chapter even before I had a chance to read it? Are you doing it on a purpose to make it unappealing to me? Now let me guess…(“Someone stole your sweet roll?” No, not this! 😀 ) What could happen in the third chapter. The two of them get together or not. These are the only two possibilities I can think of. (If I could not tolerate yuri I wouldn’t be here in the first place…)

        And about your hatred against math. “Don’t make others suffer from your personal hatred!” Man, I just love that line. I’ll give a ‘sweet roll’ to anyone who knows where this is from. 🙂

      • It’s from Skyrim. Can I get my roll now?



        The third chapter didn’t have scene changes as the whole chapter was at the same time but in the future works, I will split them up with a visible ***.

        And I thought “…” Was meant as “speechless” or did you not want me to take the commas with? “without the commas” LOL

        So erm yeah, you will find out soon why you wouldn’t like the third chap, like, now.

        Any ways, I am on break now so no time to waste on (time to have fun) so I am going to take my time wrapping this up. I just know I have to have it done by the 14th. Any ways, lots of time to work on the last chap then.

  3. I was referring to this previously: “Don’t make others suffer from your personal hatred!” but who care’s now.

    And you can split up your stories in any way you want, really. And yes the “…” is meant to be ‘speechless’ when put it like this:

    Black Gekikara: …

    But if it’s between lines then it becomes a scene split.

    At least that’s what I use it for anyways.

    But you don’t have to change anything. Just write the way you want, really.

  4. Hmm..I guess I’m late..^^ ..just read it today.. XD

    Anyway..I guess it still good..its actually the reality for me…people that done some kind of things feel burden of what they done the next day..trying to avoid it and at the same time mess up everything..

    Nana-chan act really well as the oldest of all..trying to understand n solving the misunderstood between the member..nice to see this kind of character..

    Ai-nyan giggling to herself very much that nana can’t stand…she really excited by all the scene that she imagine n all..XD

    Maa-chun..hope she not make things worse for sayaka…

    lastly, sayaka.. hope she can find the solution for all the things that she done..n not think too much bout it..cause I dun think Maa-chun feel that bad bout the things that she done to her…..

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